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Lyzel Williams

Lyzel Williams emerges as a luminary figure, an American graphic virtuoso and a maestro of the DJ console. His claim to fame, however, lies not solely in his creative prowess but also in his erstwhile union with the illustrious American songsmith, Jill Scott. Yes, there was indeed a juncture in their lives when matrimonial bonds bound them together.

Jill Scott, a luminary herself, transcends the musical domain to grace the celluloid world with her acting acumen. Her cinematic portfolio boasts titles such as “Get on Up” (2014), “With this Ring” (2015), “Baggage Claim” (2013), and more. Additionally, she graced the BBC/HBO’s silver screen with her presence in the series titled “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.”

But the tides of time receded their matrimonial voyage, and Lyzel Williams and Jill Scott parted ways, their marriage meeting its denouement.

Lyzel Williams, the former consort of Jill Scott, himself a connoisseur of the graphic arts and a DJ virtuoso, likely channeled his creative energies into diverse artistic undertakings. However, granular insights into his professional odyssey may elude the common ken, for the limelight often favored Jill Scott’s pursuits.

As for Lyzel Williams’ pecuniary stature, a veil of ambiguity shrouds precise valuation, given the dearth of public disclosures pertaining to his fiscal standing. His net worth, a nebulous cipher, hinges on the amplitude of his professional zenith and an amalgam of multifarious factors. Alas, it may not parallel the zenith of fame and financial opulence enjoyed by Jill Scott, an artist of eminent renown.

Regrettably, my repository lacks access to real-time intel, thus hindering the dissemination of the latest tidings concerning Lyzel Williams’ existence or any recent reverberations across his Instagram canvas. For the most au courant revelations, I commend perusing his digital aeries or perusing the annals of contemporary journalism.

Who is Lyzel Williams?

American graphic artist Lyzel Williams, born in 1972, is well known for his marriage to Jill Scott, a well-known singer-songwriter, model, poet, and actress in the country. He gained notoriety in the US thanks to his association with Jill Scott and was thrust into the public eye.

In the years following his marriage to the well-known American personality in 2001, Lyzel Williams was referred to as her husband. However, when they divorced in 2007, their relationship came to a formal end During their time together, Lyzel and Jill had a child named Jett Hamilton Roberts. This relationship catapulted Lyzel into the international spotlight.

On the other hand, his ex-wife, the famous American personality, is celebrated for her remarkable albums, including “Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1” (2000), “The Light of the Sun” (2011), and “The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3” (2007). She also ventured into Hollywood movies, where she delivered outstanding performances in various roles.

Lyzel Williams’ connection with Jill Scott certainly played a significant role in his recognition, and their marriage and subsequent divorce became part of their respective life stories.


In the annals of time, Lyzel Williams made his earthly debut within the illustrious precincts of Washington, D.C., during the nascent years of the 1970s. As a stalwart bearer of American citizenship, Lyzel devoutly adheres to the Christian faith.

Regrettably, the specific chronicle of his nativity, replete with the day and year of his emergence onto this mortal coil, eludes our grasp, shrouding the veil of mystery around his exact age, rendering it an enigma of the highest order.

In the tapestry of his formative years, a poignant thread was woven by the presence of his grandmother, with whom he shared profound and enduring moments. Within the familial constellation, Lyzel occupied the singular mantle of an only child, his father assuming the mantle of an electrical engineer, while his mother’s vocation unfurled as that of a skilled dress designer. Alas, the veil of obscurity prevails around any other familial minutiae, leaving us only with the scant revelation of a sibling, bearing the name Rick.

Notably, the lineage from which Lyzel sprang boasts a storied military heritage, a lineage whose echoes would reverberate through the corridors of his educational journey as he embarked on the hallowed halls of a military academy.

Subsequently, his educational odyssey led him to the venerable halls of Forestville Senior School, where he proudly donned the academic mantle of a graduate in the year 1989. During his tenure within the esteemed institution, he energetically engaged in the crucible of local basketball, forging his prowess on the court.

Upon the successful denouement of his high school sojourn, Lyzel embarked on a quest for higher knowledge within the hallowed precincts of ‘The Art Institute of Philadelphia.’ Here, the crucible of his intellectual exploration was concentrated on the realm of graphic design, forging a path toward the realization of his artistic aspirations.

