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Miranda Manasiadis


Miranda Manasiadis, a well-known New Zealand actress, is well-known for her roles in popular motion pictures and television programmes like “Nude Tuesday,” “Realiti,” “Tongan Ninja,” and “Eagle vs Shark.” She was born in Amsterdam, New Zealand, yet nobody outside her family knows the exact day. Miranda Manasiadis’s age is still unknown as of 2023. More information on Miranda Manasiadis is provided below, including a biography, a look at her life from Wikipedia, her age, her family history, her relationships, intriguing facts, and a look at her relationships.

Thanks to her outstanding acting abilities, Miranda Manasiadis has established a reputation for herself in the New Zealand entertainment scene. She has a loyal following due to her many film and TV roles, but her birth year is unknown. Unfortunately, her family and affiliations are unknown.

In a variety of projects, Miranda Manasiadis has played important roles, showcasing her flexibility as an actress. Her intelligence captivates viewers, and her contributions to entertainment are lasting.

Miranda Manasiadis’s birthdate is unknown, but her work and passion have made her a notable New Zealand performer. As she succeeds in the entertainment sector, fans eagerly await her future projects and want to know more about her.

Who is Miranda Manasiadis?

Miranda Manasiadis was born in the year 1970 in New Zealand, which means she is currently 52 years old. Unfortunately, specific details about her birthdate and birthplace are not publicly available.

In terms of her religious beliefs, Miranda follows Christianity. However, she has maintained a private life when it comes to her family background, including details about her parents and siblings. Similarly, information regarding her educational history remains undisclosed.

Despite the scant details we have about her personal background, Miranda Manasiadis has established a notable profession that highlights her acting skills. She has gained fame and a devoted following thanks to her commitment to her art and her contributions to the entertainment business. Her work in movies and television continues to speak for itself, having a lasting impression on the entertainment industry while her personal life is largely kept a secret. As she continues to excel in her career, fans anxiously look forth to her upcoming ventures and the chance to discover more about her.

Miranda Manasiadis Bio

Miranda Manasiadis was born in New Zealand during the 1970s and has spent her formative years growing up in the country. She moved there at a very young age and has called New Zealand her home ever since. As a New Zealander by birth, Miranda Manasiadis proudly embraces her Maori heritage, adding to the rich cultural tapestry of the nation. Despite her roots and the profound influence of her heritage, detailed information about her life remains relatively scarce.

Miranda’s spouse attended Makoura College in Masterton for his high school education. After completing high school, he continued his academic journey at Victoria University of Wellington, where he pursued studies in the field of art. Interestingly, he maintained his connection to the university and the vibrant arts scene in Wellington, participating in numerous theater productions alongside notable figures like Taika Waititi and Bret McKenzie.

While the available information about Miranda Manasiadis is somewhat limited, her connection to New Zealand, her Maori background, and her husband’s involvement in the arts shed some light on her life. She remains a somewhat enigmatic figure, leaving much to the imagination of those curious about her story.

Miranda Manasiadis Wiki

Field Information
Full Name Miranda Manasiadis
Net Worth $1 Million
Nickname Manasiadis
Marital Status Married
Birthplace New Zealand
Ethnicity Maori
Religion Christian
Profession Actress
Nationality New Zealand
Active Year 2006-present
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Build Mesomorph
Spouse Jemaine Clement (m. 2008)
Body Measurement Slim
Children Sophocles Iraia Clement (born in 2008)

Miranda Manasiadis Education

Regrettably, we currently do not possess any public information regarding Miranda Manasiadis’s high school or college education. We hope to provide more comprehensive details in this section once such information becomes available.

Professional Life

Miranda Manasiadis made her debut in the world of cinema with the New Zealand sci-fi horror comedy “Black Sheep.” While it was just a cameo appearance, it marked her entry into the film industry. In the romantic comedy “Eagle vs. Shark,” her role involved serving hamburgers, adding a quirky touch to the movie.

In 2007, she shared the screen with Madeleine Sami in a film, although the specific details of this project are not mentioned. Miranda also took on the character of Meg in the 2014 sci-fi movie “Realiti,” continuing her journey in the world of film.

