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John Lee Bottom

John Lee Bottom came from a humble background, hailing from a small town where he instilled a strong work ethic in his children. This dedication to hard work ultimately paved the way for their rise to fame. Today, John is remembered and celebrated through the remarkable success achieved by his offspring.

The journey of this family began with their association with a spiritual group, which, sadly, was involved in questionable activities that had a negative impact on their son. Realizing the need for a fresh start, the family decided to sever ties with both the community and the city they had called home. They chose to officially adopt the surname “Phoenix,” drawing inspiration from the mythical bird that symbolizes rebirth from ashes. This choice signified their determination to embark on a new chapter in their lives.

John’s commitment to providing for his family was extraordinary. He dedicated a staggering fourteen to fifteen hours each day to his work, often enlisting the help of his children in various gardening endeavors. However, a lingering spine injury from his youth eventually forced him to stop working, presenting the family with new challenges.

In pursuit of their dreams in the entertainment industry, John and his family made a significant move to California. Here, the bustling alleys of West Los Angeles became the backdrop for their children to showcase their talents, captivating sizable audiences with their performances.

The life of John Lee Bottom is a tapestry of intriguing facets that warrant exploration and appreciation. In this narrative, we aim to illuminate these aspects for the enlightenment of our readers.

Who is John Lee Bottom?

In the annals of Hollywood’s history, John Lee Bottom, who adopted the enigmatic moniker John Phoenix, occupies a singular niche. He is renowned as the progenitor of the late, exceptionally gifted thespian and vocalist, River Phoenix, as well as the illustrious Oscar laureate, Joaquin Phoenix. Nevertheless, predating his family’s meteoric rise to fame, John, along with his spouse, wholeheartedly immersed themselves in the Christian missionary sect known as ‘The Children of God’ for a substantial portion of their lives.

Although John Phoenix’s foray into the limelight may have been relatively ephemeral, his legacy is forever entwined with the extraordinary accomplishments of his two prodigious offspring. River Phoenix, whose untimely demise at the tender age of 23 plunged the world into sorrow, stood as a burgeoning luminary, adored for his captivating portrayals in iconic cinematic creations like ‘Stand By Me’ and ‘My Own Private Idaho.’ Concurrently, Joaquin Phoenix has etched his name indelibly in the public consciousness, amassing critical acclaim and an Academy Award for his exceptional performances in cinematic masterpieces such as ‘Joker,’ ‘The Master,’ and ‘Walk the Line.’

While John Phoenix’s association with ‘The Children of God’ may not be widely disseminated, it constitutes an indispensable chapter in the tapestry of his life. This religious sect, established in the latter part of the 1960s, sought to disseminate the Christian gospel through unconventional methodologies. Despite the fact that John and his family disengaged from the organization many years ago, their tenure with ‘The Children of God’ undeniably wielded a profound impact in shaping their Weltanschauung and influencing their parenting ethos.


John Lee Bottom has a distinct and captivating life narrative. In addition to being a husband and father, he belonged to a religious cult. In California, he met his future wife Arlyn Phoenix, with whom he got married on September 13, 1969. They shortly after became missionaries and journeyed to different regions of the globe to share their message. They subsequently learned, though, that the group they were a part of encouraged both group sex and intercourse between adults and kids. At a young age, their son River experienced sexual abuse as well. After a while, they broke away from the cult and returned to the US with their kids, relocating to Winterpark, Florida, where they adopted the last name Phoenix.


John Lee Bottom, known by his stage name John Phoenix, had a fascinating life journey as an American missionary and a member of “The Children of God.” He came into this world as the child of Robert Merrill Bottom (1917-1993) and Beulah Ernstine Ingram (1918-1980), born in Stanislaus County, California.

John’s legacy extends through his remarkable children, including the late and incredibly talented River Phoenix and the Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix. His role as a father and his experiences as a missionary added layers of depth to his unique life story.

Full NameJohn Lee Bottom
First NameJohn
Middle NameLee
Last NameBottom
ProfessionCelebrity Father
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameRobert Merrill Bottom
Mother NameBeulah Ingram
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Date of Birth1947
Height5 ft 6 in
Weight50 Kg
Net Worth$50 million

John Lee Bottom: Education Background

Talking about his academic qualifications, Lee chose to drop out of school and began working since he had a for working with his hands. He first worked as a gardener.

