What is Lola Brooke’s height and more about her?

lola brooke height

Let us discuss Lola Brooke, the rising American rapper. Lola’s raw style and powerful words set her apart. She is definitely your favourite rapper, right?

Lola is a hip-hop and social media superstar. Her unique style sets her separate from the herd. Like she is in a league of her own.

You know what is cool? Lola’s name reflects her love of Brooklyn. How cool is that? Kindness and thankfulness pour through in all she does.

There is more to Lola than music. Deepen into her world, please. We will discuss her music career, family, favourite things, and everything else that makes her great.

Lola Brooke Bio

Let us talk about Lola Brooke and provide all the details. Lola was born February 1 in Brooklyn’s heart. She is almost a Brooklynite. Her birthday is February 1, right?

The cool part: Lola started making music at eight. Think about it! Over seven years of practice proves she is the real deal.

Lola joined Team80, which manages Bleezy and Jay Watts, in 2016. She has been delivering hits since. You have undoubtedly danced to “Do not Play With It,” “Dummy Dummy,” “Gator Season,” and “Options.”

Among hits, “Do not Play With It” was the biggest. Rap and hip-hop fans enjoy it. Lola’s style is irresistible.

Allow me to discuss her influences. JAY-Z, 50 Cent, DMX, and Busta Rhymes inspired Lola’s hip-hop love. She also found inspiration in Lil Wayne, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, and Eve. She mixes a vast tapestry of musical influences into her own voice.

The kicker: Lola’s a successful rapper despite her youth. People are comparing her to Flo Milli and Lil Kim. That is significant, right?

The dirt on Lola Brooke. She is a Brooklyn native who has been doing music her whole life and has a promising rap career.


NameLola brooke
Date of birth February 1, 1994
Birth placeBedford-Stuyvesant,  Brooklyn, New York, US
Age29 years old
Birth SignAquarius
ProfessionRapper, Songwriter, and musician
Work atshe worked as a residential aide at a shelter
Record LabelsTeam 80, Arista
Noteable Songs“Don’t Play with It”, “Options”, “Back 2  Business”
Years Active2016-Present

Lola Brooke Height

Talk about Lola Brooke’s music career. Lola may be 5’1″, but her talent and confidence are huge. Millions are captivated by her.

Lola’s height is little, but her impact is big. She is showing that size does not matter in music. Her confidence is a force that is displacing her. People are lured to her amazing talents.

Let’s Compare Her Height With Other Famous Rappers

Of course, here’s a table showing if Lola Brooke is taller or shorter than other famous rappers:

Additional Info:

Lola Brooke was 5’1″ (155 cm).

Snoop Dogg is 6 feet 4 inches a193 cm) taller.

Lil Wayne is shorter than Lola Brooke at 5’5″ (165 cm).

Lil Kim is shorter than Lola Brooke at 4’11”.

RapperHeightTaller/Shorter Than Lola Brooke
Lola Brooke5 feet 1 inch (155 cm)
Snoop Dogg6 feet 4 inches (193 cm)Taller
Lil WayneApproximately 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)Shorter
Lil KimApproximately 4 feet 11 inches (150 cm)Shorter

Lola Brooke’s Career

Lola Brooke’s music career is quite the tale. At 15, she started composing music with her cousin, and she has not looked back. She was a shelter residential aide, but in 2017, she decided to pursue music full-time. It takes guts, right?

Now it has become interesting. Team 80 Productions signed Lola, who released “Bipolar.” in 2018. From there, it was hit after hit. You have undoubtedly danced to “Not the Same,” “Boy,” “Cash Out,” “Back to Business,” and others.

But the main breakthrough? That was 2021’s “Do not Play with It.” That song spread like wildfire on social media. It exploded on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and more. The attention was on Lola for the first time.

In 2023, Lola made another power move. She signed with Arista Records and released “So Disrespectful” and “Just Relax.” An interesting fact: Lola guest-starred on “East New York.” The girl is on fire, and larger success is coming. She just began!

