Daniella Liben Age, Height, Net Worth, Her Husband, Kids, And Many More

Daniella Liben

Actor Adam Pally, known for Happy Endings and The Mindy Project, married Daniella Liben, who owned a boutique in New Jersey. In a twenty-year romance, Daniella and Adam met in high school. The three-child parents are proud.

Adam Pally, Daniella’s spouse, is a celebrated improviser and sketch comedian. He is a member of the sketch comedy group Chubby Skinny Kids and the improv group Hot Sauce. Apart from his comedic ventures, he’s recognized for his appearances in movies like Iron Man 3, The Assassination of a High School President, The Making of Woodstock, and Slow Learners. In contrast, Daniella herself remains relatively unfamiliar in the realm of media and entertainment.

To learn more about Daniella, you can explore various aspects of her life, including how she and Adam met and became a couple, details about her family background, her origins, and additional intriguing information.

Daniella Liben’s profile summary and bio

Full nameDaniella Anne Liben
Nick NameDaniella
Year of birth1981
Marital status Married
Parents Barry Liben and Sindy Liben
Popular forBeing Adam Pally’s wife
Children3 ( Cole, Georgia Grace, Drake)

Daniella Liben’s age

Daniella will be 42 years old as of 2023. In 1981, she was born in New York. Nevertheless, detailed information concerning her birthdate is not well recognised. Adam Pally was born on March 18, 1982, making him 41 years old as of now.

Daniella Liben Wiki

Daniella Liben was born in the year 1980 and spent her upbringing in the bustling city of New York. Her parents are named Barry and Sindy Liben. Some sources indicate that Daniella’s father holds the position of president at Tzell Travel Group, a travel-related company. In contrast, her mother is a nurse.

The School of Visual Arts in New York educated Daniella. Standing at five feet and five inches, Daniella is lovely. She has striking black eyes paired with blonde hair. Her weight is approximately sixty kilograms.

Daniella Liben Parents

The Search Party actress Daniella Anne Liben is married to him. She is 41 years old, born in 1981, possibly in June. Sindy and Barry Liben live in Livingston, New Jersey, with Daniella.

Her mother, Sindy, is known to have worked as a registered nurse. In the late 2000s, she collaborated with Daniella’s in-laws in their medical office located in Florham Park, New York. On the other hand, her father, Barry, held the position of President at Tzell Travel Group, a travel agency situated in New York.

During Daniella and Adam’s marriage, her father-in-law, Dr. Stephen Pally, served as an osteopathic internist.

The Father of Daniella Was A Successful Businessman

Daniella’s father, Barry, left us on January 2, 2020, but his impact on the travel industry endures. He embarked on his career journey in 1978 with the acquisition of a small travel agency, ‘Tzell Travel Group’. Over time, he masterfully expanded it, transforming it into a major player in the industry and establishing himself as a true icon.

Through the merging of Tzell with Travel Leaders Group, Barry achieved remarkable success, culminating in an impressive annual sales figure of $7.12 billion by 2018. He held the esteemed position of CEO within Travel Leaders Group and also held a seat on the company’s Board of Directors.

Conversely, Daniella’s mother, Sindy, pursued a career as a registered nurse. Notably, she collaborated with Daniella’s father-in-law, Dr. Steven Pally, in his medical office located in Florham Park, New Jersey.

Early Life of Daniella Liben

She was born in New York, America. Daniella Liben’s father’s name is Barry Liben, and her mother’s name is Sindy Liben. Her father works at a travel agency called Tzell Travel Group as the president, and her mother is a nurse. Nothing much is known about her childhood life.

Daniella Liben Professional Career

Daniella Liben operates a boutique company named Ruby, which likely keeps her busy with its development.

Like her husband Adam, she works as an actor, comedian, writer, and producer.

Adam is from New York City and has worked in entertainment since 2002. He became famous for playing Max Blum in ABC’s Happy Endings. His acting repertoire also features the FOX sitcom Making History.

