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Chandler Belfort

Chandler Belfort, progeny of the infamous erstwhile stock market maestro, Jordan Belfort, has adeptly maintained an inconspicuous existence, particularly when juxtaposed with her progenitor’s conspicuously public past. Up to my most recent data update in September 2021, scant disclosures concerning her current locale or personal affairs had surfaced. Opting for a life shrouded in obscurity stands in stark contrast to her father’s meticulously chronicled chronicles.

With regards to the present affluence of Jordan Belfort, proffering an exact quantification is a formidable undertaking, owing to the capricious nature of financial vicissitudes. Following a sojourn in penitentiary precincts on charges of securities chicanery and monetary subterfuge, Jordan Belfort found himself saddled with a court mandate, entailing reparation to the aggrieved. He concurrently embarked on sundry entrepreneurial exploits, spanning motivational oratory and literary endeavors. The appraisal of his pecuniary estate hinges upon the fortunes of these ventures and any extant juridical obligations he remains tethered to.

Chandler Belfort’s natal date remains a closely guarded secret, veiled from the purview of the general populace, emblematic of her disposition towards preserving a modest modus vivendi, diverging strikingly from her sire.

Indeed, Jordan Belfort has sired progeny, albeit intricacies concerning his progeny and kindred remain concealed behind a shroud of deliberate secrecy, in his unwavering endeavor to shield his familial ties from the piercing glare of publicity. Consequently, the dossier on his offspring, Chandler Belfort, inclusive of her online presence, fiscal valuations, chronological maturity, and personal chronicles, stands consigned to the archives of ambiguity.

It behooves one to acknowledge that the data landscape may have undergone permutations subsequent to my last update in September 2021, and I strongly advocate for recourse to the most contemporary sources for any potential developments pertaining to Chandler Belfort and the lineage of Jordan Belfort.

Who Is Chandler Belfort?

Chandler Belfort entered the world on July 29, 1993, in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California. She is the first and only child of Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi. Her younger brother goes by the name Carter Belfort.

Unlike her infamous father, Chandler has chosen to lead a remarkably private life. She doesn’t appear to be on Twitter, and her Instagram account is password-protected. Fortunately, her mother’s Instagram account provides some glimpses into her existence. Nadine Caridi, who is now known as Nadine Macaluso following her remarriage, took to Instagram in March 2020 to share the exciting news of Chandler’s engagement. In her heartfelt post, she not only announced the engagement but also disclosed that both Chandler and her fiancé had tested positive for the coronavirus, offering a glimpse into their personal lives.

It’s evident that Chandler Belfort prefers to keep her life away from the prying eyes of the public, a stark contrast to her father’s high-profile past. This discretion might be her way of leading a more peaceful and private life away from the shadows of her father’s controversial history.

Chandler Belfort Bio

Chandler Belfort, born on the 29th of July, 1994, presently celebrates her 28th year on this planet and proudly claims the United States as her homeland. She derives her lineage from the illustrious Jordan Belfort and the once spouse, Nadine Caridi. Among her immediate family, Chandler shares her existence with a younger sibling, bearing the name Carter. On the paternal side, she proudly carries the mantle of being the granddaughter to Max and Leah, although the shroud of obscurity veils much of the knowledge regarding Nadine’s parental lineage.

Chandler’s ardor for the realm of science has been a lifelong odyssey. From her nascent years, she harbored an aspiration to traverse the path of a scholar in the scientific domain. In the year 2008, her educational expedition embarked upon its maiden voyage at Vistamar School, where the financial resources of her progenitor, Jordan Belfort, served as the catalyst for her academic voyage, one that would ultimately prove to be profoundly triumphant.

Upon culminating her high school voyage adorned with academic laurels, Chandler embarked on a collegiate sojourn at Muhlenberg College, nestled in the confines of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Four arduous years of unwavering resolve and relentless endeavor culminated in the conferment of a Bachelor’s degree in the intricate discipline of Psychology in the annum of 2016.

Yet, her insatiable appetite for erudition remained insatiable. At present, Chandler steers her course towards augmenting her reservoir of knowledge through the pursuit of a Master’s degree at the venerable institution known as New York University. Her ambitions unfurl in the form of a Ph.D. in the realm of psychology, with the ultimate aspiration of making her indelible mark in the domain of counseling in the days that lie ahead.

