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Peanut Nasheed

Peanut Nasheed Biography

Peanut Nasheed, whose true identity is concealed under the moniker Alexis Cobb, stands on the brink of commemorating her thirtieth revolution around the sun, slated for December 30th. Alexis’s emergence into the world transpired on the soil of the United States, thereby certifying her as an authentic denizen of the nation. Her lineage weaves a tapestry of diverse origins, though regrettably, the shroud of obscurity enshrouds any further elucidation pertaining to her familial roots or nascent existence. Enigmatically, the repository of knowledge does not unfurl additional scrolls regarding her academic pursuits nor proclaims the existence of siblings. Consequently, we are compelled to confine ourselves to the certitude that Alexis is poised to ascend the ladder of life’s decades, bearing the banner of American pride, interlaced with the intricacies of a multicultural heritage.

Peanut Nasheed Wiki

Full NameAlexis Cobb
NicknamePeanut Nasheed
Birth DateDecember 30th
Lucky Number7
Lucky StoneGarnet
Lucky ColorPurple
ProfessionCelebrity Wife, Model
CountryUnited States
Marital StatusMarried
Married DateJanuary 1, 1970
HusbandTariq Nasheed
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
KidsThree (Taria Nasheed, Mateo Nasheed, and Asir Nasheed)
HobbiesTraveling, Reading Books


Per reports from certain sources, Peanut Nasheed, recognized by her birth appellation Alexis Cobb, once ventured into the realm of modeling. Nonetheless, scant information endures regarding her vocational antecedents before she ascended to prominence by virtue of her matrimony to Tariq Nasheed. Beyond her occupational purview, Alexis is further acknowledged as an affectionate spouse and doting progenitor.

Presently, let us engage in a discourse regarding Tariq Allah Nasheed. He stands as a profoundly multifarious persona. Within the confines of the United States, he garners recognition as a cineaste who helmed the documentary “1804: The Latent Chronicles of Haiti,” a cinematic opus that made its debut during the autumn of 2017. Yet, that merely scratches the surface; Tariq has also etched an indelible imprint with his docudrama series “Veiled Hues.” The inaugural installment, “Veiled Hues: The Concealed Anecdote of People of Primordial, Moorish, and Afro-Lineage,” surfaced in 2011, succeeded by “Veiled Hues 2: The Ascendancy of Melanin” in 2012, “Veiled Hues 3: The Protocols of Racial Prejudice” in 2014, and “Veiled Hues 4: The Creed of Caucasian Hegemony” in June of 2016. However, his creative endeavours did not culminate there – “Veiled Hues 5: The Craft of Ebony Strife” graced the scene in August of 2019.

Nevertheless, Tariq Nasheed’s artistic prowess transcends the cinematic domain. He concurrently serves as the principal vocalist of the R&B ensemble christened Mink Glide. Their debut melodic anthology, “Egyptian Musk,” even ascended to the twelfth position on Billboard’s Rhythm and Blues Albums Chart in 2018. Yet, music constitutes but one facet of his multifaceted talents; in 1996, he embarked upon a foray into the hip-hop milieu with compositions such as “Attain Your Swagger” and “Elevate a Limb in the Atmosphere,” unveiled under the pseudonym K-Flex in association with the ensemble christened The Ghetto Dynasty. Subsequently, in 1997, he perpetuated his musical odyssey with the album christened “What’s the Moniker of Your Vicinity?” still adhering to the moniker K-Flex.

During intervals devoid of cinematic and musical pursuits, Tariq Nasheed further distinguishes himself as an author, boasting a litany of publications to his credit. Noteworthy entries encompass “The Craft of Mackin'” (2000), “Engage or Be Ensnared: That Which Every Woman Must Comprehend About Males, Courting, and Unions” (2004), “The Mack Interiors” (2005), “The Craft of Auric Excavation” (2008), and “The Pathway to Eminence: 10 Mandates One Must Grasp to Engage with Women” (2009).

It merits acknowledgment that Tariq Nasheed maintains an active presence within the domain of social media and is recognized for his proclivity toward employing contentious lexicon. He has kindled polemical discussions through deliberations concerning interethnic courtship and, on certain occasions, has invoked a term that historically bore a pejorative connotation directed at women of African descent. His colloquia, dissertations, and TED speeches recurrently orbit themes germane to matters of sexuality and romantic affiliations. Consequently, he undoubtedly personifies an individual characterized by an extensive spectrum of interests and vocations.

Peanut Nasheed Net Worth

Though the precise valuation of Peanut Nasheed’s wealth remains an enigma to the public, it is widely speculated that she basks in the opulence of a seven-figure fortune. A significant portion of her financial standing is undeniably attributed to her union with Tariq Nasheed. As for Tariq, his net assets are purportedly in the vicinity of $2.5 million, as of the annals of August 2023. He enjoys a distinguished reputation in the realm of documentaries and cinematic opuses, in addition to his laurels as a New York Times best-selling scribe. Nonetheless, it behooves us to acknowledge that he also garners notoriety for his contentious ideologies and a penchant for conspiracy conjectures.

