Wendy Etris Biography, Net worth, Height, Age and Everything About A.J. Styles Wife

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Wendy Etris is well-known as the adored wife of Allen Neal Jones, better known as A.J. Styles. A.J. Styles is a famous American wrestler signed to WWE, a major wrestling organisation.

Coming back to Wendy. She doesn’t join the squared circle like her spouse, but she has a successful career. Wendy is a passionate high school instructor who shapes students’ ideas and teaches beyond wrestling.

It’s remarkable how Wendy and A.J. Styles live different but honourable lives. Wendy Etris inspires future generations in schools as A.J. Styles fights in front of loud crowds. Their paths are distinct, but their commitment to them makes them a unique couple.

Quick Facts

Full NameWendy Etris
Date of birth1978
Birth placeUnited States
Age45 years old
Professionhigh school teacher
EducationJohnson high school

Wendy Etris Age

Wendy Jones was born in 1978 in North Carolina, cementing her American origins. Wendy is 45 years old, but her vibrant personality and magnetic passion would make you think she’s younger, always eager to take centre stage and enchant everyone with her own tune.

Wendy’s life has been unique, born in a place rich in American history and culture. Her North Carolina background certainly shaped her warm and inviting personality and love for community and family.

Wendy will prove that age is just a number when you meet her. Her cheerfulness shows her zest for life, as brilliant as a Carolina sunset. She can rule any room like a seasoned artist onstage, mesmerising everyone with her particular melody.

Whether you’re talking about her heritage, age, or personality, Wendy Jones proves that “Age is just a number.” Her youthful spirit and attractive charisma will leave a lasting impact on anybody who meets her.

Wendy Etris Profession

Wendy Jones turned her passion for education into a career as a high school teacher. Since childhood, her passion for teaching has guided her. Wendy considers her work a calling.

An intriguing twist in her path. Wendy’s devotion and support for her husband, A.J. Styles extend beyond marriage. Wendy had an impact in professional wrestling with short storylines in TNA and WWE. Her cameos showed her unshakable support for her loving husband, A.J. Styles.

A.J. Styles often credits Wendy with launching his career. She’s an inspiration and a kind partner. Her commitment to coaching and support for A.J. has surely shaped the athletic and charismatic wrestler.

Wendy’s tale shows a great blend of dedication to education, love for her spouse, and willingness to step into the spotlight for their quest. Her life is a beautiful tapestry of passion, support, and inspiration.

Wendy Etris Marriage

Marital StatusMarried
SpouseA.J. Styles

Wendy and A.J. Styles, a famous wrestler, married in 2000. Their long marriage shows their commitment, as they’ve never considered divorce.

Since they have four gorgeous children, their relationship has been blessed with small feet. First, Ajay Covell Jones, possibly named for his famous father, is the Styles family’s pride. Charming and graceful Avery Jones is next. Albey Jones gives the family a fresh touch, while Anney Jones completes this dynamic quartet.

Their family lives in peaceful Gainesville, Georgia. It’s a warm, welcoming household full of love, laughter, and their children’s experiences. Their family’s journey begins in Gainesville, with its beautiful scenery and southern charm.

They experience professional wrestling, parenting, and family life together. Wendy and A.J.’s love story and lovely family show their unbreakable commitment and ability to balance the spotlight with home.

Wendy Etris Husband Creer

A.J. Styles is a wrestling legend. His wrestling career began in 1998 and never ended. He loved wrestling, not just fantasised about it.

A.J. Styles started his career dedicated to his trade. He entered the square determined to win. He excelled, winning honours for his talent and dedication to the sport.

A.J.’s impact goes beyond wrestling. He is a global phenomenon, not just a wrestler. His charismatic personality and remarkable performances engage fans worldwide. Besides wrestling, A.J. Styles is a sports entertainment legend.

From ambitious wrestler to international star, his skill, hard work, and will to achieve are evident. A.J. Styles is a wrestling icon and success story.

Wendy Etris  Childrens

Wendy and her beloved husband, A.J. Styles are proud parents of four amazing children, each with their own special place in the Styles family timeline.

Ajay Covell Jones, their oldest, was born on May 3, 2005, starting their parenting experience. Two years later, on February 14, 2007, Avery Jones joined the family, adding romance.

Albey Jones, another joyful addition to the Styles family, arrived on September 15, 2009. Finally, on October 8, 2014, Anney Jones, their youngest child, joined their loving family.

The loving father A.J. Styles wants to preserve a remembrance of his children close to his heart. His right torso featured a distinctive tattoo commemorating their birthdates. The tattoo reads “AJ 05-03-05 02-14-07 09-15-09,” with each number signifying a birthdate of one of his first three children.

A.J. loved his kids even more. Anney was born in 2014 and wasted no time. He smoothly added “10-08-14” to the tattoo to honour all four of his wonderful children.

This touching tattoo represents A.J.’s love for his family, their profound bond, and his wonderful way to carry his children’s memories with him.

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 7 inches (Approx)
Hair Colourlight brown
Eye Colourbrown
Sexual OrientationStraight

Wendy Etris on Social Media

Wendy Etris maintains an Instagram account with a distinct approach compared to her husband’s social media presence. Notably, her account is set to private, which stands in stark contrast to her spouse’s, which is publicly accessible and boasts a substantial following in the millions. This disparity in privacy settings reflects the divergent strategies adopted by the couple in managing their online personas, highlighting the differing levels of accessibility and engagement within the realm of social media.

Net Worth

As of August 2023, Wendy Etris’ net worth is $2 million. As a US high school teacher, her finances are intriguing. The average high school teacher salary is $61,660. Wendy’s net worth likely comes from her concentrated schooling career, which matches her expected salary.

In comparison, her spouse, A.J., is worth $6 million. Wrestling has made A.J. rich.

This comparison of Wendy and A.J.’s financial profiles show how career choices and successes affect net worth.


Q1.Who is Wendy Etris and what is she known for?

A1.Wendy Etris is known as the wife of A.J. Styles, a famous American wrestler. She is a high school teacher who inspires students beyond the world of wrestling.

Q2.How old is Wendy Etris?

A2.Wendy Etris was born in 1978, making her 45 years old as of the article’s publication.

Q3.What is Wendy’s profession?

A3.Wendy Etris is a high school teacher, and she is passionate about her work.

Q4.Has Wendy Etris been involved in professional wrestling?

A4.Yes, Wendy Etris has made short appearances in professional wrestling promotions like TNA and WWE in support of her husband, A.J. Styles.

Q5.How many children do Wendy and A.J. Styles?

A5.They have four children: Ajay Covell Jones, Avery Jones, Albey Jones, and Anney Jones.


In conclusion, Wendy Etris and A.J. Styles are a unique and admirable couple who lead distinct but honourable lives. Wendy’s passion for teaching and support for her husband’s wrestling career showcase her dedication and versatility. Their loving family, with four children, reflects their strong commitment to both their careers and each other. This article highlights the inspiring journey of Wendy Etris, a high school teacher, and her wrestling legend husband, A.J. Styles, who together make a remarkable pair.

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