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Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler is one of those famous kids who often fly under the radar in the media because their parents are big stars. Sara Gilbert, who is an American actress, producer, and director, welcomed Levi into the world in October 2004 while she was with TV producer Ali Adler.

You might recognize Sara from her standout role as Roseanne in the ABC sitcom “Roseanne.” She also made her mark as Leslie Winkle on CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory.” Levi’s got some pretty impressive genes to inherit from such talented parents!

Who is Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler? 

Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler is a recognizable celebrity offspring in the United States. He’s the son of Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler, who were once a lesbian couple.

Levi’s unique family background adds an interesting layer to his story in the world of celebrity kids.

Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler Bio

Levi Hank is a character in the real-life drama of a 17-year-old boy born in October 2004, proudly bearing American citizenship as he made his debut in the United States. He’s got some Roma heritage in his roots and hails from a Christian household. Plus, he’s got that Libra or Scorpio zodiac sign vibe going on.

When it comes to his family, Levi Hank’s story is quite unique. He’s the offspring of Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler, who once formed a loving lesbian couple. Allison had the honor of bringing Levi into the world, and Sara is his biological father. Sara, as you might know, is a well-known American actress, producer, and director, while Allison shines in the world of writing and producing with Canadian roots. Levi also shares his life journey with three siblings: Sawyer Adler, his sister, and two brothers, Michael Boxleitner and Dakota Brinkman. Adding a twist to the family tale, he’s got a half-brother named Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry.

His early years were spent with his parents and brothers, but nothing is known about how he went about getting an education. Nevertheless, he is probably navigating the high school adventure as a 17-year-old young man.

Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler Wiki

Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler made his entrance into the world in October 2004. Back then, his mom Sara was in a relationship with Ali Adler and they welcomed Levi into their lives. Levi also has two younger siblings, a sister named Sawyer Jane and a brother named Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry.

Levi’s a proud US citizen, and his heritage carries a touch of Roma ancestry, adding a unique layer to his identity. Despite the mystery surrounding his private life, it is safe to presume that he is studying and going to school given his age.

When you first meet Levi, you’ll note his gorgeous black hair and dark eyes, which unquestionably add to his alluring allure. It’s also worth noting that, at one point, his mother Sara tied the knot with Linda Perry. However, their journey together took a different turn, and they separated in 2019.

AttributeInformationFull NameLevi Hank Gilbert-AdlerProfessionNonePopular ForBeing the son of Sarah GilbertAge (As in 2023)17 years oldDate of BirthOctober 2004Zodiac signN/ABirth PlaceAmericaNationalityAmericanEthnicityRomanEye ColorBrownHair ColorBlackEstimated Net Worth (As in 2023)Approx. $2 MillionFatherAllison AdlerMotherSara GilbertSiblingsSawyer Jane, Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry

Levi Hank Adler Education

Regrettably, we don’t have access to any information regarding Adler’s high school and college experiences at the moment. As soon as we get our hands on that info, we’ll be sure to update this section for you.

Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler Age

In 2022, Gilbert will turn 18! On October 1, 2004, he was born right here in the United States. He celebrates his special day on October 1st each year and is a Libra by birth sign. Happy birthday to him, belatedly! 

Hank Gilbert Adler Height

Hank’s height is about 5 feet and 2 inches, which is approximately 1.57 meters tall.

Hank Gilbert Adler Weight

Gilbert weighs in at 66 kilograms.

Hank Gilbert Adler Family

Levi had the good fortune to have his parents, Allison Adler and Sara Gilbert, raise him in the United States of America. Sawyer Adler, Michael Boxleitner, and Dakota Brinkman are the three siblings with whom Levi shares a family and a journey. A family tale with an original twist!

Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler Career

Making his own way is still a work in progress for Levi. He is completely dependent on his well-known mother for all of his needs and costs, which undoubtedly gives him a luxurious life.

Speaking of his mom, Sara, she’s quite the success story herself. With a reported net worth of over $35 million as of November 2022, Sara has made her mark, thanks to her iconic role as Darlene Conner in the ABC series “Roseanne.” She’s even earned two Primetime Award nominations along the way. Additionally, you might recognise her as Leslie Winkle from “The Big Bang Theory” and for her work as a producer and co-host on the CBS daytime chat show “The Talk.”

Other well-known programmes featuring Sara’s talent include “Will & Grace,” “The Simpsons,” “Private Practise,” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” She appeared in two films alongside Drew Barrymore, “Poison Ivy” (1992) and “Riding in Cars with Boys” (2001), together on the big screen.

But it doesn’t stop there; Sara’s also lit up the stage with her presence, starring in “Light It Up” (1999) and performing in “The Hot L Baltimore” at the Williamstown Theater Festival. She’s truly made her mark in the world of entertainment!

Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler Net Worth

Levi is still at the starting line of his professional journey, as we’ve mentioned earlier. So, he hasn’t had the chance to accumulate any significant net worth just yet. But in the realm of entertainment, his parents have achieved a lot.