In the sphere of Peanut Nasheed, she assumes a cardinal role as the consort of Tariq, concurrently discharging her maternal duties to their triumvirate of progeny. Thus, it is manifestly cogent to posit that she stands as one of the foremost beneficiaries of his illustrious professional trajectory.

Personal Life

Peanut Nasheed and Tariq Nasheed have quite a love story. They’ve been happily married for nine years, tying the knot back in 2014. But their journey together started even earlier; they dated for a solid seven years before saying “I do.” Together, they’ve built a family of five, with three wonderful children: Taria Nasheed, their daughter, and two sons, Mateo Nasheed and Asir Nasheed.

Let’s now chat a little bit about Peanut. She has a beautiful, dark complexion and a naturally curvaceous physique. Regarding her appearance, she has lush black hair that falls in natural curls and a striking pair of dark brown eyes that can fascinate anyone. While we know she carries herself with grace, there’s no specific information available about her body measurements, like bra size or dress size.

Peanut’s life seems to be quite drama-free. She’s managed to steer clear of any rumors or controversies, keeping her life private and peaceful. You won’t find her active on social media either – she prefers to maintain a low profile, away from the hustle and bustle of the online world.

Professional  Life

There exists speculation that Peanut Nasheed might have ventured into modeling at a certain juncture in her life. Nevertheless, her professional chronicle beyond that remains shrouded in mystery. Her ascent to prominence truly soared following the exchange of matrimonial vows with Tariq. However, it’s imperative to acknowledge that her identity extends beyond her career; Alexis is celebrated for her role as a splendid spouse and nurturing mother, an aspect that holds equivalent significance in her life’s narrative.

Now, directing our attention to Tariq Allah Nasheed, who is known by various appellations such as Tariq Elite, King Flex, and K-Flex. He graced the world with his presence on July 1st. Tariq has garnered substantial recognition as an American cinematic luminary, most notably for his directorial prowess in the historical documentary “1804: The Obscured Chronicles of Haiti,” a production that graced screens in the autumn of 2017.

However, Tariq’s cinematic odyssey doesn’t culminate there. In the year 2011, he unveiled “Hidden Chronicles: The Unveiled Legacy of Individuals of Aboriginal, Moorish, and African Lineage,” a profoundly thought-provoking documentary. Subsequent to this, “Hidden Chronicles 2: The Ascendancy of Melanin” emerged in 2012, followed by “Hidden Chronicles 3: The Preamble to Prejudice” in 2014, and “Hidden Chronicles 4: The Dogma of White Dominance” in June 2016. He perpetuated his mission to enlighten and stimulate contemplation with “Hidden Chronicles 5: The Craft of Ebony Warfare,” presented to the world in August 2019. It is worth noting, however, that his perspectives and creations have not been without contention, as he was debarred from entry into the United Kingdom during a screening of one of his films, with authorities deeming his content incompatible with the public’s welfare.

Tariq Nasheed’s artistic capabilities extend beyond the realm of documentaries. He dons the mantle of lead vocalist for the Rhythm and Blues ensemble known as Mink Slide. Their inaugural opus, “Egyptian Musk,” achieved considerable acclaim, securing the twelfth slot on the Billboard R&B Albums chart in 2018. For those eagerly anticipating fresh harmonies, anticipate the imminent release of their forthcoming collection, “Crushed Velvet,” scheduled for debut in April.

In the year 1996, Tariq embarked on a foray into the domain of gangster rap, bestowing upon us musical compositions such as “Elicit Your Swagger” and the rhythm-infused “Elevate a Singular Limb Skyward,” a collaborative effort with The Ghetto Dynasty. The ensuing year witnessed another collaboration with the same ensemble, culminating in the release of the gangster rap compilation “What Is the Appellation of Your Vicinity?” And in 1999, adopting the pseudonym K-Flex, he delivered “Sanctify Your Person,” published under the imprimatur of Ghetto Dynasty.

Yet, Tariq Nasheed’s multifaceted persona extends to the realm of literature. His literary oeuvre comprises noteworthy tomes like “The Craft of Courting” (2000), “Participate or Be Entangled: What Every Feminine Entity Should Fathom About Males, Romantic Entanglements, and Associations” (2004), “The Craft of Inner Magnificence” (2005), “The Artistry Of Prospecting For Riches” (2008), and “The Elite Methodology: 10 Principles Men Ought to Apprehend to Engage with Women” (2010), to enumerate a few.

On a somewhat contentious note, Tariq has employed contentious vernacular on social media, making use of the term “bed wenches” to describe black women engaged in romantic liaisons with individuals of differing racial backgrounds. This terminology carries a disconcerting historical connotation, as it was previously employed to denigrate black women who had endured sexual exploitation by their enslavers during the era of slavery.

At present, Tariq Nasheed is engaged in nationwide peripatetic endeavors, delivering TED presentations, workshops, and discourses. His dialogues predominantly revolve around the intricate spheres of sexuality and human connections, rendering him a prominent luminary in these discussions.

