Olight Oclip Clip Light with White and Red Light


There are many times when you need a simple, little, hands-free light, and the Oclip rechargeable clip on light from Olight fits your budget. This aluminum light emits 300 lumens of white light, and can shin red when you need to do a job in the dark but don’t want to disrupt your night-acclimated vision. 

Compact, hands-free lighting

If you are looking for easy to use, simple lighting, then use the Olight Oclip. With a highest output of 300 lumens in maximum throw of 229 ft, this light is best for work in tight areas or little walks at night. This light also contains a red LED for night-time lighting that does not strain your vision. With multiple strobe modes, this light also helps to signal your location during emergencies.

Carry with ease

The clip of this light designed to give multiple carry techniques. Using the clip itself, you can simply attach it to your clothes for hands-free lighting while you are on the travel move. You can also use its magnetic base to amount it to metal areas, providing intuitive overhead lighting. The added lanyard holes let users carry it freely so that it is forever within arm’s reach.


Dual light sources: Red light for night vision and white light for daily use. The beacon mode in white light and the red blink mode make sure that users stay visible in critical moments.

Multiple ways to carry: The versatile clip permits users to hang, clip, or magnetically attach the light to iron objects. It has big application scenarios, such as providing fill lights for photos, hiking, reading, cycling, and safety warnings.

Durable clip: The durable clip has passed 10,000 cyclic tests. It offers a more stable grip and can clamp objects up to 14mm thick.

Universal USB Type C charging: Oclip rechargeable flashlight with micro input, which can be linked to wall sockets, laptops, power banks, car chargers, and other devices with USB interfaces for charging the flashlight.

Light weight and compact: Oclip clip light just has 1.05oz/30g weight and 1.90in/48.5mm length; it is light sufficient for use as a headlamp, keychain light, clip on your cap, a signal backpack tool.

Impressive brightness: With a highest output of 300 lumens and a throw distance of 229 feet, this light is perfect for tasks in nighttime walks and tight spaces.

Multiple strobe modes: The light provides multiple strobe modes, which can be helpful for signaling your location during emergencies.

Universal USB Type C charging: The light is rechargeable via a micro USB type C input, which means you can charge it using various devices, such as laptops, wall sockets, power banks, and car chargers.

Applications of Oclip Clip light with white and red light

Fill light for photos

Enthusiasts and photographers can use the Oclip as a reliable fill light for photography. With white light 300 lumens, it complements portrait photography by eliminating shadows and improving subject illumination. In macro photography, it provides right and controlled lighting for capturing intricate details, and for product photography, it make sure continue and professional lighting.


Whether for outdoor adventures and bedtime reading, the OClip caters to the needs of readers. The red LED option permits for peaceful bedtime reading without disbursing sleep partners, and it gives sufficient illumination for campsite reading without the bulkiness of a torch.

Safety warning

The Oclip versatile application expend to safety warnings. In roadside emergencies, it can be used to raise visibility and decrease accidental risks while waiting for assistance. As part of an emergency preparedness kit, it serves as an important lighting source during power outages or unexpected conditions, ensuring preparedness and user safety.

Camping and outdoor adventures

The Oclip is a best companion for backpackers, campers, and outdoor lovers. It provides hand-free lighting for preparing meals, setting up tents, and navigating in the dark. Its red LED mode is best for maintain a peaceful camp atmosphere without disturbing wildlife.

Automotive maintenance and repair

For auto lovers or any person in need of working on a vehicle, the Oclip can be linked to the car’s hood or other metallic surfaces, providing much-required illumination for tire charges, oil changes, or repairs.

Task lighting in little spaces

Whether you are working in a crawl area, tight attic, or inside the engine compartment of a vehicle, the Oclip can be conveniently clipped to your work or clothing area, ensuring that you have sufficient light to complete task effectively and safety.

Search and rescue

Search and rescue teams can utilize the Oclip to improve the visibility during nighttime operations. Its strobe modes and versatile carrying features are valuable in locating and signaling to individuals in need of help.

Power outages at home

During power outages at home, the Oclip clip light can serve as a possible light source for moving around, checking circuit breakers, and ensuring the comfort and safety of your family until power is restored.

End words

The Oclip rechargeable clip-on light by Olight is a creative and versatile tool that transcends traditional lighting solutions. Its applications span across hiking, photography, cycling, reading, camping, safety warning, automotive repairs, night fishing, small spaces task, search and rescue and power outages, making it an indispensable and versatile devices for a big range of scenarios.

Whether you are an adventurer seeking safe glow on a remote hiking trail or a photographer aiming to capture the best shot, the Oclip durability, convenience and dual light source can cater to your specific needs. In emergencies, it can serve as a beacon of safety, guiding you via darkness and aiding in signaling for help.

The Oclip rechargeable and compact design makes it an eco-friendly, suitable, and cost-effect lighting solution for many various jobs, while its robust clip make sure it remains securely in place, even in challenging atmosphere. Its adaptability to different conditions and easy charging via universal USB Type C inputs mean that it can forever be within arm’s reach when you need it most. With the Oclip, you have more than just a light; you have a multifunctional, reliable companion ready to help in countless scenarios, improving the ease, safety, and versatility in process.

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