Interestingly, in 1996, Miranda’s husband embarked on his stage career with a role in a play based on Enid Blyton’s “The Enid Blyton Adventure Series.” He later gained prominence with his role as Jemaine in the TV show “Flight of the Conchords” from 2007 to 2009. Besides his television work, her husband also ventured into the world of movies, appearing in films like “Gentlemen Broncos,” “Rio,” “Men in Black 3,” and more.

Miranda Manasiadis and her husband have each made their mark in the entertainment industry, and their respective careers continue to evolve with intriguing projects on the horizon.

Miranda Manasiadis Height, Weight

Miranda Manasiadis, like many actresses, maintains a commendable level of fitness and takes great care of her physique. She boasts a slender and healthy appearance, with an appealing height and weight, although the precise figures remain undisclosed.

While specific measurements of her body are not publicly available, it’s clear that Miranda exudes a charming and confident personality, which likely contributes to her allure on and off-screen. Her blonde hair and captivating brown eyes undoubtedly add to her overall charm, enhancing her presence as an actress.

In the world of entertainment, where image and confidence are paramount, Miranda Manasiadis has carved out a niche for herself with her striking appearance and undeniable talent, leaving a lasting impression on her audience.

Body Measurements

Miranda Manasiadis, as an actress, takes great care of her physique, and it certainly shows. She maintains a slim and healthy figure, and while her height and weight specifics aren’t disclosed, it’s evident that she’s in great shape.

Details about her other body measurements remain a mystery, keeping an air of intrigue around her physical attributes. Miranda is well known for having a warm and endearing demeanour, which undoubtedly contributes significantly to her success in the entertainment industry.

With her stunning blonde hair and alluring brown eyes, Miranda Manasiadis has a unique and alluring beauty that perfectly complements her acting abilities. In an industry where both talent and presence matter, she certainly stands out with her alluring qualities.

Miranda Manasiadis Family

Miranda was born and reared in the United States, where her family has roots. We tried our hardest to find out more information on her family, but we were unsuccessful. We still don’t know who her parents are, and we don’t know if she has siblings.

It’s usual for some well-known people to keep their personal life quiet, and Miranda seems to fit into this category. Her family history is unknown as of this writing, but should we learn anything important, we will make sure to update this section to give a more complete picture of her life.

Miranda Manasiadis Controversy

Miranda has intentionally chosen to keep a significant distance from the often intrusive world of media attention. Amazingly, she has avoided the rumours and controversies that frequently make news by keeping a low profile.

Miranda’s ability to stay out of the spotlight and escape the drama is in fact a testament to her desire for solitude and her ability to concentrate on her work in a time when public personalities frequently find themselves at the centre of continual scrutiny and rumours. She has managed to maintain a discreet and spotless presence in the entertainment industry because to her commitment to her art and her desire to let her work speak for itself.

Net Worth

A million dollars or so is thought to be Miranda Manasiadis’s estimated nett worth. She regularly earns between $500,000 and $800,000 per year, which is evidence of her excellent career in the entertainment sector. Miranda makes a sizable salary from acting assignments in addition to other endeavours like cameo roles and brand sponsorships.

On the other hand, her spouse has a $2 million fortune. Their combined income has allowed them to live comfortably and affluently because both partners have made great progress in their own careers.

We can anticipate Miranda’s involvement in intriguing new projects given her breadth of entertainment industry knowledge. These endeavors are likely to contribute to her growing income and continued success in the industry. Together, Miranda Manasiadis and her husband have built a stable and prosperous life thanks to their hard-earned earnings in the world of entertainment.

Miranda Manasiadis’ Relationship With Her Husband: How’s It Going?

Their love story began on the set of “Eagle vs. Shark” in 2007, where Miranda Manasiadis and her future husband first crossed paths. Their professional cooperation quickly developed into a loving partnership. In a sweet turn of circumstances, her husband proposed, and Miranda happily said yes. They decided to get married in the lovely month of August 2008 in Masterton, New Zealand, as their love story continued to develop.

On their wedding day, friends and coworkers from the different shows they had worked on made it a happy event. They celebrated the start of their married life together with a party full of love and joy.

Their family expanded with the arrival of their adorable son, Iraia Clement, in October 2008, adding to the happiness of their journey together. Iraia, by all accounts, is an incredibly cute addition to their lives.

Miranda Manasiadis has managed to keep her personal life quiet and private, and she isn’t the subject of any significant issues or rumours. She lives in New York with her family and friends and works hard to improve her entertainment career. Her dedication to her job and love for her family make her happy in hectic New York City.