Lola Brooke’s Family

Lola’s past is worth exploring. Lola enthusiastically represents Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn in rap. She has a unique story. She is the sole kid of her single mother. When she was young, her father died, derailing her. Growing up without a dad is challenging.

Did you know her dad named her Dennis? She was named that by him. This is a hidden part of her history. She may have siblings, although it is unclear. No information on that front.

But Lola’s journey and unique heritage make her an artist. Her experiences have layered her music, giving it depth and sincerity.

Lola Brooke Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 1 inch
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourLight Brown
Body Measurement32-24-35
Shoe size6.5 (US)
Dress Size4 (US) or 8 (UK) or 36 (EU)
EthnicityAfrican, American
Face ShapeHeart
Bra Size30B

Lola Brooke on Social Media 

Lola Brooke’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts reveal her personal and professional life. You can discover Lola Brooke on these platforms in general:


Instagram is famous for sharing images and short videos, so you can see Lola Brooke’s daily life there.

Her latest ventures, fashion choices, behind-the-scenes moments, and even personal updates will be posted.

Fans can also communicate with Lola Brooke through captions, stories, and live streaming.

Watch for hashtags linked to her work and partnerships.


Lola Brooke may post personal and professional stuff on Facebook.

Her official page or profile could announce forthcoming projects, events, and career articles.

You may also find personal posts, family photos, and hobby or interest updates.

Comments and conversations with fans and followers reveal her Facebook community participation.


Lola Brooke may post work-related views, opinions, and news on Twitter, which is utilised for real-time updates and dialogues.

She may post interviews, articles, or news stories.

She can also interact with fans and have larger discussions on Twitter.

Other Platforms:

Lola Brooke may use TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or YouTube depending on her interests and career.

These sites may feature brief films, professional networking, or vlogs.

Lola Brooke’s Net worth

In 2023, check Lola Brooke’s finances. Her estimated Net worth is $1 million.. She is the emerging queen of Kings County rap and earns almost $19,000 annually. 

Her successful music career is the main reason. In 2023, she signed with Arista Records, which changed everything. Lola’s “Do not Play With It,” “Here I Come,” “Options,” and “Back 2 Business” are hits. She makes hits, not just music.

Not only that. Lola has performed at several occasions, including opening for Rich The Kid at the Playstation Theatre. Talk about fame!

Not to forget her YouTube game. Lola has almost 208K YouTube subscribers, which is impressive. In August 2023, her channel’s net value is expected to be $17,502. It is unclear how much she makes from YouTube, but it adds to her tremendous financial holdings.

Luxury items like vehicles and jewels are ambiguous. No one knows if Lola has nice wheels or bling. Brand collaborations are another mystery.

But one thing is certain: Lola Brooke is creating waves in the music industry and making money. Who knows what financial milestones she will reach? Keep an eye on her.


Q1. Who is Lola Brooke?

A1.Lola Brooke, a young American rapper, with a unique style and passionate lyrics. On February 1, 1994, she was born in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Q2. Which Lola Brooke songs are famous?

A2.Lola Brooke’s tracks include “Do Not Play With It,” “Dummy Dummy,” “Gator Season,” and “Options.”

Q3. Who influences Lola Brooke’s music?

A3.Lola’s style is influenced by JAY-Z, 50 Cent, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, and Eve.

Q4. What is Lola Brooke’s height?

A4.At 5’1″, Lola Brooke is 155 centimetres tall.

Q5. What career milestones has Lola Brooke achieved?

A5.Lola joined Team 80 Productions in 2016 and Arista Records in 2023. Her hits include “So Disrespectful” and “Just Relax.”


In conclusion, Lola Brooke, a young American rapper, has made her mark with her unique style and compelling lyrics. Starting her musical career young, she has been compared to veteran performers and signed to Arista Records. Lola’s net worth shows her developing success as a talent moulded by her personal experiences and inspirations. She is primed for career success with a strong social media presence and a loyal fan following. Follow this hip-hop rising sensation as she makes waves.

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