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Fiona Loudon

Loudon, a striking and accomplished Scottish actress, has garnered acclaim for her theatrical talents. Apart from her stage performances, she is famous for her marriage to Daniel Craig, the James Bond actor. Their brief relationship produced a young woman, their daughter.

Let’s delve into Fiona’s life, exploring her background, career, relationships, and other intriguing aspects of the woman who was captivated by Craig’s affection.

Who is Fiona Loudon?

At the age of 54, Fiona Loudon, who was born in Athelstaneford, Scotland, is a well-known English actress, television personality, psychologist, therapist, singer, artist, and businesswoman. Being the first wife of renowned English actor Daniel Craig is probably what makes this exceptional woman most well-known. The role of James Bond in the namesake film series, which began with “Casino Royale” in 2006, is undoubtedly Daniel’s most well-known accomplishment.

However, Fiona’s career in the entertainment industry has been absolutely amazing. She too has graced the stage and screen as an actress. Interestingly, there are reports suggesting that Fiona adopted the name Harley Loudon and has been pursuing a career as an artist and psychotherapist, demonstrating her multifaceted talents. Moreover, she is a certified professional therapist, adding depth to her remarkable journey.

For more intriguing insights into Fiona Loudon’s life, stay with us as we uncover more about this fascinating individual.

Full NameFiona Loudon
ProfessionScottish Actress
Popular ForBeing the first wife of Daniel Craig


Fiona Loudon graced the world with her presence on May 5, 1968, in Scotland, and today, at the age of 54, she shines under the Taurus zodiac sign.

Her nationality proudly belongs to Scotland, and she carries the mantle of Caucasian ethnicity. However, when it comes to her family, Fiona maintains a discreet veil of privacy. Details about her parents and any potential siblings or other family members remain elusive. It appears she values their tranquility away from the public eye and the prying lenses of paparazzi.

Turning the pages of Fiona’s life, her educational journey led her through the halls of high school in Scotland, United Kingdom. Later on, she ventured into higher studies at London University, further enriching her knowledge and experiences.

As a young Fiona navigated the shores of childhood, her fascination with theater and the arts began to bloom. This early connection with the world of drama likely sowed the seeds of her future acting career. Much like many of her English counterparts, Fiona embarked on her acting journey within the vibrant theaters of London, where she honed her craft. While the stage became her early home, who knows what the future holds? Perhaps we’ll see Fiona gracing the silver screen in years to come, adding another dimension to her already intriguing life story.

Fiona Loudon Bio

Fiona Loudon is a well-known Scottish actress who is arguably most known for being Daniel Craig’s first wife. Now, Daniel is most known for his enduring depiction of British Secret Service agent James Bond, which he began with the hugely successful film “Casino Royale” in 2006.

Fiona, on the other hand, made her mark predominantly on the theater stages of London, showcasing her acting prowess.

Their love story began to unfold in 1991, capturing the public’s curiosity. Despite the spotlight, Daniel and Fiona chose to keep the details of their romance largely private. But for a few years, the subject of their connection remained fascinating. A daughter was eventually brought into their life after they got married, but sadly, their marriage only lasted for two and a half years.

After they split up, Daniel Craig moved on to date several other women before getting married to actress Rachel Weisz. The subject of his previous marriage to Fiona, which continues to arouse interest, was greatly stoked by this.

Recently, Fiona reappeared on the news radar as her daughter with Daniel Craig, Ella Craig, embarked on her own journey in the entertainment industry as an actress. The legacy of their past continues to unfold in the limelight, adding another layer to Fiona’s story.

Fiona Loudon Wiki

In case you haven’t been keeping up, Fiona Loudon is a gifted Scottish actress who has made a name for herself on the theater stages of London. She is a complex person with talents beyond performing. She is the first spouse of the well-known Daniel Craig in addition to being a therapist, artist, and psychotherapist.

What’s interesting is that Fiona has her own music label and has started a business venture using Harley Loudon as her new identity. While she prefers to maintain a low profile in the media, she occasionally makes public appearances to pique people’s interest in her projects and her unusual journey.

Full NameFiona Loudon
First NameFiona
Last NameLoudon
Date of Birth1968
Birth CountryScotland
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseDaniel Craig
No Of Children1
Net worth$10 million

Fiona Loudan Education

The first stop on Fiona Loudon’s scholastic path was a neighborhood high school in her Scottish village. She set her sights on the University of London after completing her high school education and started studying acting there. She was fortunate in obtaining an acting degree from the university thanks to her commitment and love of the craft.