Chandler’s unwavering dedication to her scholarly and vocational aspirations stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to carve out her unique narrative, one that diverges markedly from the notoriety her father carved within the labyrinthine corridors of the financial sphere.


In a stark divergence from her brother’s choice to tread the path blazed by their paternal progenitor, Chandler charted an uncharted course in life, her inspiration drawn from the indelible mark left by her maternal figure.

From the tenderest of ages, Chandler harbored a profound aspiration to burgeon into a luminary scientist. However, the tumultuous interplay of her parents’ relationship seemed to gently nudge her toward a dissimilar trajectory.

In the pursuit of her bachelor’s degree back in 2015, Chandler zealously allocated her time and endeavors to a pantheon of nonprofit entities, all united by a noble purpose: the empowerment of marginalized cohorts. Her endeavors encompassed the provision of succor to survivors ensnared in the throes of interpersonal strife and to offspring with parents or kin ensnared within the confines of penal institutions.

Within the academic confines of her alma mater, she assumed the mantle of Workshop Facilitator for the venerable One Love Foundation, a mantle she held onto tenaciously until her graduation in 2016.

Moreover, Chandler delved with unwavering resolve into the labyrinthine realm of scientific exploration, lending her expertise to various laboratories at the vanguard of pioneering interventions tailored for individuals ensnared in the quagmire of substance use disorders, an odyssey that resonated with her deeply, given the crucible of her father’s struggles that marked her formative years.

As she fervently pursued her Master’s degree in the venerated discipline of Mental Health Counseling, Chandler continued her relentless quest for enlightenment, honing her skills as an apprentice at the hallowed halls of Berkeley College.

Upon the consummation of her scholarly odyssey, Chandler embarked on a career trajectory brimming with fulfillment, earning the imprimatur of licenses as a luminary mental health counselor and psychologist within the resplendent expanse of New York City. Her sojourn stands as a resplendent testament to her unwavering commitment to effecting a sanguine influence upon the lives of those she serves, etching out an indelible legacy that stands in splendid isolation from the labyrinthine narrative of her father’s intricate history.

NameChandler Belfort
Date of Birth29 July 1993
Age27 years (as of 2021)
Zodiac SignLeo
HometownNot Known
Net worth$100,000 US Dollars
SchoolNot Known
College– Muhlenberg College
– NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education,
and Human Development
Height– feet and inches: 5’2”
– centimeters: 158 cm
WeightNot Known
Body MeasurementsNot Known
Eye ColorBrown
Hair colorDark Brown
Shoe sizeNot Known
Father nameJordan Belfort
Mother nameNadine Caridi
BrotherCarter Belfort
Sister– Frankie
– Nicky
– Allie (stepsisters)
Marital statusUnmarried

Chandler Belfort Education Qualification

Amidst her academic years, Chandler embarked upon her professional odyssey as a research collaborator at a prestigious institution in the heart of New York. This early immersion into the realm of academia served to intensify her ardor for erudition and exploration.

Subsequently, she undertook the pursuit of a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling at the esteemed New York University, thereby cementing her unwavering commitment to the discipline of psychology. Presently, her vocation revolves around providing counsel to clients in the vibrant metropolis of New York, where she proffers solace and guidance to those seeking it.

Chandler’s aspirations transcend her current achievements. Her ambition extends towards the attainment of a Ph.D. within the same domain, with the overarching objective of deepening her proficiency and broadening her skill set. Her resolute dedication to the realm of science mirrors the fervor and devotion she shares with her progenitor.

Presently situated in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Chandler persists in the relentless pursuit of her aspirations, exemplifying her indomitable drive and determination in her endeavor to leave an indelible mark in the field that holds her heart.

High QualificationMaster Degree
Degree NameMental Health Counseling/Counselor
SchoolVistamar School, California
College/UniversitySteinhardt College, NYU

Chandler Belfort Height/ Weight/ Age

In stature, Chandler Belfort maintains a vertical presence of 5 feet and 2 inches, while her precise weight remains veiled from disclosure. She made her entrance into the world on a Thursday, precisely on the 29th day of July in the year 1993, hailing from the sovereign soil of the United States of America. In the current annum of 2021, Chandler stands at the age of 27, emblematic of the relentless march of time as she traverses the singular odyssey of her existence.

