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Bobby Wardell Sandimanie , known as Destroy Lonely, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His first studio album, “If Looks Could Kill,” debuted in 2023 at 18th on the US Billboard 200. Before this, his sixth mixtape, “No Stylist,” reached the 91st rank on the Billboard 200 in 2022.


NameDestroy Lonely
Date of birthJuly 30, 2001
Birth placeAtlanta, GA
Age22 Years old
Net Worth$800K

Destroy Lonely Age

Destroy Lonely Age

Destroy Lonely, hailing from the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, made his entrance into this world on July 30, 2001. As of now, he stands at the age of 22, marking the passage of time and the evolution of his life’s journey.

Destroy Lonely Early Life

Destroy Lonely Early Life

Atlanta native Bobby Wardel Sandimanie, known as “Destroy Lonely,” was born on July 30, 2001. His childhood was peculiar, with two younger sisters and an elder half-brother. He often felt like an only kid due to the age discrepancy despite family links.

Destroy Lonely took a unique approach to education. His grandmother, a former educator, encouraged him to homeschool in sixth grade. This scholastic gap allowed him to focus more on music and creativity.

However, his ninth and tenth grades were filled with personal struggles. Loneliness has admitted to abusing Xanax and its effects on his life.

In these difficult times, he found the inspiration for the “Destroy” part of his stage persona, symbolising his everlasting desire to overcome his obstacles. During his adolescence, he felt profoundly alone, which led to his stage name “Lonely”. This time of solitude helped Destroy Lonely discover herself and become an artist.

Destroy Lonely Professional Career

Destroy Lonely Career

Being raised in a musical family, Destroy Lonely’s musical career began early. His songwriting talent blossomed in his youth, paving the basis for a tremendous career. In 2015, Destroy Lonely made his SoundCloud debut.

Lonely made excellent connections in Atlanta’s vibrant music scene as he developed his skills. His collaborators BigSmokeChapo and Nexus enhanced his musical journey. With each release, his fan base resonating chords reflected his musical acceleration. He collaborates with producer Clayco to create musical wonders.

Collaboration also extends to “Underworld Music Group,” an artist and producer collective intimately tied to Clayco’s maestro. Through this network, creative impulses and inventive musical endeavours influence the sonic world.

During this musical rise, 2021 marked a turning point in Destroy Lonely’s story. He signed with the legendary “Opium” record company, linking his fate with Playboi Carti’s innovative strides. This partnership promises more musical adventures in the exciting world of music.

Destroy Lonely Relationship Status

The rapper based in Atlanta has carefully opted to defend the borders of his personal life, so shrouding it in an air of caution. In his journey through the spotlight, he remains a cryptic character when it comes to sharing specifics about his romantic entanglements. Notably, there exists a notable absence of any public announcements or telltale signals of romantic involvements within the area of his social media presence.

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight70 kg
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBrown
Shoe Size10 US 

Record label and mixtape signing

September 25, 2020 marked a turning point in Destroy Lonely’s career with the release of his third mixtape, “</3,” popularly known as “Broken Hearts.” A month later, on October 31, 2020, he released the deluxe edition of “</3².” This is when the artist’s talents began to shine for discriminating audiences.

In December 2020, music legend Playboi Carti noticed Destroy Lonely’s work, which changed the story. His music video for “Oh Yeah,” which showcased his originality and unique voice, earned him this accolade. This big event started a new chapter in his life.

Destroy Lonely signed with Playboi Carti’s “Opium.” label in early 2021, a major career milestone. His musical talent and creative vision were recognised by this alliance. In April 2021, he appeared in Carti’s “Sky” music video, confirming their connection.

Destroy Lonely was also revealed as a performer at the Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash that year, highlighting his rise in music. This music festival gave him a chance to perform for a wider audience.

In July 2022, he contributed lyrics to Ken Carson’s “X” record, enriching both artists’ music. He also appeared on Bktherula’s “Forever Pt. 2” and Slump6s’ “Genesis,” establishing his industry position.

The powerful “No Stylist.” was Destroy Lonely’s fifth mixtape, released in August 2022. This collection showed his growth and included a riveting collaboration with labelmate Ken Carson, providing depth.

On Playboi Carti’s 26th birthday in September 2022, Lonely and Ken Carson gave him a gift that symbolises their friendship and artistic journey.

Later in the year, Destroy Lonely announced his “No Stylist” tour in October 2022, showing his commitment to live performances.

His music video for “TMNT COAT.” was released the following month, expanding his artistic reach. This visually stunning work depicted lavish dinner parties and nocturnal car journeys, adding storytelling to his music.

On November 18, 2022, he released a deluxe edition of his mixtape “No Stylist,” titled “NS+ (Ultra),” demonstrating his dedication to musical innovation and artistic quality.

Destroy Lonely on Social Media

Destroy Lonely has a little Instagram presence. His official account, @destroylonely, has three posts. Despite his social media moderation, he has 852,000 loyal fans.

Social media minimalism further conceals the artist’s private life. He clearly prioritises his music and art over sharing personal details.

The Net Worth Of Rapper Destroy Lonely

Destroy Lonely Net worth

Atlanta rapper Destroy Lonely has an estimated $800,000 net worth. This large cash was carefully accumulated via his dedication to rap, demonstrating his talent and dedication.

His revenue sources are significant and varied. Album sales, music streams, endorsements, record label partnerships, and electrifying live concerts all add to his financial success. His charisma has also led to lucrative collaborations and features.

Destroy Lonely has nearly 180,000 YouTube subscribers. His approximately 30 million views on this channel demonstrate his appeal as a content developer. Through ad monetization and sponsored postings, these efforts boost his finances.

Spotify, for instance, reflects his music’s appeal. Alone on this platform, he is close to two million monthly listeners, a testament to his rising fanbase. This increase of listeners confirms his artistic success and strengthens his financial position.


Q1. Who IS Destroy Lonely?

A1. Atlanta-based rapper, singer, and songwriter Destroy Lonely is Bobby Wardell Sandimanie. His unique style earned him industry fame and multiple mixtapes and albums.

Q2. How old is Destroy Lonely?

A2. Destroy Lonely is 22 and born July 30, 2001.

Q3. How rich is Destroy Lonely?

A3. Destruction Lonely’s estimated net worth is $800,000. Album sales, music streams, endorsements, live performances, and collaborations made him rich.

Q4. Can you describe Destroy Lonely’s childhood?

A4. Due to the age gap between his younger sisters and older half-brother, Destroy Lonely (Bobby Wardell Sandimanie) felt like an only kid. Homeschooling in sixth grade let him focus on music and creativity. However, he struggled in ninth and tenth grades and became lonely, hence his stage moniker “Lonely.”

Q5. How did Destroy Lonely start working?

A5. Growing up in a musical family launched Destroy Lonely’s musical career. He started on SoundCloud in 2015 and built music connections in Atlanta. In 2021, he signed with “Opium,” a career turning event.


Finally, Atlanta-born rapper, singer, and songwriter Destroy Lonely has made a name for himself in the music world. His inspirational and unusual rise from a strange childhood to a successful music career at 22 is fascinating. With major collaborations, a record label signing with “Opium,” and a loyal fan base, he continues to make music history. He values art over personal details, as shown by his modest social media presence and reported $800,000 net worth. Destroy Lonely’s “No Stylist” tour and artistic originality bode well.

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