Niamh McCormack Height, Bio, Age, Career, Parents, Net Worth and More

niamh mccormack height

Niamh McCormack Height

5 Feet 10 Inches

Niamh McCormack is a renowned Irish talent celebrated for her contributions as an actress, model, and producer. With a diverse range of roles in notable films and television shows, she has left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. Her performances in productions like “An Crisis” (2010), “Lily” (2016), “The Witcher” (2019), and “The Magic Flute” (2023) demonstrate her versatility and depth as an artist.

Moreover, Niamh is particularly recognized for her portrayal of Alison in the popular Netflix British teen drama series titled “Everything Now.” Her involvement in this acclaimed series further solidifies her status as a versatile and accomplished performer in the entertainment industry, captivating viewers with her compelling on-screen presence and skillful character interpretations.

Niamh McCormack Height

niamh mccormack height

Niamh McCormack stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches, embodying elegance and grace. With a slender physique, she maintains a weight of 55 kilograms, reflecting her dedication to health and fitness. Her towering stature and slender frame complement her presence, both on and off the screen, enhancing her versatility as an actress and model.

Standing at 5 feet 10 inches, Niamh McCormack possesses a commanding presence that captures attention effortlessly. Weighing 55 kilograms, she maintains a slender yet healthy physique, indicative of her commitment to overall well-being. These physical attributes contribute to her allure as an actress and model, allowing her to excel in diverse roles and projects.


Full NameNiamh McCormack
Age22 years old
Birth DateJanuary 17, 2001
Birth PlaceDublin, Leinster, Ireland
ProfessionActress & Model
FatherPaddy McCormack
MotherAnnie Gribbin
Relationship StatusNot known
Net Worth$3.2 million

Early Life and Education

Niamh McCormack entered the world on January 17, 2001, in Dublin, Leinster, Ireland, marking the beginning of her journey. Despite her young age of 22 as of 2023, McCormack’s path has been marked by challenges, notably during her school years. Enduring bullying, she made the difficult decision to leave traditional schooling at the age of 14, opting instead for homeschooling to escape the harsh environment. However, she persevered and eventually completed her Leaving Cert at a private school, showcasing her determination to overcome obstacles and pursue her education.

Driven by her passion for acting, McCormack sought to refine her skills and craft. She enrolled at the prestigious Bow Street Academy, where she honed her talents under expert guidance. Graduating from the academy in 2019, she emerged equipped with the skills and confidence to embark on her journey in the entertainment industry, poised to make her mark on stage and screen.

Niamh McCormack Parents

niamh mccormack height

McCormack’s upbringing was shaped by the distinct professions of her parents: her mother, Annie Gribbin, a talented makeup artist, and her father, Paddy McCormack, who owned and operated a bustling pub. Their separation when she was very young introduced McCormack to the complexities of family life. Throughout her childhood, she predominantly resided with her mother during the week, where she likely absorbed Gribbin’s creative flair and passion for cosmetics. Yet, weekends offered a different glimpse into her father’s world, providing her with a taste of the vibrant atmosphere of the pub scene and instilling in her a sense of community and social interaction.

Despite the physical distance between her parents, McCormack’s routine of spending weekends with her father ensured that she maintained a close bond with both sides of her family. This arrangement not only allowed her to cherish precious moments with each parent but also provided her with valuable insights into navigating relationships and adapting to changing circumstances. Through her experiences, McCormack likely learned to appreciate the diverse influences of her parents’ professions and the importance of fostering connections, both within her family and beyond.

Early Career and Modeling Success

niamh mccormack height

At just 14 years old, McCormack embarked on her modelling journey, kickstarting her career with the backing of Morgan the Agency. Her natural talent and striking presence quickly caught the attention of major brands, landing her coveted gigs with renowned names like The Bridge, Arnotts, and Life Style Sports. Remarkably, her ascent in the fashion world reached new heights when she graced the runway at Milan Fashion Week at the tender age of 16, marking a significant milestone in her flourishing career.

Ventures in Film and Television

niamh mccormack height

Transitioning seamlessly from the runway to the screen, McCormack made waves in the entertainment industry. In December 2020, her role in the second season of the Netflix hit series “The Witcher” as the enigmatic character “W” garnered widespread acclaim. Furthermore, her reprisal of the role of Róisín in the extended version of the short film “Lily,” now titled “Who We Love,” showcased her versatility and depth as an actress. With promising projects on the horizon, including appearances in the movie “The Magic Flute,” the Disney+ series “Willow,” and the Netflix production “Everything Now,” McCormack continues to captivate audiences with her talent and versatility.

