Islah Koren Gates: Unveiling the Enigmatic Legacy of Kevin Gates’ Daughter

Islah Koren Gates

Who is Islah Koren Gates?

Islah Koren Gates garners widespread recognition as the offspring of the esteemed American artist Kevin Gates, whose full appellation bears the weight of Kevin Jerome Gilyard. Kevin has etched an indelible mark in the realm of music, boasting a catalog replete with chart-topping compositions such as “Satellites,” “Unfamiliar Terrain,” “Destined for Affection,” “Amnesiac Chronicles,” “My Vigor Endures Notable Duress,” “Sole Knower,” “Genuinely Sublime,” “Duo of Mobile Devices,” “Chronicle of Temporal Affection,” “Void of Endearment,” and a profusion of additional melodic masterpieces. His prodigious aptitude and dexterity have propelled him to the zenith of triumph.

Kevin’s consummate proficiency in the sonic sphere, conjoined with his intrepid fortitude and affable demeanor, have afforded him a unique eminence as an exemplar for myriad burgeoning artists. He is a gentleman renowned for his proactive ethos, and he has steadfastly and unwaveringly toiled to transmute the canvas of his aspirations into a vivid actuality.

The visage of Kevin, replete with its arresting semblance, idiosyncratic sartorial preferences, and beguiling disposition, stands as an authentic marvel, meriting unswerving attention. For those inquisitive about delving deeper into the enigma of Islah Koren Gates and her familial lineage, an expedition to her Wikipedia dossier is recommended. There, an array of information pertaining to her chronological era, lineage, captivating tidbits, and an abundance of additional revelations await the inquisitive seeker.

Islah Koren Gates Biography

In the realm of nomenclature, one finds Islah Koren Gates, embracing her full moniker, making her grand entrance into existence on the 30th day of November in the year 2012, within the confines of the United States of America. In the annals of chronology, the year 2023 shall witness her triumphant tenth anniversary of life, as she graces the astrological stage under the imprints of Sagittarius. Her credentials include the citizenship of the United States, and her lineage boasts of an intricate blend of diverse heritage.

Within the family Gates, she assumes the mantle of the eldest progeny, thereby bestowing upon her progenitors, Kevin and Dreka Gates, the esteemed titles of first-time progenitors. Her patriarch, Kevin, originates from the picturesque landscapes of Louisiana, gaining recognition as an illustrious lyricist in the domain of music. On the flip side of the spectrum, her matron has ascended the ladder of fame as an Instagram luminary.

Adding a layer of complexity to the familial portrait, we encounter another member of the Gates dynasty, none other than her sibling, Khaza Kamil Gates, whose inaugural cries resonated on the 10th day of May in the year 2014. Interestingly, despite the arrival of Islah in the year 2012, the matrimonial bonds between her parents, Kevin and Dreka, remained unsealed until the year 2015.

Early Life and Childhood

Meet Islah Koren Gates, a young talent born on November 30, 2012, right here in the USA. She’s proudly celebrating her 10th birthday in 2022 and carries the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. With American nationality and a rich blend of ethnic backgrounds, Islah Koren Gates represents the diverse fabric of our nation.

As the first child in the Gates family, Islah Koren Gates  parents, Kevin and Dreka Gates, embarked on their parenting journey with her. Her dad, Kevin, is a well-known rapper based in Louisiana, while her mom has carved her own niche as an Instagram sensation.

Adding to the family dynamic, Islah Koren Gates has a younger brother named Khaza Kamil Gates, who entered the world on May 10, 2014. Interestingly, even though Islah Koren Gates was born in 2012, her parents didn’t exchange vows until 2015, making their journey all the more unique.

 Islah Koren Gates Wiki

Real NameIslah Koren Gates
Nick NameIslah
Age10 years old, as of 2022
Net WorthNA
BirthdayNovember 30, 2012
Famous AsDaughter of Kevin Gates and Dreka Haynes Gates
BirthplaceNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Zodiac SignScorpio
HeightIn Feet Inches: NA
In Meters: NA
In Centimeters: NA
WeightIn Kilograms: 35 kg
In Pounds: 77 lbs
Body Measurementsapprox. NA
Eye ColorDark Brown


Islah remains an unseasoned and untarnished spirit in the realm of career choices. The universe presents itself as her canvas, bearing the genetic potential to emulate her renowned progenitor, foraying into the realm of a lyricist and melodist, or, on the contrary, adopt a leaf from her maternal predecessor’s tome and embark on a journey into the sphere of Instagram notoriety.

