Who is David Bromstad’s twin brother? And Know about his Age, Wiki, Bio and More 

david bromstad twin brother

Many fans are curious about David Bromstad’s family, especially his brother. David has a good relationship with his brothers, and some have appeared on his TV show. Let’s discuss David Bromstad’s possible twin sibling. If so, who is his mysterious twin sibling? What does David Bromstad’s twin brother do?

Fans of this reality TV star often ask these questions, so let’s clarify. David Bromstad’s twin brother’s career is revealed here.

David Bromstad Biography

Famous American designer and TV personality David Reed Bromstad was born in Cokato, Minnesota, on August 17, 1973. The Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, launched his design career.

David became famous after winning the first season of HGTV Design Star in 2006. Since then, he’s made history in design and TV. On HGTV episodes like “Colour Splash,” “Beach Flip,” and “My Lottery Dream Home,” his personality and design skills have made him a household name in home improvement and interior design.

David Bromstad founded Bromstad Studio, a corporation in addition to his television work. His numerous talents, including creativity and financial savvy, reinforce his position as a design and entertainment industry leader.

From a little Minnesota hamlet to a design superstar, David’s enthusiasm, creativity, and hard work are evident. His unique style and kind demeanour continue to inspire budding designers worldwide.

David Bromstad’s Twin Brother

Simply said, David Bromstad has no twin brother. He has an older sibling, Dean Richard Bromstad, who resembles him. The family link and David’s involvement on HGTV’s “Brother vs. Brother” may have confused sources and fans.

Drew and Jonathan Scott, famous property brothers and identical twins, offered an unusual element to the show. Given the program’s focus on twins, some may have thought David Bromstad had a twin sibling.

David’s tight relationship with his older brother Dean is the only sibling connection, disproving the idea that he has a twin. When entertainment mixes reality with television, audiences and sources are often confused.

David Bromstad Wiki

NameDavid Bromstad
Date of birth August 17, 1973
Birth placeCokato, Minnesota, US
Age50 years
EducationRingling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida
Profession TV personality, Interior designer 
Zodiac signLeo
FatherHarold David Bromstad
MotherDiane Marlys 
SiblingsDyonne Rachael, Dynelle Renee, and Dean Richard
Famous for Winner of season one of HGTV Design Star, host of Color Splash and My Lottery
Height6 feet 1 inch
Marital StatusSingle
Net Worth$3 Million

David Bromstad Parents

David Bromstad’s family history is remarkable. His parents are Richard Harold and Diane Marlys Bromstad. Diane’s genealogy is Swedish and German, while Richard’s is Norwegian, expanding David’s family history.

It’s obvious the Bromstads are very close. On Mother’s Day 2021, David posted a touching photo of himself with his mother, Diane, on Instagram.

David called Diane a mother and one of the kindest and sweetest ladies in the world in his poignant Instagram post. She was practically his best buddy, he said. Such sweet remarks show his love for his mum.

David Bromstad showed his father, Richard, his love and devotion on Father’s Day. David Bromstad’s family relationships are highlighted by his passionate respect and appreciation of his father.


David Bromstad’s youth was filled with joy from his siblings Dyonne, Dean Richard, and Dynelle. Their parents seemed to love the letter ‘D,’ therefore all their children had names with that initial. David is the youngest of these siblings.

While less famous than David, some of his siblings have appeared on TV. Consider his older sister Dyonne, who appeared on “My Lottery Dream Home.” This unique detail enhances their family dynamic.

David and his siblings have strong Bromstad ties. Their childhood memories of viewing Disney cartoons together shaped their lives. This shared childhood passion in the arts first pushed David towards a career defined by his creativity. David and his sister co-founded DragonFly Designs, demonstrating their love of art.

David Bromstad Relationship Status

Design and television star David Bromstad publicly identifies as gay.

Bromstad’s long-term connection with Jeffrey Glasko was significant. Luck brought them together at Firestone in Orlando on Valentine’s Day 2004 during a singles’ event. A sweet reminder that love may grow in unexpected places.

Interestingly, David Bromstad confessed that he had affections for Jeffrey before their 2004 meeting. His revelation reveals his quiet devotion for years before their passionate relationship.

Like life, their relationship had its own path, leading to their 2015 breakup. This sad reminder that even the rich and famous have ups and downs in their relationships emphasises the relatability of their story.

David Bromstad Height

David Bromstad is 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 metres) tall. This towering size matches his captivating demeanour and adds to his dominating presence, whether he’s showing us his creative skills on TV or chatting with fans.

David Bromstad – Net Worth 

Let’s explore David Bromstad’s unusual wealth. His dynamic hosting of “Colour Splash” and “My Lottery Dream Home.” made him rich. His projected $3 million net worth is due to these endeavours.

David Bromstad’s career goes beyond television, although his pay is unknown. He proudly runs David Bromstad Designs, a company that provides home and business design services. This business exhibits his creativity and generates revenue.

Other profitable ventures boost David’s financial holdings. He represents Miele, a luxury appliance maker, as a brand ambassador. This relationship enhances his design status and provides income options.

In another example of his versatility, David Bromstad has designed household furnishings. His special home furnishings line, accessible through Grandin Road, lets fans add his design aesthetic to their homes.

David Bromstad’s net worth reflects his diversified career in television, design services, brand ambassadorship, and furniture design. His career in design and entertainment continues to thrive creatively and financially.


Q1. Is David Bromstad’s brother twin?

A1. There is no twin brother for David Bromstad. Dean Richard Bromstad is his older sibling.

Q2. Dean Richard Bromstad, David’s older brother, is who?

A2. Dean Richard Bromstad is David’s older brother. He’s not a twin but resembles David. He is less famous and has a less successful entertainment career than David.

Q3. David Bromstad’s career?

A3. American interior designer and TV personality David Bromstad is famous. He became famous after winning HGTV Design Star’s first season in 2006. He hosted HGTV’s “Colour Splash,” “Beach Flip,” and “My Lottery Dream Home.”

Q4. How much is David Bromstad worth?

A4. David Bromstad may be worth $3 million. His television career, David Bromstad Designs, Miele appliance brand ambassadorship, and furniture design endeavours made him rich.

Q5. Parents of David Bromstad?

A5. Diane Marlys and Richard Harold Bromstad are David’s parents. Diane, his mother, is Swedish and German, and Richard, Norwegian.


In conclusion, David Bromstad, the renowned American interior designer and TV personality, does not have a twin sibling, contrary to some misconceptions. His career has flourished in the world of design and television, with a diverse range of projects contributing to his estimated net worth of $3 million. While his family remains close-knit, his fame stands apart from his siblings, and his personal life, including his past relationship, adds depth to his public persona.

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