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eila rose duncan

Eila Rose Duncan, born on September 12, 2006, in Los Angeles, is the delightful offspring of none other than Anna Gunn, a prominent American actress, and Alastair Duncan, a distinguished Scottish actor. Eila Rose proudly claims the title of being the youngest member of her talented family.

Anna Gunn, recognized for her remarkable contributions to the world of entertainment, welcomed her second child, Eila Rose Duncan, into the world in the bustling city of Los Angeles. This date marked not only the arrival of a new life but also an addition to the legacy of two accomplished artists.

Eila Rose Duncan Professional Career

Though too young to start a business, Eila can follow in her parents’ footsteps and succeed. Her parents’ achievements made Eila famous worldwide.

Speaking about her mother’s work, Anna Gunn became famous as Skyler White in “Breaking Bad.” Her 2008–2013 work earned her 2013 and 2014 Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. In “The Practice” and “Deadwood,” Anna played Jean Ward and Martha Bullock, cementing her talent.

Alastair Duncan, Eila’s father, has worked in acting, voice acting, and real estate. As a Scottish actor, he played Neil Duncan. Video games, movies, and TV have featured Alastair’s voice. He is involved in various projects as of 2023, showing his dedication to his craft.

Eila Duncan is a rising star with a rich creative and entrepreneurial background, making her a figure to watch.


Full NameEila Rose Duncan
Date of birthSeptember 12, 2006
BirthplaceUnited States
Age17 years
ProfessionCelebrity kid

Eila Rose Duncan Age

Eila Rose Duncan was born on September 12, 2006, a momentous date. In 2023, she is 17, on the brink of puberty and adulthood. Her nationality is proudly American, and her heritage is a beautiful tapestry of mixed ethnicity, representing America’s vast cultural mosaic.

Eila’s zodiac sign is Virgo, which gives her analytical thinking, responsibility, and attention to detail. These traits may influence her life path.

Eila has beautiful brown hair and eyes. These traits add to her mosaic of traits that make her special.

These clues offer a window into Eila’s individuality and mentality, helping us grasp her unique life.

Eila Rose Duncan Parents

Father NameAlastair Duncan
Father ProfessionActor
Mother NameAnna Gunn
Mother ProfessionActress
SiblingsEmma Duncan

Anna Gunn is best known for playing Skyler White in “Breaking Bad.” Anna, born August 11, 1968, in Ohio, began performing in 1992 and has succeeded.

Anna won Outstanding Drama Series Supporting Actress Emmys in 2013 and 2014. In addition to “Breaking Bad,” she appeared in “Shades of Blue,” “Deadwood: The Movie,” “Secrets of Eden,” “The Practice,” “Being Frank,” and “Sully.” Her acting range altered the profession.

Scottish Alastair Neil Duncan, Anna’s father, has a varied career. The actor sells real estate well. Since his February 7, 1958, birth in Edinburgh, Scotland, Alastair’s unique voice has made him a prolific actor in movies, video games, and TV.

Anna Gunn’s successful career and her father Alastair Duncan’s varied career demonstrate their family’s talent across borders and industries.

She is her mother’s success’s cornerstone

Anna Gunn shared in an interview that her two daughters take immense pride in her achievements. During the conversation, she expressed how their unwavering support remains a vital source of strength for her, especially during challenging times. Anna went on to emphasise that her children serve as constant sources of inspiration in her life.

Apparently, it’s Sister Emma

Eila bears a striking resemblance to her sister, Emma, although regrettably, there are no current photos of her available. However, I can offer you a captivating glimpse of Emma alongside their radiant and enchanting mother. In this photo, both Emma and her mother exude a captivating aura, radiating sheer elegance in their respective colour palettes. What truly captivates in this image is their million-dollar smiles, illuminating the frame with an infectious warmth that’s simply priceless.

Eila Rose Duncan Physical Appearance

Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBrown

Eila Rose Duncan Parents Divorce (Tragedy)

The couple married in 1990, starting an almost two-decade marriage. But in 2009, they split up and ended their marriage. Eila, their adored daughter, was three years old when they witnessed a family change.

Since the couple has opted to keep their divorce reasons private, they cannot reveal them. Both parents have taken care of their two girls despite their separation, which is encouraging.

Divorce is difficult, especially for children. Kids struggle with family dynamics during such transitions, which has a dramatic influence. However, the family has matured and adapted to difficult conditions. It shows the resilience of family relationships after major life transitions.

Eila Rose Duncan Personal Life

Her relationship status is unknown, although Eila Rose Duncan may be single. She keeps a low profile in her personal life, thus we know nothing about her romantic life.

Eila may currently prioritise her schooling and personal improvement over love connections. This is common for people who prioritise academic and personal development at certain times.

Eila runs her own life, and her education reflects her dedication to self-improvement. Study and self-discovery are her priorities for now, but her personal and romantic life will develop.

Net Worth of Eila Rose Duncan in 2023

Eila lives in luxury in 2023 thanks to her parents’ fortune. She has never worked or started a career.

Her mother, Anna Gunn, is worth $7 million. Her successful performing career in several TV shows and films has contributed to her wealth.

Due to her success in the entertainment sector, Anna Gunn’s net worth keeps rising rapidly. She has earned critical acclaim and large financial advantages through her acting career, allowing her and her family to live a luxurious life.

This wealthy lifestyle benefits Eila, a testament to her family’s success. As she grows up and finds her own way, it will be fascinating to observe how she follows her parents’ history of financial success and artistic excellence.

Fun facts

  • Eila Rose Duncan, born on September 12, 2006, in Los Angeles, is the daughter of renowned actress Anna Gunn and distinguished Scottish actor Alastair Duncan. She proudly carries on the legacy of her talented family.
  • Eila’s parents, Anna Gunn and Alastair Duncan, went through a divorce in 2009, but despite their separation, they have both remained actively involved in raising their two daughters, demonstrating the resilience of family relationships.
  • In 2023, Eila Rose Duncan was 17 years old and has a mixed ethnic background. She maintains a low profile in her personal life, focusing on her education and personal growth, while enjoying the luxury lifestyle afforded by her parents’ successful careers in the entertainment industry.


In conclusion, the article provides insights into the life of Eila Rose Duncan, the daughter of actress Anna Gunn and actor Alastair Duncan. It touches on her family’s accomplishments, her parents’ divorce, and her private personal life. Eila’s future remains intriguing as she continues to grow and define her own path, undoubtedly influenced by the artistic legacy and financial success of her talented family.

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