Lyzel Williams Wiki

Full NameLyzel Williams
Popular AsArtist • Jill Scott’s ex-husband
Occupation/ProfessionDJ and Graphic Artist
Sexual OrientationStraight

Lyzel Williams Education

In the footsteps of his esteemed great-grandparents, Lyzel Williams embarked on a path steeped in military tradition, choosing to pursue his education at a prestigious military academy.

Upon completing his tenure at the military college, Lyzel Williams continued his scholastic odyssey at Forestville Senior School, culminating in the conferral of his diploma in the year 1989. His scholastic journey at this institution was not confined to academics alone; he actively engaged as a member of the local community’s basketball ensemble, a vivid testament to his profound ardor for the sport.

Upon donning the cap and gown in his high school commencement ceremony, Lyzel Williams resolved to follow his heart’s desire – graphic design. To realize this aspiration, he enrolled at The Art Institute of Philadelphia, where he meticulously honed his craft and concluded his education in the sphere of graphic design.

Age, Height & Weight

Born in the year 1972, Lyzel Williams has now attained the age of 51 as of the year 2023. He originates from the United States of America, his birthplace, and the locale he has consciously selected to perpetuate a life replete with contentment and fulfillment. He harbors a profound affection for his native land, an affection he holds in the highest regard.

The genesis of Lyzel’s journey into prominence can be primarily attributed to his erstwhile matrimony to the multifaceted luminary, Jill Scott, celebrated for her vocal prowess and thespian talents. In conjunction with his association with Jill Scott, he has etched a reputation for himself as an adept graphic artisan, steadily amassing renown within the United States. His visibility within the public sphere continues to burgeon, marked by periodic surges in media discourse, particularly when he disseminates updates and visual vignettes across his social media, frequently intertwined with his personal milieu and interconnections.

Inhabiting a stature that approximates 5 feet and 10 inches (180 cm) while maintaining a corporeal mass in the vicinity of 70 kilograms (154 lbs), Lyzel Williams possesses a mature and alluring visage. His unwavering commitment to physical well-being and holistic vitality manifests palpably through his unwavering adherence to a regimen of routine physical exertion and lifestyle preferences, exercises and choices that exert a substantive sway upon the quotidian rhythm of his existence.

Adjudged by bodily dimensions that measure 39-32-39, Lyzel exhibits meticulous stewardship over his corporeal and cerebral dimensions. His daily regimen is frequently imbued with invigorating matutinal ambulations, activities that conduce to his overall wellness and promulgate a salubrious ethos of living.

In recapitulation, at the vantage of 51 years of age, Lyzel Williams is an unabashedly patriotic denizen of the United States who has accrued a measure of renown via his association with Jill Scott and his vocation as a graphic virtuoso. His unwavering dedication to somatic and intellectual well-being, alongside his profound ardor for his native soil, stands as luminous hallmarks of his narrative.

Lyzel Williams BirthPlace

Lyzel Williams was born right here in the United States, his place of origin and the country he calls home.

Lyzel Williams Nationality

Lyzel Williams hails from the United States, proudly American by birth.

Lyzel Williams Controversy

Lyzel Williams has managed to steer clear of any controversy or rumors, as far as the media and the online world are concerned. He’s established himself as someone who avoids problematic situations and has a preference for a low-key, private life, rather than seeking the limelight.

Lyzel Williams Personal Life 

Lyzel Williams’s journey into a soulmate relationship officially began in the late year of 2000 when he crossed paths with a well-known American singer-songwriter. It was during this time that his true path to fame started, marking his entrance into the world of notability.

As their relationship deepened, it eventually blossomed into a marriage in 2001. However, despite the years they spent together, the relationship eventually faced its challenges, leading to an official divorce in 2007.

Career and Professional Life

Growing up as the child of a designer, Lyzel Williams discovered a natural gift for drawing and possessed a unique perspective on various subjects. He spent a significant amount of time with paper and pencil, nurturing his artistic talents.

Lyzel’s curiosity extended to music, particularly DJing. His career kicked off when he assumed the role of a senior graphics and interface designer at the ‘Intermedia Interactive Software Company.’ He dedicated eight years of his life to this software company, from 1993 to 2001. During this time, he also ventured into the role of a graphic artist at ‘The Philadelphia Tribune’ for a year, from 1994 to 1995. Additionally, he continued his role as a senior graphic artist at ‘Intermedia Interactive Solutions,’ where he contributed for nine years, spanning from 1993 to 2002.

