Cameron Diaz Net Worth and Everything You Need To Know About Her

cameron diaz net worth

Cameron Diaz, a famous actress and model, has amassed great money. Diaz, who debuted in the 1990s with Jim Carrey in “The Mask,” became a prominent actress noted for her humorous and tragic parts. She is an icon in fashion as well as film. Diaz modelled for Calvin Klein and Levi’s throughout her teens in addition to performing. Early modelling helped launch her acting career and establish her as a fashion trendsetter. Cameron Diaz’s diverse career in film and fashion has made her a Hollywood favourite.

Cameron Diaz’s net worth and salary

California-born Cameron Diaz is a famed model and actress worth $140 million. She became famous in 1994 with “The Mask,” earning hundreds of millions in acting wages. Her films have grossed approximately $7 billion, making her the fifth highest-grossing U.S. actress.

Cameron Diaz easily shifted to acting, scoring nearly two decades of success.

Besides being compelling, she has a loyal fan following, many award nominations, and $20 million per film payouts. After modelling for Calvin Klein and Levi’s, Diaz appeared on Seventeen Magazine’s cover. She auditioned for a comic role opposite Jim Carrey in “The Mask,” which launched her career.

Cameron Diaz refined her craft through acting classes and smaller, independent ventures after originally exploring the softer side of entertainment. She returned to major projects as a better actress and box office draw thanks to this strategy. The films “Feeling Minnesota,” “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” “There’s Something About Mary,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Gangs of New York,” “Bad Teacher,” and others demonstrate her range. Cameron Diaz’s career shows her financial success and continued influence in industry.


NameCameron Diaz
Date of birthAugust 30, 1972
Birth placeSan Diego
Age51 years
ProfessionModel, Actor, Voice Actor
Sun SignVirgo
ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
Net Worth$140 Million

Early Life

Cameron Diaz was born in San Diego on August 30, 1972, and raised in Long Beach. Snoop Dogg was her high school classmate at Long Beach Polytechnic.

Diaz regularly recalls her frugal childhood. Her family collected Coke cans and exchanged them for cash to make ends meet and boost their income, proving the importance of every dollar.

Cameron joined Elite Model Management at 16 with her blonde beauty, great legs, and personality. Her early modelling career was successful, landing many high-profile fashion campaigns and print work. Japan, Australia, and Paris were among her travel destinations during this time.

Cameron Diaz’s rise from a poor upbringing to international modelling prominence shows her tenacity and drive to succeed.

Cameron Diaz Age

Cameron Diaz, 51, was born August 30, 1972. Her decades-long career changed entertainment.. Diaz’s Hollywood career shows her ageless charm and flexibility as an actress and model.

Diaz’s talent and personality continue to thrill audiences as she ages. She represents cinematic accomplishment and attractiveness above her age. Cameron Diaz proves that ability transcends age as she navigates the ever-changing entertainment world.


Cameron Diaz started her education at Los Cerritos Elementary School. Graduating from Long Beach Polytechnic High School in 1990, she completed her education. Early education may have shaped Diaz’s character and set the way for her exceptional career.

Acting Career

Cameron Diaz made her acting debut in “The Mask,” a $340 million hit. Despite having no acting experience, Diaz’s performance in the film launched her Hollywood career.

Her resume includes legendary titles like “There’s Something About Mary,” a comedy that grossed $369 million and won her a Golden Globe nomination. In critically praised films like “Being John Malkovich,” Diaz showed her versatility as a performer.

Diaz played a butt-kicking angel in “Charlie’s Angels,” which helped prove her as an action star. Her voice brought Princess Fiona in the renowned “Shrek” series to life, adding another layer to her already diverse career and boosting her income and fame.

Cameron Diaz Notable Salaries

From 1998 to 2011, Cameron Diaz earned about $160 million from film salaries. Her minimum starring compensation is $10 million, sometimes $20 million.

Early triumphs set Diaz up for big earnings, including $2 million for “There’s Something About Mary.” She earned $12 million for the first instalment of “Charlie’s Angels” and $20 million for the sequel, “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle,” making her the third actress to earn so much.

