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Entertainment industry star Bridget Rooney was lauded for her major role in “Zombie or Not Zombie.” Known for her Kevin Costner connection and acting. Many honours have gone to American actor, director, and singer Kevin.His awards included two Oscars, three Golden Globes, one Emmy, and two SAGs.

Bridget’s life goes beyond her celebrity relationships and showbiz contacts. When we go into her background, we discover that the Rooneys have shaped business, politics, and philanthropy. This legacy shows their lasting impact on society.

However, Bridget Rooney has unique qualities and accomplishments that set her apart. Her personal life and distinguished work will be covered in the following discussion.


NameBridget Rooney 
Date of birth26 April 1962
Birth placeCalifornia, United States of America 
Age61 Years old
ReligionIrish Catholic 
ProfessionActress and socialite 
Net Worth$2 Million

Bridget Rooney Biography

Bridget Rooney Koch, known as Bridget Rooney, is a famous Hollywood star from California. Born April 26, 1962, she showed a remarkable early interest in the performing arts. Her natural talent for performing led her to the entertainment world.

Her short acting career was highlighted by ‘Zombie or Not Zombie.’ Industry experts quickly noticed Bridget’s talent and drive, suggesting more chances ahead. This is notable because she hasn’t been in any other film.

Bridget Rooney Koch has intriguing showbiz family ties beyond her job. As aunt of Kate and Rooney Mara, famous TV and film actors, she is proud. Both of her nieces have excelled in Netflix shows and films.

Bridget is also Liam Costner’s mother. Her family has a long history in politics, athletics, and film. Their diverse background has made them powerful public personalities.

Bridget Rooney Age

Bridget Rooney is 61 in 2023, but her charisma remains. Her radiant beauty never ceases to amaze. Bridget Rooney’s age seems little in her life’s tapestry.

Her everlasting beauty has made her an entertainment industry icon. Despite her ageing, she still captivates audiences and proves that true beauty knows no age. Bridget Rooney’s capacity to transcend time shows her endurance and stardom in entertainment.

Bridget Rooney Parents

Father NameTime Rooney 
Mother NameJune Rooney
SisterKathleen Mara and Margaret Galterio 

Bridget Rooney’s parents, Tim and June Rooney, are entertainers. These names evoke the splendour of the entertainment business. Tim and June Rooney are famous and have influenced the media.

Despite their media fame, they have since chosen isolation, avoiding the public eye. Their absence from the media’s constant scrutiny makes them mysterious, making us wonder why and what they’re hiding.

Bridget Rooney’s Relationship With Kevin Costner

Bridget Rooney’s relationship with Kevin Costner has long sparked public conjecture and fascination. Their friendship on and off screen started well. Fans were captivated by their chemistry. However, fate cut their love tale short.

Bridget Rooney and Kevin Costner had a beautiful baby, Liam Costner, during their partnership. Their new family members offered them joy and fulfilment. However, life frequently has unforeseen turns, and their romance ends.

A billionaire gave Bridget Rooney love and friendship, starting a new chapter in her life. She is comfortable and happy in her marriage, enjoying life’s delights.

Who is Bridget Rooney’s husband?

Marital StatusMarried in 2005
Husband William Ingraham Koch (President of the Oxbow Group, and energy development firm)
Previous relationship Kevin Costner 
Children Kaitlin

American millionaire Bill Koch has embraced Bridget Rooney after her marriage. Bridget Rooney and Bill Koch married in 2005 in beautiful Colorado. Their 16-year marriage is a testament to their love.

Her husband, William Ingraham Koch, is admired for his marriage commitment and commercial aptitude, which has led to extraordinary fortune. In 1992, his yacht won the America’s Cup, cementing his corporate legacy.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Bill Koch’s 2021 net worth at $2 billion. Bill Koch, 71, was born in the US on May 3, 1940. His vast wealth places him among Florida’s wealthiest.

Bill Koch was once involved with Koch Industries, the second-largest private company in the US with $100 billion in yearly revenue. In 1983, he and his brother Fred Koch sold their company shares to Charles and David.

