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faze rug net worth

San Diego-based YouTuber FaZe Rug became famous for his engaging and human-crafted videos. His YouTube career began with prank videos in high school. As his channel grew, so did his hobbies, allowing him to express his love of gaming, especially Call of Duty.

FaZe Rug’s YouTube career took an exciting turn when the burgeoning esports team FaZe saw his gaming skills. It was a milestone in his career and reinforced his status as a diverse content developer spanning entertainment and games. FaZe Rug’s unique blend of humour, creativity, and gaming prowess has made him a notable player in the ever-changing internet content creation market.

Faze Rug’s Net Worth

American social media star Faze Rug, worth $4 million, is most known for his YouTube channel. Faze Rug, real name Brian Awadis, directs the FaZe Clan and was born in San Diego, California in November 1996.

His YouTube channel has over 15 million subscribers who enjoy his diversified content. His “Cocaine Prank” video has over 10 million views, demonstrating its viral appeal. Faze Rug does Call of Duty gameplay videos, vlogs, and pranks.

Faze Rug’s Iraqi heritage gives him a unique cultural identity. He was in relationships with Molly Eskam and Baeeeelyn outside of YouTube.

A member of the Clout Gang, Faze Rug joins significant figures like Faze Banks, Alissa Violet, Sommer Ray, RiceGum, and others. This membership widens his social network and places him in a vibrant and collaborative group at the forefront of social media and online entertainment.

Quick Facts About Faze Rug

NameFaze Rug
Date of birthNovember 19, 1996
Birth placeSan Diego, California, U.S.
Age27 years old
NationalityIraqi and American
ProfessionYouTuber and Social Media Personality
Zodiac SignLeo
SchoolLocal High School, San Diego, California, United States
College / UniversitySan Diego Miramar College, California, United States
Education QualificationCollege Dropped Out
HometownSan Diego, California, United States
Net Worth$4 Million

Early Life and Education

FaZe Rug, born Brian Rafat Awadis, was born in San Diego, California, on November 19, 1996. His parents, ‘Mama Rug’ and ‘Papa Rug,’ immigrated to the US from Iraq.

FaZe Rug grew up with his younger brother Brandon in a loving home. They traversed San Diego’s dynamic surroundings, creating a friendship that would shape FaZe Rug’s personal and professional life.

After graduating from Mira Mesa Senior High School, FaZe Rug briefly attended San Diego Miramar College. He boldly dropped out in his first year due to his growing passion for YouTube content creation. This decision started his full-time YouTube career.

FaZe Rug’s full-time YouTube career propelled him to online popularity. His journey from San Diego to becoming a popular content creator shows personal growth and the changing way people choose their careers in the digital age. FaZe Rug shows how success evolves and how many ways there are to reach it.


FaZe Rug (Brian Rafat Awadis) was born in San Diego on November 19, 1996. He is 27 and famous for internet content. From his birthplace to fame, FaZe Rug’s career and influence have changed over time. His internet influence continues to connect with a varied audience in his late 20s, demonstrating his creative longevity.


FaZe Rug’s family is creative and professional. Businessman Mr. Awadis is his father. FaZe Rug’s mother, Mrs. Awadis is a dedicated homemaker who brings warmth and comfort to their household.

Creative energy extends beyond FaZe Rug in the Awadis family. Brandon Awadis, his older sibling, is also a YouTuber and video maker. This common love of online content creation shows the family’s closeness and commitment to digital success.

This view shows FaZe Rug’s family as a dynamic unit with varied professional and creative goals. FaZe Rug’s story shows how family relationships affect success. The Awadis family supports one other.

Career Beginnings

High school was the start of FaZe Rug’s successful career. As mentioned, his meteoric rise on YouTube and an invitation to join the FaZe Clan influenced his choice to forgo college. FaZe Rug dropped out of college to focus on YouTube because of the pull of a growing content creation business. This crucial decision showed his dedication to his cause and paved the groundwork for his rise to internet entertainment stardom. FaZe Rug’s tale shows how pursuing one’s dreams, even at the expense of traditional education, may change lives.

Faze Rug Prank Videos

FaZe Rug’s prank videos helped him become an online star by attracting attention to his YouTube account. He released his first prank film, “Telling My Mom I Smoke Prank!” in December 2014, when prank videos dominated social media.

This first attempt at pranks changed everything. FaZe Rug’s first prank video went viral with nearly 7 million views, compared to his usual 20,000–40,000 views. This success led to a series of spoof films that exceeded his Call of Duty game content, proving this new strategy worked.

The viral prank video “Cocaine Prank,” garnered 28 million views, cementing FaZe Rug’s status as a popular content provider. His average video view count increased as viewers interested in his prank videos moved on to his gaming content.

Viewers liked the prank videos’ humour and originality, which maintained FaZe Rug’s gaming efforts. This combination of pranks and gaming content brought him to 1 million YouTube followers in a short time, a major milestone in his online career.

Play Call of Duty

Faze Rug started oRugrat on YouTube in July 2012. This name comes from when Faze Rug and his pal created gamer tags in the early days of gaming. According to him, the gaming community wanted a unique and memorable name, therefore ‘Rugrat’ was chosen.

