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Cheryl Ann Pontrelli

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli is the daughter of the renowned late actor and film director, Michael Landon. He is most remembered for playing Little Joe Cartwright in “Bonanza,” Charles Ingalls in “Little House on the Prairie,” and Jonathan Smith in “Highway to Heaven.”

Michael Landon and Marjorie Lynn Noe married when Cheryl was nine. Cheryl gained prominence due to her association with her famous parents. The couple’s love story spanned 19 years, as Michael Landon and Marjorie Lynn Noe tied the knot in 1963, only to later separate and divorce in 1982.

Birth and Early Life

When Cheryl Pontrelli was born, her mother, Marjorie Lynn Noe, was married to Michael Angelo Pontrelli and wasn’t a well-known figure at that time. Therefore, little was known regarding Cheryl’s birth. She was born in the US in 1953, but the date and place are unknown.

Cheryl Ann has concealed many parts of her life, including her education. Despite this secrecy, it’s evident that the daughter of the famous Michael Landon received a good education.

Cheryl had four siblings and four half-siblings from her parents’ marriages. Her siblings died. Notable among her siblings are Michael Landon Jr., Leslie Ann Landon, Christopher Beau Landon, and Shawna Leigh Landon.

What is the Net worth of Cheryl Ann Pontrelli?

Cheryl Pontrelli, the daughter of Michael Landon, has ventured into various fields throughout her life. Despite her achievements, she has managed to maintain a sense of privacy throughout her career. What’s known from the available media sources is that she authored a book called “I Promised My Dad.”

Amazon sells this book. Cheryl Pontrelli keeps her finances private. She’s worth roughly $100,000, though.

Cheryl’s Mother

Cheryl’s mother, Lynn Noe, hailed from Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Just like her husband, she was also involved in acting. She rose to prominence by appearing on the 1961 “The Mike Douglas Show.” Before marrying Michael Landon, she had been married previously.

Cheryl’s biological father wasn’t Michael Landon but Michael Angelo Pontrelli. Lynn also entered into another marriage with a man named Mannie Baier. Lynn sadly died in November 2015. Her specific cause of death is still a mystery.

Who Is the Husband of Cheryl Ann Pontrelli?

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli, the daughter of the late actor Michael Landon, gained recognition due to her famous parents. She was just nine years old when her parents initially got married. They maintained their marital status, as Michael Landon and Marjorie Lynn Noe got married in 1963 after a 19-year love story, eventually parting ways in 1982.

In contrast to her well-known and late parents, Pontrelli opts for a more private life, avoiding the limelight. This decision extends to her online presence, where her relationship status is no longer publicly available.

Furthermore, the prominent individual remains absent from any social media platforms. This heightened sense of privacy magnifies when delving into her personal life and other particulars. On a separate note, Dodie Levy-Fraser, an American woman, is notably recognized as Michael Landon’s former spouse.

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli’s Book

Cheryl is well-known both as Michael Landon’s daughter and as a novelist. She wrote a book titled “I Promised My Dad: An Intimate Portrait of Michael Landon.” This book dives deeply into the biography of her father, providing information on both his personal struggles and his ascent to fame as an actor.

Amazon also sells this book. The hardback costs $1.18 and the paperback $1.30. Readers gave the book a 4.5 rating.

Additionally, Cheryl had a few appearances in television programs

In addition to her role as an author, Cheryl has made appearances in a few TV series. Back in 1993, she was featured on the talk show “John and Leeza from Hollywood.”

Similarly, she also made an appearance as herself in the TV series “Unsolved Mysteries” in 1997.

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli Is Married With Kids

The actor’s daughter Cheryl, who is 70 years old, is blissfully wed to Jim Wilson, who is from Ontario, Canada. When they first met in a Los Angeles nightclub in February 1981, their romantic relationship officially began. They got married in a lovely ceremony later that year, in December 1981.

Sharing their lives together, Cheryl and Jim became parents to a son named James Michael. The joy of parenthood arrived on September 22nd, 1984, when their only child came into the world.

