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Joann Winkhart is most prominently recognized for her former marital ties to Criss Angel, the celebrated American illusionist, magician, and musician. It’s worth noting that Joann herself was an active model during this period, showcasing her versatility. Furthermore, their dynamic partnership extends to the realm of entertainment, as she frequently graced the screen alongside her husband, Criss, on the popular show “Mindfreak.” Together, they undoubtedly form a formidable and captivating duo, captivating audiences with their combined talents and charisma.


NameJoann Winkhart
Gendar Female
Date of birthDecember 1969
Birth placeUnited States
Age53 years old
EducationEast Meadow High School
Popular ForThe ex-wife of Criss Angel
Net Worth$800 thousand

Joann Age

JoAnn came into this world in the month of December back in 1969, which means she is currently 53 years old. Time has woven a rich tapestry of experiences and memories into the fabric of her life, shaping the remarkable person she is today.

Joann Winkhart Biography

American-born Joann Winkhart is proud of her citizenship. Let’s explore her intriguing past. Joann has kept her childhood hidden for many reasons. This is interesting: she and her ex-husband, Criss Angel, attended the same high school! They both attended East Meadow High School. Finding these unique links in people’s lives is intriguing.

Relationship Status

Joann Winkhart and Rich Cave have married beautifully. Their love story lasted years before they married, demonstrating their deep bond.

Joann prefers a quiet existence, keeping her marriage details discreet from the media. There was a wonderful exception to this privacy barrier. The couple celebrated their wedding with a magnificent “Long Island Pulse.” photoshoot. This photoshoot captured Joann and Rich’s elegance and love.

No alarming symptoms appear as they begin their marriage. The marriage appears to be happy and content, with no signs of divorce or extramarital affairs.

Joann’s Instagram shows a woman in love and pleased with Rich. Their relationship provides her great joy and fulfilment.

Joann’s impeccable personal life is also exceptional. She has avoided rumours and controversies because she values her privacy. Joann is a model of elegance and prudence in a world of gossip and intrigue, focusing on her love for Rich and its joy.

JoAnn’s relationship with her ex-husband

March 17, 2002, was a significant day for Joan and her ex-husband, Criss Angel. Their story goes back even deeper to East Meadow High School, where they both attended. It’s amazing how their love story developed from those early years of education and shared experiences.

Their relationship went beyond the classroom. They entered entertainment together. When they appeared together at a show, Angel surprised the audience by immersing himself in snow. Their partnership was public as well as personal.

Joan and Criss split up because life has surprises. Criss filed for divorce in 2006. Allegations of mental mistreatment influenced this judgement, which was complicated. Criss advised Joan to keep their five-year marriage a secret, which strained their relationship.

Joan also painfully revealed that Criss was involved with an American actress during their marriage, straining their faith and fidelity. This difficult chapter in their lives shows how complicated even the most spectacular and magical unions can be.

Joann Childrens

JoAnn became a mommy in an unusual way. She hasn’t had children, but her Instagram is wonderful. Her social media posts regularly feature two gorgeous children. JoAnn calls these nephews her sons, but they’re actually her nephews. Her affection and connection to them is evident.

Her ex-husband also enjoys fatherhood. He has two sons and a daughter with singer-songwriter Shaunyl. Johnny Christopher and Xristos Yanni are their sons, while Illusia is their beautiful daughter.

Amazingly, their family grew quickly. Johnny was born in 2014, bringing love and fun. Xristos, the younger brother, joined the family in 2019, bringing joy. On November 5, 2021, Illusia joined their family. Despite life’s curveballs, seeing love and family develop is heartwarming.

joann winkhart Physical Appearance

Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourBlack

Criss Angel Biography

As indicated, let’s examine Joann Winkhart’s ex-husband Criss Angel’s career as an American magician, illusionist, and musician. Criss Angel was born Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos in Long Island, New York, on December 19, 1967.

Criss’s rise to magic and illusion success was remarkable. He made his breakthrough with compelling TV and live stage performances, especially on “Criss Angel Mindfreak.” Criss’s unearthly skills captivated audiences worldwide and earned him media attention.

Criss Angel is known for his stage presence and dedication. After graduating, he became a professional magician, which changed his life and propelled him to the top of magic.

