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carter hudson age

Carter Hudson is a highly regarded American actor known for his exceptional talent. He was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, in the United States. While his exact birthdate is not confirmed, he seems to be in his thirties. Carter is known for his bravery, confidence, vitality, good looks, and sense of style. His love for acting began in childhood, and he turned that passion into a successful career in the industry. Along the way, he earned a reputation as a accomplished actor. Carter has also been featured in numerous off-Broadway productions.

Carter Hudson Age

Carter Hudson is a well-known and gifted person who is most known for his roles as American actors. He is an American native, from Shreveport, Louisiana. Although his precise birthdate is unknown, it is believed that he is in his thirties. Actor who is bold, confident, dynamic, attractive, and forward-thinking from the United States is how many characterise him.

Carter Hudson: Married or Not? Who Is the Wife of Carter Hudson?

Carter Hudson and Hollye Hudson married on June 21, 2014, and are happy. Their marriage, including children, is little documented. The pair also kept their wedding and meeting details hidden.

On July 08, 2019, Carter Hudson and his wife Hollye Hudson were seen together at the premiere of FX’s “Snowfall” season 3, held at the Bovard Auditorium At USC in Los Angeles, California.

For the latest updates on actor Carter Hudson, especially regarding his married life with Hollye Hudson, make sure to stay tuned.

Carter Hudson’s Net worth

Carter Hudson is a renowned American actor, composer, and musician, recognized for his successful career. As of October 2023, he has accumulated a substantial net worth, which surpasses $400,000. This financial success allows him to lead a comfortable and affluent lifestyle with his cherished family.

Carter Hudson Spokane

Carter Hudson is a versatile actor known for his diverse skill set. In addition to his acting talents, he is also a celebrated songwriter and performer. His musical journey dates back to the pre-COVID era, when he started performing regularly at the Drinkery saloon in Spokane’s Historic Garland District. This showcases his longstanding dedication to music and entertaining audiences.


Carter Hudson is a well-known TV actor recognized for his roles in popular shows like “Snowfall,” “The Wilds,” “The Night Of,” and “A Crime to Remember.” Beyond television, he has an impressive theater background in New York, with notable performances in productions like “The Effect,” “The Substance of Fire,” and “Abyss,” often collaborating with the esteemed theater company, Second Stage.

His work in “Snowfall” has garnered significant acclaim, earning the series four awards and 14 nominations.

Hudson debuted on television in 2013 with the documentary “A Crime to Remember” and voiced “Red Dead Redemption.” Plano’s Collin College helped him polish his acting skills.

In addition to his acting pursuits, Hudson is a talented musician, known for his regular performances at the Drinkery bar in Spokane, Washington. Notably, he shared the screen with Damson Idris in “Snowfall.”

Carter Hudson Instagram

It appears that Carter Hudson is not currently engaged on any social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Despite our efforts, we were unable to locate his account at this time. Rest assured, we will make an effort to provide updates if this information changes in the future.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1: How old is Carter Hudson?

A1: While the exact birthdate of Carter Hudson is not confirmed, it is believed that he is in his thirties.

Q2: Is Carter Hudson married? Who is his wife?

A2: Yes, Carter Hudson is married to Hollye Hudson. They got married on June 21, 2014.

Q3: Do Carter and Hollye Hudson have children?

A3: Details about Carter and Hollye Hudson’s children are not well-documented.

Q4: What is Carter Hudson’s net worth?

A4: As of October 2023, Carter Hudson’s net worth is estimated to be over $400,000.

Q5: What is Carter Hudson known for in his career?

A5: Carter Hudson is known for his successful acting career, with notable roles in TV shows like “Snowfall,” “The Wilds,” “The Night Of,” and “A Crime to Remember.”

Q6: Has Carter Hudson won any awards for his work?

A6: Yes, Carter Hudson’s work in the TV series “Snowfall” has earned the show four awards and 14 nominations.

Q7: Apart from acting, does Carter Hudson have other talents or interests?

A7: Yes, Carter Hudson is also a talented musician and songwriter. He has been known to perform regularly at the Drinkery saloon in Spokane’s Historic Garland District.

Q8: Does Carter Hudson have an active presence on social media?

A8: As of now, it appears that Carter Hudson is not active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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