For “Gangs of New York,” Diaz earned $17.5 million, making her one of the highest-paid actresses. Her animated flicks earned $3 million for the original “Shrek” and $10 million for the 2004 sequel. Cameron Diaz’s wage history shows her acting acumen and ability to secure top-tier Hollywood pay.

Relationship Status

Good Charlotte creator Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz have been happily married since 2015. Nicole Richie introduced them through family which helped their love story. Nicole, married to Benji’s brother Joel since 2010, helped Cameron meet Benji.

The couple celebrated the birth of their daughter through surrogacy in December 2019. Cameron and Benji’s daughter’s birth began a new chapter in their love journey and brought them immense joy. Although they keep their personal lives private, the couple radiates contentment as they parent.

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm
Weight58 kg or 128 pounds
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourBlue
Body Measurement34-23-35 in or 87-58.5-89 cm

Business and Philanthropy

Cameron Diaz’s wide interests, impactful efforts, and commitment to good change show outside of Hollywood. She married Good Charlotte entrepreneur Benji Madden in 2015 and had a daughter through surrogacy in 2019.

Diaz’s philanthropy and campaigning show her commitment to change. Her partnership with Katherine Power is significant. They co-founded Avaline wines because they loved wine and were frustrated by regulations that limited label clarity. This innovative company promotes 100% organic farming and challenges industry norms by including ingredient and nutritional information on labels. Avaline, started in July 2020, has become a pioneer, earning $20 million in 2.5 years.

Beyond entertainment, Cameron Diaz’s charities and entrepreneurship show her versatility and dedication to positive change. Her life combines personal fulfilment, professional accomplishment, and a desire to change the world.


The famous actress Cameron Diaz retired from acting in 2014 until a shocking reveal in June 2022. Diaz will play alongside Jamie Foxx in the Netflix action-comedy “Back in Action.”

Diaz’s return to acting excited admirers who want to see her charm again. Versatile and engaging, the actress has left an everlasting impression on the entertainment business.

In 2009, Cameron Diaz received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star for her film work. This renowned award recognizes her impact on cinema and her legacy in colleagues’ and lovers’ hearts. As she begins this new phase of her career, Cameron Diaz will shine in “Back in Action.”

Real Estate

With her money, Cameron Diaz has bought and sold luxury houses in New York and California. After investing $1.34 million in a Sunset Strip home in 2001, she sold it to Ariana Grande for $4.9 million in 2022. Diaz spent $9.5 million purchasing a larger Beverly Hills estate from Candice Bergen in 2010, demonstrating her passion for luxury.

Cameron sold a Greenwich Village apartment for $4 million in 2015. She still lives in the bustling metropolis owing to a 2013 $9.5 million Chelsea condo purchase.

Cameron and husband Benji Madden bought a Beverly Hills home for $14.7 million in October 2020. Their luxurious tastes are shown in this 9,000-square-foot estate with 7 bedrooms and 10 baths on 1.7 acres in a gated Beverly Hills neighbourhood.

The pair bought an 11,000-square-foot, $12.67 million Montecito mansion in 2022. These purchases show Cameron Diaz’s financial competence and ability to construct a beautiful and diverse real estate portfolio.


Q1. Who is Cameron Diaz?

A1. American actress and model Cameron Diaz rose to stardom in the 1990s for her appearance in “The Mask” with Jim Carrey. Since modelling for Calvin Klein and Levi’s in her teens, she is also known for her fashion contributions.

Q2. Cameron Diaz’s wealth?

A2. According to recent reports, Cameron Diaz is worth $140 million. Her successful acting, modelling, and business career has earned her this money.

Q3. What changed Cameron Diaz from modelling to acting?

A3. Cameron Diaz began modelling for Calvin Klein and Levi’s. Auditioning for roles led to her breakthrough in “The Mask.” Success from the film launched her acting career.

Q4. What are Cameron Diaz’s film role highlights?

A4. Cameron Diaz’s filmography is wide and successful. Her roles include “There’s Something About Mary,” “Being John Malkovich,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Gangs of New York,” and “Shrek,” where she voiced Princess Fiona.

Q5. How much has Cameron Diaz made acting?

A5. Cameron Diaz made $160 million in film salaries from 1998 to 2011. One of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses, she earned $2 million for “There’s Something About Mary” and $20 million for other movies.

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