Interestingly, a fellow member of the Happy Endings ensemble made his TV debut in 2007 with a role in the short film “We Are Internet Millionaires,” aired on NBC. That same year saw his involvement in projects like “Sell Outs” and “Basketball,” among others. His recognition grew further when he took on the role of David in U.C.B. Comedy Originals.

Apart from his acting pursuits, Adam has also ventured into directing, writing, and producing various television works. Some of these productions include The Eric Andre Show, David After the Divorce, and NTSF:SD:SUV.

Daniella Liben Husband, Marriage

Over 10 years ago, Daniella Liben married American actor Adam Pally. Wedding ceremonies took place on July 3, 2008. In a video by Wired, Adam expresses his sentiments towards his wife. The couple welcomed their first child, Cole, in 2017. Following that, in the subsequent year, their daughter Georgia Grace was born. Drake, their youngest, was born in 2021.

Daniella doesn’t have an Instagram account, but she has over 1,000 Twitter followers. Her tweet count is almost at 4,000, and she frequently shares snippets from her daily life. Daniella joined Twitter on April 20, adopting the platform.

Despite being the spouse of a well-known figure, Daniella values her privacy and keeps a distance from the public eye and media attention. In contrast, Adam Pally, born in New York to Dr. Steven Pally and Caryn Pally, maintains a more public profile. He has two sisters named Risa and Erica. Adam pursued his education at The New School University in New York. He is also a member of the sketch comedy group Chubby Skinny Kids.

Daniella Liben, Adam Pally’s wife, is a co-founder of the travel agency Chai Travel

In the beginning of 2022, Daniella took a step to grow the family business by introducing Chai Travel. Her partners in this venture are her siblings, Michael Liben and Rebecca Liben Levy. The establishment of this company carries forward the legacy of their father, the late Barry Liben. The company proudly boasts a team of exceptional independent travel advisors, each bringing over 25 years of valuable experience.

Despite being a co-founder of the agency, Daniella occupies the role of Chief Brand Officer within her travel company.

Adam, Danielle’s spouse, said: She’s a great drinking buddy

Around ten years ago, Adam openly shared that Danielle enjoys a good drink and is a lively drinking partner, a fact he revealed during his appearances on Conan O’Brien’s show.

Additionally, the actor from Ducktales shared that when Danielle becomes tipsy, her mood can become a bit testy. He also shared a rather amusing incident from an event they attended at the Upright Brigade Theatre. On that occasion, Danielle approached actress Rebecca Romijn and playfully commented, “You must be a loser if you are here and I’m her.” It seems the Pally couple knows how to enjoy a drink, even if it might occasionally lead to a bit of lively banter.

Their routine in Lockdown

When asked about how they were coping with the pandemic, Adam shared that they were managing quite well. He mentioned that their children were at a challenging age during this time and were quite a handful.

Adam went on to explain that taking care of their three kids was a real challenge for both him and Daniella. In fact, he wrote a journal titled “Lockdown Parenting” in April 2020, where he detailed their daily routines. He even shared their typical day in an interview with Mr. Porter.

He candidly admitted that they struggled with the new technologies their kids had to use for virtual classes, often leading to arguments. Adam also mentioned that cleanliness took a backseat during the lockdown, focusing instead on entertaining his kids until lunchtime.

To make the most of the situation, they would provide their kids with a bunch of food, giving Adam and his wife the chance to grab a quick shower. Despite his businesses being impacted by the pandemic, Adam chose not to show his worries in front of the family.

He highlighted that the evenings were the best part of the quarantine. At around 5 pm, they’d prepare the first shot of tequila and then watch “Frozen II” as a family. Later, they would cook dinner together, dancing and embracing the moment. The pandemic actually turned out to be an opportunity for Adam to bond more closely with his children.

Daniella Liben has three children

Daniella and Adam’s marriage brought three wonderful children into their lives: two sons named Cole and Drake, as well as a daughter named Georgia Grace Pally.

Cole, the eldest, was born in 2012. Following Cole’s arrival, Adam openly shared on television that becoming a parent was an immensely transformative experience for him. He even proudly mentioned that during the first month, he single-handedly cared for their newborn.