Weight52 Kg (114 lbs)
Height5’2″ Inch (160 cm)
Body TypeAverage
Eye ColorDeep Dark
Hair ColorDark Brown

Personal Life

Chandler Belfort’s biography wouldn’t be complete without delving into her intriguing family background. Despite her penchant for privacy, she carries with her the weight of a family history that’s far from ordinary. Opting for a path entirely divergent from her father’s, she’s charted her own course marked by integrity, compassion, and intellect.

The notorious Jordan Ross Belfort, whose name is well-known internationally, is Chandler’s father. His reputation extends beyond that of an American author to that of a former stockbroker who rose to fame as a result of the film “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which was based on his turbulent real-life experiences. His reputation has been tainted by a history of deceit and manipulation that resulted in a punishing twenty-two month imprisonment.

On the other side of the family spectrum is Chandler’s mother, Nadine Caridi, a glamorous model with British heritage. Nadine is a highly educated woman, holding a Ph.D. in Somatic Psychology and Neuroscience. Her marriage to Jordan spanned a successful fourteen years, but it eventually crumbled in 2005 due to Jordan’s impulsive behavior and criminal transgressions.

Chandler has a younger brother named Carter Belfort, who briefly garnered attention in 2015 when he initially followed in his father’s footsteps. However, he later made a wiser choice by taking a page from Chandler’s book and enrolling at Bond University to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business.

Nadine went on to marry John Macaluso, a prominent business figure in New York, on September 29, 2011. This union introduced three step-sisters into Chandler’s life: Frankie, Nicky, and Allie. Despite the ups and downs in Chandler’s journey, she and Carter maintain a unique bond with their father, Jordan Belfort. Their family’s story is a complex tapestry woven with both challenges and moments of connection.

Chandler Belfort’s Parents

In the annals of literary acclaim, Chandler’s progenitor rose to prominence as the scribe behind the enthralling chronicle, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” This narrative subsequently underwent a cinematic transformation, with none other than Leonardo DiCaprio stepping into the role of its protagonist. Jordan Belfort’s existence resembled a tumultuous rollercoaster, punctuated by legal skirmishes that ultimately culminated in a four-year incarceration, though his time served amounted to a mere 22 months.

In the aftermath of parting ways with Chandler’s maternal figure, both Jordan and Nadine embarked upon divergent odysseys, forging ahead into uncharted territories. Nadine, in particular, kindled the flames of love anew, uniting in matrimony with John Macaluso, a prominent magnate hailing from the bustling heart of New York. This sacred union ushered three stepdaughters—Frankie Macaluso, Nicky Macaluso, and Allie Macaluso—into Chandler’s world, progeny of John’s antecedent liaison. Astonishingly, the love saga of John and Nadine endures, its inception etched into the annals of history on the auspicious date of September 29, 2001.

Conversely, in the tapestry of Jordan Belfort’s youth, the loom of romance wove intricate patterns. Presently, he stands on the precipice of matrimony, his betrothed being none other than Anna Koppe. Their abode lies bathed in the golden rays of California’s sun. Meanwhile, Jordan’s offspring remain under the aegis of their mother, an epochal juncture in their lives as they navigate the labyrinthine complexities of co-parenting and divergent life trajectories.

Father NameJordan Belfort
Mother NameNadine Caridi
Siblings– Brother: Carter Belfort
– Sister: Frankie Macaluso
Marital StatusIn-relationship
Boyfriend NameConnor Winter
Ex-Husband/SpouseUpdate Soon

Chandler Belfort’s Siblings

Growing up, Chandler shared her formative years with her younger brother, Carter Belfort. They journeyed through their early education together, attending the same elementary and Vistamar Schools. Eventually, their academic journeys brought them to Muhlenberg College, where they pursued their higher education.

Only one year separates Carter and Chandler, the two siblings, who are the oldest. Despite being close in age, they were both burdened by their difficult and turbulent upbringing. Interestingly, Carter’s estimated net worth currently stands at $200,000, a testament to his own unique journey, which you can explore further in my article on Carter Belfort by clicking on this link.

