The Asher House Girlfriend In 2023: Know About His Age, Wiki, Bio and Net Worth

the asher house girlfriend

What would make you leave corporate life? Perhaps you couldn’t resist an entrepreneurial or commercial opportunity. Asher House founder Lee Asher is an example. His odd reason for leaving corporate America was puppy care.

Lee Asher is associated with Asher House, an Oregon-based non-profit that rescues and rehabilitates dogs. Asher’s sensitivity and marketing skills have earned him a significant Instagram following. Thus, people are fascinated about his personal life, especially his sexual relationships. The question is: Who is Lee Asher’s Asher House partner?


NameLee Asher 
Gendar Male 
Date of birthAugust 25, 1988
BirthplaceFort Lauderdale, United States of America
Age34 years old
Marital statusUnmarried
ProfessionTV Personality
Net worth$3 Million

Who runs the Asher House?

Before we explore Lee Asher’s romantic life and who is “The Asher House girlfriend,” we must understand the house’s motivations. Lee Asher, an animal rescue advocate, leads this incredible effort.

The Asher House was founded by Lee Asher as a formidable platform with two goals. First, it encourages pet adoption by opening hearts and homes to needy animals. Second, it raises awareness of the importance of caring and supporting these vulnerable creatures.

Lee has inspired many through his social media strategy and public appearances. His uncompromising passion for the cause has inspired a community of animal welfare advocates dedicated to making a difference.

Who Is Lee Asher’s Girlfriend in 2023?

Lee Asher’s dedicated fans have always been curious about his amorous adventures. As 2023 begins, Lee’s life has taken on a new dimension that enhances his exciting adventure at The Asher House. It’s time to solve the Asher House girlfriend’s mystery and explore their relationship.

Let’s examine this remarkable trend.

Lee Asher Ex-Girlfriend

In the past, Lee Asher dated Ana Rubiolo, who supported his cause. The duo has several excursions together, showing their love for animals. Since 2023, the couple has split amicably and remained friends. Despite their breakup, their love for animal rescue endures.

Lee Asher’s family 

Parents come from Louise and Mark Horowitz, Lee Asher’s parents. Lee’s father, Mark, was an optometric practice manager and semi-professional magician, adding magic to their family life.

Magical fascination continues. Mark Asher, Lee Asher’s father, studied magic with prestidigitation legends AI Flosso and Lou Tannen in his teens. Lee’s childhood was enhanced by this amazing connection amid 1960s New York City’s busy heart.

Lee Asher’s sister Alexis adds her own sparkle to the Horowitz family tapestry. Their common experiences and various talents have enriched their family history.

Physical Appearance

Height6 feet 3 inches
Weight87 kg
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown

Lee Asher’s Relationship with Luke Barton

Luke Burton, Lee Asher’s trustworthy business partner, is crucial to his career. Luke, a talented photographer, set out to capture Lee’s dogs’ spirit. Luke and Lee lived in RVs at the time.

They formed a corporation because their ideals and goals matched. This alliance promoted Lee Asher’s RV tour, a spectacular journey to raise awareness for dog shelters across the US.

Lee and Luke’s professional partnership has grown into a thriving animal refuge that shows their unwavering dedication to animal welfare. They are deeply connected and passionate about their cause, prompting speculation about their relationship. Their intimacy and amazing chemistry have led many to suspect a love relationship. No official confirmations of such a link have been made. Their passion to rescue and protect as many pets as possible in the US is unquestionable.

Their career has endured and become stronger. Their amicable collaboration gives hope to numerous creatures in need, demonstrating the power of two people working together.

Luke Burton is a dedicated photographer outside of their goal. He graduated from Appalachian State University. He continued his education by enrolling in Oxford University’s online Blockchain Strategy Programme in 2022.

Luke proudly owns LSB Photography, demonstrating his expertise and passion for photography. His entrepreneurial zeal and business adaptability were shown when he co-founded and led Walts and Wellness CBD & Hemp Boutique from September 2019 to September 2020.

Who does Lee Asher currently date? The Asher House Companion

Lee Asher’s heart is fulfilled in a relationship with Olivia Thompson as of 2023. Olivia is Lee’s kindred soul and shares his passion for animal rescue. She frequently participates in The Asher House’s projects, showing her dedication to Lee’s cause.

Everyday is an opportunity to strengthen their bond. Their relationship is based on their mutual passion for pet adoption and animal welfare.

Lee and Olivia’s story of love, compassion, and advocacy shows the transformative power of two hearts united in a cause.

Was Sydney Febrach the girlfriend of Ever Lee?

A popular rumour claims Asher’s 2016 romance with Sydney. This story claims they collaborated on animal rescue programs. The story says their relationship ended in 2018.

It’s critical to note that Asher and Febrach’s romance looks to be fictitious. Sydney was dating someone else at the time.

This revelation highlights how celebrity myths and fiction may frequently overwhelm the truth. The need of confirming information and using reputable sources when investigating famous persons’ private lives is stressed.

Lee Asher’s Net Worth

Lee Asher’s $3 million net worth is amazing in 2023. Social media, where his influence is strong, is the foundation of his financial success.

Lee’s YouTube channel, “The Asher House,” has approximately 500,000 subscribers. Lee amplifies his impact and reach by sharing his views, experiences, and animal rescue activism on this channel.

Lee also has over 1.2 million followers on various social media networks. Lee Asher’s vast and engaged following shows his impact in animal rescue and activism as he uses his online presence for good.


Q1. Who is Lee Asher, and what is The Asher House?

A1. TV personality Lee Asher rescues and advocates for animals. He started The Asher House, an Oregon non-profit that rescues and rehabilitates dogs, promotes pet adoption, and raises animal welfare awareness.

Q2. Is Lee Asher dating?

A2. As of 2023, Lee Asher is dating Olivia Thompson. Olivia often helps with The Asher House’s animal rescue efforts like Lee.

Q3. Lee Asher’s ex-girlfriend?

A3. Lee Asher dated Ana Rubiolo before. They travelled together and loved animals. They split amicably in 2023 but remain dedicated to animal rescue.

Q4. What is Luke Burton’s relationship with Lee Asher?

A4. Asher’s business colleague Luke Burton is a brilliant photographer. They share animal rescue and advocacy principles. They have successfully promoted US dog shelters through their relationship.

Q5. The net worth of Lee Asher?

A5. Lee Asher may be worth $3 million in 2023. His prominent presence on YouTube and other social media platforms, where he discusses his ideas, experiences, and animal rescue activities, has helped him financially.


In conclusion, Lee Asher, a TV celebrity and animal enthusiast, founded The Asher House, a non-profit that rescues and rehabilitates dogs and promotes pet adoption. His girlfriend Olivia Thompson shares his passion for animal rescue as of 2023. Lee’s successful animal welfare activities are thanks to his business partner and excellent photographer Luke Burton. Lee is focused on animal rescue, despite suspicions about his past relationships.

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