Jessie Murph Age: Unveiling the Rising Star of TikTok and Instagram

Jessie Murp

In the realm of digital artistry, Jessie Murph emerges as an American luminary on Instagram and TikTok, captivating the masses with her melodic ingenuity. Her auditory tapestries are a tapestry of intricate harmonies, poignant lyrical narratives, and bass-infused orchestrations that convey intricate yet relatable sentiments. Her unyielding dedication to pioneering new artistic frontiers serves as the impetus propelling her enduring prominence within the entertainment sphere. Jessie’s poetic adaptability, as well as her journey through the tapestry of life, have secured her a conspicuous niche in the collective consciousness.

Her visage is universally lauded for its arresting allure, an infectious countenance that radiates effulgent charisma, coupled with modeling finesse and an innate sartorial sensibility. Jessie Murph stands tall as one of TikTok’s most cherished female architects of content. Her repertoire encompasses not only humorous vignettes and entrancing dance choreography but also impeccably synchronized lip-sync performances. Her virtual presence continually ascends, marked by an ever-expanding legion of devoted aficionados. Moreover, her digital footprint is further accentuated by captivating Instagram vignettes and video dioramas, all of which perpetually ensnare the collective gaze of her captivated audience.

Jessie Murph Age

Jessie Murph, born on September 22, 2004, hails from the United States and has recently turned 18 in 2023. What sets her apart is her unique approach to involving her mother in her online endeavors. This not only helps her mom understand her daughter’s work better but also provides an avenue for them to strengthen their bond through shared experiences. By posting videos from her days as a competitive cheerleader on her YouTube account, Jessie has also provided her fans with a peek into her history.

With songs like “How Could You,” “Always Been You,” “Where Do You Go,” “If I Died Last Night,” “Pray,” “Nothing Else Matters,” “Cowboys And Angels,” and many more, her musical prowess is her claim to fame. Her fan base has responded well to these tracks, which have also greatly increased her notoriety.

Who is Jessie Murph?

Jessie Murph, a talented TikTok creator and vocalist hailing from the United States, goes by the handle ‘jessiemurphhh’ on the platform. She took to TikTok by storm, sharing captivating videos of herself singing and expertly lip-syncing to popular tunes. These videos caught fire in no time, propelling her to an impressive following of over 9.2 million TikTok enthusiasts. Notably, her song “Always Been You,” released in 2021, has resonated with a staggering 70 million listeners, showcasing her undeniable musical prowess and appeal.


In the realm of entertainment, Jessie Murph, an exceptionally talented American songstress and a prominent figure in the realm of social media influence, has garnered substantial renown. She possesses not only an enchanting vocal prowess but has also bestowed upon the industry an array of chart-topping melodies such as “Eternally Yours,” “Invoke,” and “In What Manner Could Thou?” to cite just a few instances.

Nonetheless, it is her dominion over TikTok that has veritably propelled her to the zenith of recognition. Boasting an awe-inspiring legion of more than nine million devotees on this platform, Jessie has firmly cemented her position as a formidable presence in the domain of concise video content.

If your curiosity is piqued and you aspire to glean further insight into this multifaceted artisan, I implore you to immerse yourself within the entirety of this exposition. Within its confines, you shall unearth the most recent revelations regarding her chronological age, stature, biographical dossier, fiscal assets, romantic partner, personal history, corporeal dimensions, familial ties, cultural heritage, ancestral lineage, citizenship, theological affiliations, intriguing tidbits, and an abundance of additional revelations.


Real NameJessie Murph
ProfessionSinger and social media influencer
Age18 [as of 2022]
Date of Birth22 September 2004
BirthplaceNashville, USA
HometownNashville, USA
Zodiac SignVirgo
CollegeDidn’t attend
Famous ForTikToks and Music

Jessie Murph Education

Jessie Murph is proudly rooted in the United States, and as of 2023, she’s blossomed into a 19-year-old. With her birthday falling on September 22, 2004, she’s a Virgo by astrological sign. Her American nationality shines brightly.

Jessie’s musical prowess has transcended platforms, resonating with audiences across YouTube to Spotify. She passionately embraces artistic freedom, firmly believing that music serves as one of the most potent forms of communication.

Jessie Murph Height, Weight

Jessie Murph, at her youthful age, is undeniably striking, radiating both beauty and allure. Her slender figure adds to her charm, making her a favorite among the younger crowd. With a height of approximately 5 feet 3 inches and a weight of around 55 kilograms, her physique boasts a graceful slimness.

Jessie’s distinctive features include her lustrous black hair and captivating blue eyes. She has a doll-like appearance thanks to her flowing, silky hair and large, captivating eyes. Her attractiveness doesn’t end with her appearance; her fascinating demeanour makes her a compelling person overall.

Jessie Murph’s Personal Life

In the most up-to-date information at hand, there exists an absence of particulars concerning the amorous endeavors of Jessie Murph or the presence of a significant other in her life. Presently, her paramount concentration is directed towards nurturing her burgeoning professional vocation, and it’s imperative to underscore that as of July 2023, she remains unattached.

