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People get global prominence in several ways. Some people become famous internationally through their successful careers or businesses, while others make relationships with famous people. For instance, Michael Tell rose to fame after marrying Patty Duke. Michael Tell is a famous American entertainer. Despite his successful career, he was best known as the ex-husband of legendary American actress Patty Duke. Given its rapid breakdown following the wedding, this couple’s early 1970s marriage gained media notice.


Full name Michael Tell 
Date of birthThe 1940s
Birth placeUnited States 
Age 70s
ProfessionFormer rock music promoter 
Current ResidenceUnited States
Relationship StatusSingle
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-PartnerPatty Duke 
SiblingsDonald and Jay Tell 
ChildrensOne (Sean Astin) 
Famous forBeing the ex-husband of Patty Duke 
Net Worth$1 million

Michael Tell Age

Michael Tell’s birthplace can be traced back to the United States of America during the 1940s, although the exact date of his birth remains undisclosed. Consequently, as of now, Michael Tell is estimated to be in his seventies.


High school sparked Michael’s rock music interest. He realised that his vocal skills didn’t match his passion for music, so he changed his focus.

Michael Tell became a rock promoter, focusing on rock and roll. His career flourished, but in 2010, he retired.

Michael Tell Relationship with Patty Duke

Michael became famous in 1970 after marrying Patty Duke. However, their marriage ended a few weeks after the vows.

Who was Patty Duke? She was a famous American actress and mental health campaigner. Born December 14, 1946, in NYC.. Patty Duke’s 1982 bipolar disorder diagnosis changed her life. This important moment inspired her to advocate for mental health awareness and advocacy.Sadly, Patty Duke died at 69 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, on March 29, 2016. However, her influence went beyond advocacy. Her film and television performances immortalised her in Hollywood.

She played Neely O’Hara in “Valley of the Dolls” in 1967, Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker” in 1962, and Cathy and Patty Lane in “The Patty Duke Show” from 1963 to 1966. Her career included many awards and nominations:

Academy Award

Dual Golden Globes

Three Emmys Primetime

With a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Patty Duke’s legacy as an actress and mental health champion is still significant in American culture.

How Long Was Michael Tell Married To Patty Duke?

Michael and Patty quickly married in 13 days. Their brief meeting laid the stage for their quick union.

They met in Patty’s Sierra Towers apartment. Michael Tell approached Patty as she was about to leave with an unusual offer. He asked if she would rent her apartment to a switchboard operator.

A transactional chat suddenly became a growing relationship. Only one month separated them from marriage. They were engaged two weeks before marrying.

On June 26, 1970, they married at Las Vegas’ charming Little Church of the West, sealing their love.

However, fate had other intentions, and their marriage was short-lived. They split 13 days after their wedding on July 9, 1970. Their brief but exhilarating marriage was cancelled a year later.

Michael Tell Parents

Father NameJack Tell 
Mother NameBeatrice ‘Goldstein’ Tell 

Michael Tell’s family history is intriguing. His father, Jack Tell, founded and edited “The Las Vegas Israelite.” Before becoming a New York Times photo editor assistant from 1945 to 1955, Jack Tell worked for Billboard.

Not only that. Jack Tell worked as the publicity director for Sullivan County, Atlantic City, and the New York Cardiac Center, previously the Hershfield-McCosker Home in Yonkers.

However, Michael’s mother, Beatrice ‘Goldstein’ Tell, was active. She oversaw The Las Vegas Israelite’s advertising department. In addition, she was a notable free press publisher and rare coin and stamp collector in San Diego. Beatrice was born on August 25, 1914, to shoe business owner Charles Goldstein and his wife Bessie.

In 1936, Michael’s parents, Jack and Bea, married, changing their family story. In 1961, they moved to Nevada and started many businesses. A year later, they proudly owned “Israelite,” a turning point in their story.

Michael Tell Siblings

Michael Tell grew up in his hometown with his brothers Donald and Jay Tell. However, he had a major life change at 13. At that young age, he and his family travelled to Nevada. Michael’s teenage years were spent in Nevada’s vast and dramatic landscapes, leading to personal growth and change.

Michael Tell children

Are Michael Tell and Patty Duke’s son Sean Astin related? He is, indeed. Michael Tell is revealed as Patty’s son Sean Astin’s father.

Sean Astin, a famous American actor, was born in Santa Monica, California, on February 25, 1971. Sean was born less than a year after his mother Patty Duke divorced Michael Tell.

Sean’s biological father was unclear because Patty Duke had been in relationships with numerous men during that time. Patty first believed John Astin was Sean’s father. Since John was married to Suzanne Hahn, this knowledge was kept from them until their divorce. John and Patty married in 1972, and Sean took John’s surname.

Fate changed the story again when Sean Astin was 14. Sean’s mother, Patty Duke, shockingly revealed that Desi Arnaz Jr. was his biological father. Desi Arnaz Jr. has two children, Haley and Julia, so this news was surprising.

Sean Astin sought to learn his origins despite this finding. He had a major discovery at 26. Sean met Michael Tell’s relative who revealed their family connection. Sean decided to find out his biological heritage after this revelation.

In order to solve the riddle, Sean Astin had his DNA tested against the three likely paternal candidates. The paternity test proved Michael Tell was Sean Astin’s biological father, ending a unique family history.

Physical Appearance 

Height5 feet 10 inches
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown

Michael Tell Net worth

Michael Tell, professionally known as a rock promoter, has amassed a commendable net worth estimated at $1 million. On the other hand, his former spouse, at the time of her passing, possessed a substantially larger fortune, boasting a net worth of $10 million.


Q1: Who is Michael Tell?

A1: Michael Tell, an American entertainer and former rock music promoter, was famous for his brief marriage to Patty Duke.

Q2: Michael Tell’s age?

A2: Born in the 1940s, Michael Tell is thought to be in his sixties.

Q3: Career background of Michael Tell?

A3: Michael Tell began promoting rock and roll. His career ended in 2010.

Q4: Michael Tell and Patty Duke married for how long?

A4: Michael Tell married Patty Duke 13 days after meeting in 1970. Tragically, their marriage ended in just 13 days.

Q5: Who was Patty Duke and her legacy?

A5: Patty Duke was an American actress and mental health advocate renowned for “The Miracle Worker” and “Valley of the Dolls.” She held Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and Emmys and advocated for mental health awareness.


In conclusion, Michael Tell’s brief but significant relationship with Patty Duke, the iconic American actress and mental health advocate, is fascinating. Media coverage of their 13-day marriage was extensive. Celebrity and mental health advocate Patty Duke left a legacy in Hollywood and beyond. Former rock music promoter Michael Tell carved up his own entertainment career. Despite their brief marriage, Michael Tell and Patty Duke’s story is intriguing in celebrity and relationships.

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