Sharon Marie Huddle Age, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth and Meet Joseph James DeAngelo’s Ex-wife

sharon marie huddle

American family law attorney Sharon Marie Huddle had been married for almost 40 years and raised three children together. She had no idea that her husband was a serial killer who had committed countless killings and sexual assaults.

Her husband, Joseph James DeAngelo, pleaded guilty to 26 crimes stemming from his reign of terror, revealing the awful truth. After this disclosure, Sharon made a sad plea for her children’s privacy amid intense media scrutiny. She ended her public criticism of her ex-husband’s disgusting actions with a touching moment.

Sharon Marie Huddle co-founded a surrogacy advocacy group in addition to her disturbing association with a serial killer. Protecting surrogate women’s rights was this organisation’s great goal.

Sharon disappeared for over two years after her husband confessed to repeated crimes. What’s her journey’s undiscovered story?


NameSharon Marie Huddle
Date of birth1953
Birth placeUnited States 
Age69 years old
ProfessionFamily Law Attorney
EducationSan Juan High School, American River College, McGeorge School of Law 
Years active1982 to Present 
Net Worth$1 Million

Sharon Marie Huddle Age

Sharon Marie Huddle, born in 1953, She is 69 years old, a time of wisdom and introspection. However, her ex-husband, Joseph James DeAngelo, is 77 in 2023.

Born and bred in the wide and diverse United States, Sharon’s origins are deep. It shows the complex tapestry of her life, which we’ll unravel.

Education: Studied Law At College

Explore Sharon’s education. She started her education at San Juan High School. She later studied at American River College, improving her brains and talents.

Her desire to learn continued. In search of knowledge, Sharon Marie Huddle attended McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific, in Sacramento. She learned about the legal system here, which shaped her profession as an attorney.

This educational career shows her dedication to learning and personal growth. With this context, we may appreciate her life narrative.

Professional career 

Sharon Marie Huddle graduated from law school in the late 1970s. It launched her brilliant career. Her 1982 bar admission made her a licensed attorney.

She briefly paused her legal career in 1987 for eight months. Sharon’s dedication to her job persisted. After returning to practice, she specialised in family law. She later became a divorce attorney, handling the complexities of marriage breakdown with ease.

When Sharon formed her own law firm, she focused on family, divorce, and real estate litigation. She demonstrated her legal diversity and ability to handle complex cases with this project.

During her legal career, Sharon Huddle gained significance beyond courtroom confrontations. She co-founded the National Coalition Against Surrogacy to oppose state legislation regulating surrogate women’s rights. Her legal practice and fight for surrogate women’s rights were shown.

Sharon has devoted her career to practising law in Roseville and Sacramento, California, contributing to the US legal scene. This comprehensive account of her career illuminates this talented attorney’s varied journey.

Sharon Marie Huddle Husband and children 

Sharon met Joseph James DeAngelo in law school, an accidental meeting that changed her life. The couple married in 1973. Sharon, the legal prodigy, was 20 and DeAngelo, 27, when they married.

Sharon had no idea that the Golden State Killer would start his evil reign a year after their marriage. This elusive, evil criminal committed a series of terrifying crimes in Visalia and nearby areas. From 1976 through 1981, the killer brutally sexually abused and murdered several innocent women. The fact that Sharon Marie Huddle’s husband committed this nightmare made it much more horrific.

The couple had three kids in 1981, 1986, and 1989 throughout their turbulent marriage. Sharon Marie Huddle’s children’ names are kept secret, a tribute to their desire for privacy in the wake of their father’s despicable deeds. The Golden State Killer’s reign of terror ended in 1986 after the birth of their second daughter, a shocking turn of events that continues to puzzle authorities.

One of the Golden State Killer’s children is a Midwest ER doctor, however their names are unknown. Another is a PhD candidate at an unidentified university, overcoming their father’s harrowing legacy.

Sharon’s daughters posted about their life on social media before their father’s imprisonment. They deleted their web profile to protect themselves from their ancestor’s misdeeds.

