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Vanessa Murdock

Vanessa Murdock holds the title of a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) in the United States. Her hometown is Long Island, New York. Vanessa’s current role has her working as a meteorologist for weekend mornings and reporting on weekdays at CBS 2 in New York. Her journey to CBS 2 began in October 2011, but prior to that, she gained valuable experience working at WTKR, a CBS-affiliate station in Norfolk, Virginia.

Quick Detail

Full nameVanessa Murdock
Date of birthAugust 9, 1978
Age (as of 2023)44 years
Zodiac signLeo
Place of birthLong Island, New York, USA
Current residenceNorthern Bergen, New Jersey, USA
Height in feet5’7″
Height in centimeters170
Hair colorLight brown
Eye colorBrown
Relationship statusMarried
PartnerHusband (unnamed)
SchoolCentre Moriches High School
UniversityUniversity of Rochester, Penn State University, and the University of Adelaide
ProfessionMeteorologist, weather forecaster, and weather news presenter
Net worthApproximately $500,000 to $1 million
Facebook@Vanessa Murdock

Vanessa Murdock Early Life

Born on August 9, 1978, Vanessa Murdock is currently 44 years old. She spent her formative years on Long Island, New York, mainly in the sleepy community of Centre Moriches. Since her family resided on a street that was named after her great-grandparents, her upbringing had a very special personal touch.

Although Vanessa hasn’t gone into much depth about her family or her early years, she has pleasant memories of the locations she spent a significant amount of her life—Long Island and New York City. Vanessa’s educational journey began at Centre Moriches High School, the local high school in her hometown.

She studied ecology at the University of Rochester after finishing high school in 1996. She studied at Adelaide University in Australia while at Rochester.

After returning home, Vanessa earned a bachelor’s in ecology and evolutionary biology at Rochester University. After years of work, she earned a Master’s in Meteorology from Penn State University in 2005.

The groundwork for her job as a meteorologist and weather forecaster was built throughout her academic path.

Vanessa Murdock Education

Vanessa Murdock’s educational journey took her from her roots at Centre Moriches High School, providing her with a strong foundation for her academic pursuits. She majored in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Rochester before pursuing meteorology there after high school.

Her love of learning and meteorological expertise inspired her to spend a semester studying abroad at the University of Adelaide in Australia. This experience broadened her understanding of worldwide weather patterns.

Vanessa received a master’s degree in meteorology at Penn State University after getting her bachelor’s. She was able to provide the public with precise and informative weather predictions because of these varied educational experiences, which also prepared her for a successful career as a meteorologist and weather presenter.

Vanessa Murdock Career

Curious about Vanessa Murdock’s profession? Here’s a rundown of her career and what she does for a living.

Business Analyst

After graduating from the University of Rochester with a degree in business analysis, Vanessa Murdock began her career. She started off working at American Management Systems, Inc., where she had a range of responsibilities, including managing client relations and serving as a tax consultant.

Vanessa stayed with the business up until 2003, when she made a crucial choice to choose a different path. She abandoned her employment in business to seek a postgraduate degree in meteorology, which was a big turn in her career.

Metrologist Career

Upon earning her Master’s degree in Meteorology, Vanessa Murdock embarked on her meteorological career journey. Her first stop was at WAHU Fox 27 and ABC16 in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she took on the role of a weekday evening weather presenter.

Following her stint in Charlottesville, Vanessa made her way to Norfolk, Virginia, to join News Channel 3, which is affiliated with CBS. During her tenure there, she dedicated several years to delivering weather news to the community, primarily serving as a weekend weather presenter.

One of the most remarkable moments in Vanessa’s career at News Channel 3 was her coverage of Hurricane Irene. She played a pivotal role as an executive producer during the extensive hour-long coverage of the hurricane. Her outstanding work even earned her a nomination for an Emmy Award, although she didn’t clinch the win.

Working As A Meteorology College Instructor

During her tenure as a meteorologist in Virginia, Vanessa Murdock took on an additional role as a meteorology instructor at Virginia Wesleyan College. She dedicated three years to teaching and sharing her meteorological expertise at the college before stepping down from that position in 2010.

Joining CBS Network

A key career turning point for Vanessa Murdock occurred in 2011. She said goodbye to Virginia and moved on to New York City, where she joined the CBS2 News crew and quickly rose to prominence. She actively participates in the development and production of community and weather-related news in her profession, demonstrating her flexibility and commitment. She does not just deliver the weather.

Vanessa’s journey with CBS New York has spanned an impressive decade, where she has continued to be a prominent figure in the realm of weather forecasting and community news.

Vanessa Murdock Physical Appearance

Vanessa Murdock stands at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches, or 170 centimeters, giving her a graceful presence. She boasts light brown hair that complements her overall look and is complemented by her warm, expressive brown eyes. These physical attributes contribute to her unique charm and presence.

Vanessa Murdock Husband & Kids

It has been widely questioned if Vanessa Murdock is married, and the truth is that she is. This information was revealed in a moving Instagram post when the author posted a photo of her father leading her down the aisle. The specifics of her wedding ceremony, however, are kept a well guarded secret since Vanessa likes to keep her personal life a secret.

Vanessa has been very private about her husband’s identity in keeping with her inclination for seclusion; she has only shared a few images of him without revealing his name to the world. They have two girls together, and their family also includes a cute dog who regularly appears in her social media photos.

Vanessa Murdock Net Worth

Curiosity about Vanessa Murdock’s net worth and her earnings at CBS is not uncommon. In the New York area, meteorologists typically make an average income of about $100,000, however specifics of her deal with the television network are yet unknown.

Vanessa has had a lengthy 17-year career in the industry, spending 10 years in the cutthroat New York market, therefore it seems sensible to assume that her net worth is in the $500,000 to $1 million level. However, the actual figure could vary, influenced by her precise salary and her husband’s financial situation.

Vanessa Murdock Social Media

For those interested in following Vanessa Murdock on social media and staying updated with her life and work, she maintains an active online presence across various platforms. On Instagram, you can connect with her at the handle @vmurdocktv, where she shares a more personal side of her life, including glimpses behind the scenes and engaging with her followers.

If Facebook is your preferred social space, you can find Vanessa at @Vanessa Murdock. Here, she likely shares updates, news, and highlights from her career and experiences.

For real-time weather updates and insights, as well as a direct connection to her professional side, Twitter is the place to be. Vanessa goes by the handle @VMurdockTV on this platform, making it easy for you to access her meteorological expertise and stay informed about the latest weather developments. These social media channels provide a window into Vanessa’s world, both in her career and personal life.

Final Words

With origins on Long Island, New York, Vanessa Murdock, a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) in the United States, has had a fascinating professional path. Her successful career as a meteorologist, weather forecaster, and weather news presenter was set out by her scholastic route, which led her from Centre Moriches High School to the Universities of Rochester, Penn State, and Adelaide.

She began her career as a business analyst before deciding to significantly change her field of study to meteorology. Vanessa has worked at various television stations, including WAHU Fox 27, ABC16, and News Channel 3 in Virginia, where she played a key role during Hurricane Irene coverage. She also briefly served as a meteorology instructor at Virginia Wesleyan College.

But when she joined CBS2 in New York City in 2011, her career took off to new heights. She now has a key position in weather forecasting and local reporting. Although Vanessa keeps her personal affairs discreet, she is married and has two kids.

Her net worth is estimated at $500,000–$1 million due to her significant expertise in the volatile New York market. On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Vanessa Murdock shares her personal and professional life with admirers.

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