Fiona started her journey in the theater with her newly gained knowledge and abilities, coming to the stage to bring characters to life and showcase her gift for audiences. Her education provided as a launching pad for a fruitful performing arts career.

Educational BackgroundInformation
Elementary SchoolUnknown
High SchoolA local high school in Scotland, UK
UniversityThe University of London
CredentialsActing Degree

Fiona Loudon Age

On May 5, 1968, a real Scottish jewel named Fiona Loudon entered the world; she will be 55 years old in 2023. Interestingly, she appears to have figured out the key to keeping a youthful appearance because she looks much younger than her actual age would indicate. She may have maintained a healthy diet and lifestyle, which is why.

It’s fascinating to observe how Fiona has maintained her beauty while yet being healthy and vibrant. She may have had more time to focus on her health and maintain her outstanding physical shape due to her extended vacation from the spotlight. An occasional respite from the spotlight can be quite beneficial to one’s general wellbeing and beauty.

Fiona Loudon Height

Standing tall at 5’7″ (170 centimeters), Fiona Loudon possesses an impressive stature that complements her striking presence. Her good posture adds an extra touch of grace to her appearance.

When it comes to her body, Fiona boasts measurements of 34-27-34, highlighting her balanced and well-proportioned physique. Her choice of shoe size is a testament to her personal style and taste.

With mesmerizing blue eyes that capture attention and blonde hair that frames her face beautifully, Fiona exudes a captivating charm. Her eyes, in particular, are a striking feature that adds depth to her overall allure. Her blonde locks perfectly complement her looks, completing the picture of a truly captivating individual. Indeed, her height is just another facet of her overall elegance and appeal.


Fiona Loudon has managed to keep her life away from the buzz of rumors and controversies, much like many other celebrities. Her commitment to maintaining a private and low-key existence has shielded her from the often intrusive scrutiny of the public eye.

Fiona Loudon Family & Personal Life

Fiona Loudon, born on May 5, 1968, in Scotland, embarked on her journey in the world of acting after studying the craft.

The love story between Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig remains shrouded in mystery, with the details of their initial meeting and courtship kept private. However, their relationship was initially exposed in 1991 while they were both in their early 20s. After getting married, the couple welcomed their beautiful daughter, Ella Craig, into the world later that same year. Sadly, their marital journey concluded in 1994. Fiona, opting not to remarry, took on the role of a dedicated single mother, raising Ella in the vibrant city of London. Reflecting on the divorce, Daniel Craig later acknowledged his youthful and immature handling of their marriage in an interview.

Following their separation, Daniel Craig entered into a seven-year relationship with German actress Heike Makatsch, which concluded in 2004. The subsequent year saw him begin a romance with film producer Satsuki Mitchell. Despite getting married, they made the decision to break it off in 2010. Daniel began dating Rachel Weisz, an actress with whom he has been friends for a long time, in December 2010. The two of them costarred in the 2011 film “Dream House.” On June 22, 2011, a small wedding ceremony was held in their honor in front of just four people, including Ella and Henry Chance Aronofsky, Rachel Weisz’s child from a prior relationship with director Darren Aronofsky. Ella, who shares a close bond with her father, is often seen in public alongside him and reportedly shares a warm relationship with her stepmother, Rachel.

Notably, Fiona Loudon’s daughter, Ella Craig, has followed in her parents’ footsteps. She embarked on an acting career, taking the stage with Shakespeare and Company. In 2017, she showcased her talent in the short film ‘Maneater,’ portraying a young woman navigating the complexities of modern dating. The following year, she graced the screen in the movie ‘Trauma is a Time Machine.’ Ella has also garnered a substantial following on Instagram, where she shares candid glimpses of her life, including behind-the-scenes moments and cherished family photos.

Presently, Fiona Loudon and her daughter Ella reside in the bustling city of London, each pursuing their own unique paths in the world of entertainment.

Family MemberName
FatherMr. Loudon
MotherMrs. Loudon
BrotherNot Known
SisterWill Update

Fiona Loudon Ethnicity & Nationality

Fiona, it appears, hails from a family that’s got its roots firmly set. Fiona appreciates her time spent with family and friends, even though the facts of her parents and siblings are still somewhat a secret.

