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andrew shue net worth

Andrew Shue Net Worth

Andrew Shue has built quite a name for himself and seen significant success. If you’re curious about Andrew Shue’s net worth, our latest findings suggest it’s around $50 million.

NameAndrew Shue
ProfessionAmerican Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur
Date of BirthFebruary 20, 1967
Age56 years old
Height5 feet 11 inches
Net Worth$50 million

Who is Andrew Shue?

According to our recent findings, Andrew Shue is a multi-talented American figure, wearing hats as an actor, producer, and entrepreneur. You might remember him best as Billy Campbell from the hit TV series “Melrose Place.” He’s earned applause for his acting skills and left a notable mark on the entertainment scene over the years.

Andrew Shue Biography

Fans are actively searching for the biography of the American actor Andrew Shue, eager to learn more about his life. Born on February 20, 1967, Andrew Shue has become a prominent figure, sparking curiosity about his background. At 55 years old and standing at 5 feet and 2 inches, according to thepersonage, Andrew Shue’s biography offers a closer look at the details of his life.


Real Name/Birth NameAndrew Eppley Shue
Known asAndrew Shue
Main ProfessionAmerican actor
BirthplaceWilmington, Delaware
Date of BirthFebruary 20, 1967
Age55 years old
Height1.59 meters
Height (Feet)5 feet 2 inches
Height (cm)159 cm
Weight73 kg
Weight (in pounds)160 pounds
Dating HistoryAmy Robach
Marital ConditionMarried
SpouseAmy Robach (married in 2010), Jennifer Hageney (married from 1994 to 2009)
ChildrenNathaniel William Shue
Salary$25 million
Net Worth$120 million


Andrew Shue went to Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey, and even made it to the CHS Hall of Fame in 1994 alongside his sister. He continued his education at Dartmouth College, where he balanced academics and soccer. His passion for the game earned him recognition as a Regional All America soccer player during his school days. Andrew’s winter breaks were spent in Glasgow, Scotland, juggling studies and playing soccer for Queen’s Park FC. He graduated from Dartmouth with a B.A. in history in 1989, and right after, he ventured to Zimbabwe, where he not only played soccer but also taught high school math at Founders High School.

Andrew Shue Age

Based on our most recent findings, Andrew Shue is now 56 years old. He’s left a lasting mark in the entertainment world, earning recognition for both his acting skills and successful entrepreneurial endeavors.

Andrew Shue Height And Weight

Our latest research indicates that Andrew Shue is about 5 feet 11 inches tall (180 cm) and weighs roughly 170 pounds (77 kg). His fit and athletic physique mirror his past as a soccer player.

Andrew Personal Life

Back in 1994, Andrew tied the knot with Jennifer Hageney, a floral designer, and they welcomed three sons. However, after over a decade together, they parted ways and finalized their divorce in 2008. Two years later, Andrew found love again with Amy Robach, his co-anchor at Good Morning America and an ABC News correspondent. Amy, who had two daughters from her previous marriage, became Andrew’s wife in 2010.

Andrew Shue Family

Andrew Shue came into the world in Wilmington, Delaware, surrounded by the love and care of his parents, Anne Brewster (his mother) and James William Shue (his father). His mother, a bank executive, had previously served as a vice president at the Chemical Bank Corporation. On the other hand, Andrew’s father was a multifaceted individual—a real estate developer, lawyer, and president of the International Food and Beverage Corporation. Notably, he had also ventured into politics, making a bid for the U.S. Congress in New Jersey, though without success.

Tragically, Andrew’s father passed away on May 24, 2013, at the age of 77. Growing up, Andrew shared his childhood with three siblings: Elisabeth, William, and John. Elisabeth, now a renowned American actress, is widely recognized for her role in The Karate Kid. Sadly, William met with a tragic accident and passed away in 1988.

Andrew Shue Career

In the early 1990s, Andrew Shue burst into the acting scene, quickly gaining prominence through his role in “Melrose Place.” His career has been a testament to his acting prowess, earning him recognition and leaving a lasting mark on the entertainment industry. Beyond acting, his entrepreneurial spirit has driven him into various successful business ventures.

Andrew Shue’s Achievements

Andrew Shue’s life brims with achievements. His standout role in “Melrose Place” remains a highlight, showcasing his dedication and talent. Alongside his acting career, he’s made a significant impact online by co-founding CaféMom, a leading community for mothers.

Andrew Shue: Awards and Recognition

Throughout his journey, Andrew Shue has garnered multiple awards, particularly for his stellar performance in “Melrose Place.” His entrepreneurial ventures, notably CaféMom, have also earned him accolades. Despite the recognition, he remains known for his humility and unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

Andrew Shue Wife

Andrew found happiness and contentment in his marriage to Amy Robach, a supportive and remarkable woman in the journalism field, known for co-anchoring Good Morning America on ABC News. However, before this, he spent 14 years married to Jennifer Hageney, a talented floral designer, before they parted ways in 2008.

Andrew Shue Sons | Children

Andrew takes immense pride in being a father to three wonderful sons from his previous marriage to Jennifer. Additionally, he embraces the role of stepfather to Amy’s two daughters from her first marriage, cherishing the bond with his extended family.

Social Media

Andrew boasts a following of about 5.5K people on Twitter, yet he doesn’t maintain an official presence on Facebook or Instagram.


Andrew Shue, a versatile American figure known for his acting, producing, and entrepreneurial ventures, has established a prominent career. Rising to fame through “Melrose Place,” his journey in the entertainment industry showcases remarkable achievements. Shue, born on February 20, 1967, in Wilmington, Delaware, not only excelled in acting but also proved his prowess in soccer during his college days at Dartmouth. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found CaféMom, a thriving online community. Currently, at 56 years old, his net worth approximates $50 million, amassed through his diverse ventures and career milestones.

Key Facts:

  1. Early Life: Born as Andrew Eppley Shue, he hailed from a family with a notable background—his mother, Anne Brewster, was a bank executive, while his father, James William Shue, was involved in real estate, law, and politics.
  2. Career Highlights: Andrew’s breakthrough role was as Billy Campbell in “Melrose Place,” solidifying his position in the entertainment industry. Alongside acting, his co-founding of CaféMom showcased his entrepreneurial acumen.
  3. Personal Life: He married Jennifer Hageney in 1994, sharing three sons before their divorce in 2008. Later, in 2010, he married Amy Robach, an ABC News correspondent, and embraces the role of stepfather to her two daughters.
  4. Education: He attended Columbia High School in New Jersey, excelling in soccer, and pursued a B.A. in history from Dartmouth College.
  5. Net Worth: Estimated at $50 million, Andrew Shue’s wealth stems from his successful acting career, entrepreneurial endeavors, and investments.


Q: What is Andrew Shue’s net worth?

 A: Andrew Shue’s estimated net worth is around $50 million, amassed through acting, entrepreneurship, and investments.

Q: What notable roles did Andrew Shue play? 

A: Shue is best known for his role as Billy Campbell in the hit TV series “Melrose Place.”

Q: How many children does Andrew Shue have?

 A: He has three sons from his previous marriage and is a stepfather to Amy Robach’s two daughters.

Q: What are Andrew Shue’s major achievements?

 A: Besides his acting success, Shue co-founded CaféMom, a significant online community, showcasing his entrepreneurial success.

Q: What is Andrew Shue’s educational background? 

A: He attended Columbia High School and Dartmouth College, where he played soccer and earned a B.A. in history.

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