Miranda Manasiadis Dating, Husband, and Children

Miranda Manasiadis is enjoying a truly harmonious marital life with her husband, Jemaine Clement, who wears multiple hats as an actor, musician, comedian, and director. Their love story began on the set of “Eagle vs. Shark,” and after a year of dating, they took the plunge into matrimony in the picturesque setting of Masterton, New Zealand, in August 2008.

Just a couple of months later, the couple’s world was blessed with the arrival of their son, whom they lovingly named Sophocles Iraia. The name Sophocles holds special significance as it pays tribute to Miranda’s grandfather. Meanwhile, the name Iraia was chosen to honor Jemaine’s connection to his ancestral roots, specifically as a descendant of Wairarapa chief Iraia Te Whaiti.

Their choice of names reflects a deep sense of familial and cultural ties, creating a beautiful thread connecting their past and future. Miranda and Jemaine’s journey as a couple, from their chance meeting on a film set to building a family together, is a heartwarming testament to their enduring love and commitment.


Miranda Manasiadis embarked on her acting journey in 2006, marking her debut with a cameo appearance in the film “Black Sheep.”

One of her notable roles was in the romantic comedy “Eagle vs. Shark,” where she portrayed a burger waitress. She also shared the screen with Madeleine Sami in this project.

In 2014, Miranda starred in the sci-fi film “Realiti,” taking on the character of Meg.

She married Jemaine Clement, an actor, comedian, singer, and director, in addition to acting. Known for “Flight of the Conchords,” he has recorded numerous CDs with Bret McKenzie. Jemaine received six Primetime Emmy nominations for their BBC and HBO comedy series of the same name.

Jemaine Clement appears in “Dinner for Schmucks,” “Men in Black 3,” “People Places Things,” “Humour Me,” and “The Festival.” He voiced “Despicable Me,” “Rio,” “Rio 2,” “Moana,” and “The Lego Batman Movie.”

“What We Do in the Shadows,” his 2014 directorial debut, was co-written, directed, and starred alongside Taika Waititi. This project became an FX series with the same title.

Jemaine Clement plays a Russian gulag prisoner in “Muppets Most Wanted,” a 2014 sequel to “The Muppets.”

In 2008, Australian magazine “Who” named him one of the “100 Sexiest People” for his charisma.

What is the Net Worth of Miranda Manasiadis? Salary, Earnings

Miranda Manasiadis’s nett worth is predicted to be over $1 million as of 2022. Her annual income, which often falls between $500,000 and $800,000, is quite impressive and showcases her stellar career in the entertainment industry. In addition to her acting responsibilities, Miranda receives money via brand sponsorships, cameo appearances, and a range of other endeavours.

Her husband, who has a nett worth of $2 million, however, also adds to their family’s overall financial stability. They live happily and comfortably together, reaping the rewards of their combined work and successes.

Miranda’s enduring presence in the entertainment sector, along with her upcoming projects, is expected to bolster her income even further. With her talent and dedication, she continues to make her mark in the industry, ensuring a bright financial future alongside her spouse.

Relationship Status

In August 2008, Miranda and her longtime partner Jemaine Clement made the important step of getting married. For their special day, they picked the gorgeous town of Masterton, New Zealand. Their wedding was a touching event that was attended by many of their co-stars and close friends who joined in their happiness.

A few months later, in October 2008, they welcomed their son into the world in the exciting city of New York, which brought them even more joy. Their choice of name, Sophocles Iraia, carried deep significance as it paid homage to Miranda’s Greek great-grandfather, Sophocles. It’s a beautiful testament to the blending of their family histories and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives as parents.

Miranda Manasiadis Husband, Marriage

Miranda and her longtime boyfriend, Jemaine Clement, took the plunge into marriage in August 2008, choosing the picturesque Masterton, New Zealand, as the setting for their nuptials. Numerous co-stars and close friends joined in their celebration of love on their wedding day, making it a memorable affair.

When their kid was born in the middle of New York City in October 2008, their delight was considerably enhanced. They named their precious child Sophocles Iraia, a name that held a special place in their hearts as it honored Miranda’s Greek great-grandfather, Sophocles. It’s a beautiful tribute to their family heritage and marked the beginning of their journey as parents.

