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German model Marie-lou Nurk is influential in branding. Her dominance has made her famous in her native country and in the US. Marie-lou’s modelling career has been intriguing, with collaborations with several companies. She appeared in several Our Legacy Clothing campaigns.

Marie-Lou Nurk’s Height

Jason Oppenheim’s girlfriend is quite statuesque, measuring in at an impressive 5 feet 10 inches in height.

Marie-Lou, a 25-year-old with roots tracing back to Germany, has an interesting upbringing story, having spent a portion of her formative years in the enchanting landscapes of South Africa. In a candid conversation with Vogue in 2022, Marie-Lou revealed a charming family connection to the wild side, sharing that her “grandfather still maintains a property in close proximity to the majestic Kruger National Park.”

In today’s dynamic world, the Netflix sensation finds herself globe-trotting between the vibrant cities of Germany, the romantic allure of Paris, and the glitzy charm of Los Angeles.

Quick Facts

NameMarie-lou Nurk
Date of BirthB/w 1997-2000
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California
Age22-25 years old
ProfessionFashion Model
SchoolLocal School in her hometown
UniversityPopular University of Germany
Sun SignCapricorn
LanguagesEnglish, German
Net worth$600k USD
Current ResidenceParis

Marie Lou Nurk Early Life

Marie Lou Nurk, originally hailing from Germany, has now found her abode in the enchanting city of Paris, adding a touch of continental charm to her life’s narrative. Interestingly, a reliable source has revealed that her childhood was peppered with conversations revolving around her status as a European Resident, a fact that has undoubtedly shaped her unique perspective.

Now, let’s unveil Marie’s impressive credentials for all to see. Despite her foray into the world of modelling, she never turned her back on her academic pursuits. In fact, she marched through her school years with distinction and graduated high school with well-deserved honours. What sets Marie apart is her dual expertise—she’s not just a model; she’s a model with a formidable background in economics. Her academic journey led her to secure a prestigious degree in Economics from a renowned German institution, demonstrating her commitment to both beauty and brains.


The 2020 release of Marie-Lou Nurk’s first Instagram modelling image seemed to start her modelling career. Her tenure in this dynamic profession is unknown, leaving us wondering about her long-term goals.

Her Instagram profile shows her associations, piquing our interest in her career. Her modelling career has led her to Paris’ beautiful streets, Ibiza’s sunny coasts, New York’s bustling energy, Barcelona’s enchanting landscapes, and many other interesting destinations. Through her modelling agency, she has graced many apparel brands, making her a sought-after fashion figure.

Marie-Lou has 10.7k Instagram followers beyond her modelling career, suggesting her rise to social media stardom is only beginning. She may become a famous social media model in the future, which is exciting.

Industry rumours claim Marie-Lou may soon act, adding to her enthusiasm. She may make her acting debut in the sixth season of “Selling Sunset”. Though “Selling Sunset” production has yet to begin, we are curious about her role in this highly anticipated project. We’re excited to watch this multifaceted career unfold.

Marie Lou Nurk Marriage

Marital StatusCommitted
Husband’s NameJason Oppenheim
Children Not Known

Jason Oppenheim and Marie-Lou’s romantic journey, which unfolded between 2022 and 2023, captured the intrigue of many. The sparks reportedly ignited in July 2022, as speculations swirled about their budding relationship. Paparazzi lenses caught a momentous kiss exchanged between the two during a getaway to the idyllic Mykonos, setting tongues wagging in the celebrity rumour mill.

Their love story continued to blossom, with the pair making a highly anticipated public appearance together in August 2022. Stepping onto the glamorous red carpet, they officially marked their status as a couple, adding a touch of Hollywood romance to the premiere of Netflix’s hit movie, “Day Shift.”

However, as the tides of time continued to flow, their relationship encountered turbulent waters. In May 2023, the couple made the heart-wrenching announcement of their separation, sending ripples of sorrow through their admirers and leaving us to reflect on the transient nature of love in the world of fame and fortune.

What is the height difference between Jason and Marie?