However, Lee couldn’t stay in that section for long due to his uneasiness. Due to this reason, he went on the road. He became a haphazard traveler who attempted to see practically every destination he could reach.

John Lee Bottom Age and Height

The departure of John from our group heralded a momentous transformation. He was profoundly dedicated to his Christian faith, and his departure left a palpable void. John possessed a modest physical stature, standing at a height of five feet six inches and weighing a mere fifty kilograms. His bodily dimensions, measuring 36, 28, and 34 inches, were complemented by his striking chestnut hair and captivating hazel eyes.

In conjunction with their unwavering faith, John and his family wholeheartedly embraced veganism, not merely as a dietary preference but as a holistic way of life. This unwavering commitment to a plant-based lifestyle served as a manifestation of their deeply ingrained values and convictions.

In the year 1978, confronted with the challenges of sustaining their household, John embarked on a courageous journey by establishing his very own landscaping enterprise. This endeavor was more than a means of ensuring sustenance; it represented a deliberate choice, driven by John’s aspiration to maintain a lean physique. This was an essential component for excelling in the demanding realm of horticulture, underscoring his unwavering dedication and strong work ethic.

John Lee Bottom: Family, Siblings

John Bottom’s narrative commences amidst the enigmatic landscapes of Stanislaus County, California, where his inception unfolded, courtesy of his progenitors, Robert Merrill Bottom, the patriarch, and Beulah Ernestine Ingram, the matriarch.

Nevertheless, John grappled with a profound sense of incongruity in that geographical enclave, which in turn, kindled an inexorable yearning to traverse the uncharted expanses. He metamorphosed into an intrepid sojourner, driven by an insatiable hunger to immerse himself in a myriad of unexplored realms.

Notably, the annals are bereft of substantial insights into the existence of his fraternal or sororal counterparts, leaving the query of whether John bore any brethren or sisters shrouded in ambiguity. John’s formative years unfurled against a backdrop of adversities, and as an alumnus of the educational system who subsequently gravitated towards horticulture, he found his youthful exuberance increasingly besieged by an overwhelming sense of disquietude. This palpable restlessness ultimately impelled him to embark on a voyage of profound self-exploration.

Personal Life

John’s life was defined by his roles as a loving father and a devoted husband. He found his soulmate in Arlyn Phoenix during their early days in California. Their love story blossomed, leading them to start dating and ultimately tie the knot on September 13, 1969.

The newlyweds embarked on a remarkable journey as missionaries, sharing the gospel of “The Children of God” across various corners of the world, including Mexico, South America, and different parts of the United States. In a nod to their spiritual path, the couple briefly adopted the names Jochebeb (for Arlyn) and Amram (for John), drawing inspiration from the Bible.

For a significant period, their marriage thrived, and they celebrated 27 years together. However, in 1997, a decision that puzzled many was made to part ways. The exact cause of their divorce remains shrouded in uncertainty, leaving room for speculation.

After the divorce, Arlyn went on to marry Jeffrey Weisberg in 2001, forging a new path in her life. Meanwhile, John faced a personal battle with cancer, a formidable adversary that he courageously fought for several years.

Tragically, John succumbed to the relentless grip of cancer in 2015, passing away at the age of 68. His life was a journey marked by love, faith, challenges, and resilience, leaving a lasting legacy in the hearts of those who knew him.


John Bottoms, a well-known American producer and songwriter, found himself entangled with the controversial religious group known as The Children of God, or The Family International. This group garnered attention for its contentious practices, including the infamous Flirty Fishing rule, which encouraged female members to engage with outsiders to attract new followers.

In 1973, John and his wife Arlyn became part of this group, but their time with the cult was short-lived. In 1977, they made the courageous decision to leave, driven by their profound disagreements with the group’s practices. It’s important to note that despite their departure, John’s past affiliation with the group cast a shadow over his personal beliefs and actions.

However, we should not allow this chapter of his life to overshadow his impressive accomplishments in the music industry. John Bottoms’ professional journey and contributions to music are worthy of recognition and celebration, demonstrating that he was a multifaceted individual with a wide range of experiences and talents beyond his association with a controversial group.