As far as we can tell, Fiona’s mother is a housewife and her father, Mr. Loudon, is a businessman, suggesting a pleasant and caring family environment. She likely shared her childhood with siblings and cousins, forming the bonds that often last a lifetime.

As for more precise details about her family, well, we might just have to stay tuned for updates as Fiona continues to keep that part of her life under wraps.

Fiona Loudon Career

Fiona’s journey began in Scotland, where she spent her early years nurturing a dream to become an actress. In her twenties, she took a bold step and ventured to England, where she embraced the stage as her canvas for artistic expression. It was during this chapter of her life that she crossed paths with a young and aspiring actor named Daniel Craig.

Their love story unfolded, marked by shared dreams and aspirations. Fiona and Daniel embarked on a journey together, not just romantically but professionally as well. Their union led to marriage and the joyous arrival of their child. However, Fiona made a significant decision at this juncture, choosing to step away from the dazzling lights of the acting world to focus on the vital role of raising a family.

Despite her dedication, the dream of a lasting partnership with her husband was fleeting, and the couple found themselves on separate paths after just two short years. Fiona remained unmarried thereafter, channeling her energy into the upbringing of their child. Her return to the stage, if any, remains shrouded in mystery, as she has preferred a more private existence.

In recent times, the spotlight has once again sought Fiona’s presence, this time because of her daughter with Daniel, who has followed in her parents’ footsteps, pursuing a career in acting. Their daughter shares a special bond with both her parents, dividing her time between them with affection and balance. The circle of life continues to unfold for this intriguing family.

Movies and Tv Shows

Fiona Loudon’s primary stage presence was her true forte, where she truly shone as an artist. While she did dabble in the realms of movies and television, her theatrical roots remained her hallmark.

Interestingly, Fiona also ventured into the modeling scene for a spell, adding another layer to her diverse career. But what makes her story even more intriguing is her transformation into Harley Loudon, a persona she adopted as she delved into the world of music and the art of crafting by hand.

One can catch a glimpse of her creative talents through the many photos she shares of her handmade artworks on the internet. It’s heartwarming to note that her daughter, Ella, is not just her biggest fan but also her most vocal promoter on Instagram. The mother-daughter bond shines through as Ella passionately supports her mother’s handcrafted creations, adding a beautiful dimension to Fiona’s artistic journey.

Fiona Loudon Net Worth 2023

In the realm of September 2023, Fiona Loudon has meticulously accrued a commendable fortune amounting to a princely sum of $10 million through her illustrious career. In stark contrast, her former spouse, Daniel Craig, boasts a staggering net worth of 73 million pounds sterling, a testament to his meteoric rise in the echelons of wealth. Daniel’s professional trajectory has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, punctuated by his portrayal of iconic characters in cinematic extravaganzas that have indelibly etched themselves into the annals of film history.

One of his most lauded performances materialized in the cinematic masterpiece “Casino Royale,” which garnered effusive acclaim and accolades. IMDb bestowed upon it an august rating of eight stars, while Rotten Tomatoes bestowed it with an astonishingly high approval rating of 94 percent. The cinematic opus, in addition to its critical acclaim, also manifested immense financial prowess, amassing a staggering revenue of $600 million.

Another illustrious entry in Daniel’s cinematic oeuvre is the opulent production of “Spectre,” which was brought to fruition with a prodigious budget of $300 million. Despite the enormity of this financial investment, the film proved to be a resounding triumph, achieving the remarkable feat of accumulating an astounding $880.7 million in box office revenues. IMDb, while not entirely devoid of critique, awarded the film with a commendable rating of 6.8 stars.

However, the zenith of Daniel’s cinematic journey unquestionably resides within the magnum opus known as “Skyfall.” Endowed with a budgetary allocation of $200 million, this cinematic extravaganza transcended all expectations, amassing an eye-watering $1.109 billion in box office receipts. It is unequivocally apparent that Daniel Craig’s impact on the tapestry of the film industry has been nothing short of a monumental and transcendental phenomenon.

Fiona Loudon Rise To Stardom After Marrying Daniel Craig

When Fiona Loudon’s romance with renowned actor Daniel Craig became the talk of the town in 1991, she suddenly appeared on the media scene.

They were able to conceal the specifics of their romance despite the persistent paparazzi presence. Similar to how she handled her upbringing, education, and family history, Fiona was exceedingly private about her personal life.

