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Chris Brown’s romantic history has many chapters with key events and relationships. He was first linked to Rihanna, but violence ended their relationship. At 25, Chris Brown became a father for the first time, launching Royalty Brown. He ended his relationship with Royalty’s mother.

He has his son Aeko Catori Brown in 2019. He became a parent for the third time in 2022 when his daughter, Lovely, was born.

This tale of his life raises an intriguing question: who is Chris Brown’s son, and what lesser-known aspects of his life can be revealed


NameAeko Catori Brown 
Nick NameLil CB 
Date of birthNovember 20, 2019
Birth placeTarzana, CA
Age3 years old
Birth SignScorpio
Religion Christianity
Current residence Germany 

Aeko Catori Brown Age

Explore Chris Brown’s lovely son Aeko Brown’s universe. Aeko is a lively three-year-old who has recently gained attention for his strong likeness to his renowned father. The family calls him “Lil CB” or “Little Chris Brown” due to their striking resemblance.

Aeko Catori Brown’s loving parents post his candid photos on social media, spreading his cuteness. Chris Brown is a proud father of numerous children, but Aeko Catori has people intrigued. What captivates the world about this little bundle of joy?

Aeko Catori Brown Professional Life

Despite his youth, Aeko has become a pop culture icon because to his celebrity family. Son of Chris Brown and Ammika Harris, a successful model.

From birth, paparazzi and admirers have sought out Aeko to photograph and post on social media. Chris and Ammika, Aeko’s parents, have shared their life on Instagram.

Aeko is too young to have his own social media account, but he often stars in their posts. Fans were excited when his December 2019 Instagram photo went viral, marking his public debut.

Chris and Ammika mysteriously revealed Aeko’s arrival on Instagram. Chris Brown posted “20-11-2019,” assumed to be their son’s birthdate. On December 20, 2019, the world learned their son’s name was Aeko Catori Brown. These enigmatic but heartwarming announcements had people excited to discover more about this little Brown.

Aeko Catori Brown Parents and Siblings

Let’s examine Aeko Catori Brown’s patchwork genealogy. Aeko’s parents are R&B singer Chris Brown and gorgeous model and social media celebrity Ammika Harris.

Aeko’s father, Chris Brown, sings, writes, dances, and acts in R&B. He’s a vivacious 33-year-old from Tappahannock, Virginia, born May 5, 1989, in 2022. Chris Brown’s debut song “Run It” and album “Exclusive.” top the charts.

Contrast with Aeko Catori’s mother, Ammika Harris. Model and social media sensation. Ammika, 29, a US citizen born May 16, 1993, graduated from UCLA in 2022. German fashion companies are her passion.

When we consider Aeko’s siblings, things get interesting. His family had several mothers. Royalty Brown, Aeko’s vivacious oldest sibling, was born on May 27, 2014, becoming 8 in 2022. Former Chris Brown model Nia Guzman is her mother.

At seven months old in December 2022, Beautiful Symphani Brown is the youngest of the family. Like her siblings’ mothers, Diamond Brown is a successful model and influencer. Chris Brown’s second-oldest child, Aeko Catori Brown, has two stepsiblings to complete their unique family.

Chris Brown’s Strange Resemblance to His Son, Aeko Catori Brown, Has Drawn Reactions From Fans

Chris Brown and his son Aeko bear a striking resemblance, according to many. Not just die-hard Chris Brown fans notice this startling similarity—it’s a visual link that jumps out.

When you see Aeko on social media, especially Instagram, the comments section is full of people saying she’s a small Chris Brown. Fan pages for the artist frequently post side-by-side photos of Chris and Aeko, highlighting their resemblance. Aeko seems to have inherited his father’s DNA and look, becoming a living rendition of the R&B legend.

The parents of Aeko Catori are not married

Chris Brown and Ammika Harris, Aeko Catori Brown’s parents, have a unique marriage story. To clarify, the couple has never married.

They met in 2015, but Chris Brown was already in a relationship. As a professional, Ammika spent much of her time in Europe, making US visits rare.

Their romance reignited in 2018. Their relationship evolved, leading to America’s early 2019 pregnancy and Chris’ second child, Aeko Brown.

Despite their closeness, Aeko’s parents’ relationship remained unchanged. No engagement or marriage occurred. Unfortunately, the pair split in July 2020, marking a turning point in their relationship.

Aeko Catori Brown Physical Appearance

We welcome lovely and adorable Aeko Brown into our world. He’s a cute, cuddly baby, loved and cared for.

This young man has the potential to become an attractive man, as seen by his captivating dark brown eyes. His exact bodily measurements are unknown, but he will change and grow as he goes through life. Aeko Brown represents the future’s progress and change.

Aeko Brown on Social Media

The young Aeko Brown has yet to create a social media profile. His followers love him so much that they created a fan Instagram account, ‘@aekocatoribrownnofficial.’

This fan-driven account has over 39.2K loyal followers that follow the young star’s growth. Aeko doesn’t have his own social media account, but his loving parents regularly post about him on their accounts. Those who love him tell his story.

Aeko Catori Brown’s father Net Worth

Chris Brown, Aeko Catori Brown’s father, is a music legend with a long career and many accolades. His global success as a singer is undisputed.

Chris Brown’s touring earnings of $157 million from 279 performances attended by over 2.6 million spectators worldwide are impressive. He is the only male R&B musician with the most Billboard Hot 100 entries and top 40 hits.

Ten studio albums, one collaboration album, nine mixtapes, and 59 singles are among his many accomplishments. These accomplishments helped Aeko’s father sell over 197 million records worldwide.

Chris Brown has an estimated $50 million net worth as of 2022. His singing career and movie and TV appearances have earned him this money. Besides owning 14 Burger King restaurants, he launched “Black Pyramid” clothes in 2012.

Chris Brown Entertainment, his record company, was launched in 2007, demonstrating his entrepreneurial energy and industry influence. His love in real estate led him to buy a $4.35 million 4-bedroom hilltop residence in Tarzana, California, in 2014.

Thus, Aeko Catori Brown and his step siblings inherit a big fortune from their father, who is worth over $50 million. Chris Brown’s family will prosper from his artistic and entrepreneurial achievements.


Q1. Who is Aeko Catori Brown and his nickname?

A1. Aeko Catori Brown is Chris Brown and Ammika Harris’ son. His nickname is “Lil CB” or “Little Chris Brown.”

Q2. Aeko Catori Brown was born when and where?

A2. Tarzana, CA-born Aeko Catori Brown was born on November 20, 2019.

Q3. Aeko Catori Brown’s age?

A3. According to recent reports, Aeko Catori Brown is three years old.

Q4. Parents of Aeko Catori Brown?

A4. Chris Brown and Ammika Harris raise Aeko Catori Brown. R&B singer Chris Brown and model and social media sensation Ammika Harris are famous.

Q5. Does Aeko Catori Brown have siblings?

A5. Yes, Aeko Catori Brown has siblings. His older sibling is Royalty Brown, and his younger stepsibling is Beautiful Symphani Brown.


Aeko Catori Brown, the son of R&B performer Chris Brown and model Ammika Harris, has garnered public notice due to his strong likeness to his father. Aeko, a three-year-old born in 2019, has been a social media star for his parents. Chris Brown’s love history is well-known, but Aeko’s rise as his son has sparked curiosity in his family’s dynamics. Although Aeko has no official social media account, adoring supporters share his tale on dedicated pages. His father, Chris Brown, is wealthy, promising Aeko and his siblings a bright future. Fans wonder what this cute young Brown’s future holds as the family journey continues.

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