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bam margera net worth

American skateboarder Bam Margera is famous for his daring and skill. His many television shows, including his own, have made him famous worldwide. Bam Margera first gained fame on MTV’s stunt-focused “Jackass” His fame grew due to his appearance on the show and subsequent episodes.

Bam Margera then created “Jackass” spin-offs like “Viva La Bam” and “Bam Unholy Union.” Beyond television, Bam Margera is a talented filmmaker and television personality who has made several notable films. Many of his music videos have been successful. He is talented in many artistic fields. Ask about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Net Worth if you want more.

Bam Margera’s Net Worth

NameBrandon Cole Bam Margera
Net Worth$1 Million
Monthly Income And Salary$0.5 Million +
Yearly Income And Salary$6 Million +

The talented American Bam Margera is an actor, producer, stuntman, and former skateboarder. His $1 million net worth is amazing. Margera became famous in the late 1990s when his amateur skateboarding videos were popular. After being noticed, Jeff Tremaine scouted him for the hit MTV show “Jackass.”

Bam Margera’s magnetism on “Jackass” made him one of the show’s most beloved characters. His fame surged after that with spin-offs like “Viva La Bam” and “Bam’s Unholy Union.” These episodes revealed his life with friends and family, solidifying his place in entertainment.

Personal struggles have plagued Bam Margera outside of showbiz.His alcohol and drug treatment has been intermittent. His family involuntarily admitted him to mental health rehab in 2019. Bam Margera’s career and personal struggles have moulded his life.

Bam Margera Assets

Home: Bam Margera is a prominent American figure. He is best known for his skateboarding and stuntman skills. Bam’s real estate holdings span America, extending his influence beyond his career. West Chester, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and others are among his renowned properties. Bam owns houses in multiple places, demonstrating his love of mobility and luxury.

Car Collection: Bam Margera’s collection of cars reflects his remarkable personality. His collection of rare and luxurious cars is stunning. The Lamborghini Aventador, Porsche 911, and Range Rover are among his prized cars. As a stuntman, Bam Margera loves speed, as shown by his choice of high-performance and luxury cars.

Bam Margera Early Life

On September 28, 1979, Brandon Cole Margera (Bam Margera) was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He is Jess Margera’s younger brother and Vincent Margera’s nephew. But his early oddities gave him the name that would define him.

In boyhood, Bam Margera’s grandfather called him “Bam Bam” for purposefully hitting walls, which showed his lively temperament. His classmates abbreviated this nickname to “Bam” over time.

He attended West Chester East High School for his early education. Bam’s unconventionality didn’t match academia’s normal path. He quit high school after his junior year. This change in his life led him to acquire his GED, demonstrating his willingness to create his own route in life.


NameBrandon Cole Bam Margera
Date of birth September 28, 1979
Birth placeWest Chester, PA
Age44 years old
ProfessionAmerican Skateboarder, stuntman, actor, filmmaker
SchoolWest Chester High School
Zodiac SignLibra 
Net Worth$1 Million

Bam Margera Education

Bam Margera graduated from West Chester High School in Pennsylvania. However, his story changed when he started skateboarding and became a huge success.

Bam Margera decided to pursue a career in skateboarding and daring stunts instead of pursuing his education. This decision started a journey that would make him a global skateboarding star.

Bam Margera Age

Born in lovely West Chester, Pennsylvania, on September 28, 1979, Bam Margera turns 44 today. As a professional skateboarder, stuntman, and TV personality, Margera is a major figure in American entertainment.

He got famous after appearing on the MTV reality show “Jackass,” where his daring actions and personality won over fans. The show helped him begin his career, leading to his own TV series, “Viva La Bam,” which solidified his place in Hollywood.

Bam Margera’s impact extends beyond television to the big screen. “Jackass: The Movie” and “Haggard” have shown his flexibility and entertaining prowess, establishing his legacy as a beloved film and television character. Fans still remember Margera, making him a beloved figure in American pop culture.

Film and Television Career

Bam Margera’s career began with his desire to film skateboarding and dangerous stunts with his friends. This fantastic crew includes Ryan Dunn, Chris Raab, Brandon Novak, Rake Yohn, and Brandon DiCamillo. Their independent releases were crucial to CKY2, CKY3, and CKY4’s video series. CKY meant “Camp Kill Yourself,” a reference to the cult film “Sleepaway Camp.” Bam’s brother Jess’ band utilised this moniker.

Top film and TV producers saw Bam Margera’s skating and stunts. Big Brother star Jeff Tremaine saw his potential. Margera joined CKY pals in the first cast of “Jackass,” a breakout MTV sitcom, thanks to his talent. He played a key role in “Jackass: The Movie,” “Jackass Number Two,” “Jackass 2.5,” “Jackass 3D,” and “Jackass 3.5.”

Bam Margera hosted “Viva La Bam,” from 2003 to 2005, after his superb “Jackass” performance.

Margera made his acting debut in 2003’s “Grind,” about skateboarding-aspiring young guys.

Even Bam Margera’s personal achievements were covered. “Bam’s Unholy Union,” a sequel to “Viva La Bam,” covered his 2007 wedding to Melissa Rothstein.

