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Firerose Age

Firerose is a gifted Australian singer-songwriter from a symphonic music background. The Sydney-born musician was nurtured by skilled symphony musicians, according to her website. She later moved to Los Angeles for her singing career.

Notably, Firerose has previously collaborated on Disney’s popular show, Hannah Montana. In her personal life, there have been reports indicating an engagement between Firerose and the well-known musician Billy Ray Cyrus. It’s worth noting that there is a notable age gap, with Billy Ray Cyrus being 20 years older than the 34-year-old Australian singer. This engagement announcement comes merely four months after his separation from Tish Cyrus.

Who is Firerose?

Sydney-born Firerose was raised in a symphonic music family. She trained in a performing arts school in Newtown, Sydney, before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her music career.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Australian-born pop singer Firerose, whose real name is Joanna Rosie Hodges, captured the affections of American country music icon Billy Ray Cyrus. The two recently announced their engagement, marking a special milestone in their shared love story. A beautiful testament to their musical connection, Billy Ray was featured on their collaborative single “New Day” released in 2021. This blonde songbird’s journey in music began during her time at Sydney’s Newtown School for the Performing Arts, where her passion was ignited.

Firerose biography

The talented Australian singer and songwriter Firerose comes from a symphonic music family. As stated on her website, she was raised in Sydney, Australia, among her musical family’ harmony. She boldly moved to Los Angeles to pursue her musical goals.

This Sydney-born pop sensation, whose true name is Joanna Rosie Hodges, captured the heart of American country music icon Billy Ray Cyrus. Their recent engagement announcement marks a significant milestone in their shared love story. Their mutual passion for music brought them together, with Billy Ray lending his talent to their collaborative single “New Day” released in 2021. The spark of Firerose’s musical journey ignited during her studies at Sydney’s Newtown School for the Performing Arts.

With a family background steeped in symphonic music, Firerose now calls Los Angeles, California, home, where she crafts and composes her own music. She made the leap to LA at the firerose age of 19, as reported in a 2021 Main Street Nashville feature. Notably recognized for tracks like “All Figured Out,” “No Holding Fire,” and “Duty on Earth,” Firerose’s mission is to inspire people through her music.

The romantic connection between Firerose and Billy Cyrus has been blooming for some time. Their initial romantic link was reported in August, almost a year after their musical collaboration. However, unearthed interviews from 2021 reveal that they’ve been friends for over a decade. During an appearance on the talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan last August, Cyrus and his girlfriend, believed to be in her 20s, shared that they first met as friends on the set of Cyrus’ TV show, Hannah Montana.

Country music luminary Billy Cyrus publicly confirmed his separation from Miley’s mother, Tish Cyrus, 55, in April, following nearly 29 years of marriage. He subsequently announced his engagement to Firerose just a few months after their separation, marking a new chapter in his life after nearly three decades of marriage.

Firerose Age

While Firerose age remains undisclosed, it’s widely speculated that she is in her 20s. In contrast, her partner, Billy Cyrus, is approximately two decades her senior. Using this information, if we consider that Firerose is indeed 20 years younger than Billy, we can estimate her age to be around 41, as Billy Cyrus is currently 61 years old.

Firerose Early Days and Family

Firerose, the talented Australian singer, was born and brought up in Sydney, Australia, nurtured by caring parents. She excelled in her studies at the local school, showing a keen intellect. However, Firerose has chosen to keep her family background a private matter, and as of now, there is no available information about her parents or any siblings she may have.

Similarly, details about her educational journey remain undisclosed. While some reports suggest she may have graduated from the Newtown School for Performing Arts in Sydney, Firerose herself has not confirmed any specifics about her schooling or college experience. She maintains a level of privacy, steering clear of the media’s prying eyes.

Firerose is Australian by birth and was raised well. She began singing at a young age because she loved music. At 19, she moved to Los Angeles, California, a career milestone.

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As a youngster, Firerose had a penchant for coming home from school and translating her experiences into melodic tunes. This early fascination with songwriting only deepened as she grew older. Eventually, in May 2019, she took the leap and made her musical debut with the release of her single “Fragile Handling.”

The following year, she followed up with her second single, “Way Out,” which was produced by Pedro Calloni. And in June of that same year, she dropped yet another single, “No Holding Fire.”