Nonetheless, their love story continued to captivate tabloids as they took the plunge into marriage, welcomed a daughter into their lives, and then ultimately parted ways within a mere two and a half years of matrimony.

While Daniel Craig soared to stardom as the iconic secret agent James Bond, Fiona chose a path away from the spotlight, leading a more private life. Nevertheless, given Craig’s high-profile romantic relationships and subsequent marriage to actress Rachel Weisz, speculation about his first marriage to Fiona has remained a topic of interest in the media for decades.

Adding another layer to her story, Fiona’s daughter with Craig, Ella, has recently ventured into the entertainment industry as an actress. This has once again brought Fiona into the public eye, reminding us of the fascinating journey she’s had.


Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig are proud parents to a talented daughter named Ella, who’s making waves in the entertainment world. Ella is not just an actress but also an Instagram sensation, with a devoted following of 15.3k fans who eagerly await her updates. She’s posted an impressive 768 times on the platform, sharing glimpses of her life and her deep admiration for her parents.

Ella’s love and appreciation for her mother and father shine through her social media presence. She often expresses her gratitude and admiration, and her support for both her parents is unwavering. In fact, she was even spotted at the premiere of Daniel Craig’s final James Bond role in the film “No Time to Die,” showing her support for her father’s incredible career.

Ella has established herself as a notable actor because to parts in films like “Maneater” and “Trauma is a Time Machine.” These performances have increased her audience engagement, widened her audience reach, and left a lasting impression.

Ella’s bravery and contagious delight when she’s in the spotlight are what stand out the most. We are eagerly awaiting the next installment of Ella’s extraordinary journey as she has a bright future ahead of her.

Ex-Husband Daniel Craig’s Reason for Divorce

In the wake of her separation from Daniel, Fiona embarked upon a markedly intricate phase in her life. The intricacies of their relationship and the underlying causes of their parting remained shrouded in secrecy. When questioned, Daniel openly acknowledged that they had ventured into matrimony at a tender age. As the sands of time flowed, both arrived at the sobering realization that the decision they had made during their youthful days may not have harmonized with their current circumstances.

Their shared comprehension of the situation led to a harmonious parting of ways, and Daniel bore no remorse for the choice they had made. He eagerly embraced a fresh beginning and ushered in a new chapter in his post-divorce existence. It was in the year 1994 that the legalities of their divorce reached their conclusion.

Daniel’s journey embarked upon a divergent trajectory, eventually crossing paths with the acclaimed actress Rachel Weisz. Destiny orchestrated their encounter during their collaborative work on the cinematic masterpiece titled “Dreamhouse.” Their romantic narrative culminated in an intimate wedding ceremony, held discreetly on June 22, 2011, nestled within the heart of New York City. Adding a layer of intrigue to this chronicle, only four select individuals bore witness to this profound moment, one of them being Daniel’s offspring from his prior marriage.

As their love saga unfurled, Daniel and Rachel celebrated the arrival of a new member into their familial fold—a daughter graced them with her presence on September 1, 2018. This blessed event solidified their bond, infusing their lives with immeasurable joy.

Beautiful Daughter and Married Life with Husband

Fiona was once married to the renowned actor Daniel Craig, but alas, their union was not destined to stand the test of time. The year they tied the knot was 1992, marking the beginning of their journey as a married couple. Interestingly, their daughter Ella, who carries her mother’s name, was born in the same year, intertwining their marriage and her arrival into this world.

Ella, a testament to their shared past, now resides with her mother. Despite the divorce, the bond between Ella and her parents remains exceptionally strong. She chooses to go by the name Ella Loudon on Instagram, carrying forward her mother’s surname. The reasons behind this choice may be personal, but it reflects the close connection she shares with her maternal roots.

The year 1994 marked the conclusion of their divorce proceedings, drawing the curtain on their relationship as husband and wife. The journey was undoubtedly a challenging one for both, but their strength and resilience carried them through this difficult chapter in their lives.

About Daughter And Her Profession

In the same realm as her father, Fiona’s progeny has ventured forth into the multifaceted world of entertainment, concurrently crafting a niche as both a distinguished model and an accomplished thespian. Her innate talent radiates resplendently, most conspicuously manifested in her astounding portrayal within the cinematic masterpiece titled “Trauma is a Temporal Apparatus.”