Margera took non-sex roles in “The Fantasstic Whores 4” and “Nitro Circus” in 2008 and 2009.

Bam Margera, Dunn, and Tim O’Connor launched Spike TV’s half-hour “Bam’s World Domination,” which still captivates audiences, on October 13, 2010.

On VH1’s “Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn,” Margera and his mother discussed their troubles in March 2016.

Bam Margera’s entertainment work goes beyond acting. He wrote, directed, and produced “Haggard” (2003), “Bam Margera Presents: Where the#$&% Is Santa?” (2008), and “Minghags” (2009). His diverse talents enhance movies.

Skateboarding Career

Bam Margera started professional skateboarding in the mid-1990s, a crucial time for the sport. Toy Machine Skateboards sponsored him in 1997 and 1998, making his skating endorsement debut.

To advance his skating career, Bam Margera joined squad Element, Element Skateboards’ renowned display squad, in 2001. This affiliation ended in 2016, when Margera began new chapters in his life and profession.

Bam Margera’s skating prowess attracted many sponsors, each of whom was vital to his quest. Speed Metal Bearings, Electric Sunglasses, Destructo Trucks, Adio Footwear, Fairman’s Skate Shop, Volcom, Destroyer Trucks, and Landspeed Wheels were among his sponsors. These sponsorships showed his skateboarding skills and community influence.

Bam Margera retired from competitive skateboarding in 2017 to pursue new challenges. He briefly returned to skateboarding to celebrate Element Skateboards’ 25th anniversary, a symbolic reunion with the brand that had helped him navigate the sport.

Bam Margera Relationship Status

Bam Margera’s amorous journey has seen many milestones and adjustments. His engagement to Jenn Rivell, a major figure in several of his early endeavours, was significant. Although it ended in 2005, their seven-year relationship was important to his personal and professional life.

Margera engaged his childhood friend Melissa “Missy” Rothstein in 2006. The MTV show “Bam’s Unholy Union” showcased their love story during their wedding preparations and ceremony. In November 2012, they divorced, marking a major change in their lives.

On October 5, 2013, Bam Margera married Nicole “Nikki” Boyd in a beautiful Icelandic ceremony, starting his love life. They added depth and significance to their family life when they had their son in December 2017.

In May 2023, Nikki filed for divorce from Bam, changing their story. She requested physical and legal custody of their child and $15,000 monthly child support in the filing. This new event highlighted their relationship’s complexity, marking another turning moment in Bam Margera’s life.

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight115 kg
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBlue

Bam Margera Parents

April and Phil Margera are the foundation of a skateboarding and entertainment family. They are proud parents of two notable people in these fields. Their oldest son, Bam Margera, is a famous skateboarder and “Jackass” character. Jess Margera, their younger son, is a talented drummer who plays with the CKY band.

In “Jackass,” a show known for its daring exploits and cast camaraderie, April Margera has a special role. She’s called “everyone’s mom,” which goes beyond symbolism to express her genuine warmth and friendliness. A great story from “Jackass.” producer Jeff Tremaine supports this. He remembered April welcoming the Jackass crew to her house and heart during their first visit to West Chester, Pennsylvania. She cooks a lunch for the “Jackass” family off-camera to illustrate her importance to the actors and crew, who value her support and care.

Bam Margera on Social media

Bam Margera has a large and engaged social media following. Here’s his social media footprint:

Instagram: With roughly 2.5 million followers, Bam Margera posts photos of his experiences, interests, and fan interactions. It lets followers see his world through images and videos.

Twitter: Bam has about 692.3K followers. This platform lets him interact with fans and offer opinions, updates, and updates, boosting his internet profile.

Facebook: Bam Margera has nearly 4.4 million Facebook fans. He may share longer-form content, project updates, and communicate with a wide audience on this social media behemoth, growing his digital footprint.

Bam Margera uses these social media channels to keep fans updated on his life, interests, and career.


Q1. Who is Bam Margera and what is his fame?

A1. Skater, stuntman, actor, filmmaker, and TV personality Bam Margera is American. MTV’s “Jackass” made him famous, and he hosted “Viva La Bam.”

Q2. How much is Bam Margera worth?

A2. Bam Margera has a $1 million net worth and a six-figure annual and $0.5 million monthly income.

Q3. What was Bam Margera’s childhood and nickname?

A3. In West Chester, Pennsylvania, Bam Margera was born on September 28, 1979. His grandfather named him “Bam” for banging walls as a child, and his peers abbreviated it.

Q4. What’s Bam Margera’s education?

A4. Bam Margera graduated from West Chester High School in Pennsylvania but chose skateboarding and daring feats over college.

Q5. How old is Bam Margera?

A5. Bam Margera, born September 28, 1979, is 44.


Finally, skateboarder, stuntman, and charismatic Bam Margera is American. His unconventional upbringing to fame on MTV’s “Jackass” and his own series has solidified his place in entertainment. Substance abuse and relationships have plagued him despite his success. Social media influencer Bam Margera, valued $1 million, influences film, television, and skateboarding.

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