Norma Gibson: Biography, Age, Height, Weight, and facts about TYRESE GIBSON’S ex-wife

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You know, Norma Gibson is quite well-known as the first wife of that renowned actor, singer, and songwriter we all love, Tyrese Gibson. Now Tyrese, he’s a big name in the entertainment biz, he’s achieved some seriously impressive stuff. I mean, besides being a hit RnB singer, the guy’s also made a splash in acting, especially with his recurring gig as Roman Pearce in those awesome “Fast and Furious” movies. Pretty cool, huh?

Early life, biography, and date of birth of Norma Gibson

So, let’s dive into Norma Gibson’s background a bit. Norma Mitchell came into the world in 1981 in London, United Kingdom. Yep, she’s got that British citizenship going on. Now, an interesting twist – her mom’s from Israel, giving her a cool mix of roots. So, you could say she’s a bit of a mixed-race gal.


NameNorma Gibson
Date of birth March 1, 1981
BirthplaceLondon, England
Age42 years old
Birth signpisces
NationalityAmerican, Israeli
Net worth$20,000-$50,000 (approx)


You know, when it comes to Norma Gibson’s career, there isn’t a whole lot of buzz.Her relationship with Tyrese Gibson, the famous American actor and singer, has put her in the spotlight.

Now, here’s a little scoop from 2018 that turned some heads. It revealed that Norma Gibson was not interested in a work despite a court order for child maintenance from her ex-husband. Basically, their kiddo needed her to step into the workforce. But, surprise surprise, she wasn’t too keen. Her lawyers allegedly presented papers in court arguing that the seven hours she spends caring for their daughter was similar to her being incredibly busy and “living life.” Quite the twist, right?

Norma Gibson’s Age, Height, and Weight

At present, Norma Gibson stands at the age of 42, carrying with her a life journey that has woven experiences and stories. Casting a gaze upon her physical attributes, we find her graced with a stature that reaches a height of 5 feet and 7 inches, while her weight gracefully balances around 117 pounds. Delving further into her visage, it becomes evident that she possesses not only a captivating allure but also a statuesque elegance that invokes comparisons to the most discerning standards of beauty.

With an enigmatic aura that could benefit a model’s visage, Norma’s countenance exudes an undeniable magnetism. Her facial features form a symphony of attractiveness, harmonising to create an aesthetic that leaves a lasting impression. The canvas of her appearance is adorned with captivating elements – from the captivating arcs of her eyebrows to the captivating depths of her eyes.

Norma’s crowning glory, her dark curly hair, weaves a tale of its own. Each curl seems to hold a narrative of resilience and vibrancy, a testament to the individuality that defines her. The rich hue of her hair is complemented by her eyes, a shade of brown that carries within it a depth that mirrors the depths of her experiences.

However, it’s not merely her external attributes that paint a portrait of her essence. Norma’s dedication to fitness and well-being is palpable, evident in the contours of her figure that speak of commitment and diligence. Her physique stands as a living testament to the art of nurturing oneself, inviting admiration and appreciation from all who behold it.

It is worth noting that Norma Gibson’s journey has been intertwined with the world of Hollywood, as she once held the role of an actor’s spouse. The chapters of her life have seen her traversing the highs and lows of matrimony in the spotlight, contributing to the tapestry of her experiences.

In sum, Norma Gibson’s existence is an amalgamation of not only years but also stories, each contour of her being a brushstroke that forms the masterpiece that is her life.

Norma Gibson personal life

Actor Tyrese Gibson and Norma Gibson entered into matrimony in the year 2007, a juncture wherein Norma Gibson found herself in a state of gravidity. Gibson, renowned for his multifaceted talents spanning the realms of acting and melodic vocals, became the inaugural spouse in Norma’s nuptial journey. Notably, his prominence emanates from his portrayal within the widely acclaimed cinematic opus, “Fast & Furious.” The union between Tyrese Gibson and Norma emerged as a conspicuous liaison, in tandem with the elevation of Norma’s societal standing consequent to her matrimonial alliance with the aforementioned luminary. This union bore fruition in the form of a progeny, christened Shayla Gibson, who came to grace their lives.