Niamh McCormack Relationship Status

McCormack’s current relationship status remains undisclosed, reflecting her desire to maintain privacy in her personal affairs. Like numerous public figures, she values the boundary between her public persona and her private life, choosing to keep details about her romantic involvements out of the spotlight. It’s plausible that her focus lies primarily on her burgeoning career, and she may prioritise professional pursuits over romantic endeavours at this juncture.

With her sights set on achieving milestones in her career, McCormack’s attention is likely centred on her professional aspirations. As she navigates the demands of her burgeoning fame, she appears content to channel her energy into honing her craft and exploring new opportunities in the entertainment industry. Amidst her busy schedule, the pursuit of a romantic relationship may not be at the forefront of her priorities, allowing her to concentrate wholeheartedly on her flourishing career.

Physical Appearance

Niamh McCormack Height5’10”
Weight55 kg
Shoe Size5
Dress Size8-10

Niamh McCormack Awards and Recognition

While Niamh McCormack hasn’t received any notable awards or nominations for her performances as an actress, her talent has earned praise in various films and television productions. Despite her contributions to numerous projects, she has yet to secure formal recognition in the form of awards or nominations. Nonetheless, her dedication to her craft and the quality of her performances have left a lasting impression on audiences and critics alike.

Despite the absence of accolades, McCormack remains undeterred in her pursuit of excellence in acting. Her commitment to delivering compelling performances across multiple films and television programs reflects her passion for the art form. Although recognition in the form of awards may be forthcoming, McCormack’s focus remains on honing her skills and continuing to captivate audiences with her talent and versatility.

Brand Endorsements

Currently, there is no public record of McCormack participating in any brand or commercial endorsements. However, considering her rising prominence, it’s possible that sponsors and brands may seek her out for potential sponsorships and partnerships in the future. Despite speculation, there’s no concrete evidence of her involvement in any brand endorsement deals, likely due to limited public information. Any updates regarding this matter will be provided if and when available.

Niamh McCormack Social Media Presence

niamh mccormack height

Niamh McCormack maintains a presence on social media platforms, where she enjoys a considerable following on her official Instagram account. With 60.3k followers, her profile is easily recognizable by the blue checkmark, denoting its authenticity, and bears the handle “niamhhmccormack_.” However, we were unable to locate an official Twitter account for her. McCormack doesn’t have profiles on Facebook or YouTube, but there are fan-created pages dedicated to her, providing a source of interest and information for those curious about her career and background.

Niamh McCormack Net Worth

niamh mccormack height

Niamh McCormack’s net worth is estimated to be $3.2 million, primarily attributed to her successful careers as both an actress and a model. While specifics regarding her monthly, weekly, and annual income remain undisclosed, her accumulated wealth reflects the lucrative nature of her professions. However, it’s worth noting that the entertainment industry is known for its volatility, where an individual’s net worth can fluctuate significantly over time based on factors such as their level of popularity and the demand for their work. As such, McCormack’s financial standing may experience fluctuations in tandem with the ever-changing dynamics of the entertainment business.

Quick Facts

  • Niamh McCormack, a renowned Irish talent, has made significant contributions as an actress, model, and producer in the entertainment industry.
  • McCormack has showcased her versatility through various roles in films and television shows, including notable productions like “An Crisis,” “Lily,” “The Witcher,” and “The Magic Flute.”
  • Despite facing challenges during her school years, including bullying, McCormack persevered and completed her education, demonstrating her determination to overcome obstacles.
  • Beginning her modelling career at the age of 14, McCormack quickly gained recognition and secured prestigious gigs with renowned brands, highlighting her early success in the fashion industry.
  • Transitioning to acting, McCormack’s role in the Netflix series “The Witcher” garnered widespread acclaim, further establishing her as a versatile and accomplished performer.
  • Despite not receiving significant awards or nominations, McCormack remains committed to delivering compelling performances and continuing her pursuit of excellence in acting.
  • While there is no public record of McCormack’s involvement in brand endorsements, her rising prominence suggests potential opportunities for sponsorships and partnerships in the future.
  • McCormack maintains an active presence on social media, particularly Instagram, where she has a sizable following, although an official Twitter account for her remains elusive.


In conclusion, Niamh McCormack emerges as a multifaceted talent, making significant strides in both the acting and modelling realms. From overcoming challenges in her youth to captivating audiences with her performances on screen, McCormack’s journey reflects resilience, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. While her accomplishments speak volumes, her story also underscores the unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry, where success and recognition can be fleeting. Yet, with her unwavering determination and burgeoning potential, McCormack undoubtedly remains a figure to watch as she continues to leave her mark on the world of entertainment.

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