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Tonya Hartwell

Tonya Hartwell is a well-known individual in the United States, primarily known for her relationship with Edgerton Hartwell, a professional American football linebacker. Together, they have a daughter named Sevynn Elíse Hartwell, who was born in 2018.

Tonya has a daughter named Cylah from a previous marriage in addition to their shared child. Similarly, Edgerton is the father of two other children: Ella Grace Hartwell, a daughter, and Edgerton Hartwell Jr., a son. Prior to this, Edgerton was married to Lisa Wu from 2006 to 2011 and Keshia Knight Pulliam from 2016 to 2018.

Quick Facts

NameTonya Hartwell
Nick NameTonya
Date of BirthApril 22
RelationshipMarried to Edgerton Hartwell
Weight56 kgs
Height5 feet 7 inches
Zodiac SignUnknown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBlack
HusbandEdgerton Hartwell
Keshia Knight Pulliam
DaughterFirst Marriage: Cylah
Second Marriage: Edgerton Hartwell, Jr, Ella Grace Hartwell
Famous ForWife of Edgerton Hartwell

Tonya Hartwell Education

Tonya Hartwell excelled academically from the start and maintained a high academic record. She started high school at 16.

Upon successfully completing her high school journey, Tonya pursued a bachelor’s degree. She enrolled in a public institution in the United States and focused diligently on her studies. Unfortunately, the specific field of study or major she pursued is not provided in the available information.

Tonya’s dedication to her education and her notable academic accomplishments underscore her determination and the significance she places on gaining knowledge. Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree represents a significant milestone that reflects her unwavering commitment and hard work in the pursuit of higher education.

Tonya Hartwell Family

Tonya was raised with her sister Joey in a Christian American household. Regretfully, her parents’ names are still a mystery. You can be confident that we will update this page if we learn anything new about her family.

Although we currently have limited details about Tonya’s family, understanding a person’s background and the influences that shape them is always intriguing. As more information becomes accessible, we’ll do our best to provide accurate and up-to-date information about Tonya’s family right here on our platform.


Following the completion of her education, Tonya wasted no time and jumped into the professional world. She honed her skills and gained valuable expertise while working for a private company. Buoyed by her growing knowledge and confidence, Tonya decided to take a bold step and dive into the world of entrepreneurship.

Fueled by her love for fashion, Tonya ventured into the realm of clothing and fashion retail. Her store offered a unique selection of trendy and stylish apparel that immediately won the hearts of fashion-conscious customers, making her boutique a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts.

Tonya launched a gift boutique, expanding her horizons after seeing early success. This new business offered thoughtfully chosen presents for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, catering to a broad variety of occasions. Tonya’s gift shop quickly became a one-stop-shop for finding meaningful and memorable presents.

Not content to stop there, Tonya’s entrepreneurial spirit drove her to establish a jewelry store. She crafted a stunning range of jewelry pieces, showcasing her keen eye for elegance and craftsmanship. From delicate necklaces to dazzling earrings, Tonya’s jewelry shop offered a diverse array of options for personal adornment and for surprising loved ones with exquisite accessories.

Through unwavering dedication, hard work, and a true passion for business, Tonya managed to create multiple successful ventures in the fashion, gifting, and jewelry industries. Her entrepreneurial journey stands as a shining example, inspiring others who dream of turning their passions into thriving businesses.

Tonya Hartwell Height & Weight

Tonya Hartwell stands at an average height of 5 feet and 7 inches, and when it comes to weight, she maintains a healthy range at approximately 66 kilograms.

Edgerton And Tonya Hartwell Relationship

Tonya Hartwell and her husband, Edgerton Hartwell, have been basking in the joys of a happy and fulfilling married life since tying the knot in February of this year. Their happiness was further magnified when they welcomed their adorable baby girl, Sevynn Elíse, into the world. The occasion of their daughter’s first birthday celebration was delightful and heartfelt.

In addition to their newborn baby, Edgerton Hartwell is also the father to Ella Grace Hartwell, a child from a previous relationship, who was born in January 2017. Edgerton has even gone so far as to request a reduction in his current $3,00 child support payments. His plea is supported by the fact that his ex-wife, who has been in well-known TV shows like “House of Payne” and “Cosby Show,” makes a respectable wage. Edgerton feels that a more modest child support payment would be a fair and appropriate manner to support their kid given her wages.

This situation underlines the complexities that can arise in matters of child support and financial responsibilities within blended families. Edgerton believes that his ex-wife’s salary will be enough to support their kid without a major contribution from him, which is reflected in his request. What is in the best interest of the relevant kid will ultimately be decided by the court after a thorough assessment of the facts.

Tonya Hartwell Children

There have been rumors circulating about the popular American football player and Tonya, suggesting that they were in a relationship from 2013 to 2014. Their love story didn’t end there; they continued to date and remained together. In 2015, Tonya took to Instagram to share some wonderful news with her admirers. She announced her plans to tie the knot with the famous footballer, a moment of joy for both of them.

Three years into their marriage, Tonya and Ed Hartwell celebrated the arrival of their first daughter, Sevynn Elise Hartwell. What makes their family story even more interesting is that both Tonya and Ed had children from previous relationships before they decided to share their lives. Ed had two children from his past, and Tonya had one. Tonya’s love and attention to Ed’s other children have not gone unnoticed.

The details of their relationship and family dynamic paint a beautiful picture of their journey from dating to marriage and the expansion of their family. Despite their unique circumstances, Tonya has wholeheartedly embraced her role as a mother to Ed’s children, showcasing her commitment to creating a loving and nurturing environment for their blended family.

Tonya Hartwell Net Worth

Since Tonya is a well-known person, many of her admirers have been interested in learning more about her financial status and potential fortune. Tonya has, however, kept her income and financial affairs very quiet.

Tonya’s estimated net worth is $500,000. This figure is based on our research and credible sources. It is essential to bear in mind that this sum is approximations and may not precisely represent her financial circumstances.

Tonya makes her living mostly from her several business ventures, which have proven to be quite successful. Her jewelry business, gift shop, and clothes and fashion boutique all probably play a big part in her capacity to maintain her financial stability and amass money.

While Tonya has chosen to keep her financial details private, this estimate does offer a glimpse into her financial situation. It’s important to respect her decision to maintain privacy regarding her personal finances, as individuals have varying preferences when it comes to sharing such information.

Final Words

Tonya Hartwell is a well-known figure in the United States, primarily recognized for her relationship with Edgerton Hartwell, a professional American football linebacker. They share a daughter, Sevynn Elíse Hartwell, born in 2018, and both have children from previous relationships. Beyond her personal life, Tonya runs a clothing and fashion store, a gift boutique, and a jewellery store. She worked hard to succeed in these fields.

Tonya’s estimated net worth is $500,000, but she keeps her finances private. This is mostly because of her successful business endeavours. Her commitment to establishing a caring and supportive atmosphere for her mixed family is shown by her devotion to both her career and her family.

Tonya and Edgerton’s narrative of courtship, marriage, and family growth is a touching tale of love and dedication. While there may be complexities in their family dynamics, Tonya has wholeheartedly embraced her role as a mother to Ed’s children.

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