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yeonmi park husband

North Korean YouTuber, novelist, and activist Yeonmi Park has made a name for herself online. Park, a North Korean defector living in the US, is a respected figure in conservative media. Park’s personal life, especially her marriage to Ezekiel, has also gained interest.

We explore Yeonmi Park’s marriage and its breakdown for those who want to know more.


Full name Yeonmi Park 
Date of birth4 October 1993
Birth placeUnited State (Naturalised) South Korea
Age29 years old
EducationColumbia University
ProfessionConservative Activist, Author, Speaker and Youtuber
Marital StatusDivorced

Who is Yeonmi Park’s husband? 

Are you curious about Yeonmi Park’s partner? Yeonmi married Ezekiel. Some sources say their marriage was sealed on January 4, 2017, while others say it was on January 1. Yeonmi celebrated their third wedding anniversary on January 4, 2020, and posted a touching message on Facebook.

After divorcing Ezekiel, Yeonmi’s Instagram account still has many photos from their voyage.

Early life and Family

Father Name Park Jin-Sik
Mother Name Byeon Keum-sook
Sister Eun-mi

Park was born in Hyesan, Ryanggang, North Korea, on October 4, 1993. Her parents are Park Jin-Sik and Byeon Keum-sook. Her older sister, Eun-mi, was born in 1991. In her childhood, the North Korean famine caused terrible food shortages and hardship.

Journalists have scrutinised Park’s childhood memories. They have noted that her accounts often clash with her mother’s and other North Korean defectors’ accounts of DPRK life. Over time, her narrative has changed to suit her audience.

Yeonmi Park and Ezekiel Divorce

Despite Ezekiel’s continuous presence on her Instagram feed, Yeonmi has been quiet about her relationship with him and their breakup. Their divorce was confirmed in one of her YouTube posts on January 30, 2021.

On the live stream “Let us Talk about the Lies – North Korean Defector,” an audience member asked Yeonmi about her marital status, and she replied that she was single. This open confession revealed a hidden part of her life.

Does Yeonmi Park have a Child with Ezekiel?

Let us explore Yeonmi’s family. James, her ex-husband, has a child. Her joyful announcement of her son’s birth happened on October 8, 2018. Although the original tweet has been deleted, she already shared this important news on her own Twitter profile.

James, her son, may have been born on March 18, 2018, making him four in 2022. It is interesting that Yeonmi keeps Ezekiel posts on her social media despite their public split. has an intriguing article about Mike Lindell’s ex-wife, who rose to fame with the My Pillow magnate.

Where Is Yeonmi Park’s Husband Now?

Over on Instagram, it was quite the routine for Park to regularly share her heartfelt expressions of gratitude toward her ex-husband. On the flip side, if we lend an ear to the rumours circulating, it seems that the renowned defector hasn’t taken down any of the posts linked to Ezekiel. As we contemplate all facets of this situation, one can’t help but hope that both individuals find their paths to joy and fulfilment.


Q1: Who is Yeonmi Park and her background?

A1: North Korean defector, conservative activist, author, lecturer, and YouTuber Yeonmi Park is famous. Her family survived the North Korean famine after she was born in Hyesan, North Korea, in 1993. She defected to America and attended Columbia University.

Q2: Who are Yeonmi Park’s relatives?

A2: Park Jin-Sik and Byeon Keum-sook are Yeonmi Park’s parents. She has an older sister, Eun-mi. Her campaigning is centred on her family’s North Korean experiences and escape.

Q3: Who married Yeonmi Park and when?

A3: Yeonmi Park married Ezekiel. Some sources suggest they married on January 4, 2017, while others say January 1. On January 4, 2020, Yeonmi celebrated their third wedding anniversary.

Q4: Yeonmi Park divorced Ezekiel when?

A4:Yeonmi Park announced her divorce from Ezekiel on YouTube on January 30, 2021. Many images from their relationship were on her social media after their breakup.

Q5: Does Yeonmi Park have a child with Ezekiel?

A5: Yeonmi Park has a son called James, although not with Ezekiel. Yeonmi tweeted to announce James’ birth on October 8, 2018. James may have been born on March 18, 2018, making him four in 2022.


Finally, North Korean defector Yeonmi Park is a conservative activist, author, speaker, and YouTuber known for her campaigning. The public has followed her marriage to Ezekiel and divorce. While her descriptions of her North Korean background are inconsistent, she continues to raise awareness of human rights issues in North Korea and communicate with her audience on multiple platforms.

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