Miranda Manasiadis Children

Miranda and Jemaine are proud parents to their son, born in October 2008, whom they lovingly named Sophocles Iraia Clement. This meaningful choice of name reflects their deep connections to their family histories. “Sophocles” pays tribute to Miranda’s Greek great-grandfather, while “Iraia” honors Jemaine’s ancestral roots, specifically his tipuna (ancestor) Iraia Te Ama-o-te-rangi Te Whaiti. It’s a heartfelt and culturally significant name that connects their family’s past to the future, adding a beautiful layer of meaning to their son’s identity.

Social Media

When it comes to social media, Miranda Manasiadis maintains a notably low profile. She is not a user of any social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others.

Miranda chooses to live a private life despite having a career as an actor, keeping her intimate problems out of the continual glare of the media limelight. It’s a choice that aligns with her desire for a more discreet and less public existence in an age when many public figures are constantly connected to the online world.


  • Miranda Manasiadis is a famous New Zealand actress who appeared in “Nude Tuesday,” “Realiti,” “Tongan Ninja,” and “Eagle vs Shark.”
  • Her birthdate is unclear, making her 2023 age difficult to calculate.
  • She was born in Masterton, New Zealand.
  • Miranda is Christian.
  • Personal facts regarding her family and education have been kept hidden.
  • Miranda has influenced New Zealand entertainment despite her scant personal information.
  • Her husband is comedian, musician, and actor Jemaine Clement.
  • The couple married in August 2008 and had a son, Sophocles Iraia Clement, in October 2008.
  • Miranda debuted in New Zealand’s “Black Sheep.”
  • Her films included “Eagle vs. Shark” and “Realiti.”
  • Jemaine Clement, her spouse, became famous for “Flight of the Conchords.”
  • Jemaine succeeds in television and cinema, appearing in “Rio,” “Men in Black 3,” and “What We Do in the Shadows.”
  • Miranda is reported to be worth $1 million and makes $500,000–$800,000.
  • Her husband, Jemaine Clement, is worth $2 million.
  • Miranda and Jemaine keep a modest profile despite their wealth.
  • Miranda and Jemaine named their son after their cultures and families.
  • Miranda Manasiadis is private and avoids social media.
  • Her brilliance, charm, and passion to entertainment are well known.
  • On “Eagle vs. Shark.” Miranda and Jemaine fell in love.
  • She excels professionally while keeping her personal life private.


Miranda Manasiadis is a brilliant New Zealand actress contributing to entertainment. Despite the uncertainty surrounding her birthdate and personal life, her film and television work has been influential. Her marriage to Jemaine Clement and son, Sophocles Iraia Clement, are touching. Miranda’s ability to keep a low profile while succeeding in her work shows her dedication and passion.


Miranda Manasiadis’s wealth?

Miranda Manasiadis’s estimated nett worth is $1 million.

With whom is Miranda Manasiadis married?

Miranda Manasiadis married comedian, musician, and actor Jemaine Clement.

Do Miranda Manasiadis and Jemaine Clement have kids?

Miranda Manasiadis and Jemaine Clement had a son, Sophocles Iraia Clement, in October 2008.

Why is Miranda Manasiadis famous in entertainment?

Miranda Manasiadis starred in “Nude Tuesday,” “Realiti,” “Tongan Ninja,” and “Eagle vs Shark.”

Miranda Manasiadis’ birthdate is unclear. Why?

Miranda Manasiadis’ birthdate is unclear, adding intrigue to her personal life.

Has Miranda Manasiadis joined social media?

Miranda Manasiadis avoids social media and lives privately.

How did Miranda Manasiadis meet Jemaine Clement?

Miranda Manasiadis and Jemaine Clement met on the set of “Eagle vs. Shark,” where they fell in love and married.

What are Miranda Manasiadis’s husband Jemaine Clement’s major works?

Jemaine Clement appeared in “Flight of the Conchords,” “Rio,” “Men in Black 3,” and “What We Do in the Shadows.”

Career and personal life: how does Miranda Manasiadis balance?

Miranda Manasiadis keeps her personal life secret and lets her career shine.

Sophocles Iraia, Miranda and Jemaine’s son, has what cultural and familial significance?

“Sophocles” honours Miranda’s Greek great-grandfather, while “Iraia” honours Jemaine’s tipuna, Iraia Te Ama-o-te-rangi Te Whaiti.

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