Summer Miami Luellen Age, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth and Meet Yung Miami’s Daughter

summer miami luellen

Summer Miami Luellen remains famous as Yung Miami’s cherished daughter. Her cuteness has drawn attention even at a young age. The public is increasingly interested in learning more about her life.

Who is Summer Miami Luellen?

The US welcomed Summer Miami Luellen on October 16, 2019. She is the second child of City Girls’ outstanding rapper, Careesha Romeka Brownlee (Yung Miami). Summer arrived because of Yung Miami’s partnership with Southside, a legendary music producer.

In 2019, Yung Miami disclosed her pregnancy in a City Girls documentary. Miami announced the happy news to her massive social media following two days after Summer’s birth, on October 18. Her touching note was accompanied by a stunning photo of the hospital baby. As the post stated, “Summer Miami, So happy & blessed,” Southside, Summer’s proud father, was also thrilled with their daughter’s birth.


Full NameSummer Miami Luellen
Date of birth16 October 2019
Birth placeUnited States
Age4 years (As of 2023)
Zodiac SignLibra

Summer Miami Luellen Career

Summer Miami Luellen has yet to work because she is still young. However, as she continues to engage audiences and gain recognition across various online platforms, her growing social media presence might possibly provide significant cash.

Who is Summer Miami Luellen Mother?

Summer Miami Luellen Mother

Summer is the daughter of famous American rapper Careesha Romeka Brownlee. Careesha, born February 11, 1994, is a key member of the City Girls. Established in 2017, this extraordinary group has quickly become one of the most popular and sizzling all-female rap collectives in the music business.

The City Girls’ association with Quality Control Music, a major talent label, distinguishes them. This partnership has produced chart-topping albums with hits including “Twerkulator” and “Fk that N*a.” These songs have a loyal following and commercial success.

The City Girls have received several major nominations, including a 2019 BET Social Awards nod, demonstrating their expanding importance in the music industry.

Who is Summer Miami Luellen’s Father?

Summer Miami Luellen’s Father

Summer Miami Talk about Luellen’s family generally centres on her father, who is less famous than her mother. She is the daughter of famous American rapper and songwriter Yung Miami. Many know little about her father.

Summer Miami Luellen’s father, Joshua Howard Luellen (Southside), is “Young Sizzle” and “808MafiaBoss.” Classic beats from Southside are known worldwide.

In a touching announcement, Yung Miami uploaded a snapshot of Summer napping. In the photo, her father, Southside, was sleeping with his adorable daughter in the hospital, showing their joy and anticipation for the future.

Yung Miami and Southside celebrated their daughter’s first birthday in style. They post gorgeous images of Summer on social media to show their love and delight as parents.

Summer Miami Luellen’s Siblings

Summer Miami Luellen’s Siblings

Fans naturally want to know about Summer Miami Luellen’s siblings. Interestingly, the sweet girl has a 10-year-old older brother. Summer’s mother, Yung Miami, and her late partner, Jai Wiggins, had Jai Malik Wiggins Jr.

Summer’s close relationship with her older brother, Jai Malik Wiggins Jr., adds an interesting layer to her life. This sibling bond shows how love and legacy are intertwined in their family.

Her Parents Are Still Married or Not?

Since Southside and Yung Miami are no longer dating, Summer’s parents’ relationship has changed. Their breakup was turbulent, with name-calling and ridicule.

Their breakup was revealed when Yung Miami announced her single status on social media. Southside was enraged by this revelation and openly criticised Yung Miami’s all-expenses-paid vacation as lacklustre. He even expressed his boredom during the break and claimed he could provide a more thrilling experience. Many mocked the renowned music producer’s over-the-top overreaction to the breakup.

After their tumultuous breakup, the two parents have found common ground in co-parenting Summer, their adored daughter. Southside offered co-parenting techniques in an interview, and they have managed this element of their relationship with unexpected harmony. This shows their dedication to raising their daughter well, putting aside personal issues. Their maturity and dedication as parents allow them to prioritise their child’s requirements.

Physical Appearance

Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
EthnicityAfrican American

Summer Miami Luellen’s Net Worth

The celebrity child Summer Miami Luellen’s net worth is unknown, however her mother, Yung Miami, has $1.5 million. Yung Miami’s complex rap career and entrepreneurial ventures have earned her this money.

Yung Miami makes money via music industry sources. She makes money via concerts, high-profile gigs, successful albums, and streaming platforms as a rapper. Her strong rap presence has earned her artistic accolades and commercial success.

Summer and her older brother Jai live a luxurious life because of their financial security. Your mother’s success has given you comfort and privilege, so you can enjoy her hard-earned cash.


Q1. Who and when was Summer Miami Luellen born?

A1. A daughter of rapper Yung Miami, Summer Miami Luellen was born on October 16, 2019.

Q2. Summer Miami Luellen’s nationality and zodiac sign?

A2. She is Libra and American.

Q3. What is Summer Miami Luellen’s mother’s occupation?

A3. Careesha Romeka Brownlee (Yung Miami) is Summer’s mother. City Girls rapper she is famous.

Q4. What is Summer Miami Luellen’s father’s job?

A4. Southside, a famous rapper and producer, is Summer’s father.

Q5. Does Summer Miami Luellen have siblings?

A5. From her mother’s previous relationship, Summer has a 10-year-old older brother named Jai Malik Wiggins Jr.


The daughter of rapper Yung Miami and producer Southside, Summer Miami Luellen, is a young star known for her cuteness. Born in 2019, she is co-parented by her renowned but separated parents and is close to her older brother. Her mother’s music fame has secured their family’s finances, but her net worth is unknown. Summer’s narrative shows how a celebrity child grows up amid her parents’ fame and personal life.

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