Merrianne Jessop: Bio, Height, Weight, Age and Know About Warren Jeffs Youngest Wife

merrianne jessop

Merrianne Jessop has a fascinating story. One of Warren Jeffs’ 78 wives, he was the leader of the Fundamentalist (FLDS) Church. Jeffs was a character. Was sentenced to life in 2011. Can you believe it? Despite having over 75 brides, several were young females. He was caught by the law.

FLDS Church, which followed Jeffs, practised polygamy. Merrianne Jessop, one of Jeffs’ many wives, became involved. Jeffs was presumably imprisoned because of all these marriages.Imagine the mayhem and drama. It is a soap opera, yet many people suffered genuine consequences.

That is Merrianne Jessop and Warren Jeffs’ story. Just shows how reality can be stranger than fiction, right?

Early life

Merrianne Jessop’s tale is intriguing. Polygamous parents gave birth to her on July 3, 1994. In 2023, she will be 29.

She is a devout Christian. Her father, FLDS icon Merril Jessop, nurtured her in a particular way. Not familiar? The FLDS movement was a phenomenon back then. They were unique in their beliefs and behaviours.

Imagine growing up in Colorado City, Arizona—her hometown. Colorado City became the FLDS movement’s epicentre. It was the hub of activity.

Even though she was in the thick of things, nothing is known about her early years. A weird atmosphere surrounds her past. It may be purposeful or a coincidence.

This concludes Merrianne Jessop’s backstory. It is remarkable how surroundings and experiences mould someone’s path, right? Wish we could unveil her early life’s secrets, but certain mysteries are destined to be unanswered.

Merrianne Jessop’s Wiki/Bio

NameMerrianne Jessop 
Date of birth3 July 1994
Birth placeUnited States of America 
Age29 Years (As of 2023)
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity 
Zodiac sign Cancer
Currently Living AtRanch in Texas

Merrianne Age In 2023?

Can you believe it? Merrianne will turn 29 in 2023. Here’s the surprising part: she married Warren at 12 years old. You read correctly—12 years old.

Hold onto your hats, for this TV show made some outrageous assertions. Naomie Fells, Warren’s wife and a writer, was said to be her sister. A plot twist, right? It is a novel play.

The police then arrive. They found Merrianne, and you will not believe what she told her caseworkers. She stated that her marriage to Warren was legal. That is serious confidence given her age and everything.

Merrianne refused to budge despite all the evidence and legal arguments. She maintained that these marriages were legal. She seemed to always think what she did was fine, even when told otherwise.

It is a shocking tale of twists and turns. Merrianne’s story has it all—from her startlingly young marriage to the shocking TV revelations and her stubborn belief in its legality. Legal ambiguous areas and personal convictions are a rollercoaster.

Merrianne’s rapid romance with Warren, the TV show drama, and her unwavering trust in her marriage are all revealed. Life has jaw-dropping moments, no?

Merrianne Jessop’s Family

MotherBarbara Jessop 
FatherMerrril Jeffs
Brother’s NameLeory Jessop and Raymond Jessop
Sister’s NameNaomie Fells

Merrianne Jessop’s family story has unbelievable twists. Look at this: Merrianne’s parents are Merril and Barbara. Barbara is Merril’s third wife. Yes, family matters were complicated.

Let us examine the family tree. Merrianne’s father, Merril, is related to Richard Seth Jessop and Ida Johnson. These names sound like historical novels, right? They are part of her authentic family history.

Hold onto your hats—the drama continues. When Merrianne arrived, her dad had 6 wives. Imagine managing all those family dynamics! And guess what? Naomic Fells Jessop is her sister. Naomic’s story is mysterious, like a detective book character.

Figuring out this family’s ties and secrets is like a puzzle. Who was Naomic? What was the relationship between these spouses? Like an unsolved mystery.

Merrianne’s family history’s layers and mysterious people make it an intriguing narrative. Multiple wives and strange sisters add intrigue to this story. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, right?

Personal Life

Marital StatusMarried
Husband NameWarren Jeffs
Famous as Warren Jeffs’ youngest wife 

Given that Merrianne was just 12 years old when she married Warren, there’s considerable curiosity surrounding whether she held the distinction of being one of Warren’s youngest spouses. Interestingly, Jessop shares this distinction with two other minors, namely Nolita Colleen Blackmore and Alyshia Rae Blackmore. These two young individuals were also 12 years old at the time of their marriages to Jeffs.

It’s worth noting that Nolita and Alyshia exchanged vows with Jeffs at the Yearning for Zion ranch, a year prior to Jessop’s own marriage to the religious leader. This event took place in December 2005.

What happened to Merrianne Jessop?

Merrianne went to the temple with her parents and two siblings on July 27, 2006. There, she was forever linked to Warren Jeffs. Warren married three nieces, 11 sisters, and one aunt of Merrianne. Warren took over the FLDS Church in 2002 after his father, Rulon T. Jeffs, died. Alta Academy, a FLDS school, appointed him principal at 18. The prominent role allowed the young man to dominate the young women who would become his victims. Merrianne’s father, Merril, ran the Yearning for Zion Ranch (YFZ) Ranch, where he committed most of his crimes. Warren Jeffs was on the FBI’s Most Wanted List in 2005 for forcing two adolescent females to marry adults. He was caught in 2006 and sentenced to life in prison for molesting two juveniles in 2011. Merrianne, 12, was a minor when she married. The other minor, Veda Keate, married Warren at 14. Veda was a mother when officials raided the property. The child’s biological father was Warren, according to DNA testing. 

Physical Appearance of Merrianne Jessop

Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourStrawberry blonde 

Merrianne Jessop on social media 

Social media specialist Merrianne Jessop has extensively studied the dynamic relationship between people and digital platforms. Her insightful research examines social media’s good and negative effects on society. Jessop’s research shows how social media helps people interact across borders and build varied networks. She emphasises how these platforms shape public conversation and transmit information at an unparalleled rate. Importantly, Jessop’s assessments address social media’s privacy, online identity, and echo chamber issues. She carefully examines how social media affects views, attitudes, and behaviours. Jessop’s work helps us understand technology’s complex interaction with society and navigate the digital world with better awareness and responsibility.

Net Worth

The exact net worth of Merrianne Jessop hasn’t been openly shared in any reliable sources or public documents. But, interestingly, her husband Warren Jeffs’ financial status is estimated at around $100 million in the year 2023. It’s quite intriguing how financial details can sometimes remain veiled from public eyes, while certain figures manage to gain attention due to their noteworthy wealth.

Where is Merrianne Jessop now? 

Given the veil of secrecy shrouding the cult, we’ve got quite a foggy understanding of where all of Warren Jeffs’ spouses might be. When Warren found himself in hot water with the law, the powers-that-be decided it was best to put Merrianne under foster care, and then her cousin Naomi Johnson Carlisle was given the role of guardian. Yet, it’s worth noting that come August 2009, there are claims that she made her way back to the YFZ Ranch down in Texas. It’s like a puzzle with missing pieces, each bit of information only adding to the intrigue surrounding this whole scenario.


Merrianne Jessop’s life is a tale of extraordinary twists. Born into a polygamous FLDS family, she became one of Warren Jeffs’ many wives at just 12 years old. Her journey includes TV drama, legal battles, and unyielding beliefs. Despite her family’s complexity, she embraced social media research. Now, her whereabouts remain mysterious, adding to her enigmatic story.

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