John Lee Bottom, though not widely acknowledged for his personal endeavors, found himself elevated to the echelons of esteemed parenthood due to the remarkable accomplishments of his offspring.

His progeny, Joaquin Phoenix and River Phoenix, embarked upon their inaugural forays into the realm of performing arts during the early 1980s, commencing their careers with appearances on televised productions. Within the cinematic sphere, Joaquin’s emergence as a formidable presence materialized through substantive contributions to films such as “SpaceCamp” (1986) and “Parenthood” (1989). During this phase, he adopted the distinctive alias “Leaf Phoenix,” a nomenclature that set him apart with its singularity.

The early 1990s witnessed Joaquin’s reclamation of his birth name, heralding the commencement of an extraordinary odyssey within the film industry. His body of work garnered commendation, particularly for his roles in comedic productions like “To Die For” (1995) and “Quills” (2000), thereby attesting to his versatile thespian capabilities.

A watershed moment in Joaquin’s career materialized with his embodiment of the character Commodus in the historical opus “Gladiator.” This portrayal not only garnered effusive accolades from critics but also secured a nomination for the prestigious Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the year 2000.

Beyond his histrionic prowess, Joaquin Phoenix has steadfastly championed altruistic causes since the tender age of three. He has even ventured into the realm of documentary filmmaking to illuminate the environmental repercussions of meat consumption.

Within his personal sphere, Joaquin shares progeny with the esteemed actress Rooney Mara, their bond marked by profound and affectionate resonance. The legacy of John Lee Bottom finds itself intricately interwoven with the soaring achievements and consequential endeavors of his exceptionally gifted scion, Joaquin Phoenix.

John Lee Bottom’s Achievements

In the waning years of the 1970s, subsequent to his return to the United States, John Lee Bottom opted for California as his domicile of choice. It was within this scenic haven that he wholeheartedly immersed himself in the arena of societal concerns, propelled by an authentic ardor for effecting change.

Among his most fervent commitments, none surpassed his unwavering dedication to the noble cause of animal welfare. John labored ceaselessly in concert with diverse organizations championing the interests of our four-legged companions, devoting his time and vigor to champion the prosperity of these beloved creatures. His empathy for the animal kingdom resonated profoundly through his actions, as he steadfastly aspired to engineer a more promising world for them.

In parallel to his pursuits in the realm of fauna, John also carved a formidable impression on the lives of underprivileged juveniles across the American landscape. He assumed the mantle of founding the Children’s Health Fund, an altruistic entity bestowed with the noble mandate of bestowing indispensable medical care upon youngsters confronting the most dire of circumstances. Through this laudable initiative, John Lee Bottom aspired to ensure that every progeny, irrespective of their lineage or prevailing circumstances, could lay claim to the sanctity of comprehensive healthcare provisions.

The legacy of John Lee Bottom is not confined solely to that of a loving kith and kin, but is equally emblematic of an empathetic and resolute individual who etched an enduring imprint on the causes that commanded his unwavering devotion.

Net Worth 2023

For years, John Lee Bottom dedicated himself to the artistry of carpentry, pouring his skill and passion into his craft. While the details of his wealth remained private, his children emerged as shining stars in their respective fields.

His son, Joaquin Phoenix, carved a significant niche for himself in Hollywood, amassing a net worth of $50 million through sheer determination and hard work. His relentless perseverance in the industry bore fruit when he clinched the prestigious Oscar for Best Actor in 2020, a testament to his talent and dedication. His portrayal of the iconic character Arthur Fleck, also known as the Joker, in the psychological thriller “Joker,” stood out as a masterclass in acting. The film itself, with a budget ranging from 55 to 70 million dollars, achieved unparalleled success, raking in a staggering 1.073 billion dollars at the box office.

In “The Master,” Joaquin brought to life the complex character of Freddie Quell, contributing to the film’s gross of $28.3 million on a $32 million budget. In the realm of cinematic artistry, audiences found themselves enthralled by his portrayal of Commodus in the critically acclaimed, Oscar-nominated historical masterpiece, “Gladiator.” His rendition bestowed a profound complexity upon the character, propelling the film’s overall revenue to a staggering $460.5 million, all achieved within the confines of a $103 million budget.