Peanut Nasheed Boyfriend

As far as the information available online goes, Peanut Nasheed is not currently dating anyone else. She’s been happily married to Tariq Nasheed since late 2014. Before taking the plunge into marriage, the two lovebirds had actually been dating for quite a few years. Together, they’ve built a beautiful family with three lovely children: Taria Nasheed, their daughter, and two sons named Mateo Nasheed and Asir Nasheed. It seems like they’ve got a loving and stable family life.

Peanut Nasheed Height

In scrutinizing Nasheed’s photographic representations, she undeniably emits an aura of substantial elevation relative to her immediate environs. Nonetheless, an air of enigma envelopes the precise dimension of her stature. Regrettably, the specific metric pertaining to her vertical disposition remains undisclosed to the general populace at this juncture. Should we happen upon such data, we shall diligently amend this segment correspondingly.

Peanut Nasheed Weight

Nasheed seems to maintain a moderate weight, but when it comes to the exact numbers, that’s a piece of information we don’t have in the public domain. If we ever come across that information, we’ll be sure to update this section so you can have the complete picture.

Peanut Nasheed Education

When delving into Nasheed’s scholastic history, it’s akin to unraveling an enigma adorned with absent fragments. The scant existence of data pertaining to her secondary and tertiary educational institutions presents a perplexing conundrum, shrouding her academic odyssey in an intriguing veil of secrecy. Yet, should we ever unearth these elusive particulars, rest assured, this segment shall be enriched, affording you a more vivid glimpse into her erudition voyage.

Peanut Nasheed Siblings

In regards to Nasheed’s kin, it’s akin to an enigma ensconced within an intricate riddle bereft of clues. Regrettably, the public domain offers no illumination concerning her male and female siblings. Should we ever unearth these elusive particulars, we shall assuredly amend this segment to furnish you with deeper insights into her familial lineage.

Peanut Nasheed Husband

Nasheed is happily married to her charming husband, Tariq Nasheed. They exchanged their vows in late 2014, and their love story has blossomed beautifully since then. Together, they’ve been blessed with three wonderful children: Taria Nasheed, their lovely daughter, and two sons named Mateo and Asir Nasheed. It’s a heartwarming family picture they’ve painted together.


  • Alexis Cobb’s pseudonym, Peanut Nasheed, is well-known.
  • American citizen since December 30, she was born in the US.
  • As of September 2023, she is 30.
  • Tariq Nasheed, a documentary, music, and literature star, married Peanut Nasheed. Marriage occurred in 2014.
  • Taria Nasheed, Mateo Nasheed, and Asir Nasheed are the couple’s children.
  • Despite reports that she tried modeling, her professional path before marriage to Tariq Nasheed is unknown.
  • Peanut Nasheed avoids social media and the spotlight.
  • She looks stunning with dark brown eyes and naturally curled black hair.
  • Her height, weight, and measurements are private.
  • Peanut Nasheed avoids speculations and conflicts in her private life.

Peanut Nasheed FAQ:

Who is Peanut Nasheed?

Alexis Cobb, an American mother of three and wife of Tariq Nasheed, goes by Peanut Nasheed.

When did Peanut and Tariq Nasheed marry?

Peanut and Tariq Nasheed married late 2014.

How many kids do Peanut and Tariq Nasheed have?

They have three children: Taria, Mateo, and Asir Nasheed.

Peanut Nasheed’s occupation?

There is speculation regarding her modeling career, but few specifics about her work.

Peanut Nasheed on social media?

Peanut Nasheed is inactive on social media.

For what is Tariq Nasheed famous?

Filmmaker, musician, novelist, and public speaker Tariq Nasheed. He also has controversial social and relationship talks.

Peanut and Tariq Nasheed’s net worth?

Peanut Nasheed’s net worth is unknown, while Tariq Nasheed’s is estimated at $2.5 million as of August 2023.

What are Tariq Nasheed’s documentaries?

Tariq Nasheed directed “1804: The Obscured Chronicles of Haiti” and “Veiled Hues” documentaries.

Does Tariq Nasheed play music?

Tariq Nasheed is the lead singer of Mink Slide, whose 2018 Billboard R&B Album “Egyptian Musk” peaked at twelve.

Controversies around Tariq Nasheed?

Indeed, Tariq Nasheed’s social media usage of controversial terminology, particularly in talks on interethnic relations and history, has caused controversy.


In conclusion, Peanut Nasheed (Alexis Cobb) is a mystery whose life is interwoven with her husband, Tariq Nasheed. Despite her mysterious origins and minimal public presence, she is a devoted wife and mother to their three children.

Peanut Nasheed’s family life with Tariq seems happy and stable, despite her job and personal life secrets. Her low profile and online silence reflect her wish for a drama-free life.

Peanut Nasheed’s legacy is still related to her husband’s cinema, music, literature, and public speaking. They have a wonderful family and handle life with grace and privacy.

More information about Peanut Nasheed will surely deepen her remarkable story.

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