Despite his father’s encouragement to explore other career paths, Lyzel remained steadfast in his pursuit of graphic design. Through his work as a graphic artist, he established connections with various companies and simultaneously carved a name for himself as a successful DJ within his community.

In recent years, Lyzel Williams has been employed as an innovative design professional at “Comcast Interactive Media,” where he continues to showcase his creative skills.

His enduring association with Jill Scott, a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, played a significant role in his rise to fame as a graphic designer and visual artist. Their partnership brought him considerable success.

Furthermore, Lyzel was actively involved in charity work and engaged in volunteer initiatives alongside his wife, Jill. Together, they made meaningful contributions to local charities, leaving a positive impact on their community.

Lyzel Williams Net Worth

The precise valuation of Lyzel Williams’ total assets remains somewhat enigmatic as it presently undergoes meticulous scrutiny. Nevertheless, his vocation as a visual artist undeniably has enabled him to accrue a commendable income, with a projected annual remuneration hovering around $34,300.

Conversely, his former spouse, Scott, lays claim to a remarkable estimated fortune of approximately $12 million. Her affluence can be ascribed not solely to her triumphant forays into the realms of music and acting, but also her ventures into viniculture. Moreover, her engagements in the domain of unscripted television productions have made substantial contributions to her fiscal prosperity, affording her the opportunity to amass a substantial net worth of $12 million.

Lyzel Williams Relationship 

In the realm of artistic talent, one finds the illustrious Lyzel Williams, formerly wedded to the multifaceted Jill Scott, celebrated for her prowess as a songstress, wordsmith, muse, and thespian. The narrative of their love affair commenced years antecedent to their official nuptials in the annum 2001, culminating in an exquisite matrimonial ceremony set amidst the picturesque backdrop of Hawaii’s paradisiacal vistas.

The genesis of their initial rendezvous traces back to the annus mirabilis of 1994, a time when it became patently evident that the souls of Lyzel and Jill resonated profoundly with an unwavering ardor for one another. Such was Jill Scott’s adulation for her consort that she, with unbridled creative fervor, composed a pair of songs inspired by him, the most distinguished of which being “He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat),” an opus that graced her inaugural album christened “Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1.”

Their marital union endured for a span surpassing a decade, yet regrettably, in the year 2007, they arrived at the somber juncture of parting ways. The precise causative factors behind the dissolution of their bond remain ensconced in secrecy, leaving aficionados of their liaison in a perennial state of conjecture concerning the forces that precipitated the denouement of a romance once suffused with unbridled affection.

Despite the duration of their conjugal union spanning a half-score of years, Lyzel and Jill did not bear progeny together. In interviews, Jill Scott alluded to the discord that beset their relationship, casting aspersions on Lyzel’s proclivity to abandon her culinary creations untouched upon the countertop for days, an outward manifestation of more profound fissures that plagued their bond.

Subsequent to their separation, Lyzel embarked upon another protracted amorous involvement, while Jill Scott entered into wedlock with her longtime paramour, Mike Dobson, on the twenty-fifth day of June in the year 2016.

Since that epoch, Lyzel has steadfastly adhered to a discreet existence, with scant information extant pertaining to his personal vicissitudes. Presently, he abides within the precincts of Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

Their erstwhile romantic liaison bore testament to an unassailable camaraderie, with Lyzel esteeming the role of a sympathetic and supportive consort that Jill embodied. It is plausible that their mutual regard and unwavering encouragement for one another factored significantly into their resolution to eschew a protracted and public acrimonious divorce.

From an embryonic age, Lyzel has garnered renown as a diligent and industrious individual, his commitment to his vocation accentuated by the unwavering backing of his understanding spouse, Jill. This harmonious symbiosis likely constituted a pivotal element in their enduring connection.

Lyzel Williams evinces a penchant for globetrotting and is presently endeavoring to cultivate his culinary prowess for the gratification of his loved ones. In times past, he and Jill reveled in a vibrant social milieu, frequented nocturnal establishments, engaged in merriment, and reveled in each other’s company, as disclosed in a 2001 interview featuring Jill. Their shared joys extended to simpler pleasures, including leisurely strolls and visits to amusement fairs, all of which Jill held in the highest esteem.

Moreover, during their entwined sojourn, Lyzel played a pivotal role in stewarding Jill’s professional trajectory, thereby contributing substantively to her eventual ascendancy as a Grammy-awarded neo-soul chanteuse.

