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Although Lyndrea Price may not be well-known, she has a close family connection to Venus and Serena Williams, two well-known tennis phenoms. It’s rather amazing how little is known about her life despite being associated with such outstanding athletes.

As Venus and Serena Williams’ older step-sister, Lyndrea Price has a special viewpoint on their extraordinary rise to prominence as professional tennis players. She has a significant influence on their lives and has personally witnessed how these two sisters’ dedication, tenacity, and sacrifice have propelled them to the pinnacle of their sport.

Lyndrea Price may not be as famous as her stepsisters, but her presence in their family makes their story more compelling. Despite receiving little attention, her perspectives and experiences add to the rich tapestry of the Williams family’s outstanding accomplishments in the tennis world.


NameLyndrea Price 
Date of birth 1978
Birth placeBeverly Hills, CA
Age45 years old 
ProfessionWeb designer, Entrepreneur, and Marketer 
College Howard University 
Famous ascelebrity step-sister
Net WorthAbout $150k US dollars

Lyndrea Price Early Life

Lyndrea Price was born in 1978 in the US. In 2023, she’s 45. Her parents, Yusef Rasheed and Oracene Price, shaped her life.

Lyndrea is close to her sisters Yetunde and Isha Price. Her relationship to fame is unique because she is the half-sister of Venus and Serena Williams.

Lyndrea Price is African-American and Christian, a beautiful tapestry of culture and ancestry. Her Horse astrological emblem adds intrigue to her personality.

Lyndrea went to a local school for her early education. Her scholastic journey led her to university, where she expanded her intellectual horizons.

Lyndrea Price Profession

Her devotion and accomplishment in fashion make Lyndrea Price a great person. She excels as an outfit designer and fashion merchandiser, turning her ideas into hit lines.

Lyndrea’s ambition goes beyond fashion. Her resume includes fascinating initiatives and various experiences. Her custom and outfit work on “Game On!” and “King Richard,” among others, is famous. She uses her acute eye for style and attention to detail to bring characters to life in the most visually compelling and authentic ways in these roles.

Lyndrea Price is a strong force in fashion and entertainment due to her aesthetic and technical skills. Her accomplishments demonstrate her dedication and ability to combine creativity with precision.

Lyndrea Price Age

Celebrity daughter Lyndrea Price was born in 1978 in the US. In 2023, she will be 45. This outstanding woman boldly represents American nationalism and is strongly anchored in African-American tradition.

Christian religion gives Lyndrea strength and has shaped her character. Her Horse birth sign adds intrigue to her personality.

Cultural diversity, spiritual commitment, and cosmic symbolism make Lyndrea Price’s life story distinctive and fascinating.

Lyndrea Price Family

Father Yusef Rasheed
MotherOracene Price
SiblingsSerena, Venus, Isha Price, and Yetunde Price 

The story of Lyndrea Price’s family and tennis is riveting. Richard Dove Williams, her lifelong father, was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, on February 14, 1942. Former tennis coach, he helped Venus and Serena Williams’ careers. In fact, Richard married three times. He had three sons and two daughters from his first marriage. In his second marriage, he loved a woman with three daughters, including Lyndrea Price. This second wife gave Richard Venus and Serena, two more daughters. He had a son during his third marriage from 2010 until 2017, adding to his complicated story. He has a son from a prior relationship, thus diversifying his parenthood to 13 children.

Lyndrea Price’s mother, Oracene Price, was born in Saginaw, Michigan, on April 3, 1952. She was a prominent American tennis coach and mother of five, but her influence goes beyond motherhood. As Venus and Serena’s mother, she inspires black mothers worldwide. Oracene’s impact on her daughters’ sporting prowess is just one aspect of her. Her feminine charm, deep spirituality, and tenacity make her an icon in athletics and a symbol of resilience for mothers everywhere. She divorced Richard Dove Williams in 2002 owing to irreconcilable disagreements and reclaimed her maiden surname, Price, to express her independence and uniqueness. Oracene Price’s life story transcends the court, and she’s remembered more as a terrific mother than a coach.

What is her relationship like with her sisters?

Lyndrea Price and Venus and Serena Williams have a great, happy relationship. Serena Williams wrote an emotional Instagram post about Lyndrea and her sisters, demonstrating the profound bond between them.

On Instagram, Serena wrote, “I adore this shot because it shows our closeness. These events centre me and emphasise family. They’ve always given me honest advice and support, which I value. Despite my tennis success, I’m the youngest of five siblings.”

This look into their sisterly bond reinforces their love and support and shows Lyndrea Price’s importance in Serena’s life. It’s a monument to their family’s resilience and unwavering support that helped Serena become a tennis legend.

Physical Appearance

Heightabout 5 feet 7 inches
Weight68 Kg
Hair ColourBlack 
Eye ColourBlack

Who is Lyndrea Price’s husband? 

Lynne Price’s relationship status reveals a fascinating chapter. She’s dedicated to a genuine partnership with Vernon Imani, but not marriage. Vernon, a devoted assistant at American Campus Communities, adds professional expertise and shared experiences to their trip.

Their love tale began at a friend’s party when they met by chance. As their relationship grew, they welcomed a daughter, sealing their lives together. Despite not getting married soon, Lyndrea and Vernon’s relationship shows the beauty of dedication, love, and shared parenthood, creating a unique and meaningful chapter in their lives.

Net Worth

His rise to success is a monument to his unshakable dedication to a career that has faced many obstacles and his passion for business. His 2022 net worth is $150,000 US. This financial milestone shows the rewards of his hard work and dedication to his path.


Q1.Who is Lyndrea Price and how is she related to Venus and Serena Williams?

A1.The older step-sister of Venus and Serena Williams is Lyndrea Price. She is related to the tennis stars since they share Richard Dove Williams, their father.

Q2. Lyndrea Price’s occupation?

A2. Web designer, entrepreneur, and marketer Lyndrea Price. She is also noted for her fashion and entertainment work on “Game On!” and “King Richard.”

Q3. Lyndrea Price’s age and background?

A3. Lyndrea Price, born 1978, will be 45 in 2023. She is Christian and African-American. Her zodiac sign is Horse.

Q4. Lyndrea Price’s parents and siblings?

A4. Parents Yusef Rasheed and Oracene Price raise Lyndrea. She has siblings Serena, Venus, Yetunde, and Isha Price.

Q5. How does Lyndrea Price interact with her sisters Venus and Serena Williams?

A5. As Serena Williams’ heartfelt Instagram post shows, Lyndrea Price and her sisters are close and happy.


Overall, Lyndrea Price, the lesser-known older step-sister of Venus and Serena Williams, has an interesting life story that deepens the Williams family narrative. Lyndrea, a web designer, entrepreneur, and marketer, is well-known in fashion and entertainment. Her close relationship with her sisters and unusual family background enrich the Williams family’s extraordinary trip.

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