Next, in 2013, Daniella gave birth to their middle child, Georgia, who is currently 9 years old. And in 2017, the youngest addition to their family, Drake, was welcomed into the world. It appears that the gift of humor runs in the family, as all three children have inherited their parents’ comic talents.

What Is Daniella’s Net Worth?

Her spouse and Daniella owned a Fairfax, Los Angeles home. In 2013, this property sold for $1.62 million. Given this purchase, Daniella and her husband have achieved financial success. It’s intriguing that their finances have shifted over time.

According to rumors, Daniella is worth $500,000. As of 2023, her comedian spouse Adam is worth $600,000.

Daniella, Adam Pally’s wife, formerly ran a clothing store

Daniella, the celebrity’s wife, owned Ruby, a Montclair, New Jersey women’s store, at five feet and one inch. She currently lives in California with her husband and children, suggesting she may have left the store.

In February 2015, Daniella told Totally Mommy that she owned Shelf Life, a New York store. This store specializes in offering customized closet solutions and organization services to its customers.

Daniella explained that the idea for Shelf Life came about after her clients from New Jersey expressed their concerns about closet organization. However, it’s currently uncertain whether Daniella continues to own the NYC store or if she has pursued other business ventures since then.

For actress Mindy Kaling’s pregnancy, Liben Selected A Gift

In January 2018, when the Mindy Project actress Mindy Kaling was expecting her first child, Daniella appeared to have chosen a gift for her. This thoughtful gesture was made on behalf of Daniella’s husband, who happened to be a co-star of Kaling’s in the comedy series The Mindy Project.

During the last season of The Mindy Project, which concluded in November 2017, Kaling was pregnant. Just a month after the show’s finale, the talented actress from Ocean’s 8 became a mother to a daughter named Katherine.

Interestingly, Adam and Kaling have maintained a close friendship over time. When Kaling was expecting, Daniella’s husband found himself in a situation where he wasn’t quite sure what gift to give his fellow co-star. In this instance, Daniella played a crucial role in helping him select the perfect baby gift for Kaling during her pregnancy.

Has Daniella Liben Joined Any Social Media?

While her husband, Adam, is active on Instagram and Facebook, Daniella is more restrained.

Daniella has an Instagram account, but she keeps it private. However, she does engage more actively on Twitter. Her Twitter feed usually revolves around her anecdotes and experiences with her children, her enthusiasm for certain TV shows, and her support for her husband’s projects.

She Has A Charming Personality & A Perfect Physique

Daniella has an average height, measuring 5 feet 5 inches tall, and her weight is approximately 60 kilograms. Her natural features include striking black eyes and lovely blonde hair.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is Daniella Liben?
Daniella Liben married actor Adam Pally. She was a New Jersey clothes retail owner. In addition, she co-founded Chai Travel.

How did Daniella Liben and Adam Pally meet?
Adam and Daniella Pally started dating in high school. The marriage occurred on July 3, 2008.

How many children does Daniella Liben have?
Daniella and Adam Pally have three children: Cole, Georgia Grace, and Drake.

What is Daniella Liben’s background?
Daniella was born in 1981 in NYC. Mother Sindy Liben was a nurse, while father Barry Liben was a famous travel businessman. The School of Visual Arts in New York educated her.

What is Daniella Liben’s role in the travel agency Chai Travel?
Travel agency Chai Travel co-founded Daniella. Company Chief Brand Officer.

What is Daniella Liben’s net worth?
Supposedly, Daniella’s net worth is $500,000 and her spouse Adam Pally is $600,000.

Final Words

Daniella Liben’s journey from her high school romance with Adam Pally to becoming a successful businesswoman and co-founder of Chai Travel showcases her diverse roles and accomplishments. While her husband’s comedic talents have earned him recognition in the entertainment industry, Daniella’s contributions to the business world, from owning a boutique to her involvement in the travel agency, stand as a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit. With a charming personality, a supportive role in her family, and an active presence on social media, Daniella remains a supportive partner to Adam Pally and a figure worth acknowledging in her own right.

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