During a pivotal moment on the show “Selling Sunset,” realtor Chelsea Lazkani illuminated a significant aspect of Jason and Marie’s relationship: the conspicuous 20-year age gap that separates them. It’s a topic that has undoubtedly piqued the curiosity of many viewers, adding a layer of intrigue to their romance.

Another noticeable disparity between the two is their height difference, which measures a notable seven inches. The statuesque Marie stands tall at an impressive 5 feet 10 inches, while Jason, in contrast, is reportedly 5 feet 3 inches. This divergence in stature adds a visual element to their dynamic, sparking conversations among viewers and fans alike.

In the realm of celebrity gossip, it’s not unusual for details to surface from various sources. In 2020, Grazia reported a tidbit shared by Christine Quinn, shedding light on Jason and his twin brother Brett’s similarity in height. This piece of information adds an interesting dimension to the conversation surrounding the Oppenheim twins.

Marie-Lou, being a model, offers a unique glimpse into her world through her modelling bios. These profiles meticulously document her physical attributes, including her bust, waist, hips, and dress size. It’s a testament to the precision and detail that goes into the world of modelling, where such measurements hold great significance.

Delving deeper into the Selling Sunset narrative, Chelsea seized the opportunity to pick Marie-Lou’s brain about the essence of her attraction to Jason during a particular episode. Marie-Lou eloquently expressed that she was drawn to his “young spirit,” a quality that transcends age and fosters a deep connection. Jason, on his part, chimed in, emphasising that they share the commonality of being in the “same generation,” further solidifying their bond.

Marie Lou Nurk Physical Appearance

Height 5′ 10″
Weight58 kg
Hair LengthLong
Hair ColourLight Brown
Eye ColourBrown
Distinctive featureBold lips, Sharp Eyes

Marie Lou Nurk Net Worth

Curiosity often leads us to ponder the financial standing of notable individuals like Marie Lou Nurk. While precise figures remain elusive, it’s evident that her net worth does not ascend into the stratospheric millions of dollars. The reason behind this is her relatively limited involvement in brand endorsements, a common avenue through which many in the industry amass substantial wealth.

Nevertheless, Marie Lou’s modelling career, marked by its undeniable success and international presence, undoubtedly contributes significantly to her financial portfolio. As of August 2023, it is plausible to estimate her net worth at approximately $600,000 USD. This figure reflects her accomplishments and the financial rewards that come with a thriving modelling career in the competitive world of fashion.


Q1.Who is Marie-Lou Nurk?

A1.German model Marie-Lou Nurk works in fashion. Her native Germany and the US recognise her.

Q2.What is Marie-Lou Nurk’s height?

A2.Marie-Lou Nurk is an impressive 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Q3.Where was Marie-Lou Nurk born?

A3.Marie-Lou Nurk was born in Los Angeles, California, but she has German nationality.

Q4.What is Marie-Lou Turk’s academic background?

A4.Marie-Lou Nurk not only pursued a career in modelling but also excelled academically. She holds a degree in Economics from a prestigious German institution.

Q5.What is Marie-Lou Turk’s career in modelling like?

A5.Marie-Lou Nurk’s modelling career began around 2020, and she has worked with various apparel brands. She has also gained popularity on Instagram and is speculated to venture into acting.

Q6.Who is Marie-Lou Nurk’s husband?

A6.Marie-Lou Nurk is in a committed relationship with Jason Oppenheim, a real estate broker featured in the TV show “Selling Sunset.” They became a couple in 2022.


In conclusion, Marie-Lou Nurk is a rising German fashion model known for her impressive height, distinctive features, and academic achievements. Her modelling career has taken her to various international destinations, and she’s gaining recognition not only as a model but also as a potential actress. Her relationship with Jason Oppenheim, marked by an age and height difference, garnered public attention but sadly ended in 2023. While her exact net worth remains undisclosed, her successful modelling career is estimated to be worth around $600,000 USD as of August 2023. Marie-Lou’s unique blend of beauty and brains continues to captivate the fashion and entertainment worlds.

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