Through his extraordinary aptitude and the accumulation of well-deserved accolades, Joaquin Phoenix not only paid homage to his familial heritage but also ascended to the status of an authentic luminary within the domain of motion pictures, etching an indelible imprint upon the hearts of global audiences

Relationship Status

In the realm of matters pertaining to matters of the heart, John Lee Bottom found himself united in matrimony. The chronicle of his affection unfurled on September 13, 1969, as he entered into wedlock with Arlyn Phoenix, the cherished soul who had captured his heart. Nevertheless, the tapestry of their life took a tumultuous turn, culminating in 1997 when the couple confronted the formidable decision to part ways, eventually leading to their formal separation and subsequent divorce. The precise catalysts that propelled them along this path remain enigmatic, casting an aura of mystique over the tapestry of their companionship.

John steadfastly identified with a heteronormative gender identity throughout his existence. However, prior to his union with Arlyn, he engaged in a romantic liaison with another lady, the specifics of which are shrouded in relative obscurity. Nonetheless, from this liaison emerged a daughter christened Jodean Bottom, a testament to John’s role as a parent to six progenies.

Their firstborn, River Phoenix, graced the world stage on August 23, 1970, and carved out a niche for himself as both a vocalist and a thespian. His indelible presence illuminated the silver screen through remarkable cinematic performances in productions such as “My Own Private Idaho,” “Stand by Me,” and “Indiana Jones.” Tragically, the trajectory of River’s life was prematurely truncated, as he succumbed to a tragic demise on October 31, 1993, a tender youth of 23 years, falling victim to the scourge of substance abuse.

Their inaugural daughter, Rain Phoenix, entered the world in 1972, and the third scion of their familial line, Joaquin Phoenix, made his debut on October 28, 1974, in the environs of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Plying his trade in the illustrious footsteps of his departed sibling River, Joaquin embarked on an artistic journey that ultimately catapulted him to prominence, culminating in his laureled triumph with an Academy Award for his portrayal in “Joker” in the year 2020.

The second daughter, Liberty, graced the familial tapestry in 1976, and a mere span of two years later, Summer, their third daughter, entered the stage of life. Summer charted her distinct course within the realm of the entertainment industry, establishing herself as an American actress, model, and vanguard of fashion design, marked by significant appearances in cinematic productions such as “The Believer,” “Arresting Gena,” “Esther Kahn,” and “SLC Punk!”

The life journey of John Lee Bottom bore the fruits of profound interpersonal relationships and the captivating odyssey of parenthood, casting an enduring legacy through the accomplishments and talents of his offspring.

John Lee Bottom: Wife

When it comes to matters of the heart, John Lee Bottom’s love story revolved around his marriage to Arlyn Phoenix, born on December 31, 1994, to her parents Meyer Dunetz (father) and Margaret (mother) in New York. However, life’s twists and turns brought her to California in 1968, where her path intertwined with John’s.

Their love story began to bloom in the late 1960s, and they took the plunge, exchanging vows in 1968. They had the joy of motherhood as a result of their union and welcomed River, a son, into the world on August 23, 1970. The talented singer and actor River graced the big screen, creating a lasting impression with iconic parts in films including “My Own Private Idaho,” “Stand by Me,” and “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”

Tragically, on October 31, 1993, a fatal heroin overdose claimed the life of their beloved son, River, who was only 23 years old, tragically ruining their lives

Their family continued to grow with the arrival of a daughter, named Rain Phoenix, in 1972. Subsequently, in 1974, their third child, Joaquin Phoenix, was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Joaquin, following in the footsteps of his late brother River, emerged as a remarkably talented actor, achieving immense success in the Hollywood industry. His crowning achievement came when he clinched an Oscar for his exceptional role in “Joker” in 2020.

The couple’s blessings continued with the birth of their second daughter, Liberty, in 1976. Two years later, their third daughter, named Summer, graced their lives. Summer, like her siblings, pursued a career in the entertainment industry, making her mark with roles in films such as “The Believer,” “Arresting Gena,” “Esther Kahn,” and “SLC Punk!”

John and Arlyn’s journey was marked by love, loss, and the remarkable achievements of their children, making their story a testament to the enduring bonds of family.

John Lee Bottom Kids

John Lee Bottom’s fame is undeniably intertwined with the remarkable achievements of his children in the entertainment industry, and this is a source of immense pride for him.