His mother is worth $6 million, but his father possesses a staggering net worth of $35 million. Over the years, their successful careers in the entertainment sector have helped them accumulate these large fortunes.

As for Levi’s own financial journey, it’s a blank canvas waiting to be painted in the years to come. We’ll have to stay tuned to see where his path takes him!

AttributeInformationEstimated Net Worth in 2021$1 million to $5 millionPrevious Year’s Net Worth (2020)$1 million to $5 millionAnnual SalaryUnder ReviewIncome SourceCelebrity KidNet Worth Verification StatusNot Verified


In the annals of romantic chronicles, Sarah, the maternal maven of Levi, embarked upon her liaison with Ali Adler in the bygone epoch of 2001. A progeny, Levi, graced the terrestrial realm with his presence in the year 2004, and his diminutive sibling followed suit in the August of 2007. Nonetheless, the fates ordained a parting of ways for Adler and Gilbert come 2011.

Sarah then turned the pages of her romantic tome to embark upon a fresh chapter when she commenced a dalliance with Linda Perry, a melodious minstrel and orchestrator of music hailing from the ensemble known as 4 Non-Blondes. Their amorous connection flourished, culminating in an engagement during the year 2013, with nuptial bonds sealing their love in 2014. In this familial narrative, a new member made their entrance, namely Levi’s juvenile sibling, Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry, graced with birth on the auspicious day of February 28, 2015. Regrettably, the saga of affection between Sarah and Linda took a divergent path, culminating in the dissolution of their matrimonial alliance in the year 2019.

Though Levi refrains from possessing an Instagram account under his aegis, his maternal progenitor undoubtedly does. Boasting an ardent following numbering well into the six figures, Sarah imparts updates to her aficionados, offering them glimpses into her professional endeavors and regularly affording them snapshots into the bosom of her familial milieu. It serves as an entrée into the life of a luminary thespian and her cherished kindred.

AttributeInformationFather (Dad)Allison AdlerMotherSara GilbertSiblings (Brothers and Sisters)ThreeMarital StatusSingleWife/SpouseNot AvailableDating / GirlfriendNot AvailableChildrenSons (None), Daughters (None)

Social Media

Levi prefers to keep a low profile when it comes to social media. At this stage of his life, he’s more focused on his studies than scrolling through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s a typical teenager move, prioritizing the books over the hashtags.

Now, his mom Sara, on the other hand, she’s got quite the digital fan base! She’s rocking a substantial 394k followers on Facebook, strutting with over 174k on Instagram, and tweeting away with a whopping 511.5k followers on Twitter. Sara sure knows how to keep her online fan club engaged!


  • Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler was born in October 2004 in the United States.
  • He is the son of Sara Gilbert, a well-known American actress, producer, and director, and Allison Adler, a TV producer and writer.
  • Levi has Roma heritage in his roots and is from a Christian household.
  • He has two siblings, a sister named Sawyer Jane and a half-brother named Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry.
  • Levi’s biological father is Sara Gilbert, which adds an unconventional aspect to his family story.
  • His parents, Sara and Allison, were once a lesbian couple.
  • Levi Hank Adler is currently 17 years old (as of 2023).
  • He is likely pursuing his education in high school.
  • Levi is of average height, standing at about 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 meters) tall and weighs approximately 66 kilograms.He has distinctive features, including dark eyes and black hair.


Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler is a unique celebrity offspring with a fascinating family background. Born to famous parents Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler, Levi is navigating his way through adolescence while maintaining a low profile on social media. His intriguing family history, Roma heritage, and connection to the entertainment industry make him an interesting figure in the world of celebrity kids.


Who are Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler’s parents?

Levi’s parents are Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler. Sara Gilbert is a renowned American actress, while Allison Adler is a TV producer and writer.

Does Levi have siblings?

Yes, Levi has two siblings: a sister named Sawyer Jane and a half-brother named Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry.

What is Levi’s age in 2023?

Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler is 17 years old as of 2023.

Where was Levi born?

Levi was born in the United States.

What is Levi’s ethnicity?

Levi has Roma heritage in his roots and comes from a Christian household.

Does Levi use social media?

Levi prefers to keep a low profile on social media. His mother, Sara Gilbert, has a substantial online following.

What is Levi’s height and weight?

Levi is approximately 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 meters) tall and weighs around 66 kilograms.

What is Sara Gilbert’s net worth?

Sara Gilbert’s estimated net worth as of November 2022 is around $35 million, primarily from her successful acting career.

Did Sara Gilbert have a relationship with Linda Perry?

Yes, Sara Gilbert was in a relationship with Linda Perry, a musician from the band 4 Non-Blondes. They were engaged in 2013 and married in 2014 but later separated in 2019.

How many Primetime Emmy Award nominations has Sara Gilbert received?

Sara Gilbert has received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations during her career in the entertainment industry.

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