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Sara Matter, alternatively recognized as Sara Bradley, is known for her association with Niall Matter, a Canadian-American actor renowned for his roles in various productions such as “The Best Years,” a popular teen drama series. His noteworthy appearances extend to significant projects like Zack Snyder’s films “Watchmen” and “Remedy,” along with the television series “When Calls the Heart.”

Beyond Niall’s successful career, Sara and Niall have cherished a fulfilling marriage for numerous years. Their happiness stems from their roles as devoted parents to two wonderful children. Both individuals derive immense satisfaction from their strong bond and partnership.

Who She Is Sara Matter

Sara Matter is notably acknowledged as the spouse of Niall Matter, a Canadian-American actor born on October 20, 1980.

Hailing from Canada, Sara is an emerging entrepreneur. While detailed public information about her specific business endeavors remains limited, she is primarily recognized for her association as the Niall Matter wife.


Sara Matter, a Canadian often colloquially referred to as a “Canuck,” highly values her family’s privacy, which encompasses her parents and siblings. Sara herself proudly identifies as Canadian and belongs to a White ethnic background. Her husband, Niall, originates from Edmonton, Alberta, and at 40 years old, he carries a heritage blending Russian and Irish roots.

Interestingly, Niall spent around eight years employed on oil rigs in Northern Alberta before embarking on a career in acting. What’s particularly captivating is that initially, he never intended to pursue a path in the entertainment industry. It was only when a local schoolteacher suggested he explore acting classes that he discovered his hidden talent in this domain. This serendipitous encounter ultimately propelled him toward a successful acting career.

Sara Matter’s Husband Niall Matter

Niall Matter, a talented Canadian-American actor, was born on October 20, 1980, in Edmonton, Alberta. As of 2023, he is 42 years old.

His acting career kicked off in 2007 with a notable role as Josh Riley, the proprietor of a bait shop, in the Syfy original movie “Loch Ness Terror.” He shared the screen with actors like Don S. Davis and Brian Krause in this film.

Following his debut, Niall assumed the leading role in the drama series “The Best Years,” portraying a bartender grappling with addiction. He also made appearances in shows like “Eureka” and “Watchmen.”

Since 2016, Niall has been prominently featured in numerous Hallmark Channel original films, including titles like “Stop the Wedding,” “A Snow-Capped Christmas,” “Chokeslam,” “Frozen in Love,” “Most Eligible Bachelor,” “Love at First Dance,” “Country at Heart,” “Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater,” and more.

Before pursuing acting, Niall Matter spent eight years employed as an oil rigger in Northern Alberta. It was only at the age of 13, upon a teacher’s suggestion, that he decided to explore theatre classes. His exceptional talent earned him recognition, culminating in him being awarded Best Actor at the provincial drama tournament in 1999, highlighting his remarkable skills.

Sara Matter Wedding

Sara and Niall had a private wedding ceremony in 2016 in Hawaii, formalizing their union. Sara Matter, Niall Matter Wife, is happily married to the Canadian-American actor. The couple exchanged vows in 2016 and are proud parents of two children, born in 2016 and 2018 respectively. Niall, born in 1980 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, comes from Irish and Russian ancestry.

Before pursuing acting, Niall worked as an oilman for eight years in Northern Alberta. At seventeen, a challenging period led his parents to send him to work in the oil rigs for three months. Despite the tough labor, he focused on his education. However, at 25, Niall faced a serious accident while working on the oil rigs, where he narrowly escaped being crushed inside the cab of a 17-ton drilling rig.

In 2007, Niall embarked on his acting career, starring as John Riley in the original film “Loch Ness Terror,” sharing the screen with Brian Krause and Don S Davis. He also held a leading role in the Canadian drama series “The Best Years,” portraying a bartender struggling with addiction. Additionally, Niall made an appearance in the TV series “Eureka” in its second season episode titled “E=MC…?” portraying the character Zane Donovan, a rebellious genius.

Sara Matter Children

Niall Matter and Sara Matter take pride in being loving parents to their two delightful daughters. Their eldest, Kate, holds a special place in their hearts, arriving in the same year as their wedding, in 2016. Two years later, in 2018, their younger daughter Betsy was born, bringing even more joy and happiness to their family.

Niall, raised in a Christian household, integrates his faith into their family life. Together with Sara, they instill Christian values and principles in their children, ensuring these beliefs become an integral part of their upbringing. Their steadfast commitment to these cherished beliefs significantly shapes the guidance and nurturing provided to their daughters, Kate and Betsy.

Sara Matter’s Net Worth

Information regarding Sara Matter net worth is not publicly accessible. In contrast, her husband Niall’s net worth is estimated at around $4 million. Although Sara is recognized as a businesswoman and entrepreneur, specific details regarding her substantial wealth are not presently disclosed or available to the public.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Sara Matter stands gracefully at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 50 kilograms. Her captivating appearance is enhanced by her stunning black eyes and glossy black hair, which beautifully frame her face.

She has a well-proportioned figure, with measurements of 34 inches for her bust, 24 inches for her waist, and 35 inches for her hips. Sara’s fair complexion adds to her natural radiance. One of her most charming attributes is her infectious smile, which lights up any room with its warmth and charisma.

Social Media

Unfortunately, Matter has chosen not to engage with various social media platforms, including popular ones like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Consequently, there’s no digital platform where fans and followers can directly connect with or receive updates from Matter. This deliberate step toward privacy enables Matter to keep a more private and secluded aspect of their personal and professional life, distinct from the often public nature of social media. While this decision might restrict direct interaction with their audience, it empowers Matter with a greater level of privacy and control over their personal narrative.

Final Words

Sara Matter, wife of talented Canadian-American actor Niall Matter, is a budding Canadian entrepreneur. Despite limited public information about her economic pursuits, she appreciates privacy and is dedicated to her parents and siblings. Kate and Betsy are precious to Sara and Niall, who are happily married.

After oil rigging, Niall Matter became a popular actor in “The Best Years,” “Watchmen,” and Hallmark Channel original films. A teacher encouraged him to act, revealing his amazing talent early on.

Sara and Niall have been wonderful parents and companions since their 2016 Hawaii wedding. They raise their daughters with Christian ideals and remain steadfast.

Sara Matter’s net worth is unknown, whereas Niall Matter’s is estimated at $4 million. Sara, 5 feet 6 inches tall, has an elegant body, stunning black eyes, and glossy black hair that complements her contagious smile and bright temperament.

Niall’s visible prominence in the entertainment world is offset by Sara’s decision to stay off social media. This choice shows their wish to keep their personal and professional life private and control their story.

Sara Matter remains quiet, supporting her husband Niall Matter and pursuing her entrepreneurial career while prioritizing family and privacy.

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