All of his children—Joaquin Phoenix, River Phoenix, Jodean Bottom, Rain Phoenix, Summer Phoenix, and Liberty Phoenix—have entered the performing business, each pursuing a different career route. Joaquin Phoenix stands out among them as a true light, having won an Oscar for his superb performance in “Joker.”

Although sadly taken from us at an early age, John’s son River Phoenix left an imprint with his talent while his sisters have found their own in the world of modelling. During their childhood, Joaquin was actively engaged in religious activities, although he eventually moved on from those pursuits to forge his own path in the world of entertainment.

The Phoenix children

John Lee Bottom and Arlyn Phoenix were blessed with a beautiful family, consisting of five children who brought joy into their lives. Their oldest son, Rain Phoenix, made his entrance into the world in 1972, followed by River Phoenix, their second eldest, born in 1970. Jude Phoenix, their third eldest, arrived in 1975, and they continued to expand their family with the birth of Liberty Phoenix in 1976. Completing their circle of love, their youngest daughter, Summer Phoenix, was born in 1978. Each child added their unique spark to the family, creating a tapestry of cherished memories and shared experiences.

River Phoenix

River Phoenix undeniably stood as the luminary amidst the Phoenix progeny, renowned for his multifaceted prowess as an thespian, melodious virtuoso, and an unwavering devotee to societal imperatives. His sojourn into the realm of the performing arts commenced during the nascent stages of his life when he graced the television screens and airwaves, meticulously setting the prologue for an extraordinary vocation.

Nevertheless, it was his pivotal portrayal in the legendary opus “Stand by Me” that vaulted him into the radiant orbit and illuminated his prodigious histrionic aptitude. As he continued to metamorphose as a virtuoso, River took the lead in an array of critically acclaimed cinematic productions, including “Running on Empty,” “My Own Private Idaho,” and “The Thing Called Love,” etching an indomitable impression upon the celluloid tapestry.

However, River Phoenix personified more than mere acting acumen; he embodied a fervent champion of societal parity. He harnessed his podium to espouse causes near to his heart, encompassing ecological preservation and animal welfare, accruing accolades for his dedication that transcended the silver screen.

Tragically, on the eve of October 31, 1993, River’s earthly voyage was abruptly curtailed at the tender age of 23. He had rendered a performance at the nocturnal establishment known as The Viper Room, succumbing to a harrowing and ruinous overdose, bequeathing an abyss in the realm of show business and within the hearts of innumerable global admirers. River Phoenix’s legacy persists, not solely as a consummate virtuoso but also as an impassioned advocate for the causes he held close to his heart.

Their first kid died

John and Arlyn Phoenix bestowed unique and meaningful names upon their children, each carrying its own story. Their firstborn son was named Rain Phoenix, a name that evokes the beauty of nature.

Another of their children, River Phoenix, bore a name that felt like destiny. Born in Madras, Oregon, on August 23, 1970, River was not only an actor but also a talented musician. He and his four siblings struggled with tremendous poverty as they were growing up in the modest surroundings of Micanopy, Florida. In order to make ends meet, they performed on the streets while singing and dancing, demonstrating their tenacity and willpower.

Jude Phoenix, another of John and Arlyn’s children, hailed from this unique family. His journey into show business began at a remarkably young age, and he would go on to grace renowned films and TV series, including “Stand by Me,” “Running on Empty,” “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” and “Family Ties.”

However, tragedy struck on the night of October 31, 1993, when Jude, just 23 years old, met a heartbreaking end outside the nightclub “The Viper Room.” He had just stepped offstage, concluding his performance that night. The circumstances of his passing were shrouded in suspicion, as a fatal cocktail of heroin and cocaine was suspected to be the cause.

This tragic event unfolded before the eyes of his sister Rain, brother Joaquin, and fiancée Samantha, leaving them to grapple with the profound loss of a beloved sibling and companion. The Phoenix family’s journey is marked by both their remarkable talents and the heartbreaking challenges they faced along the way.

Their Son Has Passed Away

John Lee Bottom’s daughter, Rain Phoenix, is a multi-talented artist who has made her mark as both an actress and a singer. Born in Texas on November 21, 1972, she has graced the screen with her presence in notable films like ‘Amazing Stories,’ ‘Low Down,’ ‘Forever,’ and ‘Violet,’ showcasing her versatile talents.

