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asap rocky net worth

Rakim Athelaston Mayers, born October 3, 1988, is a notable American rapper. His professional name is ASAP Rocky, stylized as A$AP Rocky. This gifted musician from Harlem got his start in music through ASAP Mob, which inspired his stage moniker.

Rise of ASAP Rocky’s musical career began in August 2011 when “Peso” appeared online unexpectedly. Within weeks, this single was heavily played on radio. Rocky released his debut mixtape, “Live. Love. A$AP,” the same year to tremendous acclaim.

The success of this mixtape is frequently considered his career’s turning point, sending him to the music industry’s top. Rocky, Polo Grounds Music, and Sony Music’s RCA Records signed a major joint venture record agreement after this success.

This conversational summary of ASAP Rocky’s incredible career in American rap music, from his Harlem roots to his career milestones, uses technical language.

A$AP Rocky Net Worth

Financially, A$AP Rocky has built a huge business. His $25 million net worth reflects his accomplishments in music, fashion, and production. When compared to Rihanna, his lover, the net worth difference is stark.

Rihanna’s $1.4 billion net worth is amazing. She gained millions with Fenty Beauty, LVMH, and her music career. Her wealth is staggering.

Despite this financial landscape, A$AP Rocky and Rihanna have guaranteed their futures and their children’s. Their wealth will provide for present and future generations, assuring financial security. In essence, their total net worth guides their offspring to financial success.

Monthly and Yearly Income and Salary

Source of IncomeMonthly Earnings
Music Sales$750,000
Worldwide Touring$500,000
Real Estate Properties$100,000
Brand Collaborations$25,000

As ASAP Rocky’s finances unfold, his monthly and annual earnings greatly impact his net worth. His wealth comes from music sales, touring, real estate ventures, and brand collaborations. We’ve created a table of his reported profits from past years to help explain this financial ecology.

In the first column of this table, music, his main source of income, can generate up to $750,000 per month. His popularity and musical ability are shown by his global music effect. His overseas touring earns him an additional $500,000 each month, demonstrating his popularity and demand for live performances.

Rocky makes $100,000 each month from real estate assets in addition to music. His smart real estate investments show his financial knowledge beyond music. Finally, his brand collaborations earn up to $25,000 monthly. These partnerships boost his finances and brand ambassador status.

These estimates are based on reported earnings and may change. The entertainment and branding sector is dynamic, thus figures may change. Thus, tracking Rocky’s revenue and pay is crucial to understanding his complex net worth, which reflects his many successes.


NameRakim Athelaston Mayers
Date of birthOctober 3, 1988
Birth placeNew York City, U.S.
Age35 years
EducationBayard Rustin Educational Complex
ProfessionRappe, singer-songwriter, record producer
Birth SignLibra
Net Worth$25 million

A$AP Rocky Early Life

A$AP Rocky, born Rakim Mayers, was born in Harlem on October 3, 1988. His interest in rap music began in grade school. His first rap songs were written in third grade.

However, life’s harsh realities hampered Mayers’ journey. He endured a series of traumatic occurrences at 12 that changed his life. Due to drug use, his father was imprisoned, casting a shadow over the family. Sadly, Mayers lost his older brother during this time. His mother and sister lived in homeless shelters when his family split up.

Despite these challenges, A$AP Rocky persevered. He survived homeless shelters and sold weed and crack. Meanwhile, he kept writing rap rhymes.

However, his determination got him a two-week sentence for drug peddling. His cellmate was Cassanova, a rapper who would eventually succeed.

In essence, A$AP Rocky’s early life was a furnace of struggle and resilience, but his musical talent and willpower propelled him ahead, setting the groundwork for his rap career.

A$AP Rocky Career

A$AP Rocky’s music career began with Harlem’s explosive A$AP Mob Crew of rappers, producers, and artists. His fast-growing rap career began with this 2007 cooperation.

A$AP Rocky became nationally famous in early 2011 when his song “Peso” surfaced online and became a success on tri-state radio station Hot 97. Rocky became famous with “Purple Swag,” and memorable music videos.

Business leaders saw his potential. A$AP Rocky inked a $3 million Sony, RCA Records, and Polo Grounds Music deal after early success. This landmark deal netted him $1.7 million for solo work and $1.3 million for ASAP Worldwide. ASAP Yams, A&R and executive producer Steven Rodriguez, also affected his music career.

Rock’s career was cemented by live performances. Pitchfork Music Festival featured him in July 2012. His arrest for suspected brawling the night before his Late Night with Jimmy Fallon debut was a setback. He sang “Goldie.” on television in August 2012 after rescheduling.

A$AP The 2013 debut album “Long. Live. A$AP.” was a career milestone for Rocky. The album topped the Billboard 200 and was well-received. Promotion for the record included a 40-date national tour. This album went gold March 16, 2015. In 2013, he created his ASAP clothes business and cooperated with Raf Simons, displaying his prodigious creativity.

