Carolin Bacic (Steve Bacic’s wife) Bio, Height, Career, Net Worth & Death

carolin bacic

Carolin Bacic stands out as a notable figure, having garnered attention primarily through her marriage to the well-known Canadian actor, Steve Bacic. Steve Bacic’s notable role as Sean Sonus in the television series Arrow has further elevated their profile as a couple in the public eye.

Their union not only highlights their personal connection but also draws interest due to Steve Bacic’s successful acting career. Through their relationship, Carolin Bacic has found herself associated with the world of entertainment, adding another dimension to her identity beyond her individual endeavours. Together, they form a notable duo within the industry, with Steve’s accomplishments and Carolin’s supportive role contributing to their collective recognition and status.

Carolin Bacic Wiki

Full nameCarolin Bacic
Date of birthApril 19
Zodiac SignAries
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
Carolin Bacic HusbandSteve Bacic
Famous forBeing Steve Bacic’s wife

Carolin Bacic Biography

carolin bacic

Carolin Bacic came into the world on April 19th in Canada, though her precise birth year remains a mystery. Despite various online sources erroneously listing her birth date as March 1965, this information is incorrect. Such confusion often arises with spouses of renowned figures, where details about the lesser-known partner are often overshadowed by the fame of their more prominent counterpart. In this case, it’s important to clarify that it’s Steve Bacic, not Carolin, who was born on March 13th, 1965.

Due to the private nature of their lives, information about Carolin Bacic’s background is scarce. Like many spouses of celebrities, she maintains a low profile, allowing her husband’s public persona to take precedence. However, amidst the speculation and misinformation, it’s evident that Carolin’s true story remains veiled, leaving much to the imagination regarding her early life and personal details.

Carolin Bacic’s Early Life and Education

Details about Carolin Bacic’s family background and upbringing are scarce, with little information available about her parents or their occupations, as well as the nature of her childhood. Similarly, her educational journey remains shrouded in mystery, with no specifics about the institutions she attended or the courses she pursued. Nonetheless, it is evident that Carolin spent her formative years in Canada, where she completed her primary and secondary education, as well as her university studies.

Despite the lack of insight into her personal history, it is clear that Carolin’s early life unfolded in Canada, where she engaged in the typical educational milestones of attending primary and secondary schools, followed by university. While the specifics of her familial and academic background may remain undisclosed, her Canadian roots underscore her connection to the country where she spent her formative years.

Carolin Bacic Height and Weight

Carolin Bacic possesses a statuesque figure, standing tall at 5 feet 7 inches. With a weight of approximately 55 kilograms (121 pounds), she maintains a slender and graceful physique. Her height and weight contribute to her elegant presence, enhancing her overall appearance and stature.

Carolin’s tall stature not only reflects her physical attributes but also adds to her commanding presence in various aspects of her life. Whether on screen or off, her height exudes confidence and poise, complementing her personality and demeanour. As she navigates her personal and professional endeavours, Carolin Bacic’s tall frame serves as a symbol of strength and resilience, embodying her inner grace and determination.

Carolin Bacic Career

Carolin Bacic maintained a highly private demeanour, revealing little about her personal life beyond her role as a devoted mother to her children. Her husband, similarly discreet, refrained from discussing their family life publicly. From the scant information available, it’s understood that Carolin dedicated several years to working as a client care worker, a profession that likely required her compassion and dedication.

Aside from her professional endeavours, Carolin channelled her energy into nurturing her children and creating a nurturing home environment. Known for her unwavering support for her husband’s career, she often accompanied him to various red-carpet events, standing by his side as he pursued his professional endeavours. Despite the limited details about her life, Carolin’s commitment to her family and her husband’s career paints a picture of a dedicated and supportive partner and mother.

Steve and Carolin Bacic Marriage

carolin bacic

Carolin Bacic shared her life with the well-known actor Steve Bacic, who balanced his demanding career in showbiz with building a strong family alongside Carolin. Despite the challenges of his hectic schedule, Steve made family a priority, with Carolin serving as the steadfast foundation of their household. Steve’s protective nature was evident in his efforts to shield his family from media intrusion, often deflecting questions about them during interviews, emphasising his desire to keep their personal lives private.