After fifteen years together, Bridget Rooney and Bill Koch remain a compelling couple, often spotted enjoying each other’s company in idyllic locations. A 2014 date at Le Cirque with ultra-premium Japanese pure-bred beef from Koch’s 7X Ranch in Colorado and a wonderful 1996 Cheval Blanc was a highlight of their love affair.

Bill Koch celebrated his wife in a 42,000-square-foot oceanfront mega-mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, in 2012. Bill, known for his lavish gifts, gave Bridget Rooney a beautiful 31-carat yellow diamond ring from Francois Graff. This sparkling emblem of their love shows their lavishness and affection.

Is Bridget Rooney still married to Bill Koch? 

In 2021, Bridget Rooney and Bill Koch will celebrate 16 years of marriage. Their voyage together shows the strength of their bond, and they’re enjoying every moment.

Luxury is a hallmark of their relationship. The couple often travels to exotic places to create unforgettable memories. These adventures demonstrate their passion for adventure and dedication to making memories.

Along with their jet-setting lifestyle, Bridget and Bill show their love with lavish gifts. These gifts show how much they adore each other and want to keep it going.

Bridget Rooney and Bill Koch show a riveting insight into a lasting love story distinguished by a shared appreciation of luxury and strong dedication as they navigate life together.

Bridget Rooney Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight68 kg 
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourBlack
Body Measurement 35-27-36

How many films has Bridget Rooney appeared in?

Bridget Rooney’s Hollywood career was brief despite her acting credentials. This intriguing actress only appeared in the 2011 horror short “Zombie or Not Zombie” for 8 minutes. Bridget played a memorable lead in this film.

Interestingly, her acting career was limited to this film. After her great performance in “Zombie or Not Zombie,” Bridget Rooney decided not to pursue acting. Thus, her name is most connected with this picture, a monument to her brief but significant Hollywood career.

Bridget’s 8-minute horror masterpiece appears to have fulfilled her silver screen dreams. However, her nieces Rooney Mara and Kate Mara have made their mark in Hollywood. Rooney Mara’s film and Kate Mara’s TV roles have solidified the family’s entertainment status.

Though Bridget Rooney’s film career has waned, her latest projects are unknown. We know little about her off-screen life, but web sources suggest she is involved in family matters, making us inquisitive about her fascinating existence.

Bridget Rooney’s Net Worth

Bridget Rooney’s life has been distinguished by privilege and achievement, giving her financial freedom and money. In addition to her wealthy upbringing, she has actively participated in different enterprises, increasing her reported $2 million net worth.

Her family’s legacy includes owning the Pittsburgh Steelers, an NFL team founded by her grandpa, Art Rooney. This relationship with a prestigious sporting institution enhances her family’s professional sports success.

The Palm Beach Kennel Club, a famous greyhound racing and entertainment venue, adds to her family’s diverse interests. This diverse financial portfolio shows the Rooney family’s influence across fields.

Bridget Rooney’s personal adventure with millionaire Bill Koch has cemented her high class status. Their marriage brings wealth and power to her already prominent standing.

Bridget Rooney’s life narrative combines money, family legacy, and personal success, making her a compelling figure who continues to inspire.


Q1. Who is Bridget Rooney?

A1.Hollywood actress and socialite Bridget Rooney Koch was born in California on April 26, 1962. She became famous for “Zombie or Not Zombie.”

Q2. How old is Bridget Rooney?

A2.In 2023, Bridget Rooney will be 61.

Q3. Bridget Rooney’s parents?

A3.Bridget Rooney’s parents, Tim and June Rooney, are entertainers.

Q4. Who married Bridget Rooney?

A4.Energy development company Oxbow Group President William Ingraham Koch married Bridget Rooney. He married her in 2005.

Q5. How many children does Bridget Rooney have?

A5.Former partner Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney have a daughter named Kaitlin. She has a son , Liam Costner.


Finally, Hollywood actress and socialite Bridget Rooney has had an interesting career and personal life. Despite a brief acting career highlighted by “Zombie or Not Zombie,” Bridget’s family lineage, including ties to prominent performers and sporting institutions, has helped her rise. Her lavish lifestyle and longtime marriage to billionaire William Ingraham Koch make headlines. Bridget Rooney’s intriguing story of wealth, family ancestry, and personal accomplishment shows her lasting public presence.

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