Notwithstanding, the vicissitudes veiled within the cocoon of their marital relationship remained clandestine until the epoch of their divorce plea in the year 2009. The year 2015 marked a watershed as Norma Gibson finally broke her silence, thereby unravelling the complexities enveloping the custody of her progeny and the purported maltreatment meted out by her erstwhile spouse during the conjugal sojourn.

The chronicle of the duo’s tumultuous divorce saga reverberated extensively across the expanse of American media, consistently gracing the forefronts of numerous newspapers. The erstwhile paramours found themselves embroiled in a vehement legal tussle for the custodial rights over their cherished offspring. The judicial adjudication initially decreed a provisional bestowment of custody pertaining to Shayla Gibson in favour of her maternal progenitor. This adjudicative fiat kindled the embers of consternation within the thespian Tyrese Gibson. The judicial pronouncement stemmed from the substantiation that Gibson had commissioned the services of a private investigator to surreptitiously surveil his erstwhile spouse and their progeny.

Norma Gibson further levelled allegations of physical abuse perpetrated against her by her former husband, during the juncture when she was carrying Shayla. An even graver accusation was proffered, recounting a distressing incident wherein the ex-spouse purportedly subjected the minor to physical violence. Gibson conceded to the act of administering a singular corrective strike upon Shayla’s posterior, vehemently repudiating the remaining allegations proffered by his former spouse.

Augmenting the custodial pronouncement, the legal realm mandated that the thespian maintain a geographical separation of 100 yards from both his erstwhile wife and their progeny.

The epoch of the legal proceedings witnessed a pivotal juncture in 2017, wherein Gibson expounded in an interview upon his matrimonial motives. He asserted that his nuptial entwinement with Norma transpired primarily due to the impending parenthood, ascribing her lack of felicity within their conjugal alliance. Gibson’s words, verbatim:

“I married you to keep you in the country. I never married you because we were happily married. You’re from London. I married you because we had a baby on the way and I had to do whatever I had to do so I’m not travelling all the way to London just to spend quality time with my baby.”

Inscribed within this narrative is the intricate tapestry of a relationship that traversed the realms of matrimony, celebrity, legal wrangling, and personal revelation.

When did Tyrese and Norma Gibson first meet?

The actor’s former spouse was pursuing her studies in London back in 2002 when fate intervened, leading her to cross paths with Tyrese. The specifics of her academic focus remain shrouded in mystery, a detail that has eluded public knowledge. It was during this juncture that the two souls connected, igniting a romantic journey that would soon unfold.

Kindling their affection, the couple embarked on a courtship that paved the way for transformative decisions. Not long after their encounter, Norma found herself agreeing to uproot her life and accompany Tyrese to the vibrant city of Los Angeles. This pivotal choice marked the beginning of a chapter that saw Norma Gibson and her partner weaving the fabric of their relationship discreetly, concealed from the prying eyes of the world.

As their affection deepened and their emotional connection matured, the couple resolved to elevate their partnership to a higher echelon. The culmination of this evolution manifested in an intimate nuptial celebration held in 2007, cloaking their union in the sanctity of marital bonds.

Drawing a page from the playbook of many luminaries, Norma and her erstwhile husband opted to shield their matrimonial bliss from the glare of media scrutiny, although they did grace public spaces as a united front.

However, the contours of their narrative began to shift following the birth of their daughter, Shayla Gibson, in the same year. The symphony of their marriage, once harmonious, gradually gave way to dissonance, casting shadows over the love they had nurtured.

This discord eventually reached a crescendo, culminating in 2009 with the couple’s mutual decision to dissolve the legal ties that had bound them together.

In essence, the chronicle of their union embodies the complexity of human relationships, tracing a trajectory from serendipitous beginnings to the intricate tapestry of emotions that wove them together and, ultimately, unravelled their bond.