Who is Lyzel Williams married to?

In the annals of history, Lyzel Williams entered into the sacred covenant of matrimony alongside the illustrious songstress, lyricist, fashion icon, and luminary, Jill Scott, in the annum 2001. Their sojourn towards the nuptial altar was a lyrical tapestry woven over the course of a year, culminating in a resplendent wedding ceremony set against the idyllic backdrop of Hawaii’s ethereal beauty.

The genesis of their love story unfolded in the temporal realms of 1994, when serendipity orchestrated their initial encounter. Swift as a lightning strike, the sparks of affection ignited, and they descended into a profound and enduring love, embarking on a romantic odyssey that would endure for well over a decade.

However, the lamentable year of 2007 bore witness to the dolorous decision of parting ways, after years of shared existence, as they each embarked on divergent life trajectories. In the aftermath of their dissolution, Lyzel found solace in the solitude of singlehood, eventually encountering a bewitching lady, thus commencing a protracted liaison.

In a parallel narrative, Jill Scott traversed the labyrinth of love once more, ultimately sealing her fate with nuptial vows with her paramour, Mike Dobson, on the 25th day of June in the year 2016.

Subsequent to their matrimonial dissolution, Lyzel Williams has remained steadfast in his resolve to maintain a discreet profile, choosing the sanctuary of his abode in Mount Laurel, where he savors the tranquility of a life veiled from the relentless gaze of the public eye.

Social Media

Lyzel Williams has chosen to embrace a more old-school approach to life, opting for a low-profile existence that includes steering clear of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This decision aligns with his promise to his ex-wife to keep a low profile, allowing him to savor a quieter and more private way of living.


  • Lyzel Williams wears two creative hats—he’s a graphic designer and a DJ, adding a touch of art and music to his professional journey.
  • Lyzel Williams maintains a low online presence, and you won’t find him active on any social media platforms.
  • He’s also recognized as Jill Scott’s former husband, adding a touch of celebrity connection to his own identity.


  • Lyzel Williams is an American DJ and graphic artist.
  • His marriage to Jill Scott, a famous American singer-songwriter, made him famous.
  • In 1972, Lyzel was born in DC.
  • His religion is Christianity.
  • Lyzel graduated from Forestville Senior School in 1989 after attending a military academy.
  • His parents designed dresses and were electrical engineers.
  • Has one sibling, Rick.
  • He studied graphic design at The Art Institute of Philadelphia.
  • Nearly 5 feet 10 inches (180 cm) tall, he weighs 154 pounds.
  • Lyzel has avoided social media and lived quietly.
  • Lyzel Williams is White.
  • Known for his fitness and wellbeing focus.
  • Lyzel worked in graphic design for many companies.
  • Intermedia Interactive Software Company employed him as a senior graphics and interface designer.
  • Lyzel married Jill Scott without children.
  • Volunteering and charity work have been his activities.
  • Lyzel maybe earns $34,300 annually.
  • His ex-wife, Jill Scott, is worth $12 million.
  • After a decade, he divorced Jill Scott in 2007.
  • Lyzel Williams lives in Mount Laurel, NJ.


When was Lyzel Williams born?

Lyzel Williams was born 1972.

What does Lyzel Williams do?

DJ/graphic artist Lyzel Williams.

With whom is Lyzel Williams married?

Lyzel Williams married famous singer-songwriter and actress Jill Scott.

Did Lyzel Williams and Jill Scott have kids?

Married Lyzel and Jill Scott had no children.

Lyzel Williams attended which school?

He attended a military institution and graduated from Forestville Senior in 1989. The Art Institute of Philadelphia taught him graphic design.

How much is Lyzel Williams worth?

The estimated annual net worth of Lyzel Williams is $34,300.

Does Lyzel Williams use social media?

Lyzel Williams is less active online and on social media.

How much is Jill Scott worth?

The estimated net worth of Jill Scott is $12 million.

When did Lyzel Williams and Jill Scott divorce?

The decade-long marriage of Lyzel Williams and Jill Scott ended in 2007.

Lyzel Williams lives where?

Lyzel Williams lives in Mount Laurel, NJ.

Final Words:

American DJ and graphic designer Lyzel Williams married Jill Scott. The 1972-born military academy graduate studied graphic design at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Lyzel and Jill Scott’s friendship continues after their 2007 divorce. Lyzel lives privately and avoids social media. About $34,300 is his projected annual value.

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