Chandler’s family extends beyond her immediate circle. She also shares a connection with three half-sisters: Allie, Nicky, and Frankie Macaluso, who entered her life after her mother’s marriage to John Macaluso. This blended family dynamic reflects the resilience and adaptability that often characterize individuals who have faced challenging family situations.


Chandler Belfort’s scholastic voyage was distinguished by an extensive immersion into the realm of psychology and the intricacies of mental well-being, charting a distinctive course that diverged from her paternal progenitor’s choices. Instead, she consciously elected to tread the path of her maternal predecessor, a choice firmly grounded in her intrinsic fervor and unwavering dedication.

Her professional expedition commenced as a Research Assistant at the Social Cognition and Imagination Laboratory, nestled within the heart of New York at Pace University. Here, she embarked on an absorbing exploration of the multifaceted universe of psychology, amassing invaluable acumen and penetrating insights into the labyrinthine workings of the human psyche.

In the year 2017, Chandler took a monumental stride forward in her vocation by enlisting with the New York State Psychiatric Institute. In this capacity, she has been actively engrossed in offering guidance and counseling to individuals grappling with an array of mental-emotional tribulations. Her resolute commitment to effectuating a constructive influence within this sphere manifests unmistakably in her unwavering resolve to aid those in dire need.

Chandler’s insatiable yearning for erudition transcends the contours of her professional pursuits. During her academic sojourn, she embarked upon the odyssey of mastering the Spanish language, a testament to her eagerness to broaden her horizons and foster connections with diverse communities. Her aspirations remain far from satiated, as she harbors an earnest ambition to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy degree in the realm of psychology, with a distinct focus on the domain of mental well-being and counseling. Chandler’s narrative serves as an enduring attestation to her unyielding commitment to comprehending and buttressing individuals grappling with the vicissitudes of mental health, thus earning her maternal matriarch’s profound admiration for forging a distinctive trajectory in this pivotal domain.

Net Worth

Chandler indeed radiates ambition and a profound commitment to the world of science. Her journey took root during her college years, where she embarked on her professional voyage as a research assistant. Her initial role placed her within the stimulating environment of The Social Cognition and Imagination Lab at Pace University in New York. Here, she started her academic journey and laid the groundwork for her profession.

Chandler moved into a comparable role in 2017, this time at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. She devotes her focus to having a significant impact on the lives of persons coping with mental health issues as she immerses herself in this complex field of study. Her dedication to this industry is apparent, and she has pursued growth and purpose with a relentless focus throughout her career.

While the specifics of Chandler Belfort’s current net worth remain private, one can’t help but consider the potential she carries. Her family background offers a glimpse into the possibilities. Her father, Jordan Belfort, was once estimated to possess a net worth exceeding $100 million, although recent developments may have reshaped that figure significantly. Nevertheless, Chandler is carving her own path, distinct from her father’s notoriety, and there’s no doubt that her dedication and determination will lead to notable achievements in her chosen profession. Her journey promises to leave a significant mark, charting a unique course toward her own success.

Net WorthApprox $1 million
Counselor Fee$100 – $150
Annual SalaryApprox $40,000
Earning SourceMental Health Counselling


Chandler’s romantic tale has undergone a splendid metamorphosis as she presently finds herself in an affectionate relationship alongside her devoted partner of longstanding, Connor. What heightens the heart’s delight even further is their current status as betrothed souls, with the resonance of wedding bells drawing near. The felicitous tidings were disseminated through her maternal figure on her Instagram platform, endowing the proclamation with an additional stratum of heartfelt warmth.

The odyssey that led them to this significant juncture commenced nearly seven years ago, circa 2012, on the eastern seaboard, a considerable distance from the familiar environs of her familial homestead. It stands as a testament to the indomitable connection they’ve meticulously cultivated over the passage of time, reaching its zenith with their formal engagement, a ceremony that transpired in the vicinity of December 2019. As they brace themselves to embark on this new and profound chapter in their shared existence, the chronicle of their affectionate entanglement continues to serve as an enduring fount of elation and jubilation.

Chandler Belfort’s Husband

Chandler’s love story began during her time at Muhlenberg College when she crossed paths with Connor J Winter in 2012. Connor was pursuing studies in Marketing & Finance, and their connection sparked a romance that would endure for over seven years.