Norma Gibson Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 7 inches
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack
Hair TypeCurly
Body Measurements35 – 29 – 36

The Complete Norma Gibson, Ex-Wife of Tyrese Gibson

Norma Mitchell’s marriage to Tyrese Gibson sparked a media frenzy. Their connection propelled Norma into celebrity fame.

This was Norma Gibson’s second marriage to Tyrese Gibson, following her divorce.

In the spotlight cast upon Tyrese Gibson’s life, Norma Gibson stood as a central figure, notably recognized as his wife. Her story, which crossed with Tyrese’s, resonated throughout celebrity and drew others who wanted to understand their relationship.

Norma’s second marriage began with conflict and sorrow.Her first marriage ended due to domestic abuse, fights, and harassment.

Conflict forced Norma to divorce her first husband because she lacked respect.This life-changing decision started a new Tyrese Gibson chapter.

The chronicle of their relationship, however, bore witness to challenges that echoed the past. Though hopeful and committed, their second marriage finally succumbed to the difficulties of human bonds. Their partnership is threatened by their shared past, expectations, and experiences.

Norma and Tyrese Gibson married in 2007 and have Shayla Gibson.

The birth of their child, a symbol of new beginnings, did not prevent their eventual divergence. The couple faced a crossroads a few months after their daughter’s birth when their threads began to fray.

The agonizing decision to part ended a chapter of shared goals and aspirations.

Norma Mitchell and Tyrese Gibson’s story highlights the complexity of relationships, including the highs and lows of connection, struggle, and the influence of personal choices on two intertwined lives.

Shayla Somer Gibson, Tyrese Gibson’s Daughter, is in Her Father’s Custody

The 2014 divorce of Tyrese Gibson and Norma Gibson led to a custody fight for their daughter Shayla Gibson. Their post-marital relationship has been complicated and contentious, often involving their daughter.

The media has focused on Tyrese and Norma’s custody battle over Shayla Gibson, a young girl caught in her parents’ troubles. The public has been curious in their competing claims to child custody. In this case, the judicial system decides who gets to raise the girl.

The legal setting is characterised by a complicated interaction of emotions and legalities. A crucial PMG report illuminates Tyrese Gibson’s emotional state. He is deeply dissatisfied because the mother was granted custody in 2014, which he views as unjust. This attitude was heightened by Norma Gibson’s alleged disregard of court instructions regarding the child’s care.

In early January, Norma Gibson travelled abroad, leaving her 11-year-old daughter with a residential community acquaintance. Tyrese says in a recent court petition that Norma “mortgaged” his daughter’s custody to her friend before her international trip. This supposed plan was made to protect the child while she was away.

In an uncommon move, Tyrese Gibson said he would keep his child while her mother was abroad, ensuring her safety. Even under his care, the situation is difficult. Their daughter needs a lot of attention and care that was lacking after Norma left for various reasons. Their situation involves parental responsibilities and their daughter’s emotional needs beyond laws.

The custody battle weaves parental loyalty, legal battles, and post-divorce complexity into their story. Their narrative illustrates the delicate balance between personal rights, familial responsibilities, and the decisions that determine everyone’s life.

Where Is Norma Gibson Now?

After her custody fight with the “Fast and Furious” star, Norma Gibson preferred to stay out of the spotlight. In 2017, her ex-husband married Samantha Lee again, starting a new chapter in his life.

After their daughter Soraya Lee Gibson was born, Tyrese and Samantha Lee’s relationship soured, leading to their December 2020 divorce.

In a nod to Norma Gibson and Tyrese, Jaleel White, known for “Family Matters,” appears onstage. His trip included a contentious custody battle with Bridget Hardy, his ex-partner.

However, time has changed their story, resulting in shared accountability. As co-guardians, Jaleel White and Bridget Hardy navigate life’s complications while raising their daughter, Samaya White.

One common thread in their stories is the complex link between personal hardships, legal institutions, and human relationships. These stories capture the human experience, where one person’s choices and problems affect many. Their lives show the complexities of changed families, the search for balance, and the road to progress and adversity.

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