From 1973 to 1991, Sharon and DeAngelo endured a turbulent relationship. Despite splitting in 1991, they were legally bound. After DeAngelo’s long-awaited arrest in 2018, the two divorced, ending this terrible ordeal.

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 5 inches
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourDark Brown 

Life After Her Ex-Husband’s Lifelong Imprisonment – Sharon Marie Huddle

Sharon and her longtime husband Joseph James DeAngelo’s lives were interwoven. The family seemed normal and caring as they reared three girls. Sharon was unaware of a terrifying secret hidden behind her perfect life.

Sharon, a seasoned lawyer, began speaking up in August 2020 about her husband’s horrific acts. She talked publicly for the first time since her husband’s incarceration in 2018. She fearlessly described her world-shattering discovery of Joseph’s horrific deeds in a moving victim impact statement submitted to the Sacramento Superior Court.

These disclosures have profoundly affected Sharon. Post-traumatic stress disorder has plagued her life. Her daily terror reminds her of the horrors her spouse unleashed.

Sharon wrote, “I will never be the same person,” of her emotional struggle. I now live daily with the knowledge that he attacked and seriously damaged hundreds of innocent people’s lives and murdered 13 who were loved and mourned for over four decades.”

Hypervigilance stems from profound psychological traumas. They said, “I live every day with post-traumatic distress, where any unexpected noise or slightest movement by any person or object can be perceived by my mind as a threat to me.”

Trust erosion in Sharon’s worst episode is maybe the most heartbreaking. She confessed, “I no longer trust anyone. I believed the defendant when he said he had to work, was pheasant shooting, or was visiting his parents hundreds of miles away. I trusted him to do what he said when I was away.”

These lines show Sharon Marie Huddle’s broken existence, which was forever changed by her husband’s inconceivable crimes.

Where Is Sharon Marie Huddle Now?

Sharon lives peacefully in Roseville with her daughters and one precious granddaughter. This peaceful home provides comfort and family amidst her turbulent past.

Beyond this insight into her life, Sharon’s life after her husband’s conviction is unknown. Her absence from social media, where many people discuss their life, is notable. Sharon’s decision to stay anonymous on these sites may reflect her desire for privacy and her ongoing healing.

The public cannot see her life now, giving her the solitude and tranquillity to negotiate the complicated emotions and challenges of her post-conviction life.

Sharon Marie Huddle Net Worth 2023

Sharon Marie Huddle’s net worth, like most of her life, is unknown. Her occupation is unknown, however her net worth was assessed at $1 million in September 2023.

However, this financial estimate only provides a glance into a woman’s private finances. Her mysterious occupation and money contribute to her intriguing story.


Q1. Who is Sharon Marie Huddle?

A1. Sharon Marie Huddle, a family law attorney, is associated with her ex-husband, Golden State Killer Joseph James DeAngelo. She has been a lawyer and surrogacy advocate for decades.

Q2. Sharon Marie Huddle’s education?

A2. Former San Juan High School student Sharon Marie Huddle attended American River College. At McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific, she learned about the legal system.

Q3. What led Sharon Marie Huddle to surrogacy advocacy?

A3. Sharon co-founded the National Coalition Against Surrogacy to defend surrogate women. She has a diversified career, including legal practice and advocacy.

Q4. What’s Sharon’s family life with Joseph James DeAngelo?

A4. Sharon married Joseph James DeAngelo in 1973 after meeting in law school. They had three children throughout their turbulent marriage. Children’s identities are kept hidden to safeguard their privacy.

Q5. After Joseph James DeAngelo’s conviction, what happened?

A5. Sharon Marie Huddle revealed her husband’s horrifying atrocities after his capture and conviction as the Golden State Killer. She has PTSD and her husband’s misdeeds have affected her life.


In conclusion, Sharon Marie Huddle’s life took a dramatic turn when she discovered her husband’s horrifying crimes as the Golden State Killer. Her journey from being a dedicated family law attorney to a survivor of trauma highlights the resilience of the human spirit. Despite the darkness of her past, she now lives a quiet life, seeking solace and privacy with her family in Roseville, away from the spotlight.

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