Her Postpartum Depression Affected Her

Cheryl went through a stage after her son was born that many women may identify with. She was identified as having postpartum depression after birth, which is a frequent occurrence for new mothers.

Her lone kid, who was raised by her, is now an adult who has married and has three children. Texas is now the home of James and his own family.

Who Is Her Husband?

Jim, originally hailing from Canada, embarked on a journey to the United States with aspirations of achieving significant success. Cheryl portrays him as a determined and substantial individual, standing tall at an impressive 6 feet 2 inches.

Despite being a high school graduate and not pursuing higher education, Jim’s work ethic was notable. In her book, Cheryl shared that Jim ventured into sales, including a role at a solar-energy company. Additionally, he gained experience in the leather industry.

His journey led him to establish a salvage company named Danielle Metal, a venture he co-founded with an old acquaintance.

Details of Parents’ Marriages; Her Father Had Three Marriages

Michael Landon experienced three marriages throughout his life. His first marriage was to Dodie Levy-Fraser, with whom he adopted two children, Mark Fraser Landon and Josh Fraser Landon. This union lasted from 1956 to 1962.

Moving forward, Michael Landon’s second marriage was to Marjorie Lynn Noe. They got married in 1963 and their journey together spanned 19 years before they divorced in 1982. During this time, they became the proud parents of five children: Cheryl Lynn Landon, Leslie Ann Landon, Michael Landon Jr., Shawna Leigh Landon, and Christopher Beau Landon.

Subsequently, the actor renowned for his role in ‘Bonanza’ entered into his third marriage with Cindy Clerico, a makeup artist from ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ in 1983. This marriage led to the birth of two more children, Jennifer Rachel Landon and Sean Matthew Landon.

The only survivor of a car accident in Tucson was Cheryl Ann Pontrelli

Ann, the late actor Michael Landon’s daughter, underwent a serious struggle in 1973 when she was engaged in an automobile accident in Tucson, Arizona. The only one of the four people in the automobile to survive was Pontrelli. She was hospitalized in a coma after suffering severe injuries.

In an interview, “Bonanza” star Michael Landon revealed Cheryl was a University of Arizona student when the accident occurred. Cheryl survived with serious injuries despite the car crash’s unexplained cause. She was the only survivor of the crash and spent a long period unconscious in the hospital.

This incident left an irreparable mark on Pontrelli’s life and had a significant impact. It constantly acts as a reminder of how fleeting life may be and the significance of exercising prudence behind the wheel.

Death of Cheryl’s Father, Michael Landon

On July 1, 1991, Michael Landon, a father of nine children, tragically departed unexpectedly at the age of 59. His death was due to exocrine adenocarcinoma, a particularly deadly variety of pancreatic cancer. It took place in Malibu, California.

Michael passed away and was buried in Culver City, California’s Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery. Interestingly, after his own passing in 2009, his son Mark was also buried there, forging a family tie in their final resting place.

Education & Qualifications

School Namen/a
College NameUniversity of Arizona
Educational Qualification’sGraduate

Cheryl is working to preserve the legacy of her late father

During her father Michael’s final moments, Cheryl made a heartfelt promise to protect his legacy, a vow she has been actively fulfilling for the past three decades.

In this endeavor, she has appeared on numerous talk shows and radio programs, sharing not only how her father shaped her life but also the impact he had on others. A testament to her dedication, she contributed monthly to the Women’s Federation for World Peace International newsletter. In honor of her father’s memory, she’s authored two books and penned a multitude of articles.

Furthermore, Cheryl has taken on the role of a lecturer, sharing her insights for many years. Additionally, she holds the position of chairman within an outreach program, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact, just as her father did.

There are numerous siblings for Cheryl Ann Pontrelli

As far as the media has revealed, Cheryl Ann stands as the only child born directly to her parents. However, her family tree is expanded through her parents’ other marriages, granting her numerous half-siblings.

