Henry Olyphant Height, Wiki, Bio, Age and Know about Timothy Olyphant’s Only Son

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Strangely, Henry Olyphant is one of Timothy and Alexis Knief’s three children. His dad, Timothy Olyphant, is an actor known for HBO’s Deadwood and FX’s Justified. The catch is that Henry prefers to stay under the radar, which makes people wonder about him despite his famous father.


Full NameHenry Olyphant
Popular NameHenry and Hank Olyphant
Date of Birth2001
Birth placeLos Angeles
Age22 years old
SchoolWildwood School
CollegePersons School of Design | The new School
Religion Christianity 
Current residence Westwood, Los Angeles, California 
Famous forBeing the son of actor Timothy Olyphant 

Henry Olyphant Biography 

Henry Olyphant was born in 2001 in the US, but the exact day is unknown. A Los Angeles native, he is an American citizen.

Henry has two sisters: Grace Katherine, born in 1999, and Vivian Olyphant, born in 2003. The catch: he’s the only son.

Henry is 21 and still going strong in sunny California. His appearance is pale skin, blonde hair, and keen dark brown eyes. 

Where Does Henry Olyphant Attend College?

Henry chose to study art at Wildwood School after high school. He won the Julian Choji Scholarship at Brentwood Art Center in 2018. Impressive accomplishment!

But the journey continued. He packed his bags in 2019 and travelled to New York’s trendy Parsons School of Design, part of The New School. That move followed his Wildwood graduation the same year. To refresh your memory, he graduated from college in 2023.

Let’s focus on his dad, Timothy. Timothy Olyphant attended USC before becoming a Hollywood star. Before the fame, he attended Fred C. Beyer High School in Modesto. He spent two years at the William Esper Studio in New York, honing his acting skills. A long road for father and son, no?

Henry’s Family, Parents, Siblings

Father Timothy Olyphant
MotherAlexis Knief
SisterGrace and Vivian Olyphant

So, let’s dive into Henry Olyphant’s family tree, shall we? His parents go by the names Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief. Interestingly, these two lovebirds first crossed paths during their college years. And, once they had those diplomas in hand, they decided to take the plunge into wedded bliss. This happened in 1991 when Timothy was 21 and Alexis was the same age.

Now, onto the siblings – Henry’s got two of them, Grace Katherine and Vivian Olyphant.

When you look back a generation, you’ll find Henry’s grandparents, John Vernon Bevan Olyphant and Katherine Olyphant.

But if we really want to dig deep into the family history, we can’t forget his great-great-grandparents, Emily Vanderbilt Sloane and John Henry Hammond. It’s a fascinating journey through generations, don’t you think?

Henry Olyphant Career 

Henry’s job is a mystery. Despite being an adult, he’s avoided the spotlight. The story changes when we talk about his dad, Timothy Olyphant. Timothy is famous in American movies and TV. He began acting at 23 in 1991 and has been making waves ever since. Quite the contrast, huh?

Henry Olyphant Relationship Status

Due to his age, Henry may be in a relationship. However, his Facebook profile shows no current relationships. He seems preoccupied with his career, leaving little room for a serious relationship.

Henry is quite discreet about his personal life. His secrets are rarely revealed to the media. Unless he reveals himself, he’s likely travelling solo for now.

Physical Appearance

Height1.83 Metres
Hair ColourRed
Eye ColourBlack

Do You Know What Henry Olyphant Does? Has He Ever Appeared in a Film?

Henry has yet to create an impact in cinema and TV. But it doesn’t mean he’s idle. He got his Parsons School of Design – The New School degree in 2023 and triumphantly walked the stage.

His LinkedIn page shows he specialises in painting, printmaking, and Adobe Products. He’s clearly forging out an artistic career.

A fun fact: he designed his sister’s single cover. Vivian posted her art on Instagram and praised her creative brother Henry. Seems like creativity runs in the family.


Henry was a natural athlete as a child. His dad told SI magazine about their athletic escapades in 2014.

Timothy stated, “My son loved Clippers games with me. For years, I took him to these games, and he played spot-the-cotton-candy-guy all night. Look, Dad! ‘Hey, now he’s,'”

The Fargo actor said, “Then, I took him to a playoff game, and in the chaos and excitement, he turned to me and said, ‘You know, this would make it really good…” Waldo where? As he gets older, we both enjoy the games more.” What a bonding event!

Henry Olyphant on Social Media

Absolutely, you can track down Henry on Facebook, but here’s the twist – he operates under a different name on the social media scene, going by the moniker “Hank Olyphant.” Interestingly, he’s been sticking with this alias for quite some time. Even during his Parsons days, that’s the name he went by. Quite the social media enigma, wouldn’t you say?

Net Worth

Henry’s career is a mystery. According to media sources, he has roughly $50,000 saved.

Moving on to his dad, Timothy. He’s special with greens. The multi-millionaire has an estimated $20 million net worth.. Quite the contrast, no?


Q1.Who is Henry Olyphant?

A1. Henry Olyphant is the son of the HBO and FX actor who played “Deadwood” and “Justified.” He is American and was born in Los Angeles in 2001.

Q2.Does Henry Olyphant have siblings?

A2. Henry Olyphant has two sisters, Grace Katherine (1999) and Vivian (2003).

Q3. Henry Olyphant attended which college?

A3. In 2018, Henry got the Julian Choji Scholarship at Brentwood Art Center after attending Wildwood School for high school. He then studied painting at Parsons School of Design, part of The New School, in New York and graduated in 2023.

Q4. Henry Olyphant’s career?

A4. Henry has kept a low profile. His LinkedIn page lists painting, printmaking, and Adobe products as his specialties.

Q5. Henry Olyphant’s relationship status?

A5. Henry’s Facebook profile doesn’t list his relationships. He keeps his personal life quiet and focuses on his profession.


Finally, Henry Olyphant, the son of actor Timothy Olyphant, lives a mysterious life in contrast to his father’s fame. His enthusiasm for art and design has driven him through study and creation. Henry appears to be pursuing his own artistic path as Timothy Olyphant succeeds in entertainment. His deliberate opacity about his personal life intrigues us and makes us wonder what his future holds.

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