During a candid discourse, she unequivocally articulated her inclination towards garnering admiration within her domain, placing a higher premium on earning esteem rather than succumbing to the allure of celebrity. This perspective is emblematic of her unwavering commitment to her artistry and her unwavering resolve to etch her identity indelibly, strictly adhering to her own self-defined parameters.

Conjecture has arisen, alluding to the possibility that she might tread in her father’s illustrious footsteps, potentially embracing the iconic mantle of a Bond ingenue. Should this speculative scenario materialize, it would unquestionably represent a momentous milestone in her professional odyssey, an accomplishment of monumental proportions that both fans and industry connoisseurs eagerly anticipate.

Social Media

Fiona Loudon’s presence in the world of social media remains elusive. It’s clear that she values her privacy and chooses not to engage on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Her reserved nature extends to her personal life, where she keeps the details of her family background and any potential siblings closely guarded. Fiona’s introverted disposition speaks to her preference for a more discreet and private existence.


  • Fiona Loudon was born in Athelstaneford, Scotland, on May 5, 1968, making her a Taurus.
  • She is a versatile individual with a wide range of talents, including acting, singing, artistry, and psychology.
  • Fiona is renowned for being the first wife of actor Daniel Craig, best known for his portrayal of James Bond.
  • While Daniel Craig’s fame soared in the world of film, Fiona made her mark primarily on the stages of London’s theaters.
  • She adopted the name Harley Loudon for her pursuits as an artist and psychotherapist, showcasing her multifaceted talents.
  • Apart from her artistic endeavors, Fiona is a certified professional therapist, adding depth to her remarkable journey.
  • Fiona pursued her education at the University of London, where she obtained a degree in acting.
  • Her early fascination with theater and the arts laid the foundation for her acting career.
  • Fiona’s love story with Daniel Craig began in 1991, and they were married the following year.
  • The couple welcomed their daughter, Ella, into the world in 1992.
  • Unfortunately, their marriage lasted for only two and a half years, and they divorced in 1994.
  • Fiona chose not to remarry and became a dedicated single mother, raising Ella in London.
  • After their separation, Daniel Craig had relationships with several other women before marrying actress Rachel Weisz.
  • Fiona’s daughter, Ella Craig, has followed in her parents’ footsteps, pursuing a career in acting.
  • Ella has appeared in films like “Maneater” and “Trauma is a Time Machine” and has a substantial following on Instagram.
  • Fiona and Ella reside in London, each pursuing their own unique paths in the entertainment industry.
  • Despite her multifaceted talents, Fiona has maintained a private and low-key existence, avoiding controversies.
  • Her net worth as of September 2023 is estimated to be $10 million, while Daniel Craig’s net worth is significantly higher.
  • Fiona’s daughter Ella shares a strong bond with both her parents and often supports her mother’s artistic endeavors.
  • Fiona Loudon’s life journey remains an intriguing blend of talent, love, family, and artistic exploration.

Final Words on Fiona Loudon

Fiona Loudon is a multi-talented Scottish actress and artist who gained prominence not only for her theatrical skills but also for her marriage to actor Daniel Craig. While her marriage to Craig was brief, her artistic journey and dedication to raising their daughter, Ella, have left a lasting impact. Fiona’s decision to step away from the spotlight and embrace a private life showcases her commitment to family and personal growth. As Ella Craig continues to shine in the entertainment world, Fiona’s legacy as a mother and artist remains an integral part of her story.


Is Fiona Loudon still acting?

Fiona Loudon’s recent acting roles are not widely known. She has focused on her artistic pursuits and private life, while her daughter, Ella Craig, has ventured into acting.

What is Fiona Loudon’s daughter, Ella Craig, known for?

Ella Craig, Fiona’s daughter, is known for her acting career. She has appeared in films like “Maneater” and “Trauma is a Time Machine.”

Did Fiona Loudon remarry after her divorce from Daniel Craig?

No, Fiona Loudon did not remarry after her divorce from Daniel Craig. She chose to dedicate herself to raising their daughter, Ella, as a single mother.

What is Fiona Loudon’s net worth?

Fiona Loudon’s estimated net worth as of September 2023 is $10 million.

What is Daniel Craig’s current marital status?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Daniel Craig was married to actress Rachel Weisz. Please verify his current marital status for the most up-to-date information.

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