His son, Joaquin Phoenix, has carved a remarkable career as a successful actor and producer, celebrated for his unforgettable performances in ‘Gladiator’ and the iconic ‘Joker.’ His journey began on October 28, 1974, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where his talents found their roots.

John himself had a unique upbringing. At the tender age of three, his parents made the courageous decision to leave their religious group, setting the stage for the diverse paths his children would take.

Rain Phoenix’s significant other is the accomplished actress Rooney Mara, making their partnership a notable connection in the entertainment world.

Liberty Phoenix, another of John’s children, was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on July 5, 1976. She too ventured into the acting industry and graced the screen in films like ‘Kate’s Secret’ and ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.’ However, she eventually shifted her focus to explore various other interests, reflecting the family’s wide-ranging pursuits.

The youngest of John’s children, Summer Phoenix, is a versatile artist who wears many hats, including actress, model, and designer. Her journey began on December 10, 1978, in Winter Park, Florida, and she embarked on her performance career at the incredibly young age of two. Her impressive filmography includes titles like ‘Dinner Rush,’ ‘The Believer,’ and ‘Suzie Gold,’ among others, illustrating her diverse talents. The Phoenix family’s rich tapestry of creativity and accomplishments is a testament to their enduring legacy in the world of entertainment.

John Lee Bottom’s Cause of Death

In his later years, John Lee Bottom faced a challenging battle against cancer, a fight that he carried out with remarkable strength and resilience. He made the decision to live a more sedate and low-key life after his divorce, away from the spotlight. Information on his life and activities become increasingly rare throughout this time.

Tragically, John’s adventure ended in 2015 at the age of 68. The insidious disease, cancer, was the cause of his passing. While the details of his final years may remain somewhat veiled, his legacy and the impact of his family continue to shine brightly in the hearts and minds of those who knew and admired him.

Divorce and Life after Divorce

John Lee Bottom and his wife Arlyn shared a marriage that endured for a significant period. For many years, their journey together was a testament to love and commitment. However, following a 27-year marriage adventure, they made the agonising choice to formally separate in 1997. Many people are curious about the complexities of their relationship as a result of the unanswered questions around this crucial decision.

John Lee Bottom made a decision to live a more secluded and reserved life when they got divorced, taking a road away from the spotlight.The details of this phase of his life remained concealed, allowing him the space to navigate this transition on his own terms.

John Lee and Jodean Bottom

Before John Lee Bottom’s marriage to Arlyn Sharon, he shared a significant chapter of his life with a woman named Trinity, a relationship that led to the birth of Jodean Bottom. For reasons known only to him, John kept Jodean’s existence a closely guarded secret, concealed from his own family for an extended period. It remained a hidden part of his past, known only to him.

However, secrets have a way of finding their way to the surface, and it was a close friend who eventually unveiled the truth, revealing the existence of Jodean to the Phoenix family. This revelation brought a mix of emotions and complexities to the forefront, but it was how the family responded that truly defined them.

River Phoenix, John’s son from his marriage to Arlyn, stepped up with remarkable compassion and responsibility. He took it upon himself to locate his long-lost sister, an act that demonstrated his deep sense of family bonds and commitment. River not only found Jodean but also assumed the role of a caring and protective older brother.

This significant discovery transformed the dynamics within the Phoenix family. Despite the initial secrecy, the family’s values of love, acceptance, and unity prevailed. The bonds between Jodean and her newfound half-siblings grew stronger, fostering a supportive environment for her and her daughter to thrive. It’s a story of family, resilience, and the power of love and acceptance to heal wounds and strengthen connections.

John Lee Bottom – Social Media

John Lee Bottom was a man who valued his solitude and avoided the social media and the spotlight. He preferred to keep his private affairs hidden from the prying eyes of the media and the online world, hence he did not keep up any social media profiles.

In contrast, his son Joaquin Phoenix, a well-known name in the entertainment sector, has dabbled in social media.  On his Instagram account, you can find him under the handle @joaquinlphoenix, where he has gathered a following of 232,000 people who eagerly engage with his updates and insights. While John chose the path of privacy, Joaquin has embraced a more public presence through his social media platform, providing a glimpse into his world for his fans and followers.


