‘Operation Repo’ Star Sonia Pizarro Dead at 60

Sonia Pizarro

“Lyndah Pizarro, her niece and costar on truTV, shared with TMZ that her aunt passed away peacefully in her sleep on a Wednesday night in Arizona.”

Sonia Pizarro, a notable personality recognized for her role on truTV’s Operation Repo, has passed away at the age of 60. The sad news was shared by her former husband and co-star on the show, Froylan Tercero, through an Instagram post on Thursday.

Sonia Pizarro

In his heartfelt message, Tercero expressed deep sorrow about Sonia’s passing and highlighted the diverse roles she played in life – a formidable woman to many and, to him, an ex-wife and the mother of his son. He fondly mentioned the everlasting place Sonia held in his heart, even going on to reveal a tattoo of her name on his stomach. Tercero informed his 12,400 followers that he would be taking a break from social media, concluding his message with gratitude for the cherished memories they created together.

Is Sonia Pizarro still alive?

Everyone want to know about Sonia Pizarro cause of death? The exact cause of Sonia Pizarro’s passing remains undisclosed. Lyndah Pizarro, Sonia’s niece and co-star on Operation Repo, conveyed to TMZ that her aunt peacefully passed away in her sleep on a Wednesday night in Arizona.

Operation Repo, the truTV series featuring Sonia Pizarro, ran from 2007 to 2014. According to IMDb, the show provided a glimpse into the intense and fast-paced world of car repossession, showcasing a team of highly skilled professionals from California’s San Fernando Valley.

In May 2018, the Pizarro family shared a challenging health update about Sonia through a GoFundMe campaign. It revealed that Sonia had experienced a stroke while driving, resulting in the loss of her ability to speak and impaired basic motor functions. The family initiated the fundraiser to cover medical expenses and garnered support amounting to $580.

The latest update on Sonia Pizarro’s health emerged in June of the same year, where the family took to Instagram to update fans about her progress. They informed that Sonia was showing gradual improvement, particularly in her speech and physical abilities. However, full recovery, especially in regaining strength in her legs and right side, was expected to require extensive and ongoing physical therapy.

‘Operation Repo’ Star Sonia Pizarro Dead at 60


10 Fast facts about Sonia Pizarro

Sonia Pizarro

Early Life and Family: Sonia Pizarro, born on January 31, 1963, in the USA, hailed from a Christian, middle-class family. Sadly, her parents separated during her early childhood, and she was raised by her mother, who worked tirelessly to provide her with a better life and education.

Educational Background: Despite facing a challenging childhood without her father’s presence, Sonia received her primary education from a private school in the USA. Her determination to succeed later in life was evident even during her early years.

Entry into Television: Sonia Pizarro’s journey into the world of television began when she decided to pursue a career as a TV celebrity. Her passion and talent led her to become a casting member in TV shows, eventually propelling her towards fame.

Breakthrough Role in “Operation Repo”: Sonia gained widespread recognition and fame for her role in the truTV show “Operation Repo.” This breakthrough moment in her career established her as a notable figure in the television industry, amassing a significant fan following.

Notable TV Shows and Movies: Throughout her career, Sonia was part of various TV shows and movies. Some of the noteworthy projects include “Repo Chick” (2009), “Operation Repo: Lou’s Revenge” (2016), and “Followed” (2018).

Personal Life and Marriage: Sonia was once married to Froylan Tercero, a fellow TV show casting member. Their initial encounter took place during the filming of “Operation Repo” on truTV. They eventually started dating but unfortunately, their marriage did not last long, and they later divorced.

Motherhood and Family: Sonia was a devoted mother to three children: Ruby, Robert, and Froylan Jr. Additionally, she was a proud grandmother to three grandchildren named Bryant and Brie, showcasing her love and dedication to her family.

Business Ventures and Brand Collaborations: Beyond her acting career, Sonia was involved in promoting various brands. She had several brand collaborations, showcasing her versatility as a public figure. These endeavors also contributed to her income.

Financial Success: Sonia Pizarro had built a substantial net worth through her successful career as a TV celebrity and her brand promotions. Her net worth was estimated to be $5 million, highlighting her financial achievements.

Legacy and Passing: Tragically, Sonia Pizarro passed away in her sleep on May 5, 2023, while in Arizona. This marked the end of an era for a remarkable television personality, leaving behind a legacy of talent and fame. Her contributions to the entertainment industry ensured she remained a celebrated figure during her time.

In Memoriam: Sonia Pizarro – A Tribute to a Remarkable Life and Career

“Sonia Pizarro’s impact reached beyond the screens of Operation Repo, touching the lives of many with her talent and presence. Her legacy as a resilient, strong-willed individual and a beloved part of the truTV family will always be remembered and cherished.”

People Also Ask About Sonia Pizarro

What Made Sonia Pizarro Famous on TV?

Answer: Sonia Pizarro gained widespread recognition and popularity for her prominent role in the truTV show “Operation Repo.” This reality TV series showcased the fast-paced world of car repossession and made her a notable figure in the television world.

How Many Children Did Sonia Pizarro Have?

Answer: Sonia Pizarro was a mother to three children: Ruby, Robert, and Froylan Jr. She also had the joy of being a grandmother to three grandchildren named Bryant and Brie.

What Was Sonia Pizarro’s Net Worth?

Answer: Sonia Pizarro’s net worth was estimated to be $5 million. Her income primarily came from her salary as a TV celebrity and collaborations with various brands.

How and When Did Sonia Pizarro Pass Away?

Answer: Sonia Pizarro passed away peacefully in her sleep on May 5, 2023, while she was in Arizona. The confirmation of her passing was provided by her ex-husband, Froylan Tercero.

Any Other Notable TV Shows or Movies by Sonia Pizarro Besides “Operation Repo”?

Answer: Yes, in addition to “Operation Repo,” Sonia Pizarro was also part of other TV shows and movies. Some of these projects include “Repo Chick” (2009), “Operation Repo: Lou’s Revenge” (2016), and “Followed” (2018), showcasing her versatility as an actress.

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