As for her paternal figure, Kevin Gates stormed into prominence in 2013, unfurling his inaugural mixtape, “The Luca Brasi Story.” His maiden studio album, “Stranger Than Fiction,” made ripples by its inception, ascending to the 37th echelon on the Billboard 200 chart. The heartwarming touch lies in the fact that he consecrated his inaugural studio opus to Islah Koren Gates . Upon its release, this opus catapulted to a remarkable zenith, reigning supreme at the 2nd position on the hallowed US Billboard 200 chart.

On the flip side, Dreka, the matriarch of Islah Koren Gates , has meticulously charted her own trajectory as a social media luminary. She didn’t merely assimilate into the social media stratosphere as Kevin’s consort but rather as a distinguished personality in her own right. Observers may have even discerned her cameo appearances in some of her spouse’s musical visual narratives.

Nevertheless, Dreka’s entrepreneurial essence extends beyond these realms. She presides as the proprietor and commander of various enterprises, comprising a couture establishment, a skincare empire, an energy elixir endeavor, and she even wades into the ocean of real estate. Evidently, she stands as a polymath, proficient in a myriad of talents and pursuits.

Net Worth

Delving into the financial facet of Islah Koren Gates’ existence, we uncover a noteworthy revelation. As of the period spanning 2019 to 2020, her approximate amassed fortune stands at an impressive $3 million. Yes, you read that correctly, and it’s worth emphasizing that she attained this formidable financial pinnacle at the tender age of merely 7 years old. Undeniably, it’s an achievement that borders on the extraordinary!

Now, one may naturally inquire, how did young Islah Koren Gates procure such opulence? Well, her distinguished status as a professional scion of a prominent family plays a pivotal role. Hailing from the United States, she has been etching her legacy in the annals of renown and affluence. The level of fiscal triumph she has reached at such an embryonic stage in her life is unquestionably remarkable.

Net WorthBetween $1 Million – $5 Million
Annual SalaryN/A
Source of IncomeFamily Member
Verification Status of WealthNot Verified

Personal Life

In the enchanting realm of existence, Islah Koren Gates thrives at an age where the cozy embrace of parental abode remains her cherished sanctuary. Despite her youthfulness, she has garnered a notable following and is orchestrating significant ripples across the digital landscape, a feat truly commendable.

Turning our gaze to the progenitors, Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates, their romantic narrative unfolds as a captivating chronicle. Originating as ardently enamored adolescents, they embarked on a lifelong voyage together, culminating in matrimonial vows exchanged after an awe-inspiring 14-year odyssey. On the auspicious day of October 17, 2015, they immortalized their love through an exquisite nuptial ceremony, set amidst the charming backdrop of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, nestled within the heartlands of the United States.

Kevin Gates, a figure ensnared in the labyrinth of legal tribulations, has weathered numerous incarcerations entangled with drug-related infractions, firearm charges of a felonious nature, and even an ill-fated episode entwined with a female patron at a concert venue. It is during these trying moments that the luminary known as Dreka, the matriarch of the familial tableau, assumes an indispensable role as the bedrock upon which their familial edifice firmly stands.

Islah Koren Gates Age

Meet Islah Koren Gates, a bright young star born on November 30, 2012, right here in the USA, where she has spent her upbringing. In the year 2022, she’s stepping into her 10th year of life and happens to fall under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Islah holds American nationality, and her heritage is a beautiful mix of different races.

As the firstborn in her family, Islah was lovingly raised by her parents, Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates. Her dad, hailing from the vibrant state of Louisiana, is a renowned rapper, while her mom has made quite a name for herself as a prominent figure on Instagram.

Adding to the family dynamic, Islah is an older sister to her little brother, Khaza Kamil Gates, who entered the world on May 10, 2014. Interestingly, despite Islah’s arrival in 2012, her parents decided to exchange their vows in 2015, making their love story uniquely their own.

Islah Koren Gates Height

In the realm of Islah’s physical attributes, she presents herself with a stature that appears somewhat unassuming. Upon a careful examination of her photographic depictions within her environment, one might discern an impression of loftiness. Nevertheless, the specific particulars regarding her precise height and other bodily dimensions remain veiled from the purview of the general populace. Be assured, we shall endeavor to furnish this data expeditiously upon its availability.

In delineating her facial characteristics, Islah possesses beguiling dark-brown ocular orbs that contribute significantly to her allure. These captivating eyes harmoniously accompany a luxuriant crown of raven-hued, coiled tresses, bestowing upon her an unmistakable and enchanting visage.

Body Measurements

Currently, Islah Koren Gates is a youthful spirit, aged merely 7. We lack precise specifics concerning her stature, mass, or comprehensive bodily dimensions. Correspondingly, her attire and footwear dimensions elude our grasp at this juncture. We shall undeniably keep you apprised of this data as soon as it surfaces.