In the annals of history, there existed an enigmatic figure by the name of John Lee Bottom, renowned under the pseudonym John Phoenix. His life story is a tapestry woven with distinctive encounters and rooted in modest origins. Notably, he stands as the patriarch of the late River Phoenix and the esteemed thespian Joaquin Phoenix. This discourse embarks upon the odyssey of John Lee Bottom, traversing his formative years entwined with a religious sect and chronicling his unwavering commitment to family, culminating in their ascent to stardom in the realm of entertainment. It further scrutinizes his enduring legacy, his progeny’s noteworthy accomplishments, and his influential footprint on various philanthropic endeavors.


  • John Lee Bottom graced this world with his presence in 1947, his birthplace being Stanislaus County, California.
  • His upbringing was characterized by a humble milieu, which prompted his premature departure from formal education, steering him toward a career as a horticulturist.
  • An extraordinary aspect of John’s life was his daily labor, extending for a grueling 14 to 15 hours, often entailing the involvement of his offspring in horticultural pursuits.
  • The genesis of the “Phoenix” surname within his family narrative was emblematic of their rebirth, symbolizing their emancipation from an adherent past within a religious sect.
  • Among his progeny, River Phoenix shone brightly, adorned with dual talents as an actor and a melodious virtuoso, celebrated for his roles in “Stand by Me” and “My Own Private Idaho.”
  • Another scion of John’s lineage, Joaquin Phoenix, etched his name in the annals of fame and acclaim, clinching an Academy Award for his superlative portrayal in “Joker.”
  • Prior to their transformation, the family was ensnared in the enigmatic embrace of a contentious religious faction known as “The Children of God.”
  • In the year 1978, John Phoenix embarked upon an entrepreneurial venture in the realm of landscaping, thereby underscoring his unwavering commitment to the ethos of diligent toil.
  • Noteworthy was John’s indefatigable advocacy for the welfare of the animal kingdom, culminating in the inception of the Children’s Health Fund.
  • Regrettably, the mortal coil claimed John Phoenix in 2015, marking the culmination of a valiant battle against the scourge of cancer.


Who was John Lee Bottom?

John Lee Bottom, also recognized as John Phoenix, manifested as the progenitor of River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix. His life narrative is imbued with an ascetic inception and his instrumental role in shaping the destinies of his offspring.

What does the “Phoenix” surname signify for the family?

The adoption of the sobriquet “Phoenix” serves as a potent emblem of rebirth, symbolizing their emancipation from the clutches of a religious sect and heralding the commencement of a new chapter in their existence.

What milestones did John Phoenix’s offspring achieve?

River Phoenix radiated brilliance as an actor and a musical maestro, lauded for his performances in “Stand by Me” and “My Own Private Idaho.” Meanwhile, Joaquin Phoenix ascended to eminence, clinching an Academy Award for his virtuoso enactment in “Joker.”

How was John Phoenix connected to “The Children of God” religious group?

John and his family were ensnared in the enigmatic embrace of this contentious religious enclave before diverging due to ideological disparities.

What contributions did John Phoenix make to animal welfare?

John carved an indelible legacy through his unwavering commitment to the cause of animal welfare, culminating in the establishment of organizations dedicated to its sustenance.

How did John Phoenix meet his demise?

John Phoenix confronted the formidable adversary of cancer, succumbing to its relentless grip in the year 2015.

What constitutes the enduring legacy of John Lee Bottom?

John’s legacy is an interweaving of his progeny’s prodigious achievements and his indomitable contributions to various philanthropic endeavors, ranging from animal welfare to children’s healthcare.

What was John Phoenix’s vocation?

Before initiating an entrepreneurial sojourn, John was entrenched in horticultural pursuits.

How did the family’s foray into the entertainment arena transpire?

The family transplanted to California, where their scions commenced their journeys in the entertainment sphere, gracing the stages of West Los Angeles.

What were some of Joaquin Phoenix’s lauded roles in cinematic productions?

Joaquin Phoenix garnered accolades for his portrayals in cinematic gems such as “Joker,” “Gladiator,” “To Die For,” and “The Master,” etching his name in the annals of cinematic glory

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