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Adelaido “Payo” Solís III is a rising star in the music scene, particularly known for his incredible talent as a singer and musician. He gained widespread recognition as the lead singer of Grupo Frontera. Born on March 23, 2003, his musical journey has been nothing short of impressive, solidifying his place as an icon in regional music.

Adelaido’s contribution to Grupo Frontera has played a significant role in elevating the band’s popularity. His unique musical style and captivating performances have won the hearts of regional Mexican music fans. His voice and songs resonate deeply with enthusiasts, contributing to his ongoing success in the industry. As he continues to evolve as an artist, Adelaido’s music career is certainly one to watch.

Who is Adelaido “Payo ” Solís

Adelaido “Payo” Solís, a talented Mexican-American singer and musician, also goes by the name Adelaido Solís III. Born on March 23, 2003, he gained notoriety as Grupo Frontera’s lead vocalist. His skill as a musician and endearing demeanour have catapulted him to fame in the local Mexican music scene.

Being the face of Grupo Frontera, Adelaido has played a pivotal role in the band’s success, earning them a devoted fanbase along the way. Known for his mesmerizing voice and musical abilities, Adelaido “Payo” Solís has carved out a distinct place for himself in the music industry.


Adelaido comes from a Mexican family in the Rio Grande Valley, where he holds the title of the oldest sibling. His family circle consists of his dad, Payo Solís, who works at Tidal Power Services, his mom, Norma Solís, and two younger sisters. Back in his childhood, Adelaido used to strum the bajo quinto, delving into music from a young age.

Love & relationship

Adelaido and Kaitlyn Rodríguez made their relationship official on April 12, 2022, sharing their love openly on social media. Their bond seemed perfect, but by May 2023, Kaitlyn announced their breakup on social platforms, marking a tough moment for both of them.

For Kaitlyn, Adelaido “Payo” Solís held the special place of being her first love, which made their connection even more significant. Unfortunately, despite their love, they faced several small challenges that led to the relationship’s end. First loves often come with their own set of difficulties.

Kaitlyn also opened up about her interactions with Adelaido’s family members, mentioning issues with communication and conflicts, particularly with Solís’ cousin. Family dynamics can really impact any relationship, and they certainly had their fair share of challenges to navigate.

Adelaido Payo Solís Hit songs

Adelaido “Payo” Solís has made a mark as the lead singer of Grupo Frontera, a band that specializes in Mexican regional music. While fan favorites can change over time, here’s a collection of songs that have really resonated with Grupo Frontera’s audience:

  1. “Amor Limosnero”
  2. “Perdóname Mi Amor”
  3. “El Borracho”
  4. “Me Prometí Olvidarte”
  5. “El Panal”
  6. “Eres Mi Droga”
  7. “Dos Cartas y Una Flor”
  8. “Si Tú No Vuelves”
  9. “Dame Un Beso”
  10. “La Cama de Piedra”

These songs showcase a glimpse of Grupo Frontera’s music library, each with its own unique appeal. Adelaido “Payo” Solís has been instrumental in shaping the band’s success, adding his charm and talent to their music.

Grupo Frontera, Adelaido “Payo” Solís’ rise to stardom

After finishing high school, Adelaido joined Grupo Frontera, a local Mexican regional music band based in McAllen, Texas, initially just as a side gig. They wanted him to sing and strum the bajo quinto for their debut EP.

Their big break came unexpectedly. They did a cover of Morat’s “No se va,” practicing it for only 16 hours, and it ended up going crazy viral on all the streaming platforms and social media. It got a boost on TikTok, where Elmer, the red-cap dancer, unexpectedly became a star thanks to the song.

Adelaido was just 19 when they recorded “No se va,” and since then, his life has taken a whirlwind turn. With Grupo Frontera, he’s toured extensively, gaining fame not just locally but internationally too. It’s been quite the journey from a local hobby band to the international stage for Adelaido “Payo Solis.”

Personal Information 

Full NameAdelaido Solís III
Age20 years old
Birth DateMarch 23, 2003
OccupationSinger and Musician
NationalityAmerican and Mexican
Relationship StatusFormerly with Kaitlyn Rodríguez (2022-2023)
BandGrupo Frontera
ParentsNorma A. Solís
Payo Solís II
Zodiac SignPisces


In Adelaido Solís’ family, there’s a tradition of passing down names through generations. That’s why Adelaido is known as Adelaido Solís III—it’s a way of honoring their family’s history and heritage. This custom extends to other family members too, like Layo Solís I and Payo Solís II. It’s a beautiful way to pay homage to their ancestors and keep their legacy alive within the family.

Before fame 

Adelaido Solís, also known as “Payo,” started getting really good at playing the bajo quinto when he was pretty young. His big break happened after high school when Grupo Frontera in McAllen, Texas, brought him on board. That’s when his journey as a musician and vocalist with the band really kicked off.

Family Life 

Adelaido Solís, coming from a Mexican family in the Rio Grande Valley, is the eldest among his two younger sisters. His family and roots played a big role in shaping his journey in music.

Back in April 2022, Adelaido began dating Kaitlyn Rodríguez. Things got tough between them, and despite trying their best, they eventually decided to go their separate ways. Adelaido opened up about this personal part of his life on social media, sharing his thoughts publicly.

Interesting Facts about Adelaido Payo Solís

Here are some intriguing facts about Adelaido “Payo” Solís:

  • Adelaido Solís has a great musical heritage from his family. Continuing the family history, Adelaido Solís III was named after his grandpa Layo Solís I and his father Payo Solís II.
  • Early Music Career: He learned the Mexican bajo quinto early on. The early music exposure shaped his musical journey.
  • Adelaido Solís was suddenly recruited by Grupo Frontera in McAllen, Texas, after graduating from high school. He became the band’s lead vocalist and began his music career.
  • Family Relationships: Adelaido’s cousins and family have been the topic of public attention. His fans are fascinated by his family’s closeness.
  • Adelaido’s friendship with Kaitlyn Rodríguez garnered social media notice. They started dating in April 2022 but split in May 2023 due to issues.
  • Adelaido “Payo” Solís, a teenage performer, has become a prominent vocalist with Grupo Frontera. His distinctive voice and contribution to Mexican regional music have made him famous.
  • Adelaido connects with fans on social media, showing them his personal and professional life. His social media presence has expanded his reach.


Q: Who is Adelaido “Payo” Solís?

A: Adelaido “Payo” Adelaido Solís III or Solís is a Mexican-American singer and musician. Lead singer of Grupo Frontera, a Mexican regional band.

Q: What is Adelaido Solís famous for?

A: Adelaido Solís is a renowned vocalist in Grupo Frontera, with a focus on Mexican regional music.

Q: What is Adelaido Solís’ musical background?

A: Adelaido Solís has a rich musical family background. Grupo Frontera in McAllen, Texas, surprisingly recruited him after high school after he learned the bajo quinto.

Q: Why is he called “Adelaido Solís III”?

A: The name Adelaido represents his family’s music. His father was Payo Solís II, and his grandfather was Layo Solís I. To continue the tradition, he became Adelaido Solís III.

Q: What are some intriguing facts about Adelaido “Payo” Solís?

A: Adelaido is close to his Mexican music-loving family. He had an unusual start to his music career after learning music early. His relationship with Kaitlyn Rodríguez, his ex-girlfriend, was also of interest.

Q: How can fans interact with Adelaido “Payo” Solís?

A: Fans can interact with Adelaido on social media and learn about his personal and professional life. His social media presence has expanded his reach.

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