Their journey reached a memorable milestone on December 22, 2019, when Connor proposed to Chandler. It was a heartwarming moment that unfolded in the cozy confines of the home they had lovingly created together. The proposal took place during a cherished Winter family tradition, involving the search for a pickle ornament nestled on the Christmas tree.

The culmination of their love story was a beautiful wedding, held on September 25, 2021, at the picturesque Kanoza Hall by Kanoza Lake in New York. While their love story is filled with promise and joy, the couple has yet to welcome any little ones into their lives. Currently residing in New York, they are savoring the early days of their married life.

In a world dominated by social media, Chandler and Connor have chosen a different path. They both lead quiet, private lives and maintain restricted Instagram and Facebook accounts, accessible only to a select group of followers. For a glimpse into their world, you can explore their family moments on her father and mother’s Instagram accounts, where they occasionally share snapshots of their shared journey.

Social Media Accounts

Chandler Belfort, undoubtedly a figure of interest in the media, first came under the spotlight when her father Jordan Belfort’s case made headlines. Despite her preference for a low-profile personal life, details about her remain scarce. Her Instagram account exists, but it’s kept entirely private. Similarly, her boyfriend, or rather, fiancé, maintains a social media presence that has yet to be uncovered.

Even during the challenging times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Chandler made a public appearance to reassure her followers who sought mental health counseling that she was there to support them. Her admirable qualities include ambition, hard work, diligence, beauty, and intelligence, making her a promising individual in her own right. As Jordan Belfort’s daughter, Chandler is recognized for her positive attributes and is poised to carve her path to future success.

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  • Born in Los Angeles on July 29, 1993, Chandler Belfort will be 28 in 2021.
  • The notorious businessman and author Jordan Belfort and former model Nadine Caridi, who has a Ph.D. in Somatic Psychology and Neuroscience, are her parents.
  • Chandler has a younger brother, Carter Belfort, and three half-sisters, Frankie, Nicky, and Allie Macaluso, from her mother’s marriage to John Macaluso.
  • Chandler has kept a low profile despite her father’s fame.
  • She graduated from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor of Psychology in 2016.
  • Chandler has worked as a mental health counsellor and psychologist in New York City and loves psychology.
  • She is studying a Master’s in psychology at NYU with hopes of becoming a Ph.D. in counselling.
  • Chandler has been interested in nonprofits that support survivors of interpersonal strife and family members in prison.
  • She married Connor J Winter at Kanoza Hall in New York on September 25, 2021.
  • Chandler has a private Instagram account and keeps her personal life private, unlike her father.


Chandler Belfort’s full name?

Chandler Belfort is his full name.

Chandler Belfort’s parents?

Chandler’s parents are Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi.

Does Chandler Belfort have siblings?

She has a younger brother, Carter Belfort, and three half-sisters, Frankie, Nicky, and Allie Macaluso.

Chandler Belfort’s education?

She is pursuing a Master’s at New York University after earning a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Muhlenberg College.

Chandler Belfort’s career?

Chandler is a NYC psychologist and mental health counsellor.

Is Chandler Belfort married?

She married Connor J Winter on September 25, 2021.

Are Chandler Belfort’s social media accounts public?

Chandler keeps her Instagram secret and low-profile.

Chandler Belfort was born where?

Born in Los Angeles, California.

Chandler Belfort’s age?

Chandler Belfort is 28 in 2021, born July 29, 1993.

How much is Chandler Belfort worth?

Her net worth, mostly from mental health counselling, is estimated at $1 million.


Finally, Chandler Belfort, daughter of Jordan Belfort, has chosen privacy and dedication to her mental health counselling career. Even though her father was troubled, she has developed her own identity, receiving a Bachelor’s in Psychology and pursuing a Master’s at New York University. Chandler’s dedication to helping people and studying show her resiliency and desire to change the world.

She married Connor J Winter in 2021 after a touching love tale. Chandler’s limited public presence allows her to live a tranquil and private life, unlike her father.

Chandler Belfort shows courage, honesty, and resilience as she pursues information and mental health counselling. Her tale shows that people may control their fate regardless of family.

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