According to her official website, Billy Ray Cyrus has played a crucial role as her music mentor. This mentorship led to fruitful collaborations with the esteemed country singer. Their joint effort, “New Day,” released in 2021, stands as Firerose’s most acclaimed track to date. With over 2 million views on YouTube and 800k streams on Spotify, it has garnered significant attention and praise.

In the current year, Firerose has released a single titled “All Figured Out.” This track has already gained considerable traction, accumulating over a million streams across various platforms. Despite a music career spanning over three years, Firerose has yet to unveil an EP or full-length album, leaving fans eager for more from this talented artist.

Firerose Height & Physical Appearance

Firerose is approximately 5 feet and 8 inches tall, boasting a striking appearance that tends to turn heads. Her captivating brown eyes are a defining feature, complemented by her blonde hair. At the moment, she maintains a weight of roughly 56 kilograms.

While it’s rumored that her body measurements may be in the vicinity of 32-25-34, there hasn’t been any official confirmation on this matter. Firerose takes great care in presenting herself and is highly praised for her timeless fashion sense and captivating personality. Her well-defined jawline and impeccable complexion contribute to her overall appeal.

Is Firerose Dating or Single?

Firerose is currently in a relationship with Billy Ray Cyrus. There’s been speculation that the two may have become engaged in 2022, sparked by a photo Firerose shared featuring a diamond ring. They haven’t yet made this news publicly official, though.

When they were collaborating on a brand-new musical endeavour in 2021, they first met. Their connection blossomed, leading to a romantic relationship over the next few months, culminating in a private engagement ceremony. Billy Ray Cyrus, a highly acclaimed American singer and songwriter, needs little introduction. He’s credited with producing numerous chart-topping albums in the US Hot Country Songs Chart.

Age Difference Between Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus?

The buzz surrounding this couple’s rumored engagement has ignited a burning question – just how many years separate Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus? After a bit of investigation, we’ve uncovered an intriguing answer.

It’s speculated that Firerose is approximately 23 years old, while Billy Ray Cyrus clocks in at 61 years. This results in a notable age gap of roughly 38 years, which is indeed substantial. Nevertheless, they seem to be in perfect harmony, demonstrating that age is truly just a number in their relationship.

Firerose Net worth & Lifestyle

Billy Ray Cyrus’ girlfriend resides contentedly in a charming home she shares with her partner. She’s meticulous about keeping their space clean and adorned to her taste.

It’s worth noting that she enjoys a comfortable income from a diverse range of endeavors including singing, songwriting, YouTube, and live performances, among others. Her sense of style is evident, as she often opts for fashionable and designer attire. Some sources on the internet estimate her net worth to be around approximately USD 2.5 Million.

(FAQs) About Firerose

How old is Firerose?
Firerose age is unknown, but she is thought to be in her 20s. Considering her partner Billy Ray Cyrus is 61, she is likely 41.

What is the age difference between Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus?
Billy Ray Cyrus is 20 years older than Firerose.

When did Firerose move to Los Angeles to pursue her music career?
Firerose made the move to Los Angeles at the age of 19, as reported in a 2021 Main Street Nashville feature.

How did Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus meet?
Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus first met as friends on the set of Cyrus’ TV show, Hannah Montana. They developed a close friendship before their romantic relationship began.

What are some of Firerose’s popular tracks?
Firerose is known for tracks like “All Figured Out,” “No Holding Fire,” and “Duty on Earth.”

What is Firerose’s musical background?
Firerose grew up in Sydney, Australia, with symphonic music. Her music career took her to Los Angeles.

Has Firerose released an EP or full-length album?
As of now, Firerose has yet to unveil an EP or full-length album, though she has been actively releasing singles.

What is the estimated net worth of Firerose?
Some sources estimate Firerose’s net worth to be around approximately USD 2.5 Million.

Final Words

Firerose, the gifted Australian singer-songwriter, has emerged from a background steeped in symphonic music. Her journey from Sydney to Los Angeles showcases a passion for music that transcends borders. Collaborating with the esteemed Billy Ray Cyrus, their musical connection has blossomed into a shared love story, culminating in a recent engagement.

While Firerose’s exact age remains undisclosed, her talent and dedication to inspiring through music are undeniable. With a discography of evocative singles and a promising career ahead, she stands as a testament to the power of artistic expression.

As Firerose continues to craft her unique sound in the heart of California, her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring musicians worldwide. With each note and lyric, she leaves an indelible mark on the world of music, reminding us that true artistry knows no bounds.

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