Islah Koren Gates Parents

Within the familial sphere of Islah Koren Gates, one discovers a lineage where her progenitors, Kevin Gates and Dreka Haynes Gates, have shared their matrimonial voyage since the auspicious union of October 2015. This conjugal union has bestowed its benevolence upon them in the form of two cherubic offspring, namely Islah and Khaza.

In the annals of history, a trail emerges back in the chronicles of 2013 when Kevin Gates, in a rendezvous with Complex, provided cryptic allusions to progeny born of prior liaisons. In this colloquy, he tenderly articulated his paternal sentiments, underscoring the profound affinity that binds him to his progeny. However, he shrouded the precise count of his offspring in an enigmatic veil, elucidating that the gaze of the public might not fall upon them, and even if it did, the visage of paternity might elude their discerning eyes.

As the spotlight turns towards Islah Koren Gates’s spiritual proclivities, it is discerned that she espouses the tenets of the Islamic faith. Her paternal figure, Kevin Gates, stands as a devout adherent of Islam, and the couple embarked on an odyssey of profound religious significance in the month of September 2016, making a sacred sojourn to the hallowed precincts of Mecca for the Hajj pilgrimage. Their devotion to their faith stands as a venerable cornerstone of their existence.

Islah Koren Nationality and Ethnicity

Islah Koren proudly holds American nationality and belongs to a white ethnic background.

Islah Gates Boyfriend

In the realm of youthful innocence, Islah revels in the uncomplicated yet profoundly delightful existence she shares with her parents. It’s undeniably extraordinary that she has already ascended to the status of a cherished offspring of celebrities and a digital phenomenon, endearing herself to the masses at such a tender age.

Delving into the romantic chronicle of her parents, Kevin and Dreka Gates, one cannot help but draw parallels with a narrative plucked from the pages of a high school love saga. Their enchanting courtship spanned an impressive 14-year odyssey before they eventually bound their lives together in the sacred bonds of matrimony in the year 2015. The indelible matrimonial ceremony unfolded its splendor on the auspicious date of October 17, 2015, nestled within the picturesque locale of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, situated right here within the borders of the United States.

Turning the spotlight to Kevin Gates, his life’s journey has been punctuated by legal tribulations, entailing encounters with the judicial system concerning narcotics and firearm transgressions, the possession of a felonious firearm, and even an unfortunate altercation with a woman during a live musical performance. It is during these turbulent chapters that Dreka, the nurturing matriarch of Islah, emerges as an unwavering and influential cornerstone in Kevin’s world, offering unwavering support and invaluable guidance.


  • On November 30, 2012, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Islah Koren Gates was born.
  • The daughter of famous American rapper Kevin Gates and Instagram star Dreka Haynes Gates.
  • Islah’s younger brother is Khaza Kamil Gates, born May 10, 2014.
  • Despite being born in 2012, Islah’s parents married on October 17, 2015.
  • Islah is American and mixed-race.
  • Her parents’ 14-year romance resembled a high school romance before they married.
  • Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates and entrepreneur Dreka Gates are well-known.
  • The family, recognised for their Islam, made the Hajj journey to Mecca in September 2016.
  • Despite her youth, Islah has a large online following.
  • Her 2019-2020 net worth is estimated at $3 million.


Islah Koren Gates is the firstborn of entertainment and social media stars Kevin and Dreka Gates. Though young, she has created a name for herself online. Her life is marked by her parents’ love and family journey. Her family is Islamic and she is multiethnic.


Parents of Islah Koren Gates?

Islah Koren Gates’ parents are Kevin Jerome Gilyard and Dreka Haynes Gates.

When was Islah Koren Gates born?

On November 30, 2012, Islah Koren Gates was born.

How many siblings does Islah Koren Gates have?

Islah’s younger brother is Khaza Kamil Gates, born May 10, 2014.

When did Kevin and Dreka Gates marry?

Kevin and Dreka Gates married Oct. 17, 2015.

Islah Koren Gates’ nationality?

Islah Koren Gates is American.

What is Islah’s estimated wealth?

Islah’s 2019-2020 net worth is estimated at $3 million.

Why is Islah’s name significant?

Islah means “reform” or “improvement” in Arabic.

Kevin Gates is recognised for what in music?

Famous rapper Kevin Gates has hit songs and albums.

What are Dreka Gates’ business interests?

Dreka Gates owns couture, skincare, and real estate enterprises.

How did Islah’s family practise their faith?

The family performed the Hajj journey to Mecca in September 2016 to show their loyalty to Islam.

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