Tradition and Modernity: The Dual Face of HAFTINAUSA Ornaments

Tradition and Modernity

In today’s world, where fashion often adheres to the principle of “fast and cheap”, there are spots that stand against these tendencies, concentrating on quality, sturdiness and uniqueness. One such place is HAFTINAUSA – a company that has been specializing for years in the production of extraordinary ornate garments, being a synonym of chic and craftsmanship.

Ornate garments – from art to sacred elegance

 The ornate, being the primary item offered by HAFTINAUSA, is not just a component of liturgy, but also a work of art. Each ornate is crafted with attention to details, making it exceptional. In HAFTINAUSA’s assortment, we find a wide array of patterns – from traditional, through those inspired by ancient designs, to modern, unusual themes. All are the effect of joining classic methods of embroidery with modern design.

Materials – the foundation of durability and aesthetics

 The foundation to HAFTINAUSA’s success is the choice of materials. The company utilizes exclusively excellent quality fabrics, which guarantee durability and a extraordinary look of each ornate. These are predominantly natural textiles such as silk and wool, which not only attractively present themselves, but are also resilient and breathable, which is especially important during long rites. Silk – this esteemed material is often selected for its sheen and softness. HAFTINAUSA applies silk mainly in the most elegant ornate models, where its delicate sheen enhances the prestige of the entire outfit. Wool – known for its superb insulating properties, is optimal for cooler days. HAFTINAUSA employs excellent quality wool, which provides warmth, but also wearing comfort, thanks to its ability to “breathe”.

Technique – where tradition meets modernity

 Every product from HAFTINAUSA is the result of both manual abilities and contemporary methods. The company has dedicated machinery for embroidery, which enable for accurate reproduction of the most complicated motifs. However, the essential parts, especially those requiring detailed development, are executed by hand by qualified craftsmen.

 Commitment and passion

 Behind each ornate stand hours of work, commitment and enthusiasm. Employees of HAFTINAUSA are persons with many years of experience, for whom the crafting of garments religious is not just a employment, but also a task. As a result, each product is not only attractive, but also carries deep value.


Ornate garments from HAFTINAUSA are more than outfit – they are a link of tradition, contemporary technology and artistic feeling. The company proudly maintains the heritage of craftsmanship, while introducing modern solutions that respond to current requirements. Their goods are proof that appearance and functionality can go hand in hand, ensuring memorable experiences to both celebrants and participants of rites.


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