Clash of Clans: Top 5 Attack Combinations for Town Hall 11 (2024)

This article is your gateway to mastering Clash of Clans’ Town Hall 11 battles in 2024, as we explore the top 5 attack strategies designed to help you conquer enemy bases and claim victory. By the way, Buy Clash of Clans account from U7BUY now and step into a world of strategic dominance. Their Clash of Clans accounts for sale come with a variety of features, including advanced troops, fortified defenses, and plentiful resources to ensure you’re well-equipped for battle.


Our first contender for supremacy on the battlefield is the formidable BoWiBa strategy. This ground-focused approach combines Ice Golems as sturdy tanks with Bowlers, Witches, Wizards, and Bats, delivering a relentless assault on enemy defenses. To enhance its effectiveness, players can employ Bat Spells to counter the formidable Inferno Towers. Supported by an Ice Golem and additional reinforcements from your Clan Castle, this strategy can prove to be a powerful force.

Electro Dragon Assault

Securing the second spot is the electrifying Electro Dragon attack strategy. TH11 warfare often centers around maxed Heroes, formidable Air defenses, Eagle Artillery, and Inferno Towers. To succeed with this strategy, meticulous analysis of the orientations of Air Sweepers is crucial. Positioning Electro Dragons in the West and Heroes in the South to create a funnel is key before unleashing the rest of your forces, including the Grand Warden, for a devastating offensive push.

Miner-Hog Rider Hybrid

The Miner-Hog Rider hybrid attack strategy secures the third position on our list. This intricate plan demands precise execution but promises exceptional results when executed flawlessly. Commence your assault by deploying a Baby Dragon to eliminate a Mortar, creating space for the Flame Flinger. Place the Queen on another corner, using additional Baby Dragons to establish a funnel. Employ Wall Breakers to breach the front wall, guiding the Queen into a compartment. Utilize the first Rage spell to bolster the Queen’s assault, and as she progresses, unleash Hogs, Miners, and the Grand Warden to target the core and sustain the attack.

Queen Charge LavaLoon

Securing the fourth spot is the Queen Charge LavaLoon strategy, an air-based attack plan that demands practice and a high-level Archer Queen, ideally at level 40. However, when mastered, it can achieve three stars in both clan wars and multiplayer battles.


Rounding out our list is the timeless DragLoon strategy, a versatile approach that can be effective at any Town Hall level when executed correctly. To tackle Inferno Towers and Eagle Artillery, players can rely on Rage or Freeze Spells. Troops and spells should be deployed strategically, taking into account the base layout and defense placement.

These top 5 attack combinations, including BoWiBa, Electro Dragon Assault, Miner-Hog Rider Hybrid, Queen Charge LavaLoon, and DragLoon, provide players with a diverse set of options to conquer the toughest bases and secure victory. Experiment with these strategies and watch your Clash of Clans journey reach new heights in 2024! Level up your Clash of Clans gameplay with U7BUY’s COC accounts.

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