Criss advanced magic throughout his career. He gained the right to appear on television in 1994, expanding his audience and solidifying his status as a luminary.

Criss excelled in several fields beyond television. He wowed audiences on the stage and in several films and TV shows. He worked on “Supernatural,” “The Science of Magic,” “Criss Angel Believe,” “Criss Angel Magicjam,” “Mindfreak Live!,” “The Supernaturalists,” and “Mindfreak.”

Criss Angel’s contributions to magic go beyond entertainment; they push the limits of this mesmerising universe. His rise from Long Island to global fame is a monument to his dedication as a magician, illusionist, and musician.

The older child of Criss was given a cancer diagnosis

Johnny, Criss Angel’s older son, was afflicted with childhood cancer at a young age. No parent wants to face this, but Criss has been bravely open about his son’s battle.

Criss Angel expressed his deepest wishes and fears for Johnny’s health in a recent interview. He deeply wanted his son to be in permanent remission. Johnny’s medical journey includes regular doctor visits for rigorous blood tests to eliminate cancer cells.

Criss Angel was deeply affected by his son’s sickness. A talented magician and entertainer, he’s also a loving parent. Criss’s motivating purpose addresses paediatric cancer families’ concerns.

He is creating a cancer-specific getaway camp for children. The goal is to offer these brave young people and their families a free place to find comfort and joy. It shows Criss’s empathy and dedication to helping others with this difficult affliction.

Criss Angel also helps in the kitchen. He opened “Cablp,” a restaurant with a great goal. This restaurant feeds and comforts escape camp kids and families. It’s a touching tribute to Criss’s commitment to helping paediatric cancer families.

These gestures show Criss Angel’s compassion, resilience, and deep desire to bring light and hope to individuals in dark times, which transcends magic and entertainment.

Joann Winkhart Net worth

Joann Winkhart’s life was altered by her marriage to legendary magician Criss Angel. Joann is still loved by numerous fans after their divorce.

Joann’s finances are private. Joann has kept her money concealed, unlike other celebrities. Her modelling career may have made her affluent.

Joann’s finances are questioned after her divorce from Criss Angel. Her divorce may have involved a multimillion-dollar payment. This may improve her finances.

Joann may be worth $800,000 in August 2023. Although significant, her ex-husband’s wealth dwarfs this sum.

Most successful magicians include Criss Angel, according to Forbes. With $50 million, he is one of the richest magicians. Popular and in demand for his special gifts, Criss earns $16 million annually.

Talented performer and smart entrepreneur Criss Angel. His $70 million per year company cements his entertainment and magic dominance.

Criss judges “America’s Got Talent” with Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Julianne Hough, with his wizardry. This diverse portfolio illustrates Criss Angel’s entertainment legacy and financial success.


Q1. Who is Joann Winkhart and why is she famous?

A1.Joann Winkhart is an American model who gained prominence for her past marriage to Criss Angel, a renowned magician, illusionist, and musician. She also appeared alongside Criss Angel on the TV show “Mindfreak.”

Q2. How old is Joann Winkhart?

A2.Joann Winkhart was born in December 1969, making her 53 years old as of the current date.

Q3. Did Joann and Criss Angel attend the same high school?

A3.Yes, both Joann Winkhart and Criss Angel attended East Meadow High School, which is where they first crossed paths.

Q4. Is Joann currently married, and if so, to whom?

A4.Joann is married to Rich Cave, and they celebrated their wedding with a photo shoot featured in “Long Island Pulse.”

Q5. What happened to Joann’s marriage with Criss Angel?

A5.Joann and Criss Angel divorced in 2006, with allegations of mental mistreatment playing a role in the decision. There were also reports of Criss being involved with another actress during their marriage.


Finally, Joann Winkhart, a model famous for her marriage to Criss Angel, is examined in this essay. They captivated fans on “Mindfreak.” with their high school love story. After some ups and downs, Joann has found happiness in her marriage to Rich Cave and lives a modest life. Criss Angel, on the other hand, has made an impact in magic and dedicated herself to paediatric cancer sufferers. Joann’s $800,000 net worth pales in comparison to Criss Angel’s multimillion-dollar achievement. This article discusses interwoven personal and professional lives, hardships, and resilience and compassion in these two individuals’ experiences.

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