Steve Bacic’s journey to stardom began in Croatia, where he was born and raised before moving to Canada. Initially pursuing engineering, he later found his calling in acting, appearing in popular TV shows like “Stargate SG-1” and “Smallville,” among others. Renowned for his talent, charm, and dedication to his craft, Steve Bacic has carved out a solid reputation in the entertainment industry over the years.

The actor’s entry into the world of acting was serendipitous, sparked by a realisation during a road trip with friends about the abundance of film productions in Vancouver. This discovery ignited his passion, leading him to enrol in acting classes and eventually land roles in various projects. Despite his public persona, Steve remains fiercely protective of his personal life, keeping details about his marriage to Carolin Bacic largely under wraps.

A Serendipitous Encounter: Steve and Carolin’s Meeting

carolin bacic

Carolin Bacic’s path intertwined with her husband Steve’s in a chance encounter facilitated by a mutual friend in Vancouver. From the moment they met, sparks flew, with Steve immediately captivated by Carolin’s intellect, beauty, and sense of humour. Despite their apparent differences, they quickly discovered shared values and a deep connection, paving the way for a blossoming romance.

A Love Story Unfolds: Dating and Marriage

Their relationship flourished as they embarked on adventures together, relishing in outdoor activities, travelling, and exploring new horizons. After several years of dating, Steve and Carolin sealed their love in a private ceremony, surrounded by close family and friends. Opting for a private life, the couple chose to keep their relationship discreet, cherishing their bond away from the public eye.

How many kids does Steve and Carolin Bacic have?

carolin bacic

Carolin Bacic and Steve Bacic share the joy of parenthood with their three children: Emma Bacic, Steven Bacic, and Lily Bacic. However, the family’s penchant for privacy has shrouded the children’s lives from public view, making it challenging to glean insights into their upbringing and experiences. With a firm commitment to shielding their family from the intrusive glare of media attention, Carolin and Steve have prioritised creating a safe and private environment for their children to thrive.

Despite the lack of information about Emma, Steven, and Lily, the Bacic family’s devotion to maintaining a low profile underscores their deep-rooted desire to safeguard their children’s well-being. By keeping their family life out of the public eye, Carolin and Steve prioritise providing their children with a sense of normalcy and protection, allowing them to grow and flourish away from the spotlight.

1. Emma Bacic: Steve and Carolin Bacic first Child

Emma Bacic, the eldest daughter of Carolin and Steve Bacic, entered the world on February 14, 1998. Following the tragic loss of her mother, Emma, affectionately known as Em, assumed a maternal role for her siblings, particularly her younger sister Lily, fostering a deep bond between them. Despite maintaining a private Instagram account, Emma shared a heartfelt moment with her followers by posting a picture alongside her father’s new girlfriend, Shanae Tomasevich. Described as a caring individual, Emma consistently prioritises the well-being of her family members, demonstrating her love and concern for their welfare.

In the wake of adversity, Emma’s nurturing nature shines through as she steps into the role of a caregiver for her siblings. Her close relationship with Lily reflects a strong sisterly bond, bolstered by Emma’s unwavering support and affection. With her compassionate demeanour and selfless actions, Emma epitomises the essence of familial love and devotion, embodying the spirit of resilience and strength in the face of adversity.

2. Steven Bacic: A Quiet Presence in the Bacic Family

Steven Bacic, the second child and sole son of Carolin Bacic and her husband, came into the world on August 21, 1999. Known for his reserved nature, Steven remains enigmatic about his future career path, leaving uncertainty surrounding whether he will follow in his father’s footsteps. Despite his quiet demeanour, Steven shares a tight bond with his sisters and father, cherishing their close relationship, yet opting to maintain a low profile and evade public scrutiny.

Preferring to fly under the radar, Steven’s reserved disposition hints at a desire for privacy and autonomy. While his siblings and father bask in the limelight, Steven navigates life with a quiet resolve, carving his own path away from the glare of public attention. Despite the uncertainties surrounding his future endeavours, Steven’s commitment to preserving his personal space underscores his independent spirit and determination to lead life on his own terms.

3. Lily Bacic: Steve and Carolin Bacic last child 

Lily Bacic, the youngest child of Carolin and Steve Bacic, entered the world on August 23, 2005. Despite her parents’ efforts to shield their family from media attention, Lily has chosen to open up about their close-knit bond as she grew older. Through her social media presence, Lily provides glimpses into their lives, navigating the loss of their mother and embracing their father’s new relationship. With heartfelt posts, Lily commemorates birthdays and other significant occasions, displaying her affection and devotion to her family members.

