How to Know if Your 3D animation Idea is worth the money?

How to Know if Your 3D animation Idea is worth the money

There’s a lot to be with the use of 3D animation techniques in the future. 3D is literally everywhere, from logos to SaaS explainer ads, from game animations to movies and animated films, everything seems perfect when transformed into 3D.

It’s literally everywhere, and everyone wants a piece of 3D work for their brand. But, how does one decide if 3D is really the best way to go? How do you exactly know if 3D animation is all worth your money?

Well, to help you solve this problem really quickly, I’ll share four thought provoking questions that you must ask while you brainstorm your next 3D animation idea.

Each question aligns with an imminent characteristic of a winning 3D animation work;

So, make sure to give it a good read!

Answer the question “Why is 3D animation the best option for me?”

At this stage, you need to have a remarkable argument for your 3D animation. What is it that you want to render or present in 3D that can’t be done in 2D?

Can you do it cheaply and efficiently with 2D (Why/Why not)?

You need to answer these questions before you move forward. 3D has to be the best way possible to turn your imagination into a story.

Otherwise, you’re good to go with 2D or other much more affordable options. You don’t need to break the bank, and on a theme that can perfectly be pictured in 2D animation.

Is my idea really enticing and eye-catching?

This one is probably the most important, and often people overlook it. As an animator, you might like the idea of playing around with elements, but that’s not just your job. Or even if you’re a marketer who wants to create content for an audience that is moved by animated characters and their stories, you should know if your idea is really that enticing.

Don’t just see 3D animation as a cool thing to do for your branding, you should have a keen hindsight to see how 3D animation can bring your story to life, and allow you a unique brand identity that is not just eye-catching, but compelling enough to draw viewers and turn them into loyal followers of your brand.

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Is my narrative compelling, original and impactful?

Before you jump to creating a 3D animated video, you must be sure why you want to do it. Why exactly do you need a 3D animated video for your story? Will 3D add more depth to your characters and perhaps more realism to the environment?

Do you really have a compelling narrative? Is it original and strong enough to evoke emotion?

You don’t need to be a copycat or just regurgitate animated films of studios that have gone viral. Your idea needs to be original in its sense because original ideas arouse interest, and often become a subject of debate for people who’re fond of art.

Moreover, you’re not being discouraged to take inspiration from a famous and creative work of animation. But, I am strongly advised to get out of the box, and innovate and improvise. It should not be another variant of someone else’s work. If that happens, people will refer to your 3D animation as a work that is a copy of a famous work.

While it may help you gain some engagement, the video itself is fruitless, and will be forgotten with the blink of an eye.

Is my narrative easier to resonate with?

People share stories they can resonate with. The question you need to ask yourself is can people relate to my narrative? Now, the idea might be perfect to turn into a 3D animated video, but is the narrative itself strong enough to go viral, and turn out to be a real share magnet?

This is where you need compelling characters and thought provoking narratives people can resonate with.

Remember, Toy Story? The film literally breathed life into every toy you can get your hands on in a toy shop. The message was about friendship and teamwork. Differences aside, relationships can work, if two people respect each other, and find common ground to collaborate for the greater good.

Or let’s just rewind to the year 2012, when WHO posted an illustration video that went viral instantly and is shared till today. Yes, I’m talking about “I had a Black Dog and Its name was Depression.” The illustration is really simple, but anyone can resonate with the message.

Ask yourself if your narrative for a 3D animation has that much depth, and if you can really create a video around it.

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Wrap up

Let’s wrap this one up.

We’ve given you four of the most important questions you need to ask yourself before you even decide upon choosing 3D animation for your next video. Know that if you really want to create a massive impact with your animation, specifically 3D animation, then your story should be one that can be painted best with 3D only.

If your narrative is compelling, original, thought-provoking, or even an improvised work of famous animation of an artist, you’re good to go. You can let 3D animation be your canvas, and turn your imagination into a full-blown 3D animated video.

Hope you got a nugget or two from this one!

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