The A$AP path Rocky had two 2014 hits, furthering his career.On May 25, 2015, his second studio album, “A.L.L.A,” leaked online a week before its release. The album launched at #1 on the Billboard 200 again after the first setback and earned positive reviews. Unfortunately, it was his worst-selling record.

A$AP Rocky, Gucci Mane, and 21 Savage recorded “Cocky” for “Uncle Drew.” in 2018. He released “Bad Company” and “A$AP Forever,” making art. On May 25, 2018, his album “Testing,” premiered at No. 4 on Billboard, proving his music business influence. He teased “Don’t Be Dumb,” his upcoming studio album, promising fans an exciting future.

A$AP Rocky has worked with Tyler, the Creator, Drake, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, and Lana Del Ray in addition to music. Rich musical collaborations improved his career.

A$AP Rocky appeared in “Dope,” “Zoolander 2,” “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping,” “Monster,” “Stockholm Syndrome,” and “A Man Named Scott.” His film roles show his variety and experimentation.

A$AP Rocky Songs & Albums

At 19, Rakim Mayers experienced a life-changing event in 2007. He connected with the A$AP Mob, a diverse group, during this crucial time. Rappers, producers, and video directors made this group a creative powerhouse. A$AP Yams, a visionary impresario like Malcolm McLaren, co-founded this collective and drives their creative efforts.

Rakim Mayers became A$AP Rocky in this creative crucible. This name reflected his artistic progress and the start of a spectacular journey that would change music and culture.

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight163 Lbs.
Hair ColourBlack 
Eye ColourBlack

A$AP Rocky Personal Life

An A$AP peek Rocky’s personal biography reveals significant relationships and eating decisions that formed him.

Rocky’s romantic life is well-known. He was in a relationship with musician Iggy Azalea from 2011 to 2012, bringing his personal and professional lives together. After this, he briefly dated Chanel Iman from 2013 to 2014.

A$AP Rocky’s friendship with Rihanna, a global superstar, was his biggest personal development in May 2021. In May 2022, they welcomed their first child, a son, increasing public interest in their relationship. During the Super Bowl LVII halftime show, Rihanna joyously announced that she was pregnant with their second child, touching fans worldwide.

A$AP Rocky has made notable dietary changes beyond cardiac concerns. He once followed a pescatarian diet, eating only fish and seafood. Rocky later became a vegan, demonstrating his commitment to health and ethics.

These personal insights into A$AP Rocky’s relationships and nutrition offer a more holistic view of the versatile musician, highlighting his dynamic personal and lifestyle decisions alongside his musical endeavours.

Awards and Accolades 

ASAP Rocky’s music career has been remarkable, with numerous honours from fans, peers, and industry professionals. His accomplishments demonstrate his influence in music and beyond. Here are some highlights:

ASAP Rocky received the 2013 BET Award for Best Collaboration for “Fuckin’ Problems.” Rocky’s ability to form strong musical partnerships was shown by this collaboration with Drake, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar.

MTV Video Music Award for Best Art Direction (2015): ASAP’s visuals Rocky won the 2015 MTV Video Music Award for Best Art Direction. His “L$D” music video showed his ability to blend music and visual creativity.

Rocky’s breakthrough status was acknowledged with the 2019 Bet Breakthrough of the Year award. This award recognized his growth and established his status in the music industry.

UK Festival Headline Performance of the Year: ASAP Rocky won the UK Festival Award for Headline Performance of the Year at Finsbury Park’s Wireless Festival. He captivated fans with his powerful theatrical presence.

ASAP Rocky’s rap-streetwear style has influenced fashion as much as music. Despite legal troubles and controversies, he remains dedicated to music. He also engages with his community, highlighting his significance as an artist who transcends music into fashion, culture, and community engagement. Rocky’s life shows his versatility and cultural effect.


Q1. A$AP Rocky—who?

A1. A$AP Rocky, born Rakim Athelaston Mayers, is an American rapper noted for his unique style and contributions to the music business.

Q2. A$AP Rocky’s net worth?

A2. A$AP Rocky’s $25 million net worth comes from music, fashion, and production.

Q3. How did A$AP Rocky become famous?

A3. A$AP Rocky’s 2011 single “Peso” launched his career. His debut mixtape, “Live. Love. A$AP,” was well-received and changed his career.

Q4. What are A$AP Rocky’s main incomes?

A4. A$AP Rocky mostly makes money via song sales, global touring, real estate ventures, and brand collaborations.

Q5. A$AP Rocky’s childhood and upbringing?

A5. A$AP Rocky, born Rakim Mayers, struggled with familial and legal troubles as a child. He persevered and became a rapper because he loved music.


In conclusion, A$AP Rocky, born Rakim Mayers, is a notable American rapper. He has shown incredible resilience and talent from his difficult childhood to his stratospheric climb in music. His $25 million net worth comes from music, fashion, and collaborations. A$AP Rocky’s chart-topping albums and innovative endeavours have cemented his career. His diet and high-profile partnerships give his public persona a dynamic edge. His influence extends beyond music to fashion and culture. A$AP Rocky’s story shows how passion and determination can change artistic greatness.

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