From her mother, Marjorie’s union with Michael Landon, Cheryl’s half-siblings include Leslie Ann Landon, Michael Landon Jr., Shawna Leigh Landon, and Christopher Beau Landon. Notably, Leslie, Michael Jr., and Christopher have all ventured into the world of film.

Cheryl’s biological father’s side adds a brother named Adam Pontrelli and a sister named Beth Pontrell to the mix. Moreover, her family extends through her father’s other marriages, resulting in four step-siblings: Mark Fraser Landon and Josh Fraser Landon from Michael’s marriage with Dodie Levy-Fraser, as well as Jennifer Rachel Landon and Sean Matthew Landon from Michael’s third marriage to Cindy Clerico.

Favorites Things

Food HabitNon-Vegetarian
Favorite ColorsWhite, Yellow,& Red
Favorite FoodsHealthy foods
Favorite FilmsLogan
Favorite Holiday DestinationsLondon, Paris & Dubai
Favorite SportsFootball, & Badminton

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1: Who is Cheryl Ann Pontrelli?
A1: Cheryl Ann Pontrelli is the daughter of the late actor Michael Landon. She gained recognition due to her famous parents and has ventured into various fields throughout her life.

Q2: What is Cheryl Ann Pontrelli known for?
A2: Cheryl Ann Pontrelli is known as the daughter of Michael Landon and as a novelist. She authored a book titled “I Promised My Dad: An Intimate Portrait of Michael Landon,” delving into her father’s biography.

Q3: What is Cheryl Ann Pontrelli’s book about?
A3: Cheryl’s book “I Promised My Dad” provides an intimate portrait of her father, Michael Landon. It explores both his personal struggles and his rise to fame as an actor.

Q4: What is known about Cheryl Ann Pontrelli’s personal life?
A4: Cheryl Ann Pontrelli is married to Jim Wilson, a Canadian individual. They have a son named James Michael. Cheryl went through postpartum depression after the birth of her son, which she openly discussed.

Q5: What was Cheryl Ann Pontrelli’s experience in an automobile accident?
A5: 1973’s Tucson vehicle accident injured Cheryl Ann Pontrelli. She was the only survivor and spent time in a coma.

Q6: What was the cause of Michael Landon’s death?
A6: Exocrine adenocarcinoma, a pancreatic malignancy, killed Cheryl’s father Michael Landon on July 1, 1991. He was 59.

Q7: How has Cheryl Ann Pontrelli worked to preserve her father’s legacy?
A7: Cheryl Ann Pontrelli has actively worked to fulfill her promise to protect her father’s legacy. She has appeared on talk shows, written articles, authored books, and held a position as a chairman in an outreach program.

Q8: Does Cheryl Ann Pontrelli have any siblings?
A8: Cheryl Ann Pontrelli has several siblings from her parents’ different marriages. From her mother’s marriage with Michael Landon, she has Leslie Ann Landon, Michael Landon Jr., Shawna Leigh Landon, and Christopher Beau Landon as half-siblings.

Q9: What is Cheryl Ann Pontrelli’s educational background?
A9: Cheryl Ann Pontrelli is a graduate of the University of Arizona.

Q10: What are Cheryl Ann Pontrelli’s favorite things?
A10: Cheryl Ann Pontrelli’s favorite foods include healthy options. She prefers white, yellow, and red. She likes “Logan” and London, Paris, and Dubai for vacations. She likes football and badminton.

Final Words

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli, daughter of late actor Michael Landon, has had a remarkable life, achieving in several disciplines while retaining her anonymity. Despite her fame, she focused on her family and pastimes.

Cheryl wrote the book “I Promised My Dad: An Intimate Portrait of Michael Landon.” Her father’s difficulties and acting success are chronicled in this touching piece. Amazon readers rated the book 4.5.

Cheryl’s marriage to Jim Wilson, their son James Michael, and her postpartum depression show her tenacity and commitment. Her car tragedy instilled a sense of life’s fragility.

Cheryl has appeared on different platforms, shared insights about her father, and supported worthwhile projects to honor him. She lectures, writes, and chairs an outreach program to make a difference.

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli has embraced her heritage and her identity

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