For those who harbor an inquisitive disposition, desiring to delve into the multifaceted dimensions of Jessie Murph’s existence, we present an all-encompassing biography. Jessie heralds from the United States and has garnered eminence as a songstress of note, a maestro of music, a luminary of TikTok, and a luminary on YouTube. She has etched an indelible imprint upon the domain of entertainment. Her national identity is unequivocally American, and she is celebrated for her commendable anatomical proportions, boasting an enviously svelte physique. Her date of birth is September 22, 2004, rendering her 19 years of age as of the calendar year 2023. She graces this world with a stature that approximates 5 feet 3 inches and carries a burden of approximately 55 kilograms. Jessie possesses a pair of resplendent azure orbs, and her cascading ebony tresses bestow upon her a singular, beguiling allure. Her charismatic persona radiates effulgently.

While comprehensive details regarding her familial milieu, siblings, conjugal status, and offspring are not readily discernible, it is a matter of public record that she is presently engrossed in the advancement of her professional pursuits. As for her educational background, place of origin, and sundry other personal intricacies, they are cloaked in the shroud of secrecy. Jessie’s astrological sign is Virgo, and she is an ardent proponent of artistic liberty and the potency of music as a means of communication. Her religious proclivities remain undisclosed, and her financial worth remains uncorroborated.

Jessie’s life is an enchanting amalgam of harmonious melodies, artistic ingenuity, and digital sway, rendering her a compelling enigma for aficionados and adherents alike.

Jessie Murph Family

Jessie Murph hails from a well-established family, though we were unable to find the identities of her parents during the course of our investigation for this piece. We do know, though, that her parents are also artists, thus music runs in the family.

In the realm of siblings, Jessie has an elder brother, Garrett Murph, who likely shares her passion for music.

Ethnically, Jessie belongs to the white community, and she holds her faith in the Christian religion, reflecting her personal beliefs and values.

While we may not have all the intimate details of her family life, it’s clear that music and faith are central aspects of her identity and upbringing.


Jessie Murph’s ethnicity is a blend of American mixed heritage, reflecting the rich cultural diversity that makes up her background.


Jessie Murph commenced her odyssey as a digital maven of social influence, venturing into the cyber domain with the inauguration of her TikTok account in July of 2019. During that epoch, TikTok was engendering global reverberations, and Jessie astutely seized the moment to unveil her artistic ingenuity. Initially, her content encompassed an array of succinct vignettes, but her epiphany materialized when she embarked on the presentation of lip-synced renditions synchronized with trending audio and cultural motifs.

In spite of an initial tussle to ensnare a broad audience, she tenaciously persisted for over a year. It wasn’t until the latter part of 2020 that her visual opuses began to acquire momentum, deeply resonating with a burgeoning cadre of aficionados. Prior to this transformative juncture, she had corralled a few hundred thousand adherents on the platform. However, in the denouement of that same year, her creations commenced permeating the screens of millions of spectators, culminating in a meteoric upsurge of her following, surmounting the illustrious 1.5 million milestone.

Becoming a digital luminary constituted merely one facet of her aspirations; her soul yearned for a sojourn into the realm of harmonious composition. Armed with a formidable digital congregation, she discerned the propitious moment to venture into the musical panorama. Astoundingly, she had been cultivating her own musical compositions since her tender youth at the age of eleven, unveiling her innate prowess in lyrical craftsmanship. Additionally, Jessie is not solely an extraordinary vocalist; she possesses virtuosity in the realm of musical instrumentation, encompassing the piano, guitar, and ukulele among her skillset.

Preceding the revelation of her indigenous musical compositions, she graced her YouTube channel with reinterpretations of melodious classics, honing her artistic virtuosity while imparting her melodious endowment. The epochal juncture materialized when she bestowed upon her admirers her inaugural melodic opus christened “Enhancement” in January of 2021. Over the course of that annum, she ceaselessly bestowed further sonic jewels upon her devotees, bestowing creations such as “During My Absence” and “Cognizance,” thereby further substantiating her role as an embryonic melodious virtuoso.

Anticipating the inauguration of her maiden studio anthology “Submersion” in February of 2023, Jessie unveiled a profusion of preeminent singles from the album, including chart-toppers like “Eternally Yours,” “Invoke,” “I Might Have,” and “While Engrossed in It,” to enumerate but a few. The anthology comprised 11 compositions, all of which offered a panoramic vista into her unadulterated aptitude and imaginative prowess, bereft of any collaborative contributions.

Notably, her most recent melodic soliloquy, titled “Lone Star State,” marked a momentous milestone for Jessie, as it featured a harmonious coalescence with the illustrious vocalist Maren Morris. The trajectory of Jessie Murph is a testament to her indomitable resolve and multifaceted proficiency in the domains of digital media and harmonious orchestration.

Jessie Murph’s Net Worth

Jessie Murph has built up an impressive estimated net worth of around $1.2 million, mainly stemming from her flourishing music career and lucrative sponsorships.