For fear of copyright issues with ‘Rugrat,’ especially if he sold products, Faze Rug simplified it to ‘Rug.’ This strategy sought to avoid legal concerns while preserving his internet identity.

The oRugrat channel took off thanks to Faze Rug’s speedy scoping in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. After uploading intriguing Call of Duty clips, oRugrat joined the SoaR clan of like-minded Call of Duty fans within a month. Faze Rug’s relationship with the SoaR clan has changed throughout time, but the group remains a gaming community.

Faze Rug’s early gaming experiences demonstrate his skill and the collaborative nature of online gaming groups. From the start of the oRugrat channel to his current position, his story highlights content development and gaming community relationships.


The FaZe Clan has partnered with many firms to co-create and release special items. FaZe Rug, a clan leader, has taken advantage of these relationships to provide his fans with special products.

Among FaZe Rug’s partners, G FUEL stands out. G FUEL, an energy drink for gamers, has a wide variety of flavors, including ‘Chili Dog’, which shows their creativity.

The Sour Blue Chug Rug GFUEL flavor was created by FaZe Rug in a notable partnership. This energy drink tastes like blue raspberry’s tanginess. FaZe Rug’s cooperation with G FUEL shows how content makers and companies work together in online entertainment and how gaming and lifestyle overlap. Collaborations like these help create distinctive products that appeal to a diverse audience as gaming culture merges with mainstream trends. The Sour Blue Chug Rug from FaZe Rug represents the changing interaction between esports, content production, and brand involvement in the FaZe Clan.

Personal Life

FaZe Rug is single. His relationship history includes a notable connection with fellow YouTuber Molly Eskam, illustrating the interweaving of personal and professional life online. FaZe Rug also dated Kaelyn briefly, giving variety to his romantic history.

FaZe Rug’s honesty about his former relationships shows the challenges of personal relationships for online celebrities. FaZe Rug’s personal relationships evolve and intrigue as he shares his life with his audience.

Physical Appearance

Heightbetween 5’6 and 5’7
Weight52 kg
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBrown
Body Measurement40-30-35
Shoe size5

Brand Endorsements

Over the years, FaZe Rug has obtained many notable sponsorships. He sponsors Nissan, SCUF Gaming, and SteelSeries. These agreements demonstrate FaZe Rug’s influence in the gaming and content producing community and its profitability.

FaZe Rug sponsors these brands on his social media networks. This strategic relationship boosts sponsored products’ visibility and establishes FaZe Rug as a gaming and technology authority.

His vast reach to endorse and highlight companies to his devoted following makes sponsorship arrangements crucial to FaZe Rug’s financial success. In the internet world, content creators and marketers work together to connect consumers with innovative products, and influencers like FaZe Rug are crucial to this.

Business Ventures

FaZe Rug makes a lot of money as a co-owner and director of the FaZe Clan, including from its competitive rosters. FaZe Rug’s financial success is shown by their CS:GO success, especially their PGL Antwerp Major win. This massive victory, rumored to be over $9 million for FaZe Clan, would automatically raise FaZe Rug’s salary as a key figure in the group.

FaZe Rug sells personal items in addition to competitive gaming. This series of shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants lets fans interact with FaZe Rug more personally. Selling stuff boosts his finances and establishes him as a gaming and video creator brand influencer.

FaZe Rug’s multimodal income creation strategy—esports wins, strategic partnerships, and personalised merchandise—reflects the agility and entrepreneurial spirit of digital success. FaZe Rug’s financial success shows how internet content creation now combines smart economic endeavours and personal brand building.


Q1. FaZe Rug—who?

A1. San Diego-based YouTuber and social media star FaZe Rug is Brian Rafat Awadis. His entertaining and diversified content, including prank videos and Call of Duty stuff, made him famous.

Q2. FaZe Rug’s Net Worth?

A2. We estimate FaZe Rug’s worth at $4 million. He made money from YouTube, sponsorships, and businesses.

Q3. Tell me about FaZe Rug’s family?

A3. Businessman Mr. Awadis and homemaker Mrs. Awadis are FaZe Rug’s parents. His older brother, Brandon Awadis, is a YouTuber like FaZe Rug.

Q4. Educational background of FaZe Rug?

A4. FaZe Rug graduated from San Diego’s Mira Mesa Senior High. He dropped out of San Diego Miramar College after one year to focus on YouTube content development.

Q5. FaZe Rug began YouTube when and how?

A5. FaZe Rug started YouTube as oRugrat in July 2012. He started uploading Call of Duty movies and became famous for his rapid scoping. His accomplishment led him to join the SoaR clan, starting his gaming career.


FaZe Rug, born Brian Rafat Awadis, is a powerful digital presence. His rise from high school prank videos to FaZe Clan co-owner and director combines humor, gaming skills, and entrepreneurship. FaZe Rug’s $4 million net worth, diverse material, strategic relationships, and collaborations show how internet success is changing. FaZe Rug, a multidimensional online content creator, combines gaming, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship with a supportive family, diversified collaborations, and strategic brand growth.

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