Content Creation and Curation: Engaging Audiences with Compelling Social Media Content

social media engagement

How does social media engagement change? And how do you know if SMM marketing is working? Engagement Rate on social media is measured as a percentage and shows how many followers of an account react to posts. This includes: likes, reactions (“Wow”, “Super”, etc.), comments, reposts, and saves (for Instagram accounts).

Benefits of Content curation strategies

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  • Saving time and money on content preparation; 
  • Regular filling of the resource with interesting and useful materials; 
  • An extra opportunity to remind about yourself; 
  • Building “good neighborly” relations with market leaders and competitors; 
  • Involvement of the audience in the topic; 
  • Creating the image of an expert in a given field; 
  • Finding useful information and ideas for personal development. 

Proper content curation is hugely beneficial. How often do you share other people’s content and how do you select information for your audience? 

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Audience engagement techniques and processes

You shouldn’t consider the number of subscribers, likes, and comments on posts separately. Assess the overall engagement – this is the only way to see an objective picture. And by working to increase its level, you additionally get several important benefits:

  • Increased positions in search results within social networks;
  • increased brand awareness;
  • improved performance in the so-called “word marketing”.

And most importantly, you get increased trust. Customers choose Apple not only because of good components and a well-designed operating system but also because of their trust in the brand.

Setting goals

There may be different options:

  • increasing awareness;
  • communication with the target and near-target audience;
  • content distribution (viral marketing, word of mouth);
  • sales and lead generation.

Stories are generally considered by many marketers and SMM specialists to be more important than posts in the feed. They attract more audience and retain attention better. And the links embedded in them are very convenient. Use it!


And our last piece of advice is to work with partners and engage in mutual PR. Just don’t cooperate with direct competitors, as this is a bad idea. Try to find companies or influencers that are somehow related to your topic. Agree on mutual promotion, offer barter cooperation, or order advertising directly. All this works well with the right approach and helps to reach a huge audience in the shortest possible time.

What is considered a good ER in social media?

The optimal level of engagement is a very vague concept:

  • less than 1% is a very low rate, and measures should be taken;
  • 1-3.5% – average, but there is room for growth;
  • 3.5-6% – a high rate, a good result;
  • 6% and above – excellent, you are doing everything right.

Of course, engagement rates can vary from month to month for objective reasons. For example, if you are promoting a seasonal product on social media, it is quite logical that subscribers’ interest will drop. In such cases, you shouldn’t panic at all if the coefficient suddenly drops from 4% to 1-2% or even lower. It’s normal!

Here’s an example.

We want to find out the level of engagement on the page of one celebrity for 3 days: 

The first post has 39,540 likes and 1154 comments, the second post has 28279 likes and 73 comments, and the third post has 45994 likes and 286 comments.

The total number of reactions is 115326, which we divide by the number of posts, i.e. 3, and get 38442.

We divide this figure by the number of subscribers – 1.4 million – and get 0.02745857. This figure is multiplied by 100 = 2.7% ER on the page.

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