Radiating love and warmth, Lily’s online presence reflects her compassionate nature and growing maturity. As she blossoms into a young woman, Lily embraces her role within the Bacic family with grace and affection. Through her thoughtful gestures and expressions of love on social media, Lily emerges as a beacon of positivity, celebrating the bonds that unite her family while navigating the complexities of life with resilience and grace.

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight55 kg
Hair ColourBlonde
Eyes ColourHazel

Carolin Bacic Net Worth

carolin bacic

While Carolin Bacic prefers to keep her professional pursuits under wraps, her financial standing speaks volumes about her success. With a combined net worth estimated to exceed $5 million as of 2023, it’s evident that both Carolin and her husband, Steve Bacic, have achieved significant financial success. Although the specifics of Carolin’s career remain undisclosed, her partnership with Steve likely contributes to their substantial wealth.

Despite maintaining a veil of confidentiality around her professional life, Carolin Bacic’s financial achievements underscore her savvy approach to wealth accumulation. Alongside her husband, Steve Bacic, Carolin has leveraged opportunities to secure a comfortable financial future. Their combined net worth stands as a testament to their hard work and strategic financial planning, paving the way for a prosperous future ahead.

Carolin Bacic Death In January 2019

Carolin Bacic’s passing on January 3, 2019, came as a shock to many, and despite the passage of time, details surrounding her death remain shrouded in secrecy. Her husband, Steve Bacic, known for his reticence regarding his personal life, maintained a tight-lipped stance even during Carolin’s lifetime. The news of her demise has been kept relatively under wraps, perhaps reflecting the family’s desire for privacy during such a difficult time.

The sudden loss of Carolin left her family reeling with grief, yet they have managed to find solace and support in each other’s presence. While the cause of her death remains undisclosed, the Bacic family has remained resilient, leaning on each other for strength and comfort as they navigate through the pain of their loss. Despite the devastation, they have demonstrated remarkable fortitude in facing this tragedy together.

Meanwhile, life for Steve Bacic has taken a new turn as he has found love again with actress and model Shanae Tomasevich, whom he has been dating since 2020. Despite the bittersweetness of moving on, Steve’s children appear to have embraced his new relationship, evident from their shared moments with their father and his girlfriend. Amidst the grief of Carolin’s absence, the Bacic family continues to navigate the complexities of life, finding moments of joy and companionship in their shared experiences.

Quick Facts About Carolin Bacic

  • Carolin Bacic gained recognition primarily through her marriage to Canadian actor Steve Bacic, known for his role as Sean Sonus in the television series Arrow.
  • Despite the public attention drawn by their union, Carolin and Steve Bacic maintained a private personal life, with Carolin largely remaining out of the spotlight.
  • Details about Carolin Bacic’s early life, including her exact birth year and upbringing, remain undisclosed, contributing to the mystery surrounding her background.
  • Carolin’s dedication to her family was evident, as she supported her husband’s career and prioritised raising their three children—Emma, Steven, and Lily—in a nurturing home environment.
  • Carolin Bacic’s sudden passing in January 2019 came as a shock, and the circumstances surrounding her death have been kept private, in line with the family’s desire for confidentiality.
  • Despite the tragedy, Steve Bacic has found love again with actress and model Shanae Tomasevich, whom he has been dating since 2020.
  • The Bacic family’s commitment to privacy extends to their children, Emma, Steven, and Lily, whose lives remain largely shielded from media attention.
  • Lily Bacic, the youngest of the Bacic children, has chosen to share glimpses of their family life on social media, providing insights into their close-knit bond and shared experiences.


In conclusion, Carolin Bacic’s life remains shrouded in mystery despite her connection to the entertainment world through her marriage to actor Steve Bacic. Her dedication to her family, commitment to privacy, and sudden passing in 2019 underscore the complexities of navigating fame while maintaining personal boundaries. While details about her early life and career are scarce, her influence as a supportive partner and loving mother resonates through the anecdotes shared by those who knew her. Ultimately, Carolin’s legacy serves as a reminder of the importance of cherishing family bonds and protecting one’s privacy amidst the glare of public scrutiny.

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