Paola Franchi Age, Wiki, Bio, Net worth and Meet the Interior Designer and Maurizio Gucci’s Lover

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Paola Franchi, born November 17, 1953, is a versatile Italian professional. She has worked in interior design, art, literature, and fashion modelling.

Paola Franchi’s 2010 autobiography, “L’amore spezzato” (translating to “The Broken Love”), details her complicated relationship with Maurizio Gucci. In 1995, Maurizio Gucci was brutally killed while they were together, marrying their love story.

Paola’s life story and relationship with Maurizio Gucci are interesting, exploring human feelings and the social and cultural background of their time.


NamePaola Franchi
Date of Birth17 November 1953
Birth PlaceMilan, Lombardy, Italy
Age69 Years Old
HometownMilan, Lombardy
ProfessionArtist, Author, Interior Designer and Model
College/UniversityAccademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, Italy
Zodiac SignScorpio
Spouse Giorgio Colombo ​ ( 1983- 1991)
Partner Maurizio Gucci (1990–1995; his death) 
Net Worth$1 Million

Paola Franchi Early life

Paola Frachi was born in bright Milan in 1953. She was raised in Milan and studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera.

Paola was good friends with Maurizio Gucci as a child. They grew up together, their lives interwoven by fate.

Maurizio Gucci married Patrizia Reggiani nel 1972. Paola Frachi attended their wedding, not simply as a spectator. Their deep attachment shows how childhood pals may last.

Paola Franchi Profession

Paola is a distinguished figure in the realm of interior design and a renowned Italian artist. Her expertise and creative prowess have earned her a prestigious reputation, particularly among the elite. Her artistic talents have translated into a plethora of noteworthy home decoration projects, with her clientele extending to prominent business magnates and celebrities alike.

Paola Franchi relationship with Maurizio Gucci

Paola Franchi married copper industry legend Giorgio Colombo in the early 1980s. Charly was their 1985 son.

Franchi met fashion and luxury mogul Maurizio Gucci in 1990, a turning point in her life. Saint Moritz’s prestigious private club hosted their fateful meeting. Both struggled with terrible marriages.

This chance meeting started a deep relationship. Paola Franchi became Maurizio Gucci’s housemate in Milan’s Corso Venezia apartment. They considered marriage after Gucci’s 1994 divorce from Reggiani as their relationship intensified. It was reported that they planned to marry at Gucci’s St. Moritz mansion.

Allegra Gucci, Maurizio’s daughter, strongly denies Franchi’s claim that her father intended to marry her. Sheree McLaughlin Loud, Gucci’s 1984–1990 girlfriend, revealed her story. Gucci’s refusal to marry her ended their romance, she said.

This narrative took a sad turn in 1995. A hired killer shot Maurizio Gucci. Paola Franchi received a shocking eviction notice from Gucci’s ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani shortly after the murder. This notice was received within three hours of Maurizio’s death.

After Maurizio Gucci left, Paola Franchi left her luxurious residence. Patrizia Reggiani lived with her daughters Alessandra and Allegra for two years until her 1997 arrest.

A major legal issue faced Patrizia Reggiani in 1998. She received a 29-year sentence for assassinating Maurizio Gucci. Reggiani allegedly wanted to prevent Franchi from marrying Gucci out of envy. A union like this would have reduced Reggiani’s alimony significantly.

This complicated narrative of love, jealousy, and tragedy captures a bygone era in high fashion and luxury, retaining mystery and allure.

Personal life

Paola Franchi was devastated when her 16-year-old son Charly Colombo committed suicide in 2001. This heartbreaking loss inspired Paola to dedicate herself to a cause. She was heavily concerned with “L’Amico Charly,” a charity founded in memory of her son. This foundation helps disturbed teens, especially those with suicidal ideas.

Paola Franchi denied that her relationship with Maurizio Gucci was financial in 2016. She stated, “Actually, my previous husband, whom I left for Maurizio, was even wealthier, so such conjecture holds no merit.” This comment shows that her choices were based on her feelings and experiences, not money.

What happened to Paola Franchi? 

After the enthralling drama series “House of Gucci,” many wondered about the designer’s destiny and the story’s complexities. It was unclear if Paola Franchi was paid and who runs Gucci.

Paola Franchi was not entitled to Maurizio’s money. His untimely death was mostly due to their unmarried status. Despite the media’s portrayal of Paola as a glamorous gold digger, she has maintained that their relationship was based on love.

You may be asking who played Paola Franchi in the film adaptation of this story. Camile Cottin played Paola Franchi well. She excelled in “Killing Eve.” She plays Paola Franchi, an Italian interior designer who was intimately linked with Maurizio Gucci at the time of his sad death.

Where is Paola Franchi now? 

Paola had established herself in modelling and interior design before meeting Maurizio. Her natural talent for style and design deepened their relationship before his untimely death.

Paola found comfort and expression in writing after losing Maurizio and her son. Her memoir, “L’amore Spezzato,” means “broken love” in English. After seeing “House of Gucci” in theatres, more people are interested in Paola’s book, which details her complex relationship with her late lover.

According to OtakuKart, Paola has not been dating since Maurizio’s death. She is not now seeking a new relationship, but it is possible. She has faced several difficult situations, including accusations of manipulating Maurizio for his fortune, the murder of her boyfriend, and the death of her son. Paola perseveres through these challenges.

Paola Franchi Net Worth

Paola Franchi, an Italian artist, novelist, interior designer, and model, has a diverse portfolio. Her 2023 net worth was $1 million.

Paola’s relationship to the “Gucci” dynasty is noteworthy. She is connected to the fashion-forward Gucci dynasty.

In an intriguing turn of events, Paola went from modelling to writing. In her book “The Broken Love,” she explores her connection with Maurizio Gucci, the grandson of Gucci’s founder. This autobiography will attract readers interested in fashion, romance, and personal narratives because it shows their intricate and unfinished love story.

Fun Facts

  • In 2023, Italian artist, novelist, interior designer, and model Paola Franchi was valued at $1 million. She is famous in fashion and personal narratives due to her many talents and relationship with the Gucci dynasty, particularly Maurizio Gucci.
  • Paola Franchi’s book, “L’amore spezzato” (“The Broken Love”), details her complicated relationship with Maurizio Gucci, who was murdered in 1995. Book details the fashion-forward Gucci dynasty and their complex love story.
  • Paola Franchi’s life changed in 2001 when her 16-year-old son Charly Colombo committed suicide. In response, she formed “L’Amico Charly” to help disturbed teens, especially those with suicidal ideas.
  • Paola Franchi has denied financial motivation for her relationship with Maurizio Gucci, despite media descriptions of her as a gold digger. She said they were in love and left a wealthier husband for him, dispelling myths.


In conclusion, Paola Franchi’s life is a riveting mix of art, love, sorrow, and resilience. Her immense worth and Gucci dynasty ties have received attention, but her autobiography reveals her tumultuous relationship with Maurizio Gucci, which adds dimension to her story. Paola’s challenges, including losing her son and aiding troubled teens through her charity, demonstrate her courage and compassion. She insists that her relationship with Maurizio was based on love, defying preconceptions. After “House of Gucci,” Paola’s story continues to intrigue, revealing a bygone age of high fashion and abiding feelings.

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