As a musician, her income primarily flows in through the sales and streaming of her songs. Of course, it’s worth noting that she shares a portion of these earnings with her label, as is common in the industry.

Beyond the digital realm, Jessie has ventured onto grand stages, solidifying her financial standing. Notably, she recently graced the stage at the Hangout Music Festival and successfully concluded a tour following the release of her debut album.

Looking ahead, she’s set to embark on another exciting musical journey with her upcoming Cowboys And Angels (North American Tour), commencing on September 13, 2023, and concluding on November 11. This tour promises to be a significant addition to her income stream.

On the social media front, Jessie leverages her substantial following, which has now exceeded ten million combined followers, to collaborate with prominent brands. Her influential presence makes her an excellent choice for companies aiming to expand their product or service reach to a wide and engaged audience. This diversification of income sources showcases Jessie Murph’s astute approach to building her financial success.

Jessie Murph Boyfriend, Dating

Jessie Murph is currently leading a single life, and considering her age, it’s likely that she’s not actively seeking a life partner at the moment. However, her current relationship status indeed reflects her singleness. However, it’s highly probable that she was in a romantic relationship at one point.

Jessie’s roots trace back to a Caucasian heritage, and she proudly holds American citizenship. Given the fact that both her mother and father are talented musicians, it appears that music runs in her family. Her mother in particular has been by her side every step of the way, acting as a pillar of support for her music and social media endeavours.

Within her family dynamic, Jessie has an older brother named Garrett Murph, who has pursued a career as a DJ. Interestingly, he often shares the stage with Jessie at various music events, creating a harmonious blend of talent within the family. Despite not having an abundance of details about her family, it’s clear that music is an integral part of their lives and a source of connection for them.

Is Jessie Murph On Instagram?

Absolutely, you can find Jessie Murph on Instagram with the username ‘jessiemurphhh.’ Her Instagram following is quite impressive, boasting 726K dedicated followers. Interestingly, she’s not only a talented artist but also a fan herself, as she openly shares her admiration for Maren Morris on her Instagram account. It’s a glimpse into her musical tastes and a way for her to connect with her fans over shared passions.


Birth and Age: Jessie Murph was born on September 22, 2004, making her 18 years old as of 2022 and 19 years old in 2023.

Hometown: She hails from Nashville, USA.

Zodiac Sign: Jessie’s zodiac sign is Virgo.

Nationality: She proudly holds American nationality.

Religion: Jessie follows the Christian faith.

Career Beginnings: She started her journey in the digital world on TikTok in July 2019.

TikTok Following: Jessie has a massive following of over 9.2 million on TikTok.

Musical Talent: Besides TikTok, she is known for her musical prowess and has released several popular songs.

Net Worth: Her estimated net worth is approximately $1.2 million.

Upcoming Tour: She is set to embark on the Cowboys And Angels (North American Tour) in 2023.

Family Involvement: Jessie’s parents are also artists, and music runs in her family.

Siblings: She has an older brother named Garrett Murph, who is a DJ.

Ethnicity: Jessie belongs to the white community.

Musical Heritage: Music and faith are central aspects of her identity and upbringing.

Collaboration with Brother: She often collaborates with her brother Garrett in music events.

Musical Achievements: Some of her popular songs include “Always Been You,” “Eternally Yours,” and “Invoke.”

Debut Album: Her debut album, “Submersion,” was released in February 2023, featuring her solo compositions.

Collaboration with Maren Morris: Jessie recently collaborated with Maren Morris on the song “Lone Star State.”

Social Media Influence: She is celebrated for her influential presence on TikTok and Instagram.

Artistic Freedom: Jessie believes in the power of music as a form of communication and artistic freedom.

Final Words:

Jessie Murph’s journey from a TikTok sensation to a rising music artist showcases her talent, dedication, and influence in the digital world. Her ability to connect with her audience through music and social media has solidified her place as an emerging star to watch out for in the entertainment industry.


Is Jessie Murph in a relationship?

As of July 2023, Jessie Murph is single and focused on her professional career.

What instruments can Jessie Murph play?

Jessie is skilled in playing the piano, guitar, and ukulele.

What is Jessie Murph’s most popular song?

Her song “Always Been You” gained significant popularity, with over 70 million listeners.

What is Jessie Murph’s estimated net worth?

Jessie Murph’s estimated net worth is approximately $1.2 million.

Where is Jessie Murph from?

Jessie Murph is from Nashville, USA.

What is the significance of her family in her career?

Her family, including her parents and brother, share a passion for music, which has influenced her career path.

Is Jessie Murph going on tour?

Yes, she is embarking on the Cowboys And Angels (North American Tour) in 2023.

What is Jessie Murph’s religious affiliation?

She follows the Christian faith, although specific details about her beliefs are not disclosed.

What is the title of Jessie Murph’s debut album?

Her debut album is titled “Submersion.”

What is Jessie Murph’s primary social media platform?

Jessie is most well-known for her presence on TikTok, where she has millions of followers.

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