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Numerous ordinary individuals have ascended to celebrity status through their unions with well-known personalities, and Brittany Sonnen serves as a noteworthy example in this regard. She remained relatively obscure in the public eye until she became the spouse of the MMA analyst, Chael Sonnen. It is worth noting that Brittany has independently achieved celebrity status in her own right, largely attributable to her association with Chael Sonnen.

The turning point in Brittany Sonnen’s public recognition came about with her marriage to the renowned MMA analyst, Chael Sonnen. Their romantic relationship developed over a period of time before culminating in their nuptials in the month of July in the year 2013. The couple has been blessed with two children, namely Theo Sonnen and Pria Sonnen. Brittany, alongside her husband, currently resides in West Linn, Oregon, situated within the United States.


Full names Brittany Sonnen 
Gender Female
Date of birth April 18, 1985
Birth PlaceUnited States 
Age 38 years old as of 2023 
Nationality American 
Religion Christian
Zodiac sign Aries 
Current residence West Linn, Oregon, United States 
Famous as Chael Sonnen’s wife 
Net Worth$1 million 

Brittany Sonnen’s biography 

Brittany, the celebrated wife, hails from the United States of America. She proudly holds American citizenship and is of white ethnicity, adding to the rich tapestry of her heritage. What’s intriguing is that she’s not alone in her family journey; she shares her life with both a sister and a brother, weaving a familial bond that undoubtedly shapes her life in many ways.

Currently, Brittany calls the charming city of West Linn, Oregon, her home. Nestled within the scenic landscapes of the United States, this city provides a picturesque backdrop to her life. It’s fascinating how our roots and surroundings can shape who we are, isn’t it?

Brittany Sonnen’s age

“Hi there! As of 2023, Brittany Sonnen is 38. When’s her birthday, though? She was born April 18, 1985. So mark her big day on your calendar! Aries, her zodiac sign, is energetic and dynamic. Isn’t it fascinating how birthdates can reveal a person’s personality?”

Why is Brittany Sonnen famous?

Brittany Sonnen became famous as the loving wife of MMA superstar Chael Sonnen. An intriguing aspect about Brittany is her tendency to keep her personal life private. She’s great at hiding her private life from the public view. She and her spouse occasionally appear at public events, such as the 14th annual Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards.

Let’s get technical. Rumours that Brittany is an entrepreneur add mystery to her image. In contrast, her spouse, Chael Sonnen, is a successful MMA and submission grappler. A top UFC light heavyweight and middleweight contender. This is difficult due to fierce rivalry in these areas.

Chael launched SUG, short for Submission Underground, a submission grappling promotion in 2016. This project shows his dedication to the sport and gives young talent a chance to shine.

There you have it—Brittany Sonnen, a discreet but intriguing figure in the public, and her husband, Chael Sonnen, a mixed martial arts legend with a compelling story that encompasses entrepreneurship and SUG. Interesting, eh?

Brittany Sonnen’s Husband Chael Sonnen

Marital StatusMarried
HusbandChael Sonnen 

Brittany Sonnen is Chael’s wife. Only a West Linn, Oregon, mobster can pull off Chael’s meeting trick, which is highly recommended.

Chael met Brittany in a fight in Portland. After joking with him, she “ran away.” He persisted and followed her through a massive crowd for another shot. When he met her, Chael begged to borrow her phone because he had died.

Calling himself to acquire her number. While her brother hauled her after seeing her chatting to Sonnen, Chael texted her, “Don’t lend her phone to strangers.” They left the next day. Most people know Brittany as Chael’s wife; her life before him is private.

Brittany Sonnen’s kids 

Childrens NameTheo Sonnen and Pria Sonnen 

Brittany and her spouse have a son and a daughter. They have two children, Theo and Pria Sonnen. They had their first son, Theo Sonnen, in 2015. Blauna Dian, their second child, died five days after birth from listeria infection. 

Brittany Sonnen Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 7 inches 
Weight52 kg
Eye ColourBlue 
Hair ColourBlonde

Brittany Sonnen’s Net Worth

Yes, let’s discuss Brittany Sonnen’s net worth and her husband’s earnings in a casual manner with some technical information:

As a celebrity spouse, Brittany intrigues netizens who want to know everything about her profession and earnings. Shall we go to the numbers?

Brittany’s 2023 net worth is $1 million. Pretty impressive, right? She became wealthy through entrepreneurship.Her husband is MMA fighter Chael Sonnen.

Chael’s $4 million net worth is significantly greater. This fortune came from his successful MMA career as a top contender in many divisions.

It’s amazing how MMA and entrepreneurship have changed their finances. These numbers demonstrate their hard work and reveal celebrity finances. That talent and ambition can lead to such accomplishment is amazing.


Q1. Who is Brittany Sonnen and how did she become famous?

A1. MMA analyst Chael Sonnen’s wife is Brittany Sonnen. Her marriage to MMA star Chael Sonnen made her famous.

Q2. Where is Brittany Sonnen from and her present address?

A2. Brittany Sonnen is American and lives in West Linn, Oregon.

Q3. Brittany Sonnen’s age and birthday?

A3. Born April 18, 1985, Brittany Sonnen will be 38 in 2023. Her name is Aries.

Q4. Brittany Sonnen has how many children and their names?

A4. Bri and Chael Sonnen have a son, Theo, and a daughter, Pria.

Q5. Can you describe Brittany Sonnen’s appearance?

A5. Brittany Sonnen weighs 52 kg and is 5’7″. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. White and straight, she is.


In conclusion, Brittany Sonnen, best known as the wife of MMA icon Chael Sonnen, has garnered fame and a net worth of $1 million through her entrepreneurship. This discreet but intriguing figure, along with her husband’s impressive MMA career and entrepreneurial ventures, exemplifies the potential for success through talent and ambition. Brittany’s life remains somewhat private, but